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BLACKPINK Members Profile: BLACKPINK Facts and Ideal Types
BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) consists of 4 members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The band debuted on August 8th, 2016 under YG Entertainment. On October 23, 2018, BLACKPINK has officially signed with the U.S. label Interscope Records.

BLACKPINK Official Fan Color:

BLACKPINK Official Accounts:
Instagram: @blackpinkofficial
Twitter: @ygofficialblink
vLive: Black Pink channel
Youtube: Blackpink


Stage Name: Jisoo (지수)
Birth Name: Kim Ji Soo (김지수)
Nicknames: Chi Choo, Jichu
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: January 3, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 162cm (5’3”)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @sooyaaa__

Jisoo Facts:
– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Jisoo has an older brother and an older sister.
– She trained for 5 years (2011 July).
– Jisoo was the third member to be revealed.
– She can speak Korean, Japanese and basic Chinese.
– According to Jennie (V Live App), Jisoo doesn’t speak English (because she’s embarrassed to do it) but she can understand it very well.
– Jisoo is called “Man Heart’s Destroyer” and “Boy Crush”.
– Jisoo’s Chinese zodiac sign is Dog.
– Jisoo can play the drums and the piano.
– She has a 4D personality.
– According to Jennie, Jisoo is the mood maker of the group.
– Jisoo has a dog named Dalgom.
– Her favorite number is 4.
– Jisoo loves the color purple.
– Jisoo really likes Pikachu (she has a lot of Pikachu merchandise).
– Jisoo is a white belt in taekwondo.
– Regarding food, she can eat almost everything (except organs), but she especially likes rice.
– She is close friends with Twice’s Nayeon (since trainee days) and with Red Velvet’s Seulgi.
– Jisoo was an Inkigayo MC (starting from Feb 5 2017 to Feb 3 2018).
– She had a cameo appearance on KBS’s ‘The Producers’.
– She acted in HISUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different’ MV, EPIK HIGH – ‘스포일러(Spoiler) + 헤픈엔딩(Happen Ending)’ MV.
– She appeared in different CFs such as Samsonite Red CF with Lee Minho (2015), Nikon 1 J5 CF (2015), Smart Uniform CF with iKON (2015, 2016), Angel Stone CF (2015),  LG Stylus2 CF (2016).
– Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa all prefer cute guys over sexy ones. (Blackpink Live Radio Interview)
– Jisoo said if she was a guy, she would date Rose because she would sing her songs. (AIIYL v-live)
Jisoo’s ideal type: someone who is really into her or who smiles pretty.
Show more fun facts about Jisoo…


Stage Name: Jennie (제니)
Birth Name: Kim Jennie (김제니)
Nickname: Jendeukie
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: January 16, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 163cm (5’4″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @jennierubyjane

Jennie Facts:
– She was born in Anyang, a city in the province of Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– Jennie lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 years. (“Knowing Brother”)
– She studied in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College.
– She doesn’t have any siblings.
– She trained for 5 years 11 months (2010 August).
– Jennie was the first member to be revealed (publicly).
– Jennie is known as ‘the YG princess’ in the group.
– Her nicknames are “Human Gucci” (because she wears expensive clothes) and NiNi.
– She has 2 puppies, Kai and Kuma.
– She is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English.
– Jennie’s Chinese zodiac sign is Pig.
– Jennie can play the piano and the flute.
– Her favorite foods are anything that is Korean food.
– Her favorite number is 1.
– She is close friends with Nayeon (Twice), Irene (Red Velvet), Yerin (GFriend), Chahee (Melody Day) and Lime (Hello Venus).
– She acted in G-Dragon’s ‘That XX’ MV.
– She was featured in BIG BANG G-Dragon’s ‘Black’, Lee Hi’s ‘Special’ and BIG BANG Seungri’s ‘GG Be’.
– She acted is several CFs for Sprite or CASS beer.
– She is a regular member of the show “Village Survival, the Eight”.
– Jennie prefers sexy guys over cute ones. (Blackpink Live Radio Interview)
– Jennie said if she was a guy, she would date Jisoo because she makes her laugh. (AIIYL v-live)
– On November 12. 2018, Jennie debuted as a soloist with the song “SOLO“.
– Jennie is ranked 13th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”.
– On January 1, 2019 it was revealed that Jennie and EXO‘s Kai are dating.
– On January 25, 2019 SM Entertainment confirmed that Jennie and Kai broke up.
Jennie’s ideal type:
someone who is a hard worker.
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Stage Name: Rosé (로제)
Birth Name: Park Chae Young (박채영)
English Name: Roseanne Park
Nicknames: Rose, Rosie, “Pasta”
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: February 11, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: New Zealand
Height: 168cm (5’6”)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @roses_are_rosie

Rosé Facts:
– She is Korean, but she was born in Auckland, New Zealand and raised in Melbourne, Box Hill (Australia), where she attended Canterbury Girls Secondary College.
– She has an older sister, named Alice.
– She moved to Korea back in 2012. (according to Rose during Weekly Idol)
– Rosé was the last member to be revealed.
– Rosé placed first in YG auditions in Australia.
– She can speak Korean, English, Japanese.
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox.
– She trained for 4 years 2 months (2012 May).
– Rose is known as “Blackpink’s Goddess”. (Vlive Start Road from Jennie ep 2-3)
– Pre-debut, Rosé used to be a cheerleader in Australia.
– She’s known for her unique voice and slim waist (24 inches (60,96cm) wide).
– She can play the piano and the guitar.
– Rosé is left-handed (according to Jisoo during Channel+ Vapp)
– She really likes Kimchi stew.
– Rosé doesn’t like jokbal.
– Rosé’s favorite number is 5.
– Rose loves mangoes.
– Her hobbies are playing guitar, drawing, and riding the bicycle.
– Rosé prefers to be called by her real name.
– Chaeyoung (Rosé) is close to Twice’s Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, with Red Velvet’s Joy and Yeri, and with Ladies Code‘s Ashley Choi.
– She collaborated with G-Dragon for the song ‘Without You’.
– Rosé appeared on the King Of Masked Singer. (Passed the first round)
– Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa all prefer cute guys over sexy ones. (Blackpink Live Radio Interview)
– Rose said if she was a guy, she would date Jennie because she can cook well. (AIIYL v-live)
Rose’s ideal type: Someone nice and genuine, with a good/ unique voice. She said there are many sunbaenims with great voices, but among them, Big Bang stand out.
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Stage Name: Lisa (리사)
Birth Name: Lalisa Manoban (ลลิสา มโนบาล) / Pranpriya Manoban (ปราณปริยา มโนบาล)
Nicknames: Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: March 27, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 166.5cm (5’5.35″)
Weight: 44.7 kg (98.5 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @lalalalisa_m
Youtube: Lilifilm

Lisa Facts:
– Lisa was born in Bangkok, Thailand.
– Lisa is an only child, according to SBS Cultwo Show (July 6 2017).
– Lisa had a stepfather whose a top certified Swiss chef in Thailand. Her stepfather’s name is Marco Brueschweiler.
– Formerly, her name was Pranpriya and her friends called her by the nickname Pockpack. It was changed to Lalisa after a fortune telling. (Lalisa means the one who is praised.)
– She was the only person accepted to YG in the YG Audition in Thailand 2010.
– She’s childhood friends with GOT7′s BamBam as they were both part of the dance crew We Zaa Cool.
– She trained for 5 years 3 months (2011 April).
– She became a trainee during middle school and lived in Korea since.
– Lisa was the second member to be revealed.
– She can speak Korean, English, Japanese, Thai and basic Chinese.
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox.
– Lisa is referred to as the “Thailand Princess” in her birthplace.
– Members said she’s really playful and mischievous off stage.
– Her favorite food are French fries.
– Her favorite number is 27 because it her birthday.
– Lisa loves make-up a lot (revealed on Get It Beauty).
– Lisa plays Ukulele.
– Her Korean favorite dish is Gamjatang (spicy pork spine soup).
– Lisa’s friends with GOT7’s BamBam, CLC’s Sorn, NCT’s Ten and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie.
– She appeared in BIG BANG Taeyang’s ‘Ringa Linga’ MV.
– She acted in NONA9ON CF (2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017)
– Lisa is one of the cast members in the show “Real Men 300”.
– Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose, all prefer cute guys over sexy ones. (Blackpink Live Radio Interview)
– Lisa said if she was a guy, she would date Jennie because she’s sexy. (AIIYL v-live)
– Lisa is ranked 9th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018”.
Lisa’s ideal type: She said she likes older guys, who can take good care of her. Also she likes kindhearted men, who can cook and who have a lifestyle that fits hers.
Show more fun facts about Lisa…

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Who is your BLACKPINK bias? Do you know more facts about them? Feel free to comment below. It can help new fans find more info about them. 🙂

Thank you so much for working on this profile! I love Black Pink!
My bias is Jisoo.

I thought Rose was the shortest?

Here are their height from a Korean site, same as here. YG should release some official info though. Come on YG!

It seems Rose and Lisa are the tallest, judging by the shoes.

Jennie is my bias! She’s so cool! <3

Jennie is not from the netherlands, she was born in Korea and studied in new zealand. She’s also a vocalist, not a sub vocal

Thank you for your comment. The profile has been updated with additional info, enjoy. 🙂

Rose is my bias!

No Jennie is from the Netherlands and moved to New Zealand

Jennie was born in South Korea, she attended school in the Netherlands and then moved to New Zealand, where she attended ACG Parnell College.

Thank you for your comment!

Jisoo is my bias! 😍

Rose is the one who appeared in HISUHYUN’s I’m different mv

nope, its actually jisoo… JISOOOOO <3

Lisa is soooo pretty gosh

In a recent v app rose said she was born in New Zealand

i saw that and heard that too

Jisoo can’t speak english. I’m pretty sure she is the only member in Black Pink that can’t speak english. Please comment if i’m wrong

Jennie is my bias.
BlackPink congrats for winning Rookie Award at Asia Awards 2016

On their V Live, Jennie said that Jisoo can’t speak English but she can understand it very well.

cc02 and King Phisher, thank you both for helping improving their profile. 🙂

Thanks a lot! It has been corrected. 🙂

Lisa 😍 so pretty, *she’s my profile pic*, although i also love Rose cuz we got the same name

Rosé is also the lead dancer ^_^

Thank you for your comment! 🙂

She looks so pretty! *_____*

ahhhhh okay sorry. thank youu

Lisa childhood friends with the dab kid. That explains the weirdness


This is the first Korean group I’ve actually liked. I think it’s because of Lisa’s beauty and all four of them being pure awesomeness in tiny, vocally talented packages.

Until reading i would’ve nvr thought Lisa was of any asian decent i thought she was just a regular white girl

Can someone tell me who’s the leader in BlackPink?

There is no leader in the group yg clear say that they don’t want BP to have a leader for them to be equally treated .. Unlike the other group .. That what I know .. About them


Thank you so much for answering! <3


Lisa birth name is Pranpriya Manoban



jisoo like chicken more than anything <3 thats why i want her to be my bestfriend 🙁

my bias is JISOO <3

I really like Lisa among the member of blackpink. Her personality is very cheerful 💕💕

Lisa’s Real Name is Pranpriya Manoban I think.
Rose’s nickname is ‘Pasta’ according to Jisoo.
Jenni’s nickname is ‘Jendeukie’.

Lol I’m no expert but I think you should add these.

um there’s a difference between being the “Face of the Group” and the “Visual”. I think you got those two mixed up. Jisoo is the Visual (meaning the prettiest by Korean standards) not the Face of the Group (meaning the most popular member, and someone who represents the group or the one that will come to your mind quickly if you think of the group). I don’t think BLACKPINK have one yet since they’re still a rookie and i don’t think YG assigned one for them, he only assigned the Visual

Jennie is just to great for this world. (My bias)
Lisa’s also friends with CL from 2ne. (My bias wrecker).
Jisoo plays the drums and Rose slays the guitar

Jennie is my bias<3

At first i thought it was Jennie, but it’s Rosé.
She’s more than amazing and she can do everything. <3
I think you should add that her nickname is also ‘Pasta’ according to Jisoo and she can play piano too.

i’m glad that Jisoo and Rosé gained some more stans after Weekly Idol and SBS Gayo Daejun.
My bias is Rosé 💛

At what ages was she in Netherlands and New Zealand? 🙂

What do you think their weights are?

Before the episode came out Lisa had more fans by a landslide!!! Well she is my bias but at least internationally the other members have more stans

Then there’s Nallalisa, Yorisa Jorisa, Kkokilisa for Lisa…

Their weights have been updated. 🙂

Thanks for the info! It has been added to the profile and we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Thanks for the info! It’s really appreciated! We gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Thanks for the info, it’s really appreciated! It has been added to the profile and we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

They didn’t set a leader yet. 🙂

It was mentioned on their vlive a long time ago that Jisoo has Blood Type A, Jennie and Rosé have blood type B, and Lisa has blood type O.

Thanks for the info! The profile has been updated and we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

umm.. why did they didnt write in Jennie Kim’s profile her position as the leader of BLINK?…..

there’s no leader

Black Pink doesn’t have a leader

Is Jisoo being the 4D member relevant? IDK, I find it adorable.

Lisa is fav coz she is extremly beautiful cute wid her cool style she is like wat to say no words and she is my first ever gal iam fan and its my sis cell phone sneaking anjd writting 😍😘💀🎅 by the way happy new year .black pink the best girl k pop .you all need to be alittle mordern.lisa u r agood rapper and a dancer. Love ya all . Want to be a part of u 😇kpop .

I love how the distribution of votes are almost fair like I haven’t seen this in any other group really. I am so happy that each member is getting lots of love and I love how Jisoo 4D chicken chicken jumped up so much, love her personality. Proud to be a blink, give lots of love to the girlss!!

It was

Oops I’m sorry i accidentally clicked post when I wasn’t finished with typing.. On radio star, the MC’s asked Rosé about where she lived/was born in New Zealand, and she replied “Auckland.” I hope that helps 🙂

Thanks again for your help! The profile has been updated with the new info! 🙂

Thanks for the info! It’s been updated and we gave you credits in the post!

You’re welcome 🙂 Jisoo mentioned on Channel+ Vapp that Rosé is left-handed

Thanks a lot for the new info! We gave you credits in the post, ofc! 🙂

How do you know their weight?

It was reveled on Korean sites.

Jisoo has an older sister and older brother
Jennie is an only child
Rosé has an older sister
Lisa has an older sister
source: ch+

Rose! Definitely. After the acoustic version of Whistle she did… words necessary!

What’s Jisoo sister’s name? Any links?
What’s Rosé sister’s name? Any links?
What’s Lisa sister’s name? Any links?

If anyone know this information, please post below. 🙂

Rosé’s sisters name is Alice

Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post! 🙂

Is it true that the 2ne1 Was changed into black pink???
Because my friend said that when the 2ne1 is gone black pink appeared

They are from the same company, and same badass style, so we can consider Black Pink as future 2ne1. 😀

But to me 2ne1 have their special place in my heart. So, I’ll just love both. 😀

im a fan of blackpink but 2ne1 and blackpink is way too different

Can I know more about Rosé?

Rose is the 4th member to be revealed

Ok… jennie was the first member to be revealed(publicly), jennie is known as ‘the YG princess’ in the group. Lisa was the second to be revealed. Jisoo was the third.

Thanks for providing additional info! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂

They look beautiful af. Really love how different they look from each others like their yg sunbaes. Other groups I can never tell them apart and also when you listen to their songs you just don’t know who’s singing. I’m so happy Blackpink are different from each others like their personality and their talents, they’re just what we need now in kpop gg. Blackpink I wish you last for a long time I don’t want same thing happen to you like what happen to my girls (2NE1);(;(;( Lots of love and support FIGHTING!<3

They’re all Visual.

why everyone likes Lisa?
Rose is my favorite..

ahh okay…

Well why do u like rose? That’s the same question goes to u from other stans. Everyone has their own taste and preference,and lisa seems to be getting many international fans love and interest bcuz of her exotic beauty which is not a typical asian(or korean) beauty standard, not to mention her charisma on stage and talent as a powerful dancer…but rose jennie and jisoo seems to be gaining more and more fans internationally each day as well..(they are more popular than lisa in south korea according to some info) so we hope that many people in s.korea loves lisa too

Their all perfect,coming from someone who is Jisoo biased.

She is very active on V LIVE CHANNEL+. She is left handed and often cries cause she misses her family who is in Australia.

Thanks for helping with additional info! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂

I had a feeling Rose would be at bottom.. :/ Sucks.
But no matter what she’s definitely my bias forever!!

Lisa isn’t the face of the group and Jennie is a lead vocalist

Then who is the face of the group? The face of the group is different than visual. It’s the member that usually have the center during choreographies and such.

So, both Jennie and Jisoo are Lead Vocalists? Thanks for your help. It’s obvious that BLINK know them the best. 🙂

The face of the group is the most popular member according to Korea. Therefore, it’s technically Jisoo. The center is the person who is in the middle a lot and they have a lot of lines, which would technically be Jennie. It’s kind of confusing at times. But visual/fotg/center is different

I started liking Jennie more and more. *__*

Are the heights accurate? I thought Jennie was the shortest (163cm) and Jisoo was taller than her (165cm); isn’t Jennie lighter than jisoo? I mean the girls carried jennie in BBY and Jisoo’s thighs are kinda plump (that’s definetly not a bad thing, i like her legs the best). And to finish, wasn’t Lisa 170cm? K’ay i’m gone lmao xD

Lisa officialy not the tallest and not 170 cm, and rose was the tallest

Author add inform to rose profile that she is close too with tzuyu

Korean site showing their heights:
Lisa is not 170cm!!! Where did you get that info from??? It’s not correct!!!

Just BC u are FACE OF THE GROUP doesn’t mean u get most lines, Mingyu in SVT is FACE OF THE GROUP/VISUAL and he doesn’t get much lines.

who is (if they have) happy virus or mood maker?

It was confirmed for Jisoo on VApp that Jennie is smaller than her :3

jisoo is the mood maker
jennie said it in one of their interviews


It has been added and we gave you credits in the post! Thanks a lot! 🙂

To me,Jennie looks like a litte schoolgirl (like she is 10 years old)

According to all members and staff Lisa is the most different onstage vs off stage. Members said she’s really playful and michecievious off stage.
She was also was voted best at aegyo in Blackpink by all members

this is not correct Jisoo and Jennie are both 5’3 and yes Rose is 168 cm and Lisa is 167 cm

What’s your source? Are you sure that is right?

Author nim, please add jennie is a close friend to yeri from gfriend too 😇

Thanks a lot for the info! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂

Jennie is also the unofficial leader

Yeahh plus jisoo always laughing ..

Lisa’s and Rose’s Chinese Zodiac: Ox, Jennie’s Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Jisoo’s Chinese Zodiac: Pig

there’s no such “unofficial leader” in blackpink

Thanks a lot for the info! We gave you credits in the posts! 🙂

Jennies is just Vocalist, she isn’t lead vocalist

Thanks for the info ….

Arg in this band is hard to chose a bias

@blxnicotine:disqus @dayangkunuradilah:disqus
Thanks a lot for the info guys! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂

Thanks for the info! It’s really appreciated! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂

I think lisa and rose’s high is more than that.. I think both of them may be like 170.. LOL.. I love BLACKPINK a lot, I cant choose a bias in BLACKPINK

more facts about Jisoo:
Jisoo has a dog named Dalgom
Jisoo as an older sister and brother
Jisoo acted in EPIK HIGH – ‘스포일러(SPOILER) + 헤픈엔딩(HAPPEN ENDING)’ M/V

jennie is the lead vocalist. she’s not just a vocalist. And perhaps she’s augmented position will be Face of the group. So, black pink have 2 lead vocalist. it’s jennie and jisoo. just fyi 😉

Thanks a lot for all the additional info! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂

lol no, jennie is not a lead vocalist

Jennie is not a lead vocalist
She’s just vocalist

Lisa has been friends with Bambam for 11 years. According to Parris Goebel, Lisa is the kind of dancer who isnt made, but the kind who is naturally blessed
Rosé placed first in YG auditions in Australia. Her voice is YG’s favorite
Jisoo was popular in her school for her beauty and kindness. IKON said she has the brightest smile
Jennie was called by BIGBANG Seungri as ‘YG secret weapon’ back in 2013
Tbh in blackpink’s debut showcase, it said that:
Jisoo: Vocal
Jennie: Rap/Vocal
Rosé: Vocal
Lisa: Dance/Rap
There was a short clip that showed their positions, but who knows maybe YG changed his mind, tho i do agree that there should be no official visual in BP since all of them are

well there no official height release yet

cause she took my attention first

basicaly BP is 2ne1 sister not replacement

Thanks a lot for the additional info! We gave you credits in the post! 🙂



Though Lisa is favorite by everyone and she is also my bias but the next is rose. Because she has amazing voice that can’t be regret. However I like all of them . Love u Blackpink

Lisa is more popular internationally Jisoo Jennie and Rose are more popular in Korea. Lisa is like new CL.

do you even know how 41 kg [or 90 lbs] would look at her height 168 cm [or 5’6″] ? 😀 😀 😀 that is way too exaggerated.
I know Korean likes the weight to be as small as possible, but that is already ridiculous. she would look like a subnutrited kid.

at 42 kg [or 92 lbs] and 163 cm [or 5’4″] I already look way way too skinny. I was even asked if i was sick or something.

how tall are you and how much do you weight? just do the math. those numbers are impossible!!!!!!

I think YG should just release the official weight and height for Blackpink, else it’s just speculation. But I REALLY hope theyll release the REAL height and weight, not the adjusted versions like everyone in K-pop industry does. =/

hi 5

I love Rose’s voice … I wish she will release some solo songs

I don’t mind about what’s height and weight. As long as they sing and dance beyond my expectations. 🙂 Figthing #BlackPink 😊

i have some questions
1.after any person joins an entertainment company and becomes a trainee, are they allowed to continue studying or they have to 2.leave their school??
3.and is lisa taller or rose? and is jisoo taller or jennie? do you know that lisa’s fav food is french fries??
5.who said that rose’s voice is YG’s fav?
6.are you sure from their heights and weights? because they dont really make sense like how can jisoo and rose have the same weight? and i dont think jennie is the heaviest because they carried her in BBY, like they could have chosen someone else. so even if you’re not sure about them can you tell me what you “think” they are?
7. why is rose’s nickname pasta?? XD i dont get it

8. what does “4D personality” mean??
im sorry i asked a lot but i really want to know everything about them XD
thank you

1. Yes, they can continue their studies, many trainees are also students.
2. Some leave their school, but I guess it’s up to the idols, and their respective schedules.
3. Rose is taller than Lisa (according to all Korean sources). As for Jisoo and Jennie we need an official statement, since obviously, we couldn’t actually measure them, but according to Korean sources those listed are their current rumored heights. We’ll know for sure once YG will publish their official measurements.
4. From Weekly Idol.
5. That’s a fan’s help with additional info. According to them, they read that.
6. Until YG doesn’t publish their official measurement, of course we can’t be sure about that. We couldn’t missure them, of course. Once again, these are the rumored heights/weights according to Korean sources.
7. They said her nickname was pasta during Weekly Idol, but they didn’t explain why.
8. This is most commonly used to describe Korean celebrities with a strong personality (usually someone who is eccentric).

Hope it helped. 🙂

i love yuo LIsa

Can you add to Jisoo’s Facts
“Gives random nicknames to People”

Jisoo is taller than Jennie. Jisoo confirmed it on Channel+

Thanks for the additional info, we gave you credits in the post! 🙂

yes it did thank u so much !!!
i really appreciate that =)

ok thank u

Is there any leader in the group ?

The trainee is allowed to continue studying high school.

Hey, you got Jennie’s and Jisoo’s Zodiac wrong tho. Cause you must follow the Chinese new year calendar and not the western calendar. Chinese new year is between Jan 21st and Feb 20th. Depending on the year, any birthdays before that are considered last year’s zodiac.

It’s Yerin not Yeri😊

Nope,Blackpink is the first Girl Group doesn’t have Leader☺

Can You Add To Lisa’s Facts That Lisa Also Plays Ukulele

Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Thanks a lot for the heads up. 🙂

I follow the western zodiac to be honest, and most of the European and American people do that, so please keep it.


I’m not referrong to the western horoscope, I’m talking about the Chinese zodiac info on the profile is wrong.You can’t follow the western calendar, hence, the Chinese Zodiac?? (the ones with the roosters, snakes, rats) For Horoscope, yes, you must follow the western calendar but for Zodiac, If you don’t follow the Chinese calendar then it’s not really a Zodiac anymore. Beats the whole point. hahaha. It’s not an option whether you like it or not, I’m just correcting the facts. It’s like saying orange is purple when it’s orange.

KProfiles the Chinese zodiac info is wrong.

I can’t even choose my bias, they all my bias

What is wrong? Lisa’s Chinese zodiac? But that is Ox, it’s correct.

Thanks for the heads up! Please check again if Jisoo and Jennie’s Chinese Zodiac sign is correct.

just a small correction. there is a BIG difference between Zodiac and Horoscope.

there is Western Zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Pisces etc.) and Chinese Zodiac (Rat, Pig, Dog etc.)

while the Horoscope is the predictions the astrologists make for each day for the Zodiac Signs.
so, the western system is also called Zodiac, not Horoscope. :p

The poll doesnt work again (Am I alone?)

For Jisoo and Jen only that was wrong since the chinese zodiac follows the chinese calendar. They have changed it. It was pg for Jisoo and rat for jen then. Now, it’s been corrected.

Thanks for the info. I’ve been trying to tell Kprofile that Jisoo’s chinese zodiac is a dog and Jen’s a pg. haha

No, It didn’t work for me either.

@Ranceia:disqus @wondersofthessia:disqus
Could you please try again? We’ve done some additional works and hope it’s fixed for good now. XD

Thanks so much! xx

Anytime! 🙂 Yup, It’s been corrected now.


It’s Nayeon, not Naeyeon

Ohh,is it??😅

Typo, thanks a lot for the heads up. 🙂

Can you add these to jisoo facts
-Jisoo really likes Pikachu (she has a lot of Pikachu merch)
-Jisoo is an Inkigayo MC (starting from Feb 5 2017)

Jennie is the leader 😉

Can you add to Jennie that she is also main dancer

its still doesnt work ;-;

It was officially announced that Jennie is the Black Pink leader or it’s just a rumor for now?

Main dancer is Lisa though, not Jennie. o_o

YG said that there will be no leader in blackpink as they all have their own merits 🙂

A fact i think you should add to rose:
She’s known for her unique voice and super slim waste
her waste is 24 inches wide

Sorry but I’m dying at “waste” 😂 if you know what I mean 😂 Yea she’s known for her slim *waist

I thought Jennie’s Chinese zodiac was the rat not the pig??

That’s because some sites list it wrongly. The Chinese year starts just in end of February, so people bor in January 16, 1996 like Jennie and Pig not Rat.
Search more on the specific sites that ask you for the entire date of birth not only for the year.
Or you can ask any native Asian that follows the Chinese calendar/zodiac. 🙂

But unfortunately most of the websites list it wrongly. 🙁

Ohh that makes more sense, thank you:)

Lisa loves make-up so much😊(revealed on Get It Beauty)

There is no leader. IDK where you heard this information from but it’s false

Jennie is not a lead vocalist. YG gave the lead vocal position already to Jisoo. Her voice is really good and powerful and even though I prefer her voice than Jisoo, but she’s not the lead vocal, she’s just sub-vocal. =) Maybe its because Jennie is the main rapper and rapping is her thing while Jisoo is the lead vocal.

Thanks for he info, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Thank you for the info, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

thanks for explaining

The questions you’ve asked would be answered by their Weekly Idol episode!

Jisoo fact: An SM entertainment representative tried to get Jisoo to audition for SM while she was a trainee at YG. (Interview with Radio Star)

Yeah, Lisa is a blessed dancer, not the made one, she is dance queen!

And what happened? Did she go but she didn’t make it? Or she didn’t agree to go for the audition? I’m curious now.

Jennie ‘s not just a vocalist. she’s a lead vocalist. She said it on interview

in which interview did she said that? give us the link.

Jisoo is face of the group and main vocalist lisa is close to bambam and sorn
Jennie’s father is america and her mother is korean while rose very hate jokbal

She didn’t agree to go to the audition cause she was already at YG

Can you please add that Rosé appeared on the King Of Masked Singer and passed the first round, but unfortunately she couldn’t pass the second round. She was really close, the votes were 50-49 but sadly she couldn’t make it, but everyone was amazed by her performance and wanted her to win. Also, they said on vlive that she was really sad about it and she even teared up (i was about to cry when i heared that 😢😿) but at least she did her best and made us proud

Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Thanks for your comment. we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Rosè revealed after the show that she mixed up her pants size with waist size. She was told by her stylists that her pants size is 24 (size 0) and not her waist size. She said her waist size is definitely smaller than 24 inches.

Jennie is lead vocalist and face of the group (because she’s the most popular in SK)

can you please answer my question if you know the answer please… what are their religions?? I’m just curious

In nylon japan interview she said i’m the lead rapper and lead vocal but people started to say jennie is lead rapper but she would say in charge of but if we watch carrefully rosé say she’s main vocal and jennie say she’s lead vocal ,lisa position is dance/rap so lisa is main dancer and lead rapper if you do the same for jennie-rap/vocal so jennie is main rapper lead vocal 😉 if you want watch in your own eyes go search in google blackpink interview at nylon japan

Yg official position(based on debut showcase)

The true position NOW is

Rosè is a Christian! idk about the others though

My bias is Lisa

does anyone know who’s the group leader!??!

where did you get that info??

can you please add this to rosé info
-Gdragon said that he really likes Rosé voice when he did a collab with her back in 2013(?) and said that it’s really unique and one of the few voices that he actually likes

jisoo can speak english
-she said it so herself
-but usually doesn’t cause she said it’s uncomfortable for her because of her korean accent

The face of the group position hasn’t officially been given to anyone yet, also Jisoo is the most popular in SK (korean poll and articles confirm this) Jennie being second.

They don’t have a leader

guys, you should stop arguing about their position.
10 people will go say Jennie is a lead vocalist then other 10 will go say she is just a vocalist. really… it’s getting old already.

it’s true that at the beginning she got less vocal lines and now she gets more vocal lines, so I think her voice improved.
but we should stop arguing and wait for YG’s official statement about her actual vocal position!

Jinjja? When he said that? 😍😍😍

she often went to church in her debut days! on sundays especially! she was in her churchs choir too 🙂

ok thank you

In Weekly Idol, Rosé said that MC Jeong hyeong-don looks just like her father. She said his looks remind her of her father.

Lisa’s new nickname is LaLi Con Artist due to her cheating at board games.
Rose joined the group on May 7th and Lisa’s first thought on her when they met on the elavator was “Oh! I got a special vibe from her! Australia!”
Both from their new live on the 13th of April,2017 on V Live.

Lisa is referred to as the “Thailand Princess” in her birthplace.

I would say Jennie is the lead dancer not Rose. o_____o

Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

Jennie can play flute 🙂

Also, Rose, in the second round of King of Masked Singer, lost with a vote of like 73-27 or something like that, I can’t really remember

In vlive jisoo said,Lisa very love snacks, she could still in her room one month or 3 month to finish more than 100 snacks..
jisoo and lisa also love drinks choco milk..

Jisoo has mole at her index finger(right hand)
You can see it on her pictures

she can also play piano

For everyone and kprofile to i’m gonna start with jisoo ,jisoo is the visual because when she was trainee she was promoted by doing cf,drama,photoshoot etc.. so she’s the visual. Rosé is the Main vocal of the groupe because yg promote her at sing she was in gd song and she introduce herself at the main vocal of the groupe,she’s not the lead dancer because yg promote her only at singing. now lisa ,yg posted a video of lisa “who’s that girl?” and it was lisa who is dancing, lisa was also in gd song and she was dancing so we know she’s the main dancer because she was the only one who was promote at dancing.and know we found that lisa is lead rapper. now jennie ,yg posted two vidéo of jennie when she’s rapping and singing ,she do a collaboration with lee hi special and she was rapping now we know jennie is obviously the main rapper because yg promoted at rap,jennie do a collaboration with gd,seungri etc… and she was singing if jennie was not a lead vocalist yg would not promoted her at singing,jennie introduce always herself at in charge of rap/vocal. yg said in square two he would focus on jennie voice i think it’s because people only consider her at the main rapper of blackpink but not as lead vocalist. now if you watch carrefully all position posted by yg

in bp debut showcase yg wrote each position:

we know rosé is the main vocal and lisa is the main dancer now compare lisa and jennie who are the two who have the same position for lisa they wrote at first position dance everybody know she’s the main dancer and at second after dance they wrote rap lisa is the lead rapper now if you do the same for jennie in her position they wrote rap at first everybody know she’s the main rapper at second vocal so jennie is lead vocalist along with jisoo.

so the positions is:

jisoo:lead vocalist/visual
rosé:main vocalist
jennie:main rapper/lead vocalist
lisa:main dancer/lead rapper/maknae

rosé or jennie are definitely not the lead dancer because you see the only one dancer in bp is lisa.i know a lot of people are salty about jennie or rosé but no lead dancer in blackpink and jennie is the lead vocalist with jisoo.if rosé was lead dancer yg would promoted at dance like he did for lisa but he don’t do that because the only dancer in bp is lisa.

hope now people understand all positions

ps:i’m not the only one who say this is the true position so if you still don’t trust me go watch there debut showcase.

i hope you understand each position.

visual=beautiful by korean standart
center=the most in the middle in choreo or photoshoot
face of the group:most popular member(the person who we remember at first when you think at blackpink

so if we watch carrefully we know jisoo is the visual .

center:even if you are salty about her everyone can’t denied jennie is pratically always in the middle in photoshoot etc.. even in vlive. so i think she’s clearly the center.

fotg:it’s vaste people are gonna say jisoo other lisa and other jennie.see all that clearly jisoo and jennie are the most popular in korea but internationally it’s lisa and at 2nd jennie, jisoo is not very known internationally but in korea she’s popular for be the face she would be known at both int+korea but she’s only very known in korea lisa is known internationaly and she’s the most popular agree but don’t forget at korean ranking she’s not very popular if lisa was known at both internationally and sk she would be the face. now for jennie if you watch jennie is known at both (korea+int ) ,she is 2nd popular internationaly and 1st with jisoo in korea she’s known for her attractif skill if she’s attractif even lisa is the most popular internationally a lot or gonna thinking about jennie in first because she’s known at both internationally and in korea so i think she’s obviously the face of the groupe and center.lisa is not a vocalist because she don’t sing a lot and yg never put her at vocal position.

yeah but it’s true that rosé is the lead dancer though. we are just stating facts, i mean jennie is a good dancer but rosé is stronger and sharper compared to her

rosé can rap and knows chaelisa 😂😂

im here dude

it was during an interview he was with taeyang at that time but i forgot what interview it was 😂 just search it maybe it’ll pop out

eunkwang said rosé is cute and he want to have a collab with her if possible (idk if this can’t be put up in the facts tho 😂)

there is no leader

Well yall mostly lisa and jennie stans here. Yall arguing for lisa being famous, beautiful vs jisoo. Then, jennie’s stans arguing over lead vocalist between her and jisoo. Next, arguing about rosé being the unofficial lead dancer because yall think jennie is better. I love ot4, they’re all main and have their own talent. I don’t choose a bias because i already have four of them. I’m a “blackpink” stan, “a fairly loving blink”.

*please don’t reply “i don’t even want a bias but she was the who chose me” because you will mintak my penyepak. 😊

yeah she can rap tho

HOLUP! (ha yg artist reference) Where did you get the info about what Parris Goebel said!!!???? I NEED TO KNOW AHAHA

wait so rosé actually has a mole next to her eye? or am i just imagining this?

Lisa is the “Face of the Group” while Jisoo is the “Visual”

and one of her nickname is “nutellisa” (based on their interview – Weekly Idol)

Oh and also !!!
People often call Jennie and Taehyung/V from BTS “Human Gucci” due to them often wearing expensive clothing from Gucci.
if you don’t believe me and think I am just shipping them, just google “Human Gucci” and go to pictures.

People also call Rose ?(question mark) due to her predebut songs with other YG artists not exposing her name by adding Feat. ?

Honestly I love them all too much.

Face of the group and Center is the same thing.

Why does Jennie can speak languages “fluenty” while the rest is only speak

probably the other cant speak that much

that’s a relief 🙂

Thanks a lot for helping with additional info! 🙂

Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

is anyone else having it hard to choose a bias in this band? XDDDDDD
first I liked Jennie, then Jisoo, then Lisa and now Rose. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD just can’t choose one

Jisoo is visual and Jennie is face of the group

Sameee! My first biases when I watched their four music videos were Jennie and Lisa but then I watched Weekly Idol and my bias became Jisoo due to how funny she was and 4D! It was like that until the end of March and then I biased Rose due to her VLives. This whole time Lisa has been haunting me as a bias wrecker.

My Bias before is JENNIE when I saw her Audition Rap , I totally like her even she is not artist back then (her rap is pretty amazing tho) until now she is my Bias im so loyal to her😂😂 and then she collaborated with GD and Seungri and I like her even more!

LISA is Bias tho😎 , Jisoo is Bias Wrecker bcs of her personality😂😂 , Rose waist line is dream😍😍

LOTS OF overseas love jennie and lemme say SHES ONE OF the most natural and prettiest baddest and talented visual❤Much love to my bias😭💯💯 SHE IS A BADDIEEE💓💓💓💛💛💓💛 i love how she doesnt do aegyo on purpose i like lisa but

Sometimes i mean MOST OF TIME shes annoying

Can someone tell me who is the leader?

They do not have a leader! They wanted for all the members to be equal.

It’s probably cause both Jisoo and Rose are not that confident in speaking other languages. But Lisa is fluent in all 4 languages she speaks.

In their recent Ch+ live Jisoo called Jennie’s hair “chapagetti” due to it being kinda frizzy.
Jennie is being treated more and more as an style icon by both South Koreans and internatinal people each day.

In Lisa’s defense tho, i find her aegyo to be more like ‘annoying-ly adorable’ . I admit it is sometimes annoying for the members too, but they look at her fondly so, even they don’t mean it in a bad way. They accept her as she is ❤

Um if yall think Lisa is annoying you guys arent true BLINKS. Lisa likes to cheer up her unnies with aegyo and if she wants to do aegyo let her do aegyo, so fed up with some so called “BLINKS” please love all members equally

There is no leader

My bias is LISA <3 she makes me happy…shes awesome I LOVE her

Jisoo ranks #47, Jennie ranks #66 and Rose ranks #92 in “Top female celebrities chosen by Korean men”

In Weekly Idol, Rosé said that MC Jeong hyeong-don looks just like her father. She said his looks remind her of her father.

Thanks, we gave you credits in the post. 🙂

is it official ranking? or fanbase ranking?

jennie can play piano too TT

I don’t know if I would call it official but it was based off on nominations on social media sites 🙂

Not only in the article but overall in South Korea.

Your welcome

But if you look at it, jenny seems like the leader because just look at the clothes she wears and you know she like CL, so even though there is no leader but jennie is the one who stands out. And it makes me sad, they should just said that jennie is the leader. But no hate, i’m a fan of blackpink!

Jisoo laughs a lot because she said that she easily laughs ( She said it on Weekly Idol when they were introducing)
BTW the polls arent working again.

I just want to say that I used your information when I commented on YouTube for some BLACKPINK facts and I didn’t forget to put your link as credit. Thank you so much for this!!!

Thanks a lot for giving us credits, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

Unfortunately the polls issue keeps returning. I think we’ll need to change the polls system. =/

and i thought rosé was born on 1996 thinking that we are the same age, but what is this? she’s born on 1997. I’ve been lied O.O

Don’t trust each site. I always come to where I know the info is more accurate.

Jisoo’s chinese zodiac sign is pig (1995). Dog is 1994.

I choose lisa because she’s very good dancer and very good rapper and very very beautiful and my bias is only one lisa!

you can add this on jennie’s fact that jennie is haha on running man’s favorite junior after bae suzy. If u asked where i get this info, i watch it from infinite challenge . thanks before

hey, if u confused who’s the face of the group on blackpink, i think it’s jennie. because the position of face of the group’s seeing by people or fans. Not from blackpink’s self. I think they’re never going to tell u guys who’s the fog cause fog is seeing by us. (Fan and the people who watch them) And too many fans seeing that jennie’s the face of the group. And i agree. Cause face of the group is the member who have a lot of charisma and the member who’s popular in both (sk and international) if u tell me that lisa is the most popular, ur right. But lisa’s only popular on international not in sk. She’s the last popular in sk And jisoo is the most popular in sk but she’s the last popular in international. And why i’m telling u that jennie is the face of the group? Oh c’mon ppl can see it too. She’s the second popular on international and sk. So i mean she’s popular on both. (Just like kai from exo. She’s the face of the group on exo. but see? Sehun and Chanyeol is the most popular than him. It’s bcs what? Kai’s popular on both . And he has a lot of charisma) And u can see on blackpink’s dance practice videos or their mv , jennie’s always on center. Even if she’s on behind (but she always on center) And her face is always showing up even its not her part to sing or rap. So its us to see who’s the face of the group is. And too many said that jennie is te fog and jisoo is the visual.

Ppl always said that lisa is the fog. But i think she doesn’t have that position. U know what? its just bcs ur idol’s famous on international, it doesn’t mean that she/he’s the fog. Just remember fog is the ppl who famous on both (sk and int)

My bias it’s not jennie. But rose💕 I just give my opinion of the fog. And if u ask me where i found that too many people said jennie is the fog, u can see it on onehallyu. Even allkpop agree with jennie’s the fog. And i think she deserves that. She has a big charisma.

NO! You took that from an unreliable site I’m afraid. 🙁
The Chinese Zodiac have a different start than the Western Zodiac. A new Chinese zodiac doesn’t start from 1 January as the Western Zodiac. That’s why the people born in the beginning of the year are part of the previous year’s zodiac.

Check a reliable Chinese Zodiac site, where you are asked for the COMPLETE date of birth. For example in 1995, the Pig started on Jan 31, 1995 while Jisoo was born on January 3, 1995 (a.k.a Dog) Check:
Or ask a native Chinese or Korean.

You should add on Rosè’s profile that she’s a christian. She goes to church even though she’s famous. Also IU wanted to have a collaboration with rosè

and on jisoos v app livestream rosè was shortly there and jisoo said she’ll go get ready to go to church

I think it’s better without a leader. I mean Jennie was basically considered the leader in the pink punk days but I feel as if if Jennie was the leader BLACKPINK wouldn’t be the same.

It seems that all the member have poor eyesight, according to Jisoo

jennie is the lead dancer guys. please u guys can see it too. if she’s not a lead dancer, so i asked you, “why YG put her to be the center of the group and not lisa, when they’re doing a dance practice BBHMM?” everytime, when i see jennie on their dance practice, i think she have a good body like lisa. But everbody doesn’t realize that. I know that my baby Lisa have too many fans, cause i think she’s cute and she’s have a different face with korean’s face. But i asked u, lisa is the main dancer right? But why, everytime on their mv or dance practice, Jennie’s got to be the center? even in BBHMM’s dance practice, Jennie is the center, not Lisa. Yes, my baby lisa’s have part on center on pwf and boombayah. But please look again. Her position on center it’s just from beginning. And the next-next-next it’s Jennie till the songs end. I think, jennie’s position is: Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer and Face of the group.

i’m not a jennie stan. lisa is forever my bae. i’m just saying the truth. it’s my opinion. and i’m really disappointed to Lisa stan who hates Jennie. Please, we’re blinks. we support all of them. Jisoo-Jennie-Rosè-Lisa. Not putting them down💜💜 don’t makes any fandom or someone who hates them, make our 4 angels down. We’re their guardian, not their enemy🖤

can you add this to jennie’s fact: besides YG’s secret weapon, seungri also said that “jennie is YG Entertainment’s lucky charm and card.” so, Jennie is YG’s secret weapon and YG’s lucky charm and card.

Jennie isnt lead vocalist, jisoo is. Jennie is only vocalist

Rosé was also a cheerleader

When did he said so? Can you give me a link?

I’m both Seungri and Jennie’s fan. 😀

in the latest songs Jennie has a lot of singing parts, just like Jisoo. and her vocal qualities are very good. (I guess she improved her singing a lot and that’s why the company gave her so many important singing parts)

Thank you for the info, we gave you credits in the post! 🙂

Probably because it’s the part when she sings or because she is the shortest. Just like BTS Junkook or Jimin are most of the time in the middle or in the front cause they they’re the ones that sing the most and Jimin is the shortest of the 7 and Jhope is the lead dancer. Jimin and Jungkook are awesome dancers but Jhope is the lead dancer. They even said it. But yeahh… Probbly because of the parts that Jennie sings and than all the focus is on her. I love all the members and Jennie is my bias so it has nothing to do with that :3

And she has a cute face :3, she’s also on the thumbnail on youtube with the song boombayah and playing with fire.

Rose can speak english very well I must say

41 kg? isnt that too much? she must be 30 kg! <— JOKING OF COURSE

41 kg at her height? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
are you joking????

do you even know how she’d look like? like a subnutrited kid.
but I already answered to this. then you deleted your message! stop asking the same question!!!!

i don’t think height correlates to dancing in the center :/ but yes I do agree that it’s bc they sing the most. Center is a role so she could be the center too

Rosé is really close to Lisa’s Dancing Skills but they don’t have a Lead Dancer that’s sad lol… I think Rosé should be the lead dancer…

Im a lisa stan and what i can see lisa is a professional dancer and deserved to be entitled as the main dancer. Eventhough i also noticed that jennie always steal the centre spot but still the person who will always catches my attention is lisa and that because of her smoothness and swag in her dance moves. She has started dancing at an early age and has a huge passion towards that act and why people doubt that she as the main dancer of blackpink amused me. Do we still need more evidance. Cause the one that i know represent blackpink on the street dance gayo daejun is lisa and from all the reaction of that dance i saw on youtube everyone is amazed by her. And another thing that catches my attention after lisa will be either rose or jennie. And one thing that makes me so mad is how obnoxiously people label lisa stan in hating jennie. We deserve to stan who we want and all the members are hugely talented people. Although blackpink doesnt has an official leader i still think jennie suits it more as she has the credibility and confidence to stand as a leader. Not only she’s the second oldest (which is a prior for leader in korea) but she is fluent in english, japanesse and of cos korean. But i still think that rose is capable too. And thats all.

P/s, no hate pls. Just stating my oppinion.
Also, sorry for bad english or grammar or spelling cause english is not my first language.

Rose also likes drawing
Lisa is the Face of the Group

We gave you credits in the post for Rose’s info, as for the sensitive topics as FOTG we prefer to not allocate that position if it isn’t official announced because this is very subjective and we don’t want to create a fan war. 🙂

i think black and pink should be their official color LOL

Jennie isn’t the lead vocal of bp. She is a vocalist. I’m not saying this because i hate her or anything she is actually my second bias next to Lisa In an interview she didn’t actually said that she’s the lead vocal of bp. She just said that she’s rap/vocal. Having a lot of singing lines in pwf and stay doesn’t make u a lead vocalist. She is like CL who is not a lead vocal but has a lot of singing lines than the main vocal. It is possible to have two or more lead vocals if you are a group of 6 or more. Usually in a group consist of 4 members, there’s only one lead vocal.

YG said that there’s no leader. But if there is I think it should be Jennie or Jisoo

Lisa is also a vocalist you know

Oh im sorry but have you heard her singing in all the songs that black pink promoted

Oh okay i see

Lalisa is my idol she’s totally beautiful.

rose is my favorite because she is the main vocalist and she is beautiful too :* :*

Rose is my favorite members in BLACKPINK because she is cute and sing is so good ~^^~

Me too ♥ her voice is so cute ☻

Jennie said that her nickname when she was young was Jerry, because of Tom and Jerry, and Jerry sounded like Jennie, so that’s how she got it. She also has the nickname NiNi, she will call herself it all the time when posting on the Vapp or IG

Jisoo can play basketball and inline skates but she can’t ride bicycles. Also, she did taekwondo (white belt). She didn’t came when they gave the yellow belt because she wanted to stay white level. She has an older brother and sister, she is the youngest. She said she plays overwatch with Jennie. She is not scared on ghost or scary stories. She likes Harry Potter and Tom Hardy.

Correct me if I’m wrong

Correct! She also likes to read manga as she keeps a stack of them near her bed to help her sleep. Source: her V-live

When I googled Jennie Kim it had her profile and it said that she was born in Anyang,South Korea.

Lisa also acted in NONA9ON CF for 2016 and 2017.

to bad they don’t have twitter

Lisa loves to sleep 😂

i’m not going to make a fanwar. i’m lisoo stan. But i loves lisa the most. kekeke.and i’m giving my opinion about face of the group. Admin didn’t want to put fog position on jennie or lisa’s position. But in my opinion, the face of blackpink is Jennie. And the fog position it’s not always looking by how famous her/him on the group. For example 2ne1. The face of 2ne1 is CL, but dara is the most famous than CL. Next example is Twice. the face of twice is Nayeon, but tzuzyu is most famous than Nayeon. Next example is APINK. The face of Apink is Eunji, but Naeun is the most famous than Eunji. Next example is SNSD. The face of snsd is Yoona, but right now the most famous in snsd is Taeyeon. RV . The Face of RV is seulgi, but Wendy and Irene is the most famous than seulgi. Now i’m going to give an example for the boygroup. BTS. the face of BTS is jungkook, but V is the most famous than Jungkook right now. Next, is GOT7. J.B is the face of Got7, but Mark is the most famous than J.B, next is EXO. The face of Exo is Kai, but Chanyeol,Sehun,and Baekhyun is the most famous than him. For 2PM. Nichkhun is the Face, but Taecyeon is the most famous. iKon. The face of ikon is bobby, but hanbin is the most famous than bobby. So with this example, Jennie is the face of blackpink, but Lisa is the most famous than Jennie. And the face is looking by how charismatic u are on the stage or mv, how attractive u are, how good u r on mv or stage. And i think YG gives it to Jennie, cz she’s so talented and so charismatic. Even Jennie is called “GOLDEN GIRLS” from YG, by netizen . And it makes a proof that Jennie is the Face. And fyi, she’s the first “GOLDEN GIRLS” on kpop world. She’s so talented. When u read this, It seems like i’m jennie stan right? But i’m not. I’m just proud if her and give u guys my opinion thank uu

No, Jennie ISN’T the first “golden girl” in kpop world

lisa has a cat named tiga

Jisoo sleeps with a plushie of a bunny and a plushie of Snoopy.
Jisoo is well known for being the only member that hasn’t cried at award shows,but one of the other members said that she cries alone.
Jisoo called Lisa her ‘Chocolate mate’ because Lisa gave her iced chocolate during a live show (which Jisoo was craving) but Jisoo didn’t ask her to get it for her.
(I will continue this in the morning when I finish the V LIVE ^^)

Isn’t jennie is the face of the group?

No she isn’t

This is actually a sensitive subject, since it isn’t any official appointed FOTG and in this fandom fans often argue about this position, so we tried our best to keep it calm between the fandom, so that’s why we didn’t appoint any FOTG.

jennie’s chinese horoscope is rat not pig she was born in 1996 the year of the rat, the same year i was born 🙂

Ok you were born in 1996, but it depends if you were born after the end of February or before that.

The Chinese year starts just in end of February, so people born in January 16, 1996 like Jennie is Pig not Rat.
Search more on the specific sites that ask you for the entire date of birth not only for the year.
Or you can ask any native Asian that follows the Chinese calendar/zodiac. 🙂 The site listed it correct!

But unfortunately most of the websites list it wrongly. 🙁

Jennie was born in Anyang in Gyeonggi province.

No she’s not, BlackPink don’t have a leader.


Seriously that height???

I’m not a hater, but Jisoo should show us her vocal skills! She’s a lead vocal, but I don’t see why and how. At the moment, I think Jennie is a better vocalist. Jisoo in my opinion has a bland voice.

Anyone! Feel free to convince me!

I dont think Naeun is more popular than Eunji

I love lisa ! She’s beautiful and talented.

Thanks for the info you provided! Since there is already a lot of info on the Black Pink group profile, we’ll make individual profiles for each member and add more facts there. We’ll also add the info you provided and give you credits there. 🙂

you could watch the performances at 4 universitis to lister her angelic voice. 😉

Will do. Let’s see if it can convince me 😉


If you wanna add in details about Jennie and Jisoo, they’ve been friends with Twice’s Nayeon since trainee days. (just to point that out. since trainee xd)

You forgot to list out who’s the lead dancer.

You forgot to put Rosè as the lead dancer.

Jennie was born in Anyang

Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

Thanks for the additional info. 🙂

Wait!!……. BlackPink doesn’t have a leader?! ㅇ0ㅇ

that was in their debut showcase, but since there it’s obvious that Rose got the 2nd spot when it comes to Black Pink’s choreographies.

yes they don’t.

Thanks for the info, it has been added in her individual profile! 🙂

Thanks for helping with info, it has been added in her individual profile! 🙂

Thanks for the info, it has been added in her individual profile! 🙂

Thanks for the info, it has been added in members’ individual profile. 🙂

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

Thanks for commenting! It has been added in members’ individual profile. 🙂

Thank you for the comment! 🙂

Thank you for the comment! It has been added in her individual profile. 🙂

Thank you for the comment, it has been added to her individual profile. 🙂

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

where did you find about Lisa’s cat name? 🙂

STOP being so biased!!!! Your eyes only see what YOU agree with!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you like Jennie you see her as FOTG, as Lead Dancer as EVERYTHING.

I agree with her being the FOTG (though this position is not OFFICIAL) and I agree that Rose is the Lead dancer (though this position was not OFFICIAL announced)

but if you cheek on different Black Pink fanbase sites most of the fans AGREE with it!

We didn’t want to assign the Face of the Group and the Lead Dancer positions for Black Pink profile because these 2 positions weren’t officially announced by YG. This is by far the profile where fans argue the most. 🙁
Anyway, we received lots of emails from BP fans saying that we should list the Lead Dancer since almost every band has listed a lead dancer. The majority of this messages were listing Rose as the lead dancer (with also links from different Black Pink communities). We actually didn’t change the position after just 1 message received.
We also assigned Jennie the Face of the Group because most of the fans think that.
I’m sure we’ll never get to an agreement until YG would announce the official Lead Dancer and Face of the Group. But we wonder if this will ever happen… If this happens we’ll change it to the official announced positions, ofc.
Also, yes, we do want to avoid fan wars, because it’s never good for a fandom to not be united.

I really dont understand why only in our fandom has to be so much drama but its sad. ._.
I love them all.

I’m usually a lurker here and check a few profiles from time to time to see the updates and new comments, but this time had to write a comment.

I wanna thank you kprofiles for all the info and updates you give. It’s my favorite profile site.
I appreciate that you want to keep us all content. I really do.

My bias is Lisa, but this doesn’t matter. I love them all. We can just say we are a passionate fandom. 😀

my bias is Jennie Kim

Stop bringing up their debut showcase. In most of the bands at their debut showcase not all the positions are announced but from what we see during their live performances and choreographies we (fans) can figure out who’s the leading dancer, leading rapper, leading singer and so on. -__-

I thought Lisa was the face of the Group, lol I was mistaken

Lisa is the one with the biggest fanbase internationally.
but Jennie is more popular in Korea.
also usually the FOTG means having a center position in the majority of photoshoots too.
anyway, Lisa is my bae! <3

face of the group is the one who popular on s.k and internationally. lisa is the most popular member on international, but she’s not too popular on s.k (idk why) , and jisoo is the most popular on s.k, but she’s not too popular on international like lisa. And jennie is the second popular on internatioal after lisa. And she’s the second popular on s.k after jisoo. So jennie is popular on s.k and international. And face of the group is means have a center position. And their face is not always showing up too. And of course popularity its not always makes her/him is the face. And face of the group is the first popular too. On blackpink, jennie is the first popular on bp, but after her bully scandal, she received too many hated from knetz and from her fans too. And their moved on to Lisa. for example: twice. the face is nayeon but tzuyu’s more popular than nayeon. But nayeon is the first popular than tzuyu. And Nayeon’s face is not always showing up on their m/v. and it always tzuyu’s face. And another example from boygroup like exo. the face is kai. But sometimes chanyeol or sehun or baekhyun is the most popular than him. and kai is always on number four or five if they ranked the popularity. But kai is the first popular member on exo-k . Jus that😊

I agree with this position. If jennie is not the face of the group, it means allkpop its not going to agree with the ppl who’s thinking that jennie is the face. And i think even allkpop agree that she’s the face.

And if rose is not a lead dancer, why she’s so good at dancing. She’s the second who’s good at dancing after lisa. And too many ppl agree if she’s a lead dancer. So i agree too.

And for lisa, i think she is “sub-vocalist”. If she’s not a vocalist, YG will not give her a part to sing. But she have a part to sing, even its just a little bit.

And for jisoo, i agree with her position.

“Lisa is the Royal Maknae called by blinks”

“Jennie is the Golden Girls from YG, called by netizen and blinks”

Idk if this true on rose and jisoo

“Rose is the Queen of Vocal from YG, called by blinks”

“Jisoo is the Visual Princess from YG” (why i said she’s the princess? And not the queen? Cause i still remember that Sandara is still in YG) but “JISOO is the QUENN VISUAL FROM BLACKPINK”

My bias is Jisoo and i wonder how she played piano

Lisa is actually an only child, her step-father (Marco Bruschweiler) mentioned only having one daughter in an interview.

Ok her step dad only has a daughter, but that doesn’t mean that her mom and real dad don’t have more kids.
She surely has a sister, there was even a Hallyu K interview with her sister, where she told about Lisa’s changing her real name from Pranpriya to Lalisa an so on….

my bias is Rose, because I love her voice <3

hello, i have a fact for Jennie

Jennie was supposed to be BLACKPINK’s Leader, but because YG wanted all BLACKPINK members to be equal, he decided to not make Jennie the leader.

WJSN like BLACKPINK songs and Bona said she wanted to befriend Jisoo ^^

I thought that Jennie was only a vocalist?..

Thanks for explaining this! This comment will help new fans to know why BP doesn’t have a leader.

recently she is more than a vocalist. she sings at least as many parts as Jisoo does, plus she has important parts, with difficult notes, please check:

I love both BLACKPINK and WJSN. this makes me happy

It makes me happy also!

I wanted to point something out. Lisa didn’t get plastic surgery. Lisa was born in Thailand which is a hot country and moving to South Korea which is a colder country plus spending time training for YG and probably staying inside a lot is probably the reason for her pale skin. Lisa is also naturally skinny looking back at her childhood pictures and her nose is probably the result of puberty.

Can u update their new teaser pic, thx

puberty actually shrinks ur nose and arranges ur face so ur nose fits in better. It doesn’t change the entire shape of ur nose. Lisa did get plastic surgery. U don’t have to deny it, It’s not anything bad. She was cute before and she still is now.

Done. We changed their individual photos to their comeback teaser photos. We didn’t changed the group photo since the quality to the new one wasn’t very good.

jennie sing more than rap to have a fair distribution of rap line for lisa. if they both rap the distribution of line was unfair. lisa doesn’t sing much she only sings rap part.

Why id the other girls leave the company cause they got plastic surgery then?

The poll is not working again

it helps me to find out their INFORMATION

in their comeback! jennie as main vocal,lisa as main rapper, rose as lead vocal, jisoo as vocal

K-pop girl group BlackPink made their breakthrough in 2016 with their hip-hop and trap-influenced brand of energetic dance pop. The quartet, formed by YG Entertainment, combines the talents of Korean-born lead vocalist Jisoo Kim, New Zealand-raised main rapper/vocalist Jennie Kim, Australian-raised main vocalist Rose Park Chae Young, and Thai lead rapper Lalisa Manoban (aka Lisa, born Pranpriya Manoban). BlackPink debuted with their single Square One, which featured the hits “Boombayah” and “Whistle.” Produced and written with Teddy Park, Future Bounce, and Bekuh Boom, Square One introduced a “k-trap” style that sounded like 2NE1 blended with BTS. Both tracks climbed the charts in the United States and Korea, even breaking into the French singles chart. Months later, they released Square Two, which entered the U.S. Heatseekers chart at number 13 and the World Albums chart at number two. Square Two also became the first debut for a K-pop girl group on the Canadian charts. based on itunes.

If they were a man, each one would date:
Jisoo would date Rosé
Jennie would date Jisoo
Lisa would date Jennie
Rosé would date Jennie
I hope I have helped!

wow.. they are soo skinny thats not good

Jennie’s vocal parts increased so much! I happy for her! She improved a loooot!

where did you find this?
Jennie and Jisoo <3

Jisoo said in their comeback V live that she’s the leader

Jisoo introduced herself as the leader of BLACKPINK on their comeback live ^^

She got it from their comeback live 🙂

they are very healthy, actually, most asians are slim.

if you call being 99 pounds healthy then your wrong that’s like being barely alive and starving yourself

And don’t know where you heard most asians are slim that’s wrong I’m Asian I am around 140

im asian and i weight 105 pounds and im quite healthy lmao but yes i do starve myself

I thought Lisa was the FOTG? Most people new to BP recognize Lisa right away

depends on how short they are…im 102 pounds…cus im short af.. im not even just short

Hmm, they made it super fair before..when both of them i think they just wanted to switch things up this time.

Was even a post from her sister saying that Lisa’s stay in thailand xD

No, Rose is lead dancer and thats it. You can clearly see her moves are way better than Jennie’s..just like how you can see, lisa’s moves are better than Jennie’s and how Jennie’s moves are better than Jisoo…

No, they dont.*

Rose is the lead dancer, btw

They now have an official Twitter. It’s @ygofficialblink

not trying to be rude or anything but jisoo doesn’t deserve to be in blackpink, i mean she’s only a visual but tbh rosé is prettier, other than her “visuals” she can’t dance nd her voice sounds like her nose is clogged and i bet there are better traines that been there longer that are more talented then her.

wow, uh, Jisoo is so talented. You’re allowed to have your own opinion, of course, but that’s just wrong. Keep your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say. Jisoo’s voice is unique and so are her charms and dancing, if you can’t appreciate them, then you aren’t a true blink.

No, the face of the group is the one who’s the most popular in both (sk and international). and lisa is not the most popular in sk, jisoo is the most popular in sk. and jennie is the second popular on sk and international. so she’s the fog. If you think that fog is seeing by the easiest person to recognize, u rlly wrong. cause if fog is seeing by that, V and Sehun must be the face of their group. Cause sehun and v’s face is too easy to recognize. im lisa stan too btw 😉

No, the face of the group is the one who’s the most popular in both (sk and international). and lisa is not the most popular in sk, jisoo is the most popular in sk. and jennie is the second popular on sk and international. so she’s the fog. If you think that fog is seeing by the easiest person to recognize, u rlly wrong. cause if fog is seeing by that, V and Sehun must be the face of their group. Cause sehun and v’s face is too easy to recognize. im lisa stan too btw 😉

absolutely agree with this positiom. yup for me i see jisoo is a lead vocal and visual too. and i think it’s really true:v jennie is the main rapper cz she’s always got the difficult part from her rap. and her beat is so fast. and yup she’s a lead vocal too cz she’s singing so many part. and fog? yup i agree too. since YG always pushing her. and she’s the most famous on sk and international right? and from i know that fog is the one who’s always singing first. like nayeon twice. and rose i agree too she’s to be lead dancer cz i think she’s the best dancer after lisa wkwkw. and lisa? oh her position is totally agree wkwk love them all. btw rose is my bias😂

from how YG treat jennie, i can see that jennie is blackpink’s face of the group bruhhhh .

Wauw that is so fucking rude…. Jisoo is gorgeous and deserves it as much as all the other girls to be ik this group. I see you’re not a fan of BLACKPINK in general, because all their fans should support every member.

Wtf??? Jisoo is good and singing and dancing and she’s really beautiful… she deserves to be in blackpink. Ur not a blink. Blinks stan bp without bringing one member down.

I think some were born like that? If u look at their predebut they’re skinny so…

My bias is Rose too .. but Jisoo is talented , u just not see that . SADLY, u dont deserved to be call a Blinks if you dont like one of members in Blackpink …

Help me!! I can’t decide! Which Kpop girl grp is more popular? TWICE or BLACKPINK!!

btw! i found out another fact about Jisoo!! She really loves the color purple. (according to what she said on their Comeback V Live) 🙂

I’m both ONCE and BLINK

BLACKPINK by a mile their new music video beat the record for most views for a kpop m/v
they are queens


thats true

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

Thanks for the info! 🙂

Thanks for the info! We updated it in her individual profile. 🙂

Hi, may I suggest something? I believe it would be nicer if the group photo used be the thumbnail for their YouTube M/V for AIIYL, as it is their most recent group photo, and for it to look more updated. Thanks in advance!

Jisoo is not balckpink leader , black pink have no leader

Jennie is the leader..

when jisoo said she was the leader in the vlive the other members laughed so i think she was joking, plus there was a recent interview where they discussed having no leader

give the link/source to that recent interview where they were discussing BP have no leader. was it before this comeback? how recent is it?

I watched their vLive when Jisoo introduced herself as the BP’s leader several times. they laugh when Lisa and Rose introduced themselves as well. they didn’t laugh more at Jisoo’s introduction.

if she was not appointed the leader, why would she even introduce herself as the leader? just to confuse the fans???????
makes no sense. o____________o

No she’s not black pink have no leader yg said that once

I thought Jisoo can speak Japanese too? Or am I wrong?

Thanks for the suggestion, the group image has been replaced. 🙂

no the interview was recent and Lisa and Rose were talking about even though they don’t have a leader the unnies take charge in different ways.

thanks! I’m really confused now since this was also a very recent interview o_________o

Yes, you’re right! Thank you for the comment! 🙂

Then how about this?

Guys, I think actually the subs were wrong. She said 뒈장, which means leader/boss in korean, but also means The Best

So I guess what she actually said was “the best of the best Jisoo” or something like that.

Jennie being a lead vocalist is not proven yet. If you watch SBS Night of Real Entertainment, They only said that she’s the Main Rapper. They didn’t add that she’s the lead vocal. (link: ) And I saw a picture on instagram where BP have been guest on Get It Beauty and the translation only says she is the main rapper. ( link: ) Im not a Jennie hater. Im just saying what I saw. There’s no proof that she is the lead vocal of BP. Jennie has a strong vocal so she must sing, her vocal range is wider and stronger than Jisoo but what makes Jisoo the lead vocalist is her vocal’s stability.

i think face of the group is lisa. am i wrong?

Lisa is very popular internationally but not so popular in South Korea (don’t understand why). Jisoo is very popular in South Korea and not so popular internationally, anyway… the one that is popular both in South Korea and internationally is Jennie, so she is the Face of the group

Blackpink is more popular in International and Twice is more popular in Korea. Now I hope you understand about this😊

Omg how did you know that? You’re right👍👍👍❤

Wait a second there’s no face of the group in Blackpink here/ yet because they’re popular all and they’re know all of them as well.

Nah it’s either Jennie or Jisoo

ugh, All the girls have their own charm and talent~! its just like Dara all over again with this topic ~_~
They are BLACKPINK not because of their talent and looks. They are BLACKPINK because they are Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. period.

jennie is the year of the mouse/rat, admin please change the info on jennie 🙂

there’s almost always a face of the group….. XD
yes, you know them all. but we talk about the fans of other bands here, if they hear of BP, who’s the member that comes to mind first? most of the people agree that is Jennie

ok if you look at their photos this isn’t the last comeback.
but now she is singing even more than Jisoo and have more difficult/important parts, next to Rose.
it’s obviously that YG promoted her vocals way more than in the debut songs
it’s right, that her main position is the Main Rapper though

It depends if you were born after the end of February or before that.

The Chinese year starts just in end of February, so people born in January 16, 1996 like Jennie is Pig not Rat.
Search more on the specific sites that ask you for the entire date of birth not only for the year.
Or you can ask any native Asian that follows the Chinese calendar/zodiac. 🙂 The site listed it correct!

But unfortunately most of the websites list it wrongly. 🙁

Jennie just said in a radio interview that she was born in NZ

in which radio show? are you sure it was Jennie and not Rose?
since previously during vLive Jennie said she was born in South Korea but just studied in New Zealand while Rose said she was born in New Zealand but then moved to Australia.

jennie is the best at cooking. from blackpink’s ch+ survey, the members voted jennie as the person who is the best at cooking

jennie has a habit of playing with her hair while watching tv 😉

One of Jennie ‘s hobbies are taking pictures

Rose 1.70, lisa 1.68 please uptade

Thanks, it has been added to her individual profile. 🙂

Thanks for the comment, it has been added to her individual profile. 🙂

Thanks for the comment. It has been added to her individual profile. 🙂

Please tell us the source. (We usually need that when updating heights or other official stats). Are you sure these values are correct? Did they say it in an interview?

Lisa should be the face of the group because she’s very popular in South Korea and international. I think that lisa is the center.

Oh I thought Jennie is taller than rosé? 😶

No it’s Jennie Lisa isn’t that popular in korea and look at the way YG treats her since predebut lol

Lmao heck no 😂


Are you sure Jisoo is a lead vocalist?

yes she is. they presented her in tv shows as lead vocalist

I love Lisa the best, but unfortunately she isn’t that popular in South Korea compared to the rest of the members

I saw this on ig and these are the subtitles on get it beauty when they introduced bp. This proves that Rose is the lead dancer. I though both Jennie and Jisoo are lead vocals but why didn’t they introduced Jennie as the lead vocal? They only introduced Jennie as the main rapper here not lead vocal. I guess Jennie is not a lead vocal.

i think jennie’s position now is a lead vocal. maybe after get it beauty, they’re making jennie as the lead vocal. cause if jennie is just a vocalist, then jisoo’s part must have many line than jennie. and we can see it on aiyl that jennie’s part is more than jisoo.

you can see from how YG treat Jennie. ofc Jennie is the face of the group. From the group that i see. i think maknae is the most popular now. like exo; sehun(maknae). twice: tzuyu(maknae). Btob: sungjae(maknae). Bts: jungkook(maknae) . they’re more popular than the others. but look! sehun is not a fog. tzuyu is not a fog. 😉

LISA is my queen!!!

if jisoo doest deserve at blackpink then why YG choose jisoo lolol haters ../..

If you take a look this is from their previous comeback. Now with this new comeback AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST, Jennie singing parts are waaaaaay more. She sings the most parts after Rose, more than Jisoo.
So then how can Jisoo be Lead vocalist and Jennie just Main Rapper, when Jennie have more singing parts and more important singing parts????

She said once on weekly idol that she hasn’t decided whether she prefers to be a vocal or rappper, so I think since Rose and Jisoo are vocals and lisa is the only other rapper they just announced her as rapper to even it out. In reality I don’t think she has an assigned role.

Then why does she get a lot less than Jennie in the past 3 songs? And amongst the vocalists she always gets the least lines

Rosé is also the Lead Dancer in BlackPink

I think there’s no center they all have their same scenes on mv also if Lisa is the center she should be always in the middle. I think too that foreigners aren’t face of the group. The face should be Korean. I don’t know

blackpink doesnt have “the face of the group” thing, they are all the centers

jisoo confirmed on vapp that rosè is the tallest of the group with 168 cm and lisa is 1 cm smaller so lisa is 167 cm NO ONE OF THE GROUP IS 170 cm tall!!! Jisoo said it and Rosè said she’s the tallest.

lmao they didnt leave bc they got plastic surgery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

how can you decide that all alone? don’t say that.

yes she is, but it was already written like that from a long time now…. o__O

hi jlsoo
i lovve you jlsoo i love jennie

Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa all prefer cute guys over sexy ones except for Jennie – Blackpink Live Radio Interview (I forgot the name, I am sorry. I hope my English is okay 🙂

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

I absolutely love Rose’s voice 🙂

Love Jendeukie! <3

Face of group is a member who is the most popular amongst all members. And center is who usually stays in the center/middle during most choreographies, interviews, photo shoots and etc.

JISOO said her favorite color is purple

No. Lisa comes first for me.
This is really subjective. Depends on fans. We choose differently.
So i dont think jennie necessarily hold the title “face of the group”
It’s kind of funny. =))

I don’t thinka ny of them has a strong vocal. they can sing, of course. no doubt! but the vocal isn’t as strong as yoonjung (ex i.o.i) to be remembered

No problem

A recent interview (for HIGHCUT magazine) said that:
Jisoo has an older brother and older sister
Jennie is an only child
Rose has an older sister
and Lisa is also an only child

Blackpink had a recent HIGHCUT interview? Yaaay I was waiting for that since Twice had the HIGHCUT interview. But I can’t find Blackpink’s interview anywhere. 🙁
Can you please give me a link? 😀

It was actually a question they got on a radio show recently, the one they did with Heize, my bad. But here’s the link to the translation for the question they were asked
And they did still have a interview with highcut

Thanks for the help! 🙂

It is noted in her individual profile. Thanks for commenting!

wah :v i thought bp’s face of group is lisa

Jennie isn’t the lead vocalist, I think YG gave her more lines in the vid, because her vocal voice matched the song. also YG always treat Jennie better than any member in the group. even seungri said Jennie is Princess YG

Face of group is a member who is the most popular on s.k and international. And center is who usually stays in the center/middle during most choreographies, interviews, photo shoots and etc. and jennie is popular on both and she is always on center/middle on every choreographies,int, and photoshoot. And everytime on their comeback, YG always post Jennie’s teaser first.;)

she isn’t just have more line on aiiyl, but she have so many part to sing than jisoo , on pwf, whistle and stay too 😉 so she’s the lead vocal. if she isn’t, YG’s not going to give her so many lines on their four songs. maybe YG just going to give her many line on 1 song, if she isn’t a lead vocal;)

jennie is always on middle in every choregraphy (even my bias rose’s part to sing, she’s always in the middle with rose), sit on the middle in every interview, and always take the center part too on photoshoot. I always see that she’s always in the middle. so i think she’s the face of the group/center of the group.-. And when i visit this web , that’s true:v she’s the face.


yuhuu thankyouu for explaining 🙂

Rosé is lisa’s bestfriend

Jennie’s position should be added note written ‘All-rounder’

For the new fans:
Chaelisa & Jensoo
That’s all you need to know xD

what?! I thought Jisoo is the FOTG?!

no, she’s the visual, that is different

umm i desagree thats not true YG treats everyone the same
dont know what your talking about????!!!!

umm not true

Isn’t Jisoo the leader??

You got Jisoo and Jennie chinese zodic sign wrong. Jisoo – pig jennie – rat

I’m sorry but you’re wrong!!!
It depends if you were born after the end of February or before that, because the Chinese year starts later than the calendar year!
The Chinese year starts just in end of February, so people born in January 16, 1996 like Jennie are Pig, while the ones born from March 1996 are already Rat, because the Rat year only starts from the end of February 1996!
The people born in January 3, 1995, like Jisoo are Dog not Pig, while the people born in March 1995 are already Pig!
Search more on the specific sites that ask you for the entire date of birth not only for the year.
Or you can ask any native Asian that follows the Chinese calendar/zodiac. 🙂 The site listed it correct!

But unfortunately most of the websites list it wrongly. 🙁

no, she is not. if you read the comments there were a lot of discussions about that, it was just a misunderstanding. BP doesn’t have a leader.

Jisoo is a white belt in taekwondo.
Rosé prefers to be called by her real name.
Source: pinkpunkfacts on IG 😄

Jisoo’s chinese zodiac is the pig. I”m also born in 1995, the year of the pig……….

Yes, 1995 is the year of Pig, but the Chinese year starts just in the end of January / beginning of February, so please check that the year of Pig started just in January 31, 1995. Jisoo is born in January 3, 1995, when the year of Pig didn’t start yet!!! ^^

Even if they do not have this position, it’s clear that Jennie is an excellent face of group

What’s the difference between the face of the group and the visual, and the difference between main and lead?

rosé filled out a paper with info about herself for fantastic duo 2 and it says that she’s 168cm and 46 kg

Thanks for the comment and for confirming her profile details. 🙂

Is the true.

Face of group is a member who is the most popular on s.k and international. And center is who usually stays in the center/middle during most choreographies, interviews, photo shoots and etc. and jennie is popular on both and she is always on center/middle on every choreographies,int, and photoshoot. Main is the best.

Visual is the member who is usually or largely considered the most beautiful or good looking member and tend to be one of the more popular members and they often star in lots of CFs.
Center/Face of the group is the member who is often in the center for performances, photoshoots, CFs, interviews, etc and also usually gets the catchy lines in the group title tracks. The role of center is similar to having a model being the ‘face’ of a brand. When you think of that group you’ll automatically think of that member and vice versa. Their job is to promote the group. They are usually the most popular member.
Main vocalist is the member of the group who is most powerful when it comes vocals and often gets the most parts in songs or sings the hardest part in songs. They are the ones who carry the group in terms of singing and usually perform all the high notes/sing the chorus. Main vocalists usually do not lip-synch during live performances and often sing live (although none of BP members lip-synch).
Lead vocalists are the second most powerful vocalist of the group after the main vocalist. They usually assist the main vocalist and help with backing vocals and usually do the smaller (but also tricky) parts of the songs. They usually also perform live. Their main role is to assist the main vocalists and often get the second most amount of lines in songs after the main vocalist. They are not as good as the main vocalist, but better than the sub/backing vocalists. Lead vocalists are usually in between.

is rose jungkooks ideal type LOL

Thanks for the comment! 🙂

Lisa said if she was a guy, she would date Jennie because she’s sexy.

Jennie said if she was a guy, she would date Jisoo because she makes her laugh.

Jisoo said if she was a guy, she would date Rose because she would sing her songs.

Rose said if she was a guy, she would date Jennie because she can cook well.

Hope this can be added 😊 It’s from their aiiyl v-live comeback 😊

Chaeyoung said that their goal is to be recognized as YG artists not as the only YG girl group.

BP’s schedual:7/26
BLACKPINK will be guesting on Kim Shin Young’s “Noon’s Hope Song” Radio Show on 7/26. The show will start at 12:00 PM KST.
Jisoo will be a panelist on King of Masked Singer! The show starts at 4:50 PM KST.
Rosé will be guesting on Fantastic Duo 2! The show starts at 6:25 PM KST.
BLACKPINK will celebrate their first anniversary!
BLACKPINK has been included in the artist lineup for A-Nation. A-Nation is a annual series of concerts held in Japan. Previous k-pop acts that have performed there include BoA, TVXQ, BIGBANG, etc.
BLACKPINK will be releasing a Japanese Mini Album on August 30th! The mini will consist of Japanese versions of their songs from Square One and Square Two.
BLACKPINK will be attending the Tokyo Girls Collection event at the Saitama Super Arena on Sept. 2nd.
BLACKPINK will be attending the Tokyo Girls Collection event at the World Hall in Kobe on Sept. 3rd.
BLACKPINK will be attending the 1st Soribada K-Music Awards on Sept. 20th. The show starts @ 6:30 PM KST.
LISA TV will air every Thursday @ 9:40 PM KST on OnStyle until further notice.
She will be on INKIGAYO every Sunday @ 12:10 PM KST MCing until further notice. Livestream links can be found here.

Jennie is the fashion icon of the group. (based on their previous interviews. & shes the only member who gets invited to luxury fashion events)

I love you for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!

No main vocalist is the one who does high notes

Face is the most famous member thats what it mostly means not just center or middle

Jisoo isnt the leader and if they would have a leader it would be jennie because she has been the longest trainee it always depends on the trainee years in a group

It has been noted in her individual profile. 🙂

no, face is not the most famous lmao. if face is seeing by the most famous, than why sehun is not exo’s face? And why tzuyu is not twice’s face? why irene’s not rv’s face?. so face is not seeing by how famous u are

Thanks I thought it would help new fans.

Yes, I said that

Face of the Group is a position that can change constantly. I really don’t know who’s face of the group for BP be u are they’re all popular. Internationally, Lisa is very popular and in SK many said Jennie so it’s her.

Face of the group is the most popular member. Sometimes, the profile can be incorrect since some people give out wrong information. Idk about Sehun since I’m not ExoL. Tzuyu was Twice face of the group but Korean fans somehow think Nayeon is the face of the group. And Irene should be face of the group. It said Seulgi last time and she’s definitely not popular than Irene.

rosé 😘😘😘

Face is actually the one who represents the band in variety shows and is often on TV when the band has to send just 1 single member. http://
Black Pink doesn’t have only a Face of The Group and Im proud that all the members are promoted equally!

Visual is the one considered the most beautiful.
Face of the group is the one who’s usually invited to represent the band in reality shows.
Center (yes, it’s DIFFERENT from Face of the group) is the one who’s usually in the middle of photoshoots, in the middle during MV shoots, CFs, etc.
Main is the best.
Lead is the 2nd best after Main.
It’s better explained here: http://

Nope. While that tends to be true in many cases in almost every BTS song, Jimin takes the high note, while he’s only a lead vocal and Jungkook is the main vocal. In CLC’s “No Oh Oh”, Elkie takes the high note while shes one of the lead vocals and Seunghee is the main vocal.

No, Seulgi is more popular than Irene from what I’ve seen. Seulgi also gets the most promotions along with Joy.

Lisa is a buddhist

You forgot to put jisoo and jennie are close with nayeon twice..Lisa is close with bam got7 and clc sorn…Rosé is close with chaeyoung twice 🙂

That is already written in their individual profile. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

when will you put jennie as the leader…?

she’ll be listed as a leader when it will be OFFICIALLY announced that she’s the Blackipink leader??!!!!
Blackpink has NO LEADER!!!! every real fan knows that. duh.

Jennie is the face of the group. She is always in the middle during interviews, radio guestings, photoshoots, etc etc. Her teasers always comes first every comeback. She is the one who introduces the group and their songs during guestings and performances. And in SK, Jisoo & Jennie is the most popular. While internationally, Lisa & Jennie is more well known.

jennie is the face of the group, why did someone delete it???????

if lisa stan doesn’t agree that jennie is the face of the group, so admin should delete fotg position from her position, so, i think jennie is the center of the group. cause she’s always on center in every choreography, photoshoot, fansign, and etc. 🙂

being in the middle during the interviews and photoshoots means the CENTER not the face!!!
there is a big DIFFERENCE!
BLACKPINK dont have a distinct face of the group!!!! just some bands have it like EXID – Hani, or AOA – Seolhyun. Face means when only 1 member is promoted on TV.
many fans mistake the positions and spread FALSE rumors!!!!

please get the facts right first! being in the middle during the interviews and photoshoots means the CENTER not the face!!!
there is a big DIFFERENCE!
BLACKPINK dont have a distinct face of the group!!!! just some bands have it like EXID – Hani, or AOA – Seolhyun. Face means when only 1 member is promoted on TV.
many fans mistake the positions and spread FALSE rumors!!!!

you are right! she is the CENTER, not the face!

Rose is my bias because I love her voice

i think, blackpink doesn’t have face of the group position. but they have center of the group position. Just like redvelvet. and i think their center is Jennie 😉

Jisoo is the visual AND the face of the group, In their last CF she was centre and is the most popular due to her stunning looks. She is the only BP member to star in individual CFs so she is the face too.

I love Jennie to death but why, oh WHY did she get so many singing lines in As if it’s your last versus Jisoo? Having two lead vocals in a group with only 4 members seems like a bad idea precisely because of this…
Jisoo is the visual but as far as being on stage, she only has her singing ability. Jennie has rapping at least, so I feel like she should stick to that. This was only one song so it isn’t really an issue but dang

Because she was the center in a CF and had an individual CF doesn’t mean she’s the face. Blackpink doesn’t have a face of the group yet. all the members are equally promoted (and I’m PROUD of that!)
If you look at EXID or AOA there Hani and Seolhyun are ALL the time invited to varieties compared to the other members so, yeah, they are face of their groups.

Jennie’s voice suited the song more and we all know YG is biased -_-

jisoo is not always being the center. but for me its jennie. even my bias is lisa, but i always see that jennie is always in the middle. it can be jennie-jisoo, or jennie-rose, or jennie-lisa:)

I really don’t think YG is biased…so far the company has treated all members the same though I know some people don’t believe that.
I also don’t agree that Jennie’s voice suited the song the best. Jisoo has a great voice and her small parts in the song stood out (but she should have had more parts!!)
RIP hopefully it’ll be better during their next comeback

I agree with both of you. I mean…. I also think Jennie’s voice suited so well that song *__*
and I also hope Jisoo will also get more lines next time because I like her voice
about YG…. I guess he prefers Jennie, but he’s not so biased to only promote her. and I’m glad BlackPink doesn’t have a leader and a face of the group and they are equally promoted! I love them all- as a group, even if I have a bias.

YG definitly is biased. Why the hell does he send Jennie off to all of those model shoots when Jisoo is the visual.

This girl group……………I just can’t choose a bias.
1st it was Lisa –> then my bias was Jennie –> then my bias was Jisoo –> then my bias was Rose @[email protected]
I kept changing my bias because they all are great!!!!!

Nah, I really don’t think so. I’ve seen Lisa also have her own modeling gigs, as well as all four of them together (they usually do those kinds of shoots). We’ll have to agree to disagree lol
Also Jisoo has been an MC on Inkigayo for a while now, which is also sort of promoting herself and the group

I Think that always ok

uhm no. Irene is the most popular member in red velvet followed by joy then seulgi. everyone knows that

Sorry, the lead dancer is Rose. They even said it during shows.

people why in voting Jennie is the last tell me why
now i want everyone who likes Jennie vote or her cause this is not fair.

likes the milk flavour ice cream… is there ice cream without milk???😂😂

rose and lisa only weight 46 with that height😕 i think they should weight 50-53 like jennie, her body is goal asf!

Actually, yes, there is ice cream without milk. 🙂

The difference is very small though, she still has 41,960 votes. I am proud. Go Jennie!

Black Pink tops Oricon chart following their Japanese debut!!!
Soooooooo proud!!!!

Can u add to Jisoo fact that Samuel officially announced that he had a crush on Jisoo

Thank you for the update, it has been added to her individual profile! 🙂

if you love jennie so much then why does that matter to you? you just have to accept that she has more lines and shoosh, jennie’s voice does suits really well with bp songs more than jisoo (we all know that) and i love her voice so much, it’s stonge, unique and beautiful and don’t hate or blame jennie just because she got more lines than jisoo bcs it’s not her who made the decisions -_-

I’m not sure why you feel the need to tell me to keep my opinion quiet? Also when did I ever say that I disliked, hated, or blamed Jennie for the line distribution? I said that Jisoo deserved more lines because she’s part of the vocal line, whereas Jennie is rap AND vocal. They can afford to give more to Jisoo. Smh. Of course I know the members don’t choose lines. I didn’t blame Jennie ever, so you should go back and read my comments again. 😩
Also stop trying to convince me that everyone thinks Jennie’s voice suit their songs better? Wth are you on about? It’s called an “opinion” meaning not everyone agrees– so no, “we all know that” is not true. Good for you that you love Jennie’s voice, I like it too, but that doesn’t mean that we should be complacent that Jisoo gets shitty lines. Ugh…my comments weren’t even hate comments but kpop stans always get so defensive of their faves smh. immature

did Lisa said in a n interview she’s 168cm now? before she was 167cm. they even said that the tallest member was Rose at 168cm.

Sorry but Jennie is not a lead vocal. YG’s producers chooses the one who suits the lines most. They dont care about position. Watch Get it beauty and night of real entertainment and you’ll see that Jennie is only introduced as the main rapper. They didn’t state her being the lead vocalist. No hate tho

I believe they just stated her main position which is Main Rapper and not listed all the positions.
but it’s obvious that she sings the most lines after Rose in the latest releases, and the 2nd most difficult parts.
I think they will just say their main positions though. 1 member won’t list 3 positions while other just list one or nothing…… it’s obvious

Jisoo chinese zodiac sign is pig right? 1995 is pig year. And jennie chinese zodiac sign is rat.

Yes, 1995 is the year of Pig, but the Chinese year starts just in the end of January / beginning of February, so please check that the year of Pig started just in January 31, 1995. Jisoo is born in January 3, 1995, when the year of Pig didn’t start yet!!! ^^

Year of Pig lasted between January 31, 1995 – February 18, 1996. Jennie is born in January 16, 1996, so her Chinese zodiac is a Pig. The year of Rat started in February 19, 1996.
Can u pu this pcture cause i think it look nicer. The one with blone hair is Lisa ,the whole body is Rose ,the one doing heart is Jennie and the one point to herself is Jisoo

wow ganda namn ni rose diyan

Yeah, those pics might look better, but we are trying to use the pics from their latest comeback, or latest officially released pics, so the new fans can recognize them in their new comebacks. People complained before that they aren’t able to recognize the artists in their new comebacks if the pics are from a different period or if their hairstyle is different. =/

BlackPink in my area~~~ OMG I LOVE THEM BEST GIRLGROUP 9/11

ganda ni rose

Nah, Chaeyoung for example stated that she is main vocal and lead dancer.

From what i know, YG didn’t assign any official position. But if it was based in vocal skills, then she would be the main vocalist. Like 2NE1, Bom was the main vocalist but Minzy and CL were better. Also Big Bang, taeyang is the main vocalist, but daesung is the best vocalist in the group. So, following this logic, since rosé has the most unique voice, she is the main, and since jennie is better than jisoo, she would be the lead.

Rose’s waist isn’t 24. it’s actually 19 inch., she said she did a mistake during one of their v-live (?) saying it’s 24 but actually 19. She corrected it during their guesting in a radio show (not sure) 🙂

All the facts from here are taken from the Knowing Brothers episode with BLACKPINK aka episode 87 (BLACKPINK shows up at 10:07)
Jisoo’s dad knows Lee Sangmin.
BLACKPINK are huge fans of Ask Us Anything.
Lisa’s voice in As If It’s Your Last (the 마지막처럼 마-마-마지막처럼 part) was autotuned.
Jisoo is from Sanbon, not Seoul.
Chaeyoung was born in New Zealand, but she immigrated to Australia at the age of 8, four years later she moved t South Korea to become a singer.
Both of Chaeyoung’s parents are Korean.
Lisa has been living in South Korea since 2011.
Lisa only speaks a little Japanese.
Lisa wants to become a photographer.
Lisa takes most of the pictures of the BLACKPINK members for their Instagram.
Lisa thinks Jennie has the pretties face without make up.
Jisoo said that Lisa pretends to be texting but she is actually taking pictures of the blackpink members.
Jisoo’s strength is her shoulders.
Jisoo can put a glass bottle on her shoulders.
Jennie strenght is eating chips.
She can eat them without making loud noices.
Chaeyoung can box speak.
Lisa doesn’t know the capital of Croatia, while Jisoo doesn’t know where Croatia even is (in Europe).

Does Jennie have a relationship with exo Kai? All of those coincidence though 😅
1. They both have same nickname (nini) 2. Her puppy name is Kai 3. Her ideal type is sexy guy (which we all know Jongin is one hella sexy guy and famous for his sexiness). Well i’m not being a delulu shipper here. I don’t even ship them 😂 It’s just interesting and i would like to share my thoughts so please no hate it’s just for fun✌️.

kyahhhhh love u black pink

Rosé’s favourite colour is blue (she said so in the v live from yesterday called ‘챙챙챙 🐹💘’

Thanks a lot for the update and for providing the source. We added it to her individual profile and gave you credits there. 🙂

uhm no its not 19 inches? she said on vlive after masked singer that she made a mistake and revealed her pants size which is 24. She never said the actual size of her waist but said it’s less than 24 but more than 19. NO ONE can live with a 19 inch waist without a corset. 19 inches isn’t naturally possible.

lisa is 167 (said it on an interview) rose is 168 cm.

Jisoo loves purple

Yes, that is written in her individual profile, since we couldn’t cover all the info about all the members in a single page. 🙂

Rosè can spin her hands in 360 degrees(Knowing Bros)
Jisoo loves telling dad Jokes (Vlive)
Joy Red Velvet and Rosè are also friends

Thank you for the additional info and for providing the source! We gave you credits in their individual profiles! 🙂

My waist is 21 inches.

How old are you??

Isn’t Jennie a lead dancer?

no, the members said that Rose is the lead dancer, on the show “Get it Beauty”

Isn’t Jisoo a face of a group,vocalist and visual?

My bias is Rose!!! I love her voice! I also think she looks super cute!

I’m pretty sure Jisoo’s position is also Face of the group note* she appeared in king of mask singer,she has done many CF’s,she is also an MC in Inkigayo along with Got7 Jinyoung and BTS V so I think you should also put Jisoo’s position as FOTG

I thought so too

a vocalist and visual also

I agree, she has the most appearances on TV. her popularity is S. Korea is no joke.

Yah.. How old are you??

My bias is Lisa!

my bias list :

SO STOPPPPP COMPARING ALL OF THEM because they all have their imperfections AND TALENTS that you don’t have 😢🤧😂😻😻😻 Just accept that. ahhahah kidding👍🏻


Agree!!! They said FOTG is the one who has many variety shows and is the brand of the group who introduces their group, but here, seems like Jisoo is only based on the Korean beauty standards.

Jisoo is called “Man Heart’s Destroyer” and “Boy Crush”

Main Rapper is Lisa, not Jennie. She is a main vocalist because she always the starter.

What are you talking about????? Lol
When BP have been guest on Get It Beauty they said their main positions, so plz don’t spread false rumors!
The Main Vocalist is Rose
The Main Rapper is Jennie, but lately she’s also a lead vocalist, since her vocal skills improved a lot and she got way more important singing lines in the latest comebacks.

Thank you for the additional info, we added it to her individual profile and gave you credits there! 🙂

I think Jisoo should be the leader because she’s the Oldest

I love Lisa because she is so cute both looks and actions. She does not look too proud to the fans 🙉💜💜💋💋

Why is jisoo face of the group?
i thought its jennie because jennie is the most popular from what i hear

that’s because FOTG is the one that is most popular in S. Korea a.k.a the one that is invited the most to represent her band on TV. (FOTG = the one that represents her band, the “face of her group”; the representative of her band on tv shows, etc.)

it’s not the one that is more popular internationally or who we just “think” is more popular, but the one that is actually promoted more

how did jisoo became the FOTG?

Kosovo is not the FOTG they only have visual and center .Hope u guys make it clear

she became the FOTG because she is obviously representing her band in lots of shows

FOTG is the one that is most popular in S. Korea a.k.a the one that is invited the most to represent her band on TV. (FOTG = the one that represents her band, the “face of her group”; the representative of her band on tv shows, etc.)

it’s not the one that is more popular internationally or who we just “think” is more popular, but the one that is actually promoted more

what do you mean they dont have a FOTG? those bands who don’t have a specific member representing their band alone in shows are the bands who don’t have a FOTG!
Jisoo is obviously representing her band in lots of shows

FOTG is the one that is most popular in S. Korea a.k.a the one that is invited the most to represent her band on TV. (FOTG = the one that represents her band, the “face of her group”; the representative of her band on tv shows, etc.)

it’s not the one that is more popular internationally or who we just “think” is more popular, but the one that is actually promoted more

FOTG means the most popular in S. Korea and the one that has a lot of variety shows to represent the group. Many fans mistaken it. FOTG is not the popular one internationally, but in S. Korea.

It’s been clear to us. Do you know what FOTG means?
FOTG is the member who is the ‘most’ popular in S. Korea and the one who has a ‘lot’ of variety shows that ‘represents’ the group. It’s pretty obvious that Jisoo is the FOTG because of her popularity in S. Korea and ‘not internationally’ It’s no joke. She also appeared in mask singer, lots of CFs, and being an MC. That’s obvious to us.

for me is also clear why she is the Face Of The Group
it’s because she is promoted the most. she has a lot of tv appearances where she represents BP

ps: rose’s voice is pure gold. had to say that

Blackpink is a best Korean album and best dance group all member lovely lovely.

Although Jennie dont appear that much in TV show but she have appear on magazines and all that .Lately jisoo have not been promote that Mich,she is only the mc that all

My bias is Jennie, she is the most beautiful and the most talented (MY OPINION, plz don’t hate!) but I think the FOTG is still Jisoo because the FOTG is the one most promoted on TV. So yeah, YG most promote Jisoo… it’s obvious. <_<

okay but who is the leader? Jisoo?


There is no leader in BlackPink

as @iasialorick:disqus said, BlackPink doesn’t have a leader.

jennie <3333

Can you put Jisoo as a dancer cuz she still dance

I thought that Jennie was the main rapper(Get it Beauty), face of the group and not center.

I guess you mistake Center and Face of the group
Face of the group means the one that represents her band on TV, the “representative” of her band in different tv shows. that is not Jennie o_o

Well, they all dance but usually just the main dancers are noted in profiles

Hi! Can you add this to Jisoo’s profile —->
Jisoo’s audition song is “I Have A Lover” by Lee Eun Mi


Jennie’s a center since she’s usually in the center in dances and photo shoots, while jisoo is the fotg as she appears in many tv shows as a “representative” of blackpink

Thank you for the info and for providing the source! We added the info in her individual profile and gave you credits there. 🙂


Is that still there height and weight?

Lisa is the 1st K-Pop Female Artist and 1st K-Pop Girl Group member to reach 1 MILLION likes for her picture on Instagram.

To be the face of the group means to be in center usually and to be popular in different countries and Jennie is that one

YG didn’t update on their heights so I guess that’s still their heights

no, what you said is the Center! many people still mistake Center and FOTG
look here or search on other articles on google, it’s explained

and rose


Jennie’s ideal type fits BTS Jimin and BTS Taehyung <3

well rose is not the first to reach 1 million but the second

Jisoo is the prettiest, she is the visual. You can’t have two visuals, they pick the prettiest, learn to accept that. Like Rosé for instance is main vocal, yes they can all sing, but there it comes to one main vocal, like visuals, there can’t be four visuals, so they pick the most attractive in Korean standards, which is Jisoo. High nose bridge, big eyes, V shaped jaw, and small mouth. Look up Korean standards, and it basically describes Jisoo. There can only be one main rapper, so its handed to Jennie for her skills, one main dancer, handed to Lisa for her moves, just like a visual, she has the most visually, attractive, pretty, beautiful face in the group. I’m not a jisoo fan, not a blink actually, but this is how K-pop works. Learn to understand it before making a judgement. And most talented? There all good at something, if she was the most talented she’d debut as a soloist, or as the main vocal, main dancer, and main rapper, but since she has what she’s good at, and they have what their good at, thats why each member has there own place in the group, there all equally as talented, but in different areas. Now since Jisoo is the visual, you’d think she wouldn’t be talented, but she was chosen out of hundreds of auditions and trainees, being picked to be into this group, so don’t think Jisoo doesn’t have talent. And BLACKPINK in general are multi-talented, and very organized group, and make decisions with each other, since there is no leader, that’s a good career path to go, if there was one, one bad move, will lead to severe bashing on that member who has the leader title. From my many years being into K-pop, since 2007, and going to South Korea for some years, I experienced K-pop up close, the pop up stores, to the K-pop music being played in cafés, then the posters, and finally the Hallyu / Korea-boo / drama. And I went back to South Korea this year, and most of the Korean blinks I met were Jisoo biased, a lot of them also knew her from her acting debut, or her modeling debut. Jennie does take close second, but a lot of my Korean friends said she had too many Scandals too have “The most popular in Korea” title, which I don’t Completely agree with, but thats why she isn’t the most popular. She’d actually be really popular, like her sister rapper, CL, if she didn’t have lots of fake rumors, its not her fault, its just Korean Media, it happens all the time, too much to count. Rosé and Lisa have about the same, Rosé fits the “Ulzzang” image, a lot of K-Blinks feel, whilst Lisa is like a barbie doll, which fits the aegyo image, thats why they clash, and I honestly don’t know who takes 3rd, and who takes 4th. Lisa is a rapper, but she keeps a cute image to K-blinks from her offstage personality. Whilst Rosé keeps this “Ulzzang” sweet girl next door image, kinda like IU. This is just how some Koreans feel (via: Social media). This just throughout my K-pop experience. And from Korean media, Western media, polls in Korea, and individuals in Korea.

The poll is not working for a long time,can u guys fixed it??

BLACKPINK Jisoo said she can speak some thai in her latest vlive.

They remind me so much of 2ne1. 😢They are in YG, same company. CL&Jennie=Main rapper
Minzy&Lisa=Main Dancer
Bom&Rosé=Main Vocalist

Jennie’s type is every member of BTS 🙂

How are they so thin?!


No, it thanks to Makeup. When you give attention to the different photos (predebut VS now) you can see that this is the same size. She just uses “Contouring”. And we know that Lisa is a big fan of Makeup soooooo

Like I said earlier, SHE DID NOT plastic surgery. Lisa is fan of Makeup and she uses contouring especially with her nose. When you look at her different photos, you can see that nothing has changed.

she has an older sister, and I saw a picture of a 6 girl aged, somewhere. I don’t know if this last is her little sister, or something like that

Well, Rosé is the main vocal. Her voice is very different from the other, you can hear that. Jisoo is Lead vocal because of that. There are another things but I’m too spleepy right now to answer.

Jennie is the main rapper

Lisa is the Lead Dancer. Rosé did Cheerleading, that’s why she moves great, but Lisa dances since she was young. She can do incredible moves and have skills that Rosé just doesn’t have. Lisa is a PRO dancer. That’s her job

It’s more esthetic to put the smaller in the center

Rosé and Jennie lived/were born in English speaking countries. It’s not like us when we learnt at school. Lisa is not fluent in English (and even in Japanese). She understands English very well, like Jisoo, and reads it, but doesn’t speak that well. I think “fluent” is just a kind of mistake, or trap for us.

Lisa is a Buddhist

I’m blind, I saw a mistake. Lisa is main dancer (she is a PRO dancer) while Jennie is main rapper

no leader. There was just rumors about that because she was the first to be revealed, but that’s a characteristic of blackpink. There is NO LEADER. Yg told that it’s to avoid concurrence between the members, to make them closer

Lisa is my bias.

Lisa’s sister name is unknown, but her instagram is mybbaby

I found some photos of a “little sister”, but I don’t know if it’s just some rumors (“Ploy” is in the comments)

— >

Lisa has an older sister. I know her instagram, she is pretty famous (319k followers). But during an interview, Lisa’s step-father said he had only one daughter. I don’t know if he talked only about blood.

LOL Maybe because you were too sleepy, but what you said proved nothing 😂
Thank you for answering though.

I love Jisoo, but I also like Jennie’s voice better and I also think she’s a better vocalist. but maybe YG wanted to give to all the members at least an important position?
It’s basically nothing I could convince you with because I agree with you, I think she should show us more of her singing skills, hope she’ll do it in the next comebacks.
Anyway, wanted to comment! 🙂

Maybe, but her one and only true love is Jisoo (?

if you say jisoo is the fotg because shes the most popular in s.korea, you are wrong. jennie is the most searched on naver (korean version of google kinda), rose is second, jisoo is third while lisa is the last. and don’t fight me on this because the gap of searches between jennie&rose with jisoo is HUGE. idk why people keep assuming jisoo is the most popular just because she appeared on tv shows the most.

if you say jisoo is the fotg because shes the most popular in s.korea, you are wrong. jennie is the most searched on naver (korean version of google kinda), rose is second, jisoo is third while lisa is the last. and don’t fight me on this because the gap of searches between jennie-rose and jisoo is HUGE. idk why people keep assuming jisoo is the most popular just because she appeared on tv shows the most.

Jennie is my ultimate bias, and she’s becoming more popular day by day. Her fanpage on Instagram has the most followers, than the other members, she’s the FOTG/centre for your kind information. And she’s not 50kg, she’s now way more thin.

I love you jennie kim

I love her too (she’s my 2nd bias) but she isn’t the FOTG because the FOTG is the one that is promoted the most, the ‘representative’ of the band on TV and that is Jisoo
The proof is the TV appearances because always the ones most popular is invited (for audience purposes, obviously) EX: Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Suzy, Hani (EXID), etc.
Yeap she has many Instagram followers, but many of them are international fans. Internationally, Lisa and Jennie are the most popular, indeed. FOTG is the one most popular and most promoted in S. Korea, not the one most popular Internationally.
I don’t know for her weight now but YG didn’t update any info regarding their heights

I love you Rose! Your voice is one of the best in Kpop!

I love Jennie (she’s my 2nd bias after Rose) but she isn’t the FOTG because the FOTG is the one that is promoted the most, the ‘representative’ of the band on TV and that is Jisoo
The FOTG doesn’t mean the one that is searched more on Naver. Just for your info, the search number can be even influenced because a person can search for a name for a hundred times/day and it would count as 100 searched while for other can 80 different people search just once/day and will count as 80 searches.
But the proof is the TV appearances because always the ones most popular is invited (for audience purposes) EX: Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Suzy, Hani (EXID), etc.

Once again, the FOTG doesn’t mean the one that is searched more on Naver. Just for your info, the search number can be even influenced because a person can search for a name for a hundred times/day and it would count as 100 searched while for other can 80 different people search just once/day and will count as 80 searches.
But the real proof is the TV appearances because always the ones most popular is invited (for audience purposes) EX: Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Suzy, Hani (EXID), etc.

this is only my comment,my ULTIMATE BIAS in blackpink is JENNIE

Rosé is Christian and goes to church quite often.

BLACKPINK fandom color is Lemonade Pink

what is her instagram?

Jennie said she was easily fall in love with a guy.

Lisa really loves taking a picture. She’s the photographer of their group and also the one who took a picture of her group members.

Lisa is my fuv by far, so cute..

Jennie is face of the group

Lisa for the win! ^-^


why u want to know tbh

woah V, I didn’t know you liked Jennie 😮

best KPOP groups ^-^
and EXO e.e

the Face of the group isn’t the most popular internationally, but the most popular is S. Korea, the one that is representing her band on tv shows, etc.
in how many shows did you see Jennie representing her band?
that is Jisoo who is always invited to represent BP on tv, because of her huge popularity in Korea. etc.

where did you find that? did they officially announced it or it’s just an unofficial color?

that’s so cute! I like her even more! *__*

Jennie is the 2nd Visual?

Jisoo’s chinese zodiac sign is pig, Jennie’s chinese zodiac sign is mouse. (95’s pig, 96’s mouse)

Yes, 1995 is the year of Pig, but the Chinese year starts just in the end of January / beginning of February, so please check that the year of Pig started just in January 31, 1995. Jisoo is born in January 3, 1995, when the year of Pig didn’t start yet!!! ^^

Year of Pig lasted between January 31, 1995 – February 18, 1996. Jennie is born in January 16, 1996, so her Chinese zodiac is a Pig. The year of Rat started in February 19, 1996.

When you weigh the same as Lisa but you’re shorter…

Thanks for the info! It has been added on her individual profile and we gave you credits there! 🙂

Thanks for the info! It has been added to her individual profile and we gave you credits there! 🙂

Thanks for the info! It has been added to her individual profile and we gave you credits there! 🙂

Uh no. You’re just insisting that because she’s your bias

Y’all think that the face of the group is the prettiest among your eyes. Well guess what. It’s not. So y’all gotta stop saying that Jennie is the Face of the Group coz she ain’t one. Jisoo is the Face of the Group. She’s the prettiest actually. Considering being the visual and she’s the one who is always promoted in different shows in Korea

Jennie was well known before jisoo

*correction Jisoo Was well known before Jennie because she appeared in many CFs

Jennie collaboration with GD. Leehi and seungri

Jennie is placed as rank 18 on the 100 most beautiful faces of 2017 while lisa is placed as rank 15

Because she is Jennie

Ok, Jennie collaborated in the past with GD, that’s good for her, but that has nothing to do with being the Face of The Group.
The current Face of The Group is the one that is most promoted NOW.

I got alot of facts thanks to BLACKPINK house!
1. Jisoo likes video games
2. Jennie has a thing for off shoulder shirts
3. Rose likes sunshine
4. Lisa has a lot of toy figures in her room
5. Lisa and Jennie share a room
6. jisoo and rose share a room

jisoo can’t be visual and face of the group

When you weight almost the double of what Lisa weights, but you’re smaller as well

she can’t??? why she can’t??? it’s not you to decide!!!! it’s YG and the Korean media. they decide who is the Face of the group and who is most promoted! so just accept the facts and shut up!
as a fact, I love Jennie the most in BP, but I’m a realist fan not a fanatic!

there no face of the group at blackpink give me a link that prove jisoo is the fotg i believe you

NOTE: the FOTG is not an official position but a popularity-based position! so, you shouldn’t expect an official FOTG position announcement.
in the bands that a member isn’t promoted more, there indeed isn’t any FOTG! but in Blackpink, Jisoo is the one that is obviously promoted on TV a lot. she is the representative of Blackpink on tv! we just have to admit that!
the FOTG is the one that is promoted more on TV, based only on the Korean current popularity!

Really a Jennie obsessed fan? Well, better check out who’s member of BLACKPINK has the most CFs and most promoted in S.Korea. Are u really a BLINK??

Y’all stop! It’s pretty obvious that Jisoo is the FOTG. Don’t u know what FOTG means? FOTG is the member who is most promoted and popular in S.KOREA NOT INTERNATIONALLY. The one who REPRESENT the band on Tv and THE MOST promoted on a lot of CFs.

1. Jennie has a teddy bear named Nini (Beulping House)
2. Jisoo and Rosé share the same room in Blackpink TV and it’s the first time they share a room
3. Jennie and Lisa share a room in Blackpink TV

U better check what the positions mean. Jisoo CAN be Visual and FOTG.

If you read the Kpop Positions explained u should know. 🙂 u people should know how to read. FOTG’s aren’t announced officially but it’s automatic when they represent their group in many shows and etc and that’s Jisoo’s job

My opinion: this is a band with 4 visuals. Really! They look sooooooo pretty each of them and are soooooo talented that I can’t choose a bias.

Rose sang “Just Dance” with Millenium

a lot of people said that jisoo is, just believe the majority of the blink will u? ur a hopeless fanatic, if u want to be a fan of someone, don’t bring the other member down just to make ur bias shines more. learn to accept the fact

jennie is real

Yes i did it says that Jennie is face of the group and the center

Ofc I’m but yall are so hurt whatever we say the truth

So what??
To be honest She is the most beautiful and u replying everyone who jennie is something

Jennie is face of the group

Uh no. You should learn how to read. Read the meaning of the positions and you’ll realize that Jisoo is the Face Of the Group.

“While the Visual is usually the most good looking member, the Face Of The Group is the band’s representative who usually gets invited in variety shows or who represents the band in different public events, so many times is the most popular member. Sometimes the visual and the Face of the group overlap, the same member holding both positions. ”

This is what the article said so shut the fuck up.

And these facts that are written above are the proof of Jisoo as a Face Of the Group.

“Jisoo is an Inkigayo MC (starting from Feb 5 2017).
– She had a cameo appearance on KBS’s ‘PRODUCER’
– She acted in HISUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different’ MV.
– Jisoo acted in EPIK HIGH – ‘스포일러(SPOILER) + 헤픈엔딩(HAPPEN ENDING)’ M/V.
– She appeared in different CFs such as SAMSONITE RED CF with Lee Minho (2015), Nikon 1 J5 CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2015), Angel Stone CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2016), LG Stylus2 CF (2016).”

So Jisoo is the Face Of the Group. Not Jennie. You better accept the fact that Jisoo is the Face Of the Group.

we are already sick of your OLD same comments. learn to read what positions actually means first, and only after that comment!
I already consider you a troll or an obsessed Jennie fan.
I also like Jennie but you make me love her less after seeing over and over your hateful comments.
we are all BLINK!!!!! we should love ALL the girls, not just 1 of them. that’s how all the other fandoms work. is the most stupid to fight with other BLINKs instead of cheering for the group together…. 🙁

Let’s just ignore this kind of fanatic ‘BLINK’. We all know that Jisoo is really the FOTG so we must not freaking play to her hateful comments. Hope that the admin would block her hate comments. 🙁

I am quite surprised that Jennie is the least popular on this poll. I thought she would be like second after Lisa, SURPRISE!

Im reporting you as a troll. you post the same comment over and over again just to annoy other BLINKS. I even wonder if you’re a truly BLINK or you’re someone from another fandom meant to make us just argue each other. I’m sorry, but you’re reported!

her rank used to be much better, but I guess this is due to some of her obsessed fans who keep posting hateful comments and try to bring down the other girls….. but this only make people vote less and less for her……
I really feel sorry for this situation because she’s my bias 🙁
I just hope that such of said “fans” will stop. because we are all BLINKS and we should cheer for all the band, no matter who our bias is

Actually, she is still number 2(I don’t what happened here tho) internationally and in Korea number 1 so it okay.

The face of the group is the one popular everywhere, maybe Jennie is not number 1 everywhere but she is usually number 1 or 2, that is the true meaning, a kpop fan should know that. Jennie is the most popular in Korea, that’s why she is not promoted, she doesn’t need it. Only her MD sold out in their pop store in few hours while the others’s few days after she ranked no.3 as the most searched female idols in Korea followed by rosé no.6 she ranked no.3 for who’s korea’s next visual she trends all the time in naver higher then blackpink she’s super popular and she has a stable fanbase unlike the other members, she worked with GD(he trained her and she is kinda close with him) and many vips are with her(inclusive me) since that time and her fashion attracts people too, she is even mentioned in shows for that. If you don’t believe me, you can go in Korea and ask random people about BP’s members, the most of them will say Jennie, I had a project like that and I know for sure.

she is not promoted by YG as is Jisoo promoted!
and it’s not such a thing as “she’s already popular she doesn’t need to be promoted” because ALWAYS the most popular members are promoted the most because that brings MONEY both to them and to their company.
(EX: Suzy is always promoted by JYP because it brings lots of money, Kang Daniel is always promoted because it brings lots of money, and so on)
but what the Korean public wanna see sometimes differ from what International public wanna see.
the FOTG is the one most popular a.k.a most PROMOTED in S.Korea many fans still mistake this positions!

I was also surprised but the truth is that all the girls have many fans, and all of them have LOTS of votes

No, I forgot the question mark. I’m just asking if Jennie is the 2nd visual.

Blackpink are friends with red velvet

Blackpink are friends with red vevlvet

BTW I’m a blink and I love all the members equally and I think Jennie is the centre as kprofiles has stated that the who member maximum times is in the centre is the centre and Jennie is the centre in almost all the photoshoots and etc. So jennie is the centre. And rose lead dancer. I don’t know bout jisoo being the face of the group because she’s the one with least screen time, and face of the group has the most screentime.

Jennie is the 2nd most popular internationally and 1st in Korea, and I think she’s growing more popular internationally like levelling up with Lisa, I’ve noticed on almost all insta, Facebook, twitter etc. Plus in my state jennie is the most popular one. Like every people I ask, they always say Jennie, she has that something. And many people mistooks her for being the visual😅😅 don’t get me wrong jisoo stans, but my country thinks so, jisoo is my bias wrecker.

Jennie’s fan page has the most followers on instagram

no, the center has most screen time, the Face of the Group is the band’s representative on tv, that is Jisoo.
people still mistake these positions.

my current ,bias ranking:
(that is my opinion only, don’t bash)

Jisoo is the most popular in S. Korea right?

You’ve mistaken the meaning of the FOTG. FOTG is the group’s representative who is the promoted most and the most popular in S.Korea, not internationally. If you think Jennie is the most popular in your area well, FOGT is the most popular in S. Korea. In the centre position….. I always think that Jennie always on the center because they’re position is always according to their age.. I guess? Btw, there are only 4 members in the group so… there must be 2 centre, but I think they doesn’t have any.
Ps. I need to hear Jennie’s swag rap again on their mv!

Agree. .Jennie is the FOTG, and Shes quite the most popular .. Shes always been trending.. for her talent and beauty. And lately Many Jennie articles are made from the korean media. She really gained a lot of attention easily in Korea and Internationally…

Hey,I guess you’re just a Jennie stan,and not a BLINK. If you can’t accept that Jisoo is the visual and FOTG then don’t comment already. Yeah,all Black Pink members are beautiful,but the visual position is the one who’s MOST GOOD LOOKING and obviously it’s Jisoo. And about FOTG,FACE OF THE GROUP is the one who promoted the most,and the one who represent the group. And also the most popular IN SOUTH KOREA,not internationally. Jennie and Lisa are the members whose the most famous Internationally,don’t base it for saying Jennie is the FOTG. Jennie is popular International than Jisoo Internationally but not in South Korea. Because Jisoo is the most popular in SOUTH KOREA,understand? JENNIE STAN AND NOT A BLINK.

What makes you say that?
It’s already based on facts so why are you still contradicting?

cokiess No, because FOTG is the most popular in S. KOREA NOT INTERNATIONALLY. JISOO is the most PROMOTED in Korea. Here’s the proof:

“Jisoo is an Inkigayo MC (starting from Feb 5 2017).
– She had a cameo appearance on KBS’s ‘PRODUCER’
– She acted in HISUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different’ MV.
– Jisoo acted in EPIK HIGH – ‘스포일러(SPOILER) + 헤픈엔딩(HAPPEN ENDING)’ M/V.
– She appeared in different CFs such as SAMSONITE RED CF with Lee Minho (2015), Nikon 1 J5 CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2015), Angel Stone CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2016), LG Stylus2 CF (2016).”
-She’s now a model in Get it Beauty

If you think Jennie is popular in S. Korea.. Well, you should watch how many fans do Jisoo have in S. Korea. She also have many friends who are idols like her. ANOTHER THING… FOTG can be mean/spot by which member has been a show MC like Blackpink Jisoo, EXID Hani, Gfriend Yerin and more.

Im suprised that jennie is last in most biased.I thought she was second my bias is lisa but the rest are bias wreckers😪😭😂

All this time I thought Lisa is the Lead Dancer,but it’s Rose.And I also thought that Rose is the lead vocals cause I like her voice so much

main means #1 and lead means #2 in kpop

I think the positions are pretty clear now.
Jisoo – Vocalist, Visual, (possibly face of the group)
Jennie – Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Center, (possibly face of the group)
Rosè – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lisa – Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae

Face of the group is between Jisoo and Jennie but I think Jennie is definately the center.

Sorry, but Rose has the most follower in instagram rose.blackpink has 614k follower. sorry 613

Jennie was raised by her mom and doesn’t associate with her dad.

here are the missing korean writings:
rosé: 로체
lisa: 리사
jennie: 제니

haha no is Jennie

I know positions are always confusing. Based on the information, FOTG means the member who is the most popular in S. Korea not internationally and some articles said it was Jisoo who is the most popular in S. Korea. FOTG also the one who represents the band in different shows like CFs, being an MC or being just invited to a particular show and we always saw Jisoo representing the band next is Rose I coz she is also invited to sing on some show, but Jisoo really have the most.

@riansweeting:disqus In center position, there must be 2 persons because the band only have 4 members. I think they don’t have the center position because all of them have been in the center in shows, sitting position, MVs and etc. nd the fact that there are only 4 members in the band.

I think Lisa/Jennie are centers in choreography and Jisoo/Jennie in photoshoots.

now the truth >

Jisoo – Lead Vocalist ,(and clearly the mother OR the untold hidden leader of the group ,the not shy one, the tv hoster, etc… )
Jennie – Especial Double Vocal -very unique position-(the only Rapper and vocalist at the same time oficially),and Face of the group (shes the model one..c-mon)
Rose – Main Monster Vocalist (killar !BP would be incomplete without her voice, the girls are good but Rose is out of this world)
Lisa – Main Dancer, Main Rapper (she obsvisly can sing but as long u so good at RAp and DAnce YG are being careful with the attention that Lisa can Bring .imagine if she got best dance m best raps and also singing lines hahahahhaha (Ps.: We cant forget that also she almost stole the “face of the group ” title naturely form Jennie Model in that world beuty rank once hahaha)

all af then can SING and DANCE . dammmmmm its primordial thing to be there ahahahhaha

I know positions are always confusing. Based on the information, FOTG means the member who is the most popular in S. Korea not internationally and some articles said it was Jisoo who is the most popular in S. Korea. FOTG also the one who represents the band in different shows like CFs, being an MC or being just invited to a particular show and we always saw Jisoo representing the band next is Rose I coz she is also invited to sing on some show, but Jisoo really have the most.

Just support 4 of them ok, you can check now Rose.blackpink have 635k follower and Jennie fans insta 631k..anytime the follower can increase..

I think so! Jisoo seems the most popular in Korea while Jennie is the 2nd most popular in Korea

Umm. Lisa is not the main rapper,even she almost rap all the lines. No because the main rapper is Jennie.

I know, but that’s officially. Cuz not officially she its better in rap in the group,clearly the main .they know it , that’s why she took the “so hot” real rap part. But officially,yes,they say Jennie is the main. Love BP <3 I think now that the group is more developed they must review the crazy oficial main skills . They don’t feet in anymore. Fans are always questioning the positions that they told us

Lisa is most popular!Korea is Jisoo!But international Lisa is most popular

Not true…Lisa has the most screen time in some mvs

Lisa is most popular international
Jisoo and Jennie is most popular in korea

Blackpink’s profile is perfect as it is right now. You don’t ever have to change a thing

Lisa is 170cm. Jisoo once state that Rosé is taller on a Vlive episode but after that, Lisa reviewed that she is 170cm on one of her predebut dancing video with BamBam

Face of the group means the one who most people associate BP with…honestly it is very subjective. i dont think there’s a
Face of the group at all.

Jennie has 645k lol……

Lol we support blackpink😂. We are just stating facts

Btw rose has the least followers,
Lisa has 2nd most followers and jisoo is 3rd most

Lol what are you talking……..Jennie has the most fan page followers Lisa 2nd jisoo 3rd and rose 4th

Then why you Lisa stans always complain that Jennie gets the most screentime🤣🤣 in every group one member gets the most screentime and in blackpink four of them almost gets equal screentime it’s just that Lisa and Jennie are more attractive and so people focus more on them

Well, actually predebut time jisoo was the most popular but after debut Jennie caught knetizens attention the most. I did all kind of research and found out Jennie is the most popular Member in korea. She always gets article about her when she’s just a rookie. And she has the most fan cams too on YouTube. Plus the most followed fan page account of blackpink is jennie’s. And I think rose has grown quite popular like at the level of jisoo. I have many Korean friends too, and I ask them to give me updates on blackpink🤗

She was just asking…. why are you so triggered?? You Jennie hater

Yes jisoo may be the face of the group and Jennie centre and I love Lisa very much😍

Yg doesn’t send Jennie, Jennie is invited and she’s more into fashion than jisoo. And They pick Jennie even jisoo has her own photo shoots all the members has.

Lisa rap is animated in recording listen to the live rap jennie is the better one

and lisa rank 15 , right!

No , she 167 , look in blackpink house ep 2-1 , she 167 cm , she says

look in blackpink house ep 2 – 1 lisa is 167 cm , and rose is 168cm

What facts? you said you support 4 of them..but clearly you can see how you respond.. please give me evidence. Give me their top follower instagram..

Rose have 652k dear

Girls what facts? You need to open your eyes big as you can see clearly kiddo, Rosé have 652k follower.. Wow you said you support all member but clearly , you yourself can know how you respond to other comment. Rose.Blackpink go click the links Kiddo..





These are the links go and check now

– rosé had a small yellow fish called eunhee.
– jisoo is confirmed to be an actress under yg.
– jennie loves sailor moon.
– rosé is good friend with red velvet’s joy.
– jennie is good friend with red velvet’s irene.
– jisoo is friend with red velvet’s irene.
– lisa describes her personality as “boyish”.
– lisa is a big fan of harry potter.
– rosé’s favorite disney princess is ariel.
– lisa’s favorite disney princess is rapunzel.
– jisoo’s favorite disney princess is jasmine.
– jennie’s favorite disney princess is pocahontas.
– jennie watches netflix. she likes game of thrones and stranger things.

Actually I heard in ” sure Thing” (which is live) and also ” so hot “(a mic only video) . And it has no dust of any animation.but I get your point.they usually give Lisa the most addictive lines and of course they sugary it with effects…but u know…they do it with the for of then ,so…

see this, Rose fan page second after Jennie..She not the last one ok

For your information Rose fanpage link that you give me is the second highest follower for Rose fanpage…please check link that i give you. So guys before you post something please do some reseach.. kihkih.…This page have 656K follower, second highest after Jennie. nana, yes Jennie have most follower congratulation dear.. Rose second.. 657k and

Please do research before you post. The link you give me is second highest Rose fanpage..babe..the first one have 656k which second after Jennie 657k..she not the last take back your words…

according to namu wiki, these are their official positions:
jisoo: visual, lead vocalist
jennie: main rapper, vocalist
rosé: main vocalist, lead dancer
lisa: main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist

probably jennie is the center since she usually stands at the center the most. i think jisoo is the face of the group bc she’s an mc, but the official ones are those above

Rose was the right to reach 1m likes.

I honestly don’t trust anymore the wikipedia and wiki profiles. where anyone can edit any troll can go change the positions.
I already have a bad a experience with those, so, no, thanks

667k for Rose and 660K Jennie now, (7/2/2018) …

dear why keep silent kihkih…

Jisoo is no longer a MC for Inkigayo. She retired on February 3rd

Thanks for the update, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

Your points are all invalid. Face of the group represents the group and is normally the most popular member in korea. Your “more attractive” point is wrong too, while visuals are subjective, Jisoo is the official visual and fits the south korean beauty standards more than the other three.

lisa: main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist
#lisa,s fans

Is Jisoo gonna be the leader of blackpink? I just heard the rumors

You’re wrong. Lisa is just a LEAD rapper, I don’t know where did you hear that from, but that source is definitely wrong. YG doesn’t usually confirm their groups’ positions, and Black Pink isn’t the exception. The closest thing we’ve got to a confirmation is what the girls say/what they’re introduced like in shows. Jennie has been mentioned as the Main Rapper a couple times, while Lisa has only been “confirmed” to be a Main Dancer.

no they said they were too close to have a leader

you forgot shes the maknae too

i also think jennie’s a lead vocalist

jisoo is a very close friend with seulgi not irene

Talking about BLACKPINK’s religion, i guess all 4 members (except Lisa ’cause she’s a Buddhist) are Christian because:
– Both Jisoo & Rosé are going to the church on Sunday.
– I saw Jennie wearing a black cross when she collaborated with GD for the song ‘Black’.
– When Rosé was younger, she joined a choir, singing in churches in Australia.

However, i’m still headache about Jennie’s religion. I saw Jennie’s photos on Instagram which she wore an inverted cross made K-net thought she’s an atheist. I mean if she was an atheist, she would NEVER wear a cross.

people who arent religious or even specifically christian can still wear a cross. it doesnt mean they are. dont assume

Rosé has a pet fish called 주황이 ( joo-hwang ) which means orange

Thank you for the update, it has been added to her individual profile and we gave you credits there! 🙂

Ok bay, so tell this to t producers that keep gaven her(Lisa) the best killar rap parts from the songs.jennie has a especial place .shes multi roll.things change, lisa is a rap monster , we all know that .so they know and that’s why she get the exclusive rap parts. Just take a listen to So Hot and u will get the official position doesn’t mean the very true always ; )

If im not wrong jisoo was featured in ikons best friend

That was a fan made video 😊

Lisa Facts:
Lisa have the longest legs in Blackpink (Jisoo said it in blackpink vlive)
Lisa have the strongest abdominals


—–impatiently, and excitedly waiting for their comeback soon!!!!

loll if jennie did rap, then lisa would not have hand many lines. Just like in stay, jennie sing and rap in that song.

In “sure thing” and ” so hot” jennie sing and rap in both but if she did the main rap part then lisa would have not had any lines. But in “loser” jennie did all the raping part but didn’t sing. so no i don’t think lisa is better rapper then jennie. i guess the reason why lisa didn’t rap for loser is cuz, it was hard. GD and TOP rap part are hard. But overall YG made jennie a main rapper for a reason. The same why he made GD and CL main rappers.

Jennie is the center of the group and the face of the group that’s why she’s always at the center on every photoshoot and covers, jisoo is the visual.

you can’t talk about a Center when there are just 4 members, because in that case 2 members will be always in the center, not only 1!
about the FOTG, that is Jisoo. she is the one that represents BP on tv, the most promoted BP member.
Lisa is the one most popular internationally but the one most promoted in Korea is Jisoo

ikr. Jennie is the face of group. Ive heard this a lot. Most of her gigs are relevant and memorable. that knetz always praise her. Shes the only member that whos always mention along with top stars in korea. so thats only means shes quite the most popular and memorable. Even the international media sites like koreboo,soompi,allkpop theres always articles about her

i think there can be a center in a 4 member group though. the center is in the center along with the visual. in like every photoshoot they did so far, jisoo and jennie are always in the center.

though, jisoo is the face, not jennie.

for now she is very popular (the 2nd after Lisa) internationally (as you said, the international sites write a lot about her and she has lots of international fans)
but in S. Korea the most popular is still Jisoo (she is the one that is invited to represent BP when they invite only 1 member – she was the one chosen as the MC, a lot of male idols have a crush on her – like Samuel, etc. she’s the most promoted for now)

I think the only reason why Jisoo and Jenie are always in the center is because they are the shortest members and it looks good to have the taller members on the sides and the shorter members in the middle

they dont have individual instagram. they only have one account which is BLACKPINK. besides i think it’s not good to support just one member because they are a team. no need to argue

so proud of my bias who has the most votes here yey! lisa <3

I agree with you totally!

Jisoo is good friend with Seulgi of Red Vlevet

Thank you for the info, it has been added to her individual profile and we gave you credits there! 🙂

Wearing a cross has become a fashion accessory now a days so it isn’t necessarily the best thing to base an assumption on. Also upside down crosses are actually considered to be a very holy and christian symbol.

Some people join choirs that are associated with a religion because they just want to sing/get some type of proper vocal coaching when they’re young. Wendy from Red Velvet actually did this and she’s said she’s not religious at all.

another name of lisa is monkey

blackpink house episode 6


soryy hihi

Jennie used to have a personal Instagram where She, Jackson and Mark Of GOT7, BTOB Peniel, GD’s Private Account, Taeyang and others were following each other but she deactivated when BLACKPINK debuted

I wish they were still fallowing each other. Didn’t know she was close with GOT7 Mark. o__O

to be honest guys.. i have scrolled down to see the comments. It’s really sad to see that many of you may say that you’re a blink but actually is a one member stan. My thougts about these whole thing is that i used to ONLY stan Lisa and actually HATE Jennie. I thought that Jennie was so mean and that stuff but that was one year ago. I jugded her based on how she was on stage and how she always got the nicest clothes. one thing i never realised was that she is a beautiful girl and has a fantastic personality,( i’m not one biased anymore).
And i also saw this person in the comments that kept triggering me. i mean you can either keep your thoughts alone or agree that everyone are the same level at beauty.

the reason why i took them up is bc they seem to have the biggest issues. ( please don’t hate)

Low Blackpink My Wish YOu Came Here In Philippines
I Like To See You BLackpink
I Love YOu BLackpink

happy birthday Lisa 28/03/018 ♥

you cant call yourself a blink if you dont love them all equally

Jennie facts:
– Her favorite number is 3.
– She has a motion sickness issue (according to BLACKPINK HOUSE).


Do you hate her ??

how did you know

I got the information somewhere but I lost the link to it

I don’t know if they were close but they followed each other lol

I couldn’t find the original link but I did some research and Jennie’s deactivated IG account was “kxjen” That is deactivated but someone might have made an account like that and it’s this one

I love how she is genuinely honest like you could really see it on her face. I wish everyone would just love them equally. 🙁

Lisa Facts:
Lisa is Number 15 list of 100 most Beautiful Faces

And Jenie Number 18 list of 100 most Beautiful Faces

lisa is the first!!!!!!!!!!!!

But people have biases. It should be okay as long as they accept and support all members too

they are unique because they dont have a leader!

Jisoo said that Jennie’s real height is 161cm

You can also add that Jennie is the only BP member who has a lot of most viewed fancam. Some of her fancams already reach a million. You can search it up in YT tho.

In which interview? Link please.

Thank you for the info, as we can’t possibly add all the info in just a single page because it could load slow for the users with slower internet connections, it has been added to her individual profile and we gave you credits there. 🙂

Thanks for the update. 🙂

Yup that’s it Jennie is multi roll…sing and rap officially. Being “loser” a cover song the obvious reason to Lisa singing and only singing (wich never happens)and Jennie rap and only rap (Wich also never happens)it’s be subversive cuz its s opportunity to do it since it’s not their own song ; ) but I do get u point of view.

Can you pls add their religions? I really am curious if they’re all Catholic!!! 🙂 Plssss. ♡♡♡

And Jennie is not a Vocalist tho, She’s face of the group

she is not face of the group babe.

i think that is from ch+

whos leader? pls reply me

no one. BlackPink is one of the few bands in K Pop who doesn’t have a leader. all the members are equally.

Jennie is not the FOTG. many fans still mistake that FOTG means the member who they first think of, but that is absolutely wrong.
for example I 1st think of Lisa when I hear of BlackPink but that doesn’t mean Lisa is automatically the FOTG 😀 other fans may think of someone else. 😀
the FOTG is the member who is the most popular / the most promoted in S. Korea! because the ones who bring more audience and have more popularity are the ones invited. (ex. why was Suzy always invited out of MissA or Hani always invited out of EXID? because of their huge popularity in S. Korea)
the FOTG is not the member most popular internationally! (and we almost always 1st think about the most popular internationally member!) but the one most popular in S. Korea.

Yah , Jisoo and seulgi a good friends

So cute

Oh I really love chae-young “Rose” though others don’t admire her at first, but I’ll say that she’s more beautiful and unique!

Jennie Lived in Auckland, New Zealand for 5 years

I like Jennie and this is the 1st time when I hear about the fact she lived 5 years in New Zealand. I thought she only went for the college there? where did you find this info, plz tell me! <3

lol inverted cross was symbol of peter ,one of the apostle…your are thinking that she is a satanist which is wrong because inverted cross is not the symbol of satanist.
atheism is not equal to satanism.
atheism is not a religion.
atheism is a rejection of the claim god or gods exist.

she said it on the show “knowing brothers”

I thought the face of the group is jennie not jisoo

no, the FOTG is Jisoo
FOTG means the most promoted member not the member you 1st think of, as many mistakenly think.
Jisoo was the one who was an MC and the most promoted on tv so far

Can you please change the pictures into their latest japanese album if possible 🙂

Uh you got their roles wrong Rose isn’t dance leader Jennie isn’t vocalist leader

from what i know, with the lines jennie gets she should be considered a lead vocal. tight now she has more singing lines than jisso who is also a lead vocal. so it makes sense for her to be considered a lead vocal.

I am loving these girls!

The visuals of the group are basically the ‘most aesthetically beautiful (or handsome)’ members of their respective groups. For the western people, it is a bit taboo to comment on beauty because of the belief that everyone is beautiful in their own right and beauty cannot be measured. However, in countries like Korea, Japan, and China, they have a certain look they favour, that if a person fits that certain look, then he or she is considered beautiful. People are more vocal about beauty standards in Korea; this is why there is this role that is ever present in each K-pop group.

Faces of the groups are basically called the centres. If you hear idols say ‘centre’, they are the faces of the group. Faces are basically the ‘brand name’ of their group. They are the centres in pictures and blocking/choreography. Even if they don’t really have a solo part, they are still being put in the middle of choreography (even if they aren’t part of the dance line). Basically just really a lot of centre positions. They share the screen with their group’s visual.

So no, it’s wrong. Jisoo IS the visual but Jennie is the Face of the Group. She’s almost always in the center of their dances despite not being part of the dance line and their promo pictures.

You explained well the Visuals but Centers and Face of The Group are 2 different things! If there would be the same thing it would not even have 2 difference names for the same position! Plus, there are bands who have a Center but not have a FOTG!

The Center is what you explained, the one that is usually in the middle of photoshoots and in the middle of choreographies.

The Face of The Group is the member that is the representative of its band on variety shows, etc. Only the bands where a specific member is always super promoted on TV, only those bands have a Face of The Group. EX: (AOA’s Seolhyun, EXID’s Hani, Momoland’ JooE, Suzy (when she was in MissA), etc.

EX: BTS’Jungkook is a Center but not a FOTG

I’m not sure if you noticed, but on Jisoo you spelt nicknames as “nickames”

Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

Thanks for the heads up, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

Jennie is also the lead dancer.

in which interview did they said she is a lead dancer? because Rose was introduced as a lead dancer when BP have been guest on Get It Beauty

Rose is a Lead Dancer watch Let it Beauty and see…..

Lisa is the flexible one in the group.

i think you should include NINI as jennie’s nickname

Isn’t Jennie the Face of the Group?

the FOTG means the “representative” of the band in different tv shows, commercials, etc. that is definitely Jisoo
(ex. of other FOTG : Hani (EXID), Seolhyun (AOA), Suzy (MissA), JooE (MOMOLAND), etc. )

nope she isn’t!
the FOTG means the “representative” of the band in different tv shows, commercials, etc. that is definitely Jisoo
(ex. of other FOTG : Hani (EXID), Suzy (MissA), Seolhyun (AOA), JooE (MOMOLAND), etc. )

Nope! The FOTG is the member who has the most popularity and is requested to represent their band on TV. The most popular are the ones requested to appear on TV because they bring audience. Why was Suzy always requested to appear on TV? … because of her huge popularity!
But sometimes the funnier member is the FOTG because of their variety skills.
The point is that the FOTG is the one that represents their band on different TV shows, commercials, etc. aka “The Face of The Group”

The Center is the one that is the middle in photoshoots, interviews, etc.

Some people still mistake these positions.

CENTER = the one in the center aka the middle in the interviews, photoshoots, etc.
FOTG = the representative of that band on tv, CFs, shows, aka The Face Of The Group

CENTER and FOTG are 2 different positions! Even their names shows their meanings.

FOTG is such a vauge position tbh. Each of the members has respective parts they handle like Jisoo does the variety and Jennie for magazines, etc.,

the thing is….. besides the variety shows, Jisoo also represented her band on magazines as well, I still think she is the FOTG because she represents her band both in magazines and on tv,800×800,075,f.u3.jpg

oh and also the CFs… she has a lot

These are all the informations I got so far for Lisa hope these helps

to cLear things up if y’all are wondering.
some people think jennie is the face of the group because she is the most popular, prettiest, etc however the face of the group is the person who is promoted more to the publicly, appears more in variety shows, mc’s for events, etc which makes the face of the group jisoo! jisoo is also the visual which means she’s the prettiest in the group (in korean standards) but everyone has their own opinion on the prettiest and i personally think they’re beautiful in their own ways! i find jisoo beautiful because she’s like a princess, elegant and dainty. jennie is beautiful because she has that girl crush vibe about her and she’s badass and cool. rose and lisa are both beautiful because they both seem mature and sexy in music videos but are actually the two youngest members and they both have a bubbly personality which makes them very likeable. oKay so back onto the face of the group thingo.
– jisoo IS the face of the group AND is also the visual
– idk if its officially stated anywhere but i believe jennie is the center because she’s usually in the center of dances and photoshoots
hope i cleared some things up! 🙂 x

I agree with your explanations!

Fun Facts
Rosè loves mangos (On Radio shows)
Jisoo dosen’t like mangos (Rosè face when she said that XD) – I think this was on BlackpinkTV
Jisoo likes Video games/PC games (blackpink t.v)
Jisoo is scared of heights (blackpink tv amument park, and zip lining)
Jennie gets sea sickness (blackpink tv)
Jisoo knows how to ski (blackpink t.v)
Jennies clothes usaully are only off-shoulder and black (blackpink t.v)
Jisoo knows how to roller skate (blackpink t.v)
Jennie like to make bracletes and neckless as a obby (blackpink t.v)
Jisoo’s first time looking and buying bedding was with the members(blackpink t.v)
Lisa is very unlucky compared to other members – lisa lossed 3 times in archery agasint Rosè(blackpink t.v), Jisoo and Lisa lossed against Jennie and Rosè for the maze (blackpink t.v), Once Lisa lossed to Jennie in the water challenge(running man), Lisa lossed to Jennie in bowling(blackpink t.v) , Rosè loss to Jisoo in a water game(running man)
Lisa is bad at jumping on trampolines because of her long legs(blackpink t.v).
Rosè REALLY loves to eat food (blackpink)
Jennie is the most Lucky (Running man)
Rosè can spin her wrist 360 (Knowing brothers)

jennie was part of ‘the 100 most beautiful faces’ for two years. 2017 she was number 18 and in 2016 she was placed 22

nobody rlly cares if jennie’s FANPAGE has the most followers, they are just FANPAGES lol

Honestly i dont give a fuck about center or fogt because they never announce it(so far its just people opinions). Stop fighting over unimportant things blink yall so immature.

From what i know that (get it beauty’s profile):
Jisoo introduced as lead vocal (killing with her beauty jisoo)
Jennie introduced as main rapper (chic jennie)
Lisa introduced as main dancer and lead rapper (god-given body lisa)
Rose introduced as main vocal and lead dancer (aegyo queen rose)

Jennie is not a lead vocalist. YG never announced it that Jennie’s a lead.
Immature stans gave those positions for them. It is clearly stated that Jisoo is the only lead vocalist.
It’s even written on namu (Korean website) and korean wikipedia that Jennie’s the sub vocal.

I don’t hate Jennie but I agree that Jennie’s not a lead vocal. Jennie has more singing lines in AIIYL because
her voice suits the cute concept, that’s why she sang the chrorus with Rosé. People forgot about the 3 songs
Boombayah/Whistle & Stay where Jisoo sings the chorus together with Rosé. And that’s what main/lead vocalist would do.

Jennie herself even introduced herself in Get it Beauty as ‘Main rapper’ and not a lead vocalist.

I love Jennie she is so talented<3 She can rap, sing and dance, why does she get so much hate):

how can her chinese zodiac be dog if she is from 1995 (im from that year), i think her zodiac is pig (since im one as well)

What do you expect? Immature fans will always exist and we cannot stop that.

Rosé can speak with her mouth closed (she did it on knowing bros)

Lisa is known for having long legs.

Jisoo doesnt like mangoes but Rosé really does.

i think right now jennie’s weight is around 40+ smthg bcs she lookssss soooooo thinnnnn

Yes, 1995 is the year of Pig, but the Chinese year starts just in the end of January / beginning of February, so please check that the year of Pig started just in January 31, 1995. Jisoo is born in January 3, 1995, when the year of Pig didn’t start yet!!! ^^

Year of Pig lasted between January 31, 1995 – February 18, 1996. Jennie is born in January 16, 1996, so her Chinese zodiac is a Pig. The year of Rat started in February 19, 1996.

Jennie a Vocalist?

most people say yg entertainment didn’t introduce Jennie as the lead vocalist, but this is the wrong Jennie lead vocalist and Ana rapper. Because most of them are singing more after rosé, and the vocals are very good, not enough to be the bottom vocals.

I know….. Jennie deserve a Lead Vocalist position but she was actually never presented as a Lead Vocalist by her company so, even if we think she’s better we have to respect YG’s decision regarding the girls positions

BP have been guest on Get It Beauty and the translation only says she is the main rapper.

YG never announced it that Jennie’s a lead. It is clearly stated that Jisoo is the only lead vocalist.
It’s even written on namu (Korean website) and korean wikipedia that Jennie’s the sub vocal.
Hope her position will change in the future though.

the amount of lines she gets doesn’t mean she’s a lead vocalist. dia’s chaeyeon isn’t a lead vocalist but gets tons of lines because she’s bery popular, just like jennie

I know that, but isn’t it obvious that Jennie is the lead vocalist?If it were a sub vocal, it would be like Lisa, but she certainly is not the sub vocal but not the main vocal, not just the leading vocals.😇

like wtf?! i love jennie but Lisa deserves more to be the main rapper. its my own opinion.

No she doesnt.
Jennie has the stabile voice and can change her flow in her rap.
I love Lisa but Jennie has better technique

I noticed that Jisoo is the only who has the Korean version of her stage name, so here are the other member’s Korean version of their stage name. 🙂

Jennie: 제니
Rosé: 로제
Lisa: 리사

Jennie is the main rapper and Lisa the lead rapper, they introduced themselves in Get it Beauty

Thank you for the help, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

jisoo wasnt eveb announced as a lead vocalist, shes mainly a visual and vocal

Jennie vocalist and Jisoo lead vocalist? How and why?

was jisoo even announced as lead vocalist? Where and when? cos She.s more like a vocalist compare to Jennie who sings more than Jisoo..

and wikipedia is not accurate.. Just look on BP’s FACEBOOK official page. Their position are listed there….

there are even proofs that Jisoo was announced as a Lead Vocalist. she was introduced as a Lead Vocalist when Black Pink were invited to the ‘Get it Beauty’ show presented by Dara, look at the proof above or search for the show and convince yourself. duh.

Nah there’s a gap between Jisoo and Lisa. And that’s Jennie.

Main Vocalist: Rosé
Lead Vocalist: Jisoo
Vocalist: Jennie
Sub-Vocalist: Lisa

( jamming with 5 songs)

Jennie is the Face of the Group😊💘
and she is also known as the Queen of Gucci🙂

Blackpink Official Youtube Account:–16B90oW2L6FRR3A

No she’s not 🤗😂🤣

Thank you for the update, it’s really appreciated! 🙂

Jisoo’s Chinese zodiac sign is actually pig not dog I am Chinese and I am sure

1995 is the year of Pig, but if you’re Chinese you should know that the Chinese year starts just in the end of January / beginning of February, so please check that the year of Pig started just in January 31, 1995. Jisoo is born in January 3, 1995, when the year of Pig didn’t start yet!!! ^^

Year of Pig lasted between January 31, 1995 – February 18, 1996. Jennie is born in January 16, 1996, so her Chinese zodiac is a Pig.

That is exactly what I thought too😊❤

As far I know Jisso is the visual ,you can see that because she is often as a host in showcases active but Jennie is the face of the group.She is mostly in the center and in the center of a cf from the group.She is also the representive. That is my opinion 😊

She is known as a main vocalist.
I know image is introduced as vocalist but from my sight I see her as a main vocalist and I think that is obvious to everyone.😊😄

I only want to say that Jennie’s height is not 50 😉😊.

FOTG and Center are 2 different things.

Center – the one that is usually in the center of photoshoots, interviews, etc. but in a group with 4 members it’s hard to say 1 single member is the center, because 2 members are always in the middle, not only one

FOTG – the band’s representative on tv shows, variety shows, commercials, etc

in Black Pink that is Jisoo. she was the one who represented Black Pink on TV.

oh and also the CFs… she has a lot of singles CFs

Jisoo is close with GFriend’s Sowon too.☺ 95′ liners uwu then there’s Jennie and Yerin😍 96′ liners

Pls add this to Lisa’s ideal type: Lisa likes men who can cook,kindhearted and a lifestyle that fits to her lifestyle. “Interview with nylon magazine”

Thank you for the update and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated. 🙂

Jisoo the face of the group when she’s the least popular in the polls?
In Korea maybe?

FOTG is not the one that is most popular internationally, but the one that is most promoted by the company on TV in S. Korea, the “representative of the band” on tv shows and such.

I agree for promoting but not for popularity Jennie is the most popular in sk now just look at individual brand reputation Jennie was ranked higher than all member she was ranked 47 at both March and April and jisoo if I remember exactly was 51 and 63 and if you look at may Jennie was still higher so

Jennie has been in YG for 8-7 seven years trained 6 years Yg said himself on Blackpink House episode 1
Jennie came a year before Jisoo and Lisa and 2 years before Rosé.

Rosé’s waist is 24 inches she revealed it on masked singer

Jisoo is scared of Heights (blackpink House) She wouldn’t go with her members on a amusment ride because of how high it was and she started speaking broken english saying “SLOWLY’ and ‘MY HEART GOING BOUNCE BOUNCE” when she went sip-lining with the members.

Rosé fav. food is Thai food and Lisa fav. food is japanese (blackpink house ep. 7-3

Lisa wanted to be a cabin attendant when she was little
Lisa’s role model is kehlani and nana komatsu
If Lisa didn’t became an artist she said she’ll go to Australia and study
Lisa looks up/studies Bella Hadid’s fashion
Lisa’s favorite flower is “edelweiss”
Lisa wants to go to Italy
Lisa’s favorite artist is kehlani and her favorite song is honey
Lisa’s favorite place in Thailand and japan is Siam and Harajuku
Lisa’s favorite moments when she was a trainee was choreographing a dance with the other members
Lisa addressed her fashion style as “casual”
She was asked when she will update ig and lisa deadass said “secret!”
Lisa’s favorite parts on her face is her Lips
Lisa’s favorite movie is “About Time”
Lisa’s favorite book is “Little Prince”
Lisa’s hobby is watching movies
Lisa’s favorite number is her birthdate “27”
Lisa wants to live in a big house with a backyard in the future
Lisa loves her blonde hair when she debuted
Lisa sings taylor swift’s “you belong with me” as her 18th song in karaoke
When lisa feels sad she hugs her pet and cry and after that she’ll feels alright
Lisa enjoys eating chicken with the other members in their dorm recently
Lisa feels proud for being an idol when she sees all blinks smiles
Lisa loved snowboard so she watched the Olympics
She’s happy that BLACKPINK’s MV was featured in justice league
Lisa wants to release BLACKPINK’s album this year
Lisa loves the rainbow dress she wore when BLACKPINK attended an award show
Lisa likes cubic nail
When BLACKPINK has a schedule overseas Lisa always brings her speaker with her
Lisa recently dreams about snakes
Lisa’s bloodtype is O and she said she has no siblings
Lisa 50/50 believes in fortune telling
Aside from rapping and dancing lisa loves to draw cats
Lisa said her sixth sense inside her is rythm
Lisa’s favorite cake is red velvet cake
Lisa’s favorite subject is science and she hates math
Lisa said if she has 100m she wants to travel the world
Lisa wants her last meal to be sushi
Lisa’s favorite season is summer
Lisa said if she has a one week off from work she wants to travel to Switzerland with her parents
Lisa loves coca cola
Lisa said her advice to herself in the past is Enjoy living life to the fullest
Lisa’s favorite drama recently is “Stranger Things”
Lisa said if it’s possible to go back in the past she wants to go back to her 18 years old self
Lisa wants to be born as a girl in her next life again
Before performing lisa feels very nervous so she keeps telling herself “It’s okay,i can do this.i can do it perfectly”
Lisa said before she dies she wants to do skydiving
Lisa was asked if she has a chance to be a boy for one day what would she do so she answered she’ll date all girls
Lisa wants to perform with Kehlani someday
Lisa said she likes to buy kinder chocolate because it has a toy with it
Lisa said she’s scared of ghosts and hates them
Lisa feels happy when she’s eating alot of foods
Lisa’s advice to those who wants to join YG “be yourself and have confidence. Show them all of your charms”
Lisa said she likes to move her body but she also said she sucks at sports
Lisa’s Favorite restaurant is Wolfgang Steakhouse
Lisa’sa favorite bread is Croissant bread
Lisa said she sleep 9 hours a day
Lisa likes to collect lipstick
Lisa also said she unconciously collects a jacket with baby’s face being printed on to it
Lisa said she is really into natural make up nowadays
In the morning Lisa feels very happy when her dad makes breakfast for her
Lisa said her favorite Korean dish is gamjatang and for Thai dish is Pakkapao, for Japanese dish is tempura.
Lisa said she is not a morning person
Lisa said she always do face mask for her skin care routine
Lisa wears pajama when she sleeps
Lisa said she’s good at making phad thai
Lisa said she wants to try a hairstyle without bangs
Lisa drinks water first thing in the morning when she wake up
Lisa wants to appear on a Japanese show called ‘Toudaiou’ ( It’s a quiz variety show for college students who attends Tokyo University vs. Celebrities)
Lisa likes cute interiors
Lisa said she failde on buying a fur hat
Lisa thinks the way Blinks talk is cute
Lisa said she usually plays nintendo and listens to music
Lisa said if she can’t sleep she faces the other side of her bed
Lisa gets her energy from delicious foods
Lisa has two pet named Hunter and Tiga
Lisa said learned Korea through watching alot of Dramas
Lisa said when she was trainee she loves her Korean lessons
Lisa said she loves to do net shopping
Lisa said when she buys clothes she looks at it if it fits the trend or not first
Lisa said she’s thankful to her mother for letting her attend dance classes and she also said she started rapping when she was trainee
Lisa’s favorite place in Korea is Hongdae
Lisa said she’s good at dancing and she’s bad at staying still
Lisa said she can’t remember the exact eyesight
Her favorite manga is Tangled
Lisa said she tends to say ‘Oh My God’ alot

Jennie has motion sickness (Blackpink tv)

FOTG isnt the “most popular” or those who has most fans or solo stans but it’s the member who represents her group in tv shows, cfs and more and she really is really popular in Korea.

center? how can a 4-membered gg has a center? and if u’ll say that she’s not on the sides, then how bout those who’s beside her? uh… jisoo represents BLACKPINK more than Nini does.


even if she’s better than Rosé or than Jisoo, she’s not a lead vocalist. What’s so hard to understand that she’s never introduced as one?

Main vocal,lead dancer Rosé
Main rapper,lead vocal jennie
Lead vocal,visual,fotg Jisoo
Lead rapper,main dancer,maknae,sub vocal Lisa
I hope you understand.

Jennie ig:@i.am1person
Jisoo ig:@nyeongchu
Rose IG:@cha3y1
Lisa don’t have one bcuz Jennie say lisa don’t know whether she should make one cuz she might not post a lot

Jennie is not Main Rapper is lead because she’s don’t have many raps Lisa rap more .

Jennie is the main rapper the reason she got lesser rap line is bcuz lisa singing isn’t very good so if she dont rap she will have no line.But for Jennie,she can sing so her rap line will naturally goes to lisa.Also if u are a blink u will know that jennie is the main rapper

Jennie is the Main Rapper! They officially presented her as the Main Rapper when BlackPink was invited on the “Get It Beauty” show. The positions are correct!


Okay so jennie say lisa recently make an ig acc @itzfirebby

She was introduced as the main rapper of the group and she still is. Maybe Lisa got the rap in As If Its Your Last because it suited her voice more, but Jennie is still the main rapper.

Is dat true? where did u know it?

it’s depend on the chinese date & year, not just the year

lol. are you sure??? i dont think its their official ig acc. if you take a look at @itzfirebaby ig acc, its just a fan acc. not a real one. so, i dont think all the acc you mentioned are the real one.

BLACKPINK “SQUARE UP” in 11 hours only surpassed 24,000 pre-orders

Yah its is true
And the fact that jennie also follow the ither account means that itvis their account

Face of the group of blackpink is jennie not jisoo

do you know what FOTG means? read the comments. so many people explained it already….

We’re gonna have to see how the positions are in their upcoming comeback but I think I’m the meantime the positions above should be changed because it’s definately:

Jisoo – Vocalist, Visual
Jennie – Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Dancer, Center, Face Of The Group
Rosè – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lisa – Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Maknae

There is no center in bp and bp face is jisoo many people have argued about it below you should read the comments and jennie is not a dancer.The positions above are accurate

FOTG is Jisoo, she get promoted the most, and she is proved the most popular, she wins all korean polls, and she is the most biased and talked about member there, from pann, to naver, to everywhere, she always gets the most articles, the fashion event, Jisoo got over 20 articles, for just showing up, whilst the other people who were there got like 12. Don’t come here without proving your “Facts” or “info” thank you.

Jennie was introduced as the Main rapper in get it beauty, and she has the most talent in tha criteria, but Jennie isn’t “Dancer” she may dance, but that role doesn’t exist. And for center, she wasn’t officially announced as one, but she tends to stay in the middle, not a lot in choreographies though.


FOTG is Jisoo, she get promoted the most, and she is proved the most popular, she wins all korean polls, and she is the most biased and talked about member there, from pann, to naver, to everywhere, she always gets the most articles, the fashion event, Jisoo got over 20 articles, for just showing up, whilst the other people who were there got like 12. Don’t come here without proving your “Facts” or “info” thank you.

Jennie was introduced as the Main rapper in get it beauty, and she has the most talent in tha criteria.

those are con accounts, not actual blackpink accounts.
The only type of “Artist” they are, are con-artists.

BlackPink fighting!

The positions listed on the site are correct and according to what the members have been officially introduced in tv shows.
The way you listed them shows who your bias is. :))

YES ^^

Rose is Sub vocalist and Lisa is Main vocals, Lisa has more lines than Rose and better technique

…when? Lisa sings like two seconds in each song, she’s a rapper so she has more lines.
but um, this HAS to be a joke because this is the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen omg

Omg ,are u kidding me? Rose is the main vocal of the group like she goes on singing show and all that and lisa hardly sing

waiting for LiSoo.

Fun Facts: When I currently revisit Mahou Sentai Magiranger for the 2nd time, I’m shock that Houka Ozu (MagiPink) looks exactly just like Jisoo. Houka Ozu’s actress is Ayumi Beppu, more like Ayumi Blackpinku. comeback photos

I’ve read through the comments and saw that many of you insisted that Jennie is the FOTG. It’s not right, Jisoo is the FOTG, I hope no one will say the other way this time.

Please know what every position means. I see you at like every profile commenting things like this. Like in twice’s profile. You said that Sana was a Main Vocal cause of her High Pitched Voice. And you also said that she is a Main Dancer. And in (G)I-DLE you said Shuhua was a Lead or Main Vocal because she sings the chorus. I dont know if youre being biased, immature, or youre just a newbie to the kpop fandom. But please know the positions before claiming things like this. And besides. YG already announced their official positions so might as well respect that. And also, just because Lisa has more lines doesnt mean she is the main vocalist. And her lines are mostly Rap Lines. Her lines are mostly or usually rapped. Not sung. And Rosé’s lines are literally always sung.

They already released their official lightstick why dont have official fan color?

Thank you for providing the comeback pics, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

there are lots of Kpop bands that has an official lightstick but don’t have announced any official color. it depends on each band’s management

Finally their picture changed

lmao… having more lines doesn’t mean anything as main vocals usually sing the more difficult parts in songs. High pitched voice doesn’t mean much either, it’s the technique and your vocal range doesn’t make your technique better or worse.

Jennie is main rapper, center, face of the group, and vocalist

as a jennie stan i can tell you that she isnt the face. she might be the center but it hasnt been offical yet

Could you please guys shut the fuck up and accept the fact that Jisoo is FOTG and not Jennie? RESPECT EACH OF THE MEMBERS AND CALM YOUR SOLO STAN ASS. They are finally coming back tomorrow so let’s support all of them. Stream the mv and I repeat, you better shut the fuck up about this Face of the Group Thingy. That’s all, thank you.

Jennie is a lead vocal. Even though they didnt say then why would she sing the chorus? Why does she get more singing lines (if she doesnt rap in a song) than Jisoo when Jisoo is the “main lead vocal?” they didnt state that lisa is a sub-vocal but she is a sub-vocal. So why would she sing the chorus and have more singing lines than jisoo?


Jisoo isn’t the most popular.She’s useless

Wtf? I’m a Nini biased but wtf? Jennie’s “C O N F I R M E D” positions were only Main Rapper and a vocalist. She’s never a LEAD VOCAL and a LEAD DANCER. She just sang the chorus parts at AIIYL. Wtf? Jisoo is the only Lead Vocal. Center? How come? Always at the second or third spot on pictures what about the other members beside her. Please.

this is the most stupid comment ive read so far. lol

there’s no position such as “dancer”. the four of them do dance. only lisa and rosé has the main and lead dancing positions. :3

pls update the pics~

They have personal IGS now

Rosé’s personal ig – @roses_are_rosie
Lisa- @lalalalisa_m
Jennie – @jennierubyjane
Jisoo’s – @sooyaaa__

I’m sorry for putting the wrong IG account a few weeks ago cuz I thought the acc was real but now they have their ig already…yayyyyy

No she’s not…. nothing ha been confirmed… stop spreading false positions so far this are the positions confirmed

Watch their comeback and you’ll see why Jisoo is Lead Vocal

I agree!

No she’s not! nothing has been confirmed centers are usually Lead Dancers like Yerin, Jungkook, JB and many more

Jennie is not Face of the Group, Center nor a Dancer can we please just face the facts!

GUYS!!! Watch their MV!!! and you’ll see Rose is Main Vocal, Lead Dancer, Jisoo is Lead Vocal, Visual, Face of the Group, Jennie is Main Rapper, Vocal and Lisa is Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocal


If someone would be Center it would be Lisa or Rose since this are their Center Distribution

1. Lisa
2. Rose

1. Rose
2. Jennie

Playing With Fire
1. Jennie
2. Jisoo

As if it’s your last
1. Lisa
2. Jennie

So Hot
1. Rose
2. Lisa

Meaning Lisa has 2 first place and one second place same with Rose she has 2 first place and one second place
Jennie has 1 first place and has 2 second place and Jisoo has 1 second place so the best candidate for Center is Lisa and Rose for now let’s just wait and see for the center distribution for ddu du ddu du

Individual account on instagram.

Jisoo is now a rapper. She raps on their album songs but not in the mv. Watch it. 🙂

Please change the comeback song

i think jisso would be labled as a sub rapper

i don’t wanna compare groups, but i will for the sake of proving my point.

in Twice, Jeongyeon is a lead vocal, while Sana and Tzuyu are only vocalists. but they also get more lines than Jeongyeon does AND sing the chorus (this is based on What is Love’s line distribution). so as you asked “why would she sing the chorus?” even tho Jennie isn’t a lead? nobody knows. ask the people who distributed the lines. but i know that line distribution does not equal vocal/rap positions. if that were true, then Lisa would be the main rapper, not Jennie (since Jennie doesn’t rap in PWF or AIIYL and basically has the same amount of rap lines in Boombayah and Whistle) (Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du finally shows that she’s the main rapper).

all in all, we should just wait for the official positions and then not question them by trying to reason with line distribution, cuz honestly? line distribution is a liar most of the time, lol

each of the blackpink members now have their own personal instagrams:

Lisa: @ lalalalisa_m
Rose: @ roses_are_rosie
Jennie: @ jennierubyjane
Jisoo: @ sooyaaa__

lol, i was literally wondering how the positions would change or if any would be added. Jisoo’s shooting for that rapper/sub rapper spot



you clearly don’t know what the fotg is if you don’t know that Jisoo is the face

The new latest comeback is now realised!♡ Ddu du ddu du

Isn’t Jennie a lead vocal? I know it isn’t connfirmed but she gets more lines than Jisoo some songs, even when you take out her rap lines.

BLACKPINK Instagrams!!





Even if she has more lines than Jisoo, it doesn’t make her a lead vocal

Isn’t Jennie the face of the group ??

The girls have their own instagrams
Lisa: @lalalalisa_m
Jennie: @jennierubyjane
Rose: @roses_are_rosie
Jisoo: @sooyaaa__
Also, you should change the photos and the comeback video

Rose and Lisa are in the center a lot in their choreo because they’re the lead and main dancers. If BP has a center, which I don’t think they have tbh, it’s Jennie. She’s usually always in the center on their photoshoots (with Jisoo ‘cuz she’s the visual), and she usually always stands in the center at the end of their choreo’s. But, I don’t really think there’s an official center in BP.

When did they announce their instagrams?

They posted a picture of Blackpink’s instagram & tagged their personals

I’m Sorry, but I think that positions are Wrong!!

The Correct Positions:

Jisoo – Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face of The Group, Sub-Rapper
Jennie – Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Center
Rosé – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lisa – Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae

Even though, Rosé and Lisa have big center time, Jennie have too and she’s always in the center using a different color of clothes or in the center of the photo!!

So please, reconsider!! But totally Jennie is a Lead Vocalist!! And I think that she’s the Center

I think It’s More

Jisoo – Lead Vocalist, Visual, Face of The Group
Jennie – Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Dancer, Center, Face of The Group
Rosé – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lisa – Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Maknae

No, she is. She represents Blackpink in events, so she and Jisso are the Face’s of the Group. She have big center lines both in choreographies and promotional photos, SO SHE’S THE CENTER, She kills when she’s dancing, so maybe she’s a Dancer just. You’re the only one who have to face the facts.

Sorry, but Jennie is a Lead Vocalist. And Wikipedia is not the Boss

There isn’t a center in the group since there are 4 members. Jennie also isn’t a lead vocal. As of now she’s just a vocalist, but we’ll see in the future. The positions are correct, but we’ll see what YG says now

The positions are correct and are the ones YG has given them. YG said that Jennie is a vocalist, but we’ll see in the future

There isn’t a center when the group consists of 4 members. I don’t think YG does it that way anyways. 2ne1 for example were a group of 4 and CL was almost always in the center, but she didn’t have the center position.

They have a new MV, can be seen here;
…but they have’nt did a comeback yet with this MV so it’s up to you guys if we should add it here…

You in Opposite direction of Human, huh? Why are u thinking Lisa is Rosé and Rosé is Lisa? Please look at those pics in this Profile first before confirming Lisa is Main Vocal not Rosé.

the actual positions listed have been confirmed by YG.
do you have any proofs on the positions you listed?
we talk about official positions here not about biased positions!

First of all Jennie is not a Lead Vocalist… second Jennie is not the Center like you said Lisa and Rose has the most center positions in their performances and in the photo shoots how can someone be in the center when they are 4…. third Jisoo is not a Sub-Rapper Rose also had the same part as her… so does this mean Rose is a Sub-Rapper too?!

Nope Jisoo is

I agree I made this because people keep on saying Jennie is center and I made this to prove to them that in case someone would be center it’ll be Rose or Lisa

I agree but it’s not Jennie… if you notice most centers are either Main Dancers or Lead Dancers like Yerin, Jungkook, JB and many more you mostly know whos the center in their choreos and not in the photoshoot the most likely whos in the center of the photoshoot is either the FOTG or the Visual and not the Center

Jisoo won;t be a rapper Rose also had the same part as her so does this means she’s a rapper too?! I t sounded like it was rapping because she has a deep voice

Rosè can twist her wrist in 360 degrees.

And actually in their songs Rose, Jennie and Lisa were in the center when they end their songs Boombayah it was Rose and Jennie, for Whistle it was Jennie and Lisa, for Playing with Fire it was Jisoo and Jennie, for As if it’s your Last it was Rose and Lisa and for So Hot… after they performed So Hot they had to perform AIYL so when they ended they didn’t get to pose for the ending of So Hot but if they did Rose and Lisa was in the Center but yet again ending poses doesn’t prove who the Center is Got7’s JB is their center but Jackson is usually in the center in the ending pose

I don’t think she would… Rose also had that part the only reason you though she was rapping was because she has a deep voice

My Queens are back❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍 BLACKPINK FIGHTING!!

jennie is a lead vocalist

oh she was introduced at least once as a lead vocalist?
lead vocalist is not about how many singing lines one has but about the singing technique
she sings more since the previous comeback but she was still introduced as a Main Rapper only and Jisoo was the only one introduced as a Lead Vocalist
people keep guessing their positions, but let’s go with YG’s decision
BP will be invited to shows again, most probably, so let’s wait to see how they will be introduced this time

She’s not….

Lisa’s friends with CLC’s Sorn too

It’s okay

Yeah, I agree with @Sophea Teng

And Taehyung from BTS has a deep voice, that doesn’t mean he is a rapper

I see you everywhere. You don’t have anything to do?

jennie is a lead vocalist!

useless? do u know who is useless? Look in the mirror and u will find it. 🙂

She’s not!! Can please SOME Jennie Fans stop saying she’s Lead Vocalist, She’s Lead Dancer, She’s Center…. She’s not OK! Accept it! Stop being biased!

Jennie is FOTG and Lead Vocalist 🙂

they aren’t usually the centers because of their dancing skills though, they’re the centers because they’re usually just the more popular member. of course rose and lisa are getting a lot of center time in their choreos because they are the LEAD and MAIN dancer. but being the center doesn’t mean you only get a lot of center time in the choreo, the centers are usually always placed in the middle of photoshoots, promotions, video shoots, etc. nayeon is the center of twice and she’s not in the dance line.

“Jennie is a lead vocalist” can you stop being so biased and insist that jennie is a lead vocal?! I love jennie, but you HAVE to accept their positions! First about FOTG, you all say it’s supposed to be Jennie instead of Jisoo. Second about Center, and again i have to tell there’s no center in a 4-membered group, yet you still say Jennie is the center! Third about lead vocalist, you kept on saying “Jennie has more lines than Jisoo so jennie is a lead vocalist”, How would you tell just from that?! There were proofs down the comment! Gosh i’m so upset right now….

Top 7 fastest accounts to reach 1 million followers on IG in 24 hrs

1. Pope Francis: 12 hrs (2016)
2. Kai: 15 hrs (2018)
3. Jennie: 16 hrs
4. Rose: 17 hrs
5. Jisoo: 18 hrs
6. Lisa: 19 hrs
7. David Beckham: 24 hrs (2015)

Lol so biased!
Jennie was never introduced as a Lead Vocalist but only as a Main Rapper. Jisoo was introduced as a Lead Vocalist!
There is not such a position as Dancer – they all dance!!!! It’s just Main Dancer or Lead Dancer!!!

As for FOTG that means the member that usually represents the band on Tv shows, commercials, etc. That is Jisoo!
She was an MC and she has a lot of solo commercials!

So, instead of being biased, come with PROOFS when you list the positions!

I’m sick of Jennie stans keep insisting she is a Lead Vocalist! She was NEVER introduced as one! When she will be introduced as a Lead Vocalist her position will be changed to that!
She is also not a FOTG. FOTG means the member who represent the band alone on TV shows, commercials, etc. That is Jisoo.

@ jeremiah
Because YA making stuff up, get over yourself cause she isn’t a lead vocal

They have not been comfirmed by YG, so stop lying and being so biased, YOUR BABE AIN’T LEAD VOCAL, JUST GET OVER IT

Jennie is NOT a LEAD vocal, people get over it. She is a vocal but not lead so people stop being so biased

I agree with what Emily said. My bias is Jennie but she is not FOTG.. Like said Emily “FOTG means the member who represent the band alone on TV” and so far more Jisoo only represented Blackpink.
And she is not lead vocalist. She is just vocalist. Is it so bad? (She sings beautifully and that’s enough. Like Jisoo and Rose 😉 )
And center.. How can someone be in the center in a group of four..(none of them is). Just please stop to make Jenny look bad .. She don’t deserve it..

Lisa is part of a group chat with all the thai idols (like bambam, and ten and sorn)

Being in the center in photo shoots or promotion or videos is not the center but the Face of the Group or Visual since their the ones who give the most impact to the fans JB is GOT7’s center yet he’s not that famous same with GFriend’s Yerin and many more and like I said their isn’t a center in Blacpink since they are a 4 membered group but IF THERE WAS it would probably be Lisa or Rose

Jisoo is a 95 liner ??!! I thought she was born in 92 and not in 95 ?!!

Jennie is actually a lead vocalist. She’s a main rapper and lead vocalist, those are her positions. There is no center in BLACKPINK. Jennie is not a lead dancer or the center. Stop hating on her and spreading false information. You have to accept the fact that Jennie is actually a lead vocalist. Her vocals are strong and beautiful. Literally a year ago this website said she was a lead vocalist.

If Jennie isn’t a Lead Vocalist then she should at least be a Sub Vocalist?

but she is already listed as a Vocalist
the Koreans call Vocalists as Sub Vocalists but it’s the same thing
Vocalist = Sub Vocalist

Jennie was never introduced as a Lead Vocalist only Jisoo was
let’s accept the positions assigned to them by YG

This is confusing. She is not a lead vocalist and yet she gets more singing lines than Jisoo who is a lead vocalist lol what

Vocalist > sub-vocalist, vocalists get more lines than sub-vocalists

That is because a Lead vocalist is all about the singing technique not about the number of lines
Basically a Lead vocalist is the one having the 2nd best singing technique after the Main vocalist

According to YG that is Jisoo

Lead vocalist is about their singing techniques, not about who gets more line. Jisoo was the only one introduced as one(lead vocalist) and Jennie isn’t.

Okay, from the way how you wrote that, you are a Jennie stan and you’re TOO biased. Jennie was never a lead vocal neither a lead dancer. And, Blackpink is a 4-membered group, how can there be a center? Yes, jennie may be good at dance but the position “lead dancer” was never exist to her. Also, if what you had listed there is actually correct, can you tell us which interview jennie had said that? More accurately, tell us the proof if this is really Jennie’s position.

…….are you REALLY a Blink? Or maybe you got confused with their faces and voices? You should learn more about the meaning of each positions.

Gosh, who ARE you to say that?! You know Jisoo stan will feel upset about this, so do i. Listen here, AT LEAST SHE IS BETTER THAN YOU. SHE IS A VISUAL AND A LEAD VOCAL, SHE HAS A UNIQUE VOICE. WHAT DO YOU HAVE? I know you have nothing like what Jisoo have. Someone like you shouldn’t be here. Just BACK OFF. PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE USELESS ONES HERE. Blackpink had faced so many hates when they debut. And I’m 100% sure you are one of the haters. BLACKPINK DESERVES MORE LOVE AND SUPPORT FROM US, BLINKS. AND YOU, I’M TELLING YOU TO BACK OFF AGAIN. I’m very upset right now bcs Jisoo is my bias. Please, just stop hating, i swear it’s better for your sake. That’s all from me.

can everyone stop the arguments about jennie’s positions please? for a time i thought jennie was the lead vocalist and center too, but yg never confirmed that! jennie may get more lines than jisoo, but being the lead vocalist doesn’t mean you always have to get the second most lines, you just have one of the better techniques. jennie probably gets a lot of lines because her voice suits the song better. and after all, it’s just a position, it’s not thAT deep tho

some of yall also needa stop on jennie for getting the most lines n shit but yall just needa remember that she doesn’t choose the lines she gets! their producer does!

We never blamed Jennie for everything we were just telling people who are being biased that they should accept what Jennie’s position is….

i never said you blamed her. 😐
that was just meant for the people who DO blame them.

guys chill. obviously yg had to put jennie as vocalist and jisoo as lead. or else what would that make of jisoo? lisa main dancer. jennie main rapper. jisoo.

Omg, i just found the worst comment here. There’s this someone who commented “Jisoo isn’t the most popular. She’s useless.”
Gosh, like who is that person to even say that? I know Jisoo is better than that person, she/he’s SO RUDE. AND IF THAT PERSON IS READING THIS COMMENT, I WANT TO TELL HER/HIM JUST BACK OFF AND LEAVE BLACKPINK’S FANDOM IF YOU KEEP ON BEING LIKE THAT. Blackpink had received so many hateful comments when they debut, but look now, they’re successful. Blackpink deserve more Love and Support from us Blinks. And IF THERE’S MORE OF THIS KIND OF COMMENT, ONCE AGAIN I SAY, LEAVE BLACKPINK’S FANDOM. Stop hating, it’s for your own sake. You hate people and people will hate you back.


He put jisoo as a lead vocalist and Jennie as a vocalist because of their talent. Being a lead vocalist is about technique and therefore jisoo is a lead vocalist whilst Jennie isn’t.

Yeah… that’s why I said we not I

stop being bias bish people, Jennie isn’t the Lead Vocal she’s just a vocal. I’m so sick about Jennie’s stans. Come on we both love jennie. So stop it you just making jennie look bad.

Why are there too many people so pressed on jennies position? Gago. I feel like jennie has no significant position and people pushes her to be just an add on member. Like why can’t she be these and thats. I feel pity for jennie. Almost everybody hate her in the fandom

yeah exactly, also check blackpink’s biography on spotify. it says “jennie kim main rapper/vocalist”

Lead vocalist means who starts the most of their song😊

but SOME people do

I’m so sick of Jennie stans who doesn’t want to accept the fact that Jennie is just a vocalist, and not the Lead. First of all, before you comment more of “Jennie is a lead vocal she has more lines than Jisoo”, JUST GO AND LEARN THE TRUE MEANING OF A LEAD VOCAL. And, THERE IS NO CENTER IN A 4 MEMBERED GROUP. JISOO IS THE FOTG AND NOT JENNIE. FOTG DOESN’T MEAN “The most famous one”, IT MEANS A MEMBER WHO REPRESENTS THE GROUP. JUST SHUT THE FK UP AND ACCEPT WHAT YG HAD CONFIRMED FOR JENNIE! Support Blackpink as a whole, and not only one member. Haters, please, just back off and do not bother about our girls.

jennie is not the lead vocal. can jennie stans stop

Jennie is not lead vocal yg never said it

Maybe she is not officially but she has a very good voice so is kinda stupid to deny it like that, Jisoo is not better than her. You don’t have to be a Jennie’s stan to say that.

The face of the group means the most famous members everywhere, this is the true meaning, in the new generation people just started to create another meanings. Jennie is that one because she is usually number 1 or 2 in popularity in different countries. And I don’t understand what is the big deal of lead vocal, is not like Jisoo is better than Jennie.

Do you even know what are you talking about? Jisoo is the most stable from group in singing but she is not better than Jennie, actually, Jennie has a stronger voice. And Rose has a beautiful voice but she is the most unstable from group in singing. Is actually not a big deal since Jennie is the main rapper, maybe she is not a lead vocal but she acts like one for sure.

All these people arguing about Jennie being a lead vocal… Guys, the people are saying that because she acts like one, that is the truth. Yes, Jisoo is officially the lead vocal but she is not better than Jennie. I have studies in music and if I would see their videos for the first time, I would never put Jennie lower than Jisoo. You can ask any person who knows something about music, this is the truth. You don’t have to be a Jennie’s stan to say that. Yes, Jisoo has this position officially but considering the situation, is not a big deal if people consider Jennie like that.

YG has their own vocal trainers and vocal specialists. If they gave the Lead Vocal position to Jisoo and not to Jennie, we have to accept that!

I also personally like more Jennie’s voice, but I’m sick of people saying ‘Jennie is a Lead Vocalist’. NO! According to YG, she is the Main Rapper and the Lead Vocalist is Jisoo. We have to accept the OFFICIAL positions not inventing the positions our self. That’s all.

This is SO TRUE. I agree 100%. Jisoo is the lead vocal, and it was never confirmed that Jennie was lead vocal. Also, if you watch Ddu-du Ddu-du, you’ll see that Jisoo is the lead vocal.

Actually the FOTG means the member most promoted in S. Korea a.k.a the Representative of their band a.k.a the Face of the group
Is the member who promote their band by appearing in different shows, CFs, etc
(ex. AOA’s Seolhyun, Momoland’s JooE,, EXID’s Hani, MissA’s Suzy, etc)

The position referrers only to their promotions in Korea not to their popularity in let’s say Papua New Guinea or Marshall Islands…
And is reflected in their TV appearances. Some members, usually considered very popular are invited to appear in CFs (because those products then sell well) or are invited to different shows (because the ratting increase)

This is the actual meaning of the FOTG but many people still believe is the most popular member internationally, or the member you 1st think of, or the Visual, or who knows what else….

Not really… YG’s vocal trainers are not that good tho, YG is actually good when it comes to rap. For example, Rose has a beautiful voice but she is the most unstable member in BP, it was the same with Bom. Jisoo is the most stable member but Jennie’s voice is stronger. As a person who knows something about music, I can’t say something false. I’m not inventing nothing, I’m just correct about Jennie’s voice. Yes, Jisoo has this position officially, I accept that but I will never argue if Jennie is named like that too, is just too stupid.

Yes i agree with you. Its so sad people are arguing with each other, making Jennie an evil and awful person Instead of supporting her… This is sick…. I sometimes feel that she is the most hated members because of this… This stupid comments…
Support all of them! But please don’t make Jennie look bad…

I NEVER say Jisoo is better than jennie. More likely, I could not compare blackpink with each other, they all are talented and amazing. Face of the group does not means the most famous one, please search the meaning of it. I’m just so sick and upset reading all these comments saying something like Jennie is way better than jisoo and jennie deserves this, deserves that….I want all these to stop. I am a jisoo stan but that doesnt mean i hate the other members. I want all Jennie stan to stop these and instead, compliment Blackpink’s members and share more information about them, so we all blinks would get closer and become something like online friends.

Now we can see who is comparing who. Or do you know what you are talking about too? You are comparing your JENNIE BABE with Jisoo. What the heck?! Can you people stop comparing them? There is no way jennie is better than jisoo nor Jisoo is better than Jennie. They were all talented, if not then why would they become an idol? Wouldn’t you get mad when people is saying jisoo is better than jennie everywhere?!

Lol does Jisoo looks that old to you?😂😂

Another one who DOES NOT understand…

LEAD vocalist doesnt mean who gets more lines or other….it mean the member who has a better technique in vocals. To answer your question, YES, Jisoo was introduced as a lead vocalist. The one listed on their profiles are true, it’s confirmed by YG already. Jisoo was introduced as a lead vocal on Get It Beauty, with their sunbae, 2NE1’s Dara introducing them.
There’s proof. Still don’t believe huh?

even if she has a very good voice, she is NOT a lead vocalist. why? because YG didn’t assign her that position. that’s why.

Hahahaha so naive… You are saying that all of them are equal? Stop dreaming. All of them are good but ofc that at different levels. Jennie is not my “babe,” I’m just a correct person, if Jisoo would have been better, ofc I would have respected that. I would be hypocrite to say that when for me is obvious. Ask any person who knows something about music if you are not capable to make the difference yourself. Is okay if you like Jisoo more too but don’t talk bullshit.

That is the meaning of the face of the group, I was there when it was invented(period), I know that for sure, just some fans from the new generation invented another meanings. Ofc they are all talented but at different levels, if Jisoo would have been better, ofc I would have respected that. I would be hypocrite to say that when for me is obvious. Ask any person who knows something about music. Just think before you speak, why I would talk without knowing?! I don’t have to be a Jennie’s stan to say that. I’m a BP’s big fan but I’m not a blink, I just prefer to not be called like that. And if you are such a good blink then you should be correct too, is obvious that Jennie has a stronger voice. In the end, you can believe what you want, I don’care that much.

Hit you with that DDU DDU DDU ~~~ 🖤💖🖤💖

can you change jennie’s position on vocalist to lead vocalist because i saw jennie’s singing with g-dragon okay

Almost every recent comments here are all about this topic. Get over it. So what if she sings with G-Dragon? What does that mean?

That doesnt make her a Lead Vocalist

…….does that proof jennie is a lead vocal?…pls just dont start this again. Its confirmed jennie is a vocal and main rapper, is that not enough?

Okay, let’s just end this. Let’s all forget about all these and just start off new. I don’t want to pick a fight among us, so please…let’s just keep this our OWN opinion, so i’d respect yours and you’d respect mine. Deal? And all these would stop.

Ofc you can believe what you want in the end, I know I’m right tho.

Okay, i won’t say you are right or i am right, and i can believe what i want and so do you. So stop these and just get over with it. I’m so tired of this. If this kept on going, it won’t end, because i know none of us would want to give up.

And with puffy cheeks

Jennie is not always in the center. Search some photoshoots, you’ll see why jennie is not a center. and she is not the face of the group because the one who gets promoted the most and represents the group is the eldest member, Jisoo.

Let me clear some things-;
Leader – A member who takes care of his or her members and represent them in many different ways. Must be mature and need respect from the members.
Main vocalist – The member who has the best singing technique and usually sings the chorus. Sometimes the lead sings the chorus, whilst the main does adlibs.
Lead vocalist – The member who has the second best singing technique and sings the chorus alongside with the main vocalist.
Sub vocalist – The member who’s aside from the main and lead, also supports both main and lead vocalists.
Main rapper – The member who has the best raping skills. Sometimes there are rappers who write their own lyrics.
Lead rapper – The member who has second best rapping skills and usually starts the rap.
Sub rapper – The member who is better at rapping than vocalists but not as great as the main and lead.
Main dancer – The member with the best dancing skills and usually gets a solo dance break.
Lead dancer – The member with the second best dancing skills and often dance in the front.
Visual – The member who is considered the most attractive. (according to Korean beauty standard)
Face Of The Group – The member who is usually invited to varity shows in order to promote him/herself and to represent the group and to bring popularity to the band.
Center – The center is usually placed in the middle during interviews, photoshoots etc. It can be change from one member to another according their promotion time.
Maknae – The maknae is always the youngest member, they tend to be cute and adorable. Some maknaes can be evil
and would often tease their hyung/unnie.

You guys might see Jisoo is the least popular in the polls, but in reality, Jisoo is the most popular in South Korea.

Yes, you might see me in the comments saying a lot…i actually feel sorry for saying like that, but it’s the sake of proving my point.

I’m NOT talking about BULLSHIT. When did i ever say they are equal? YOU are the one who should stop dreaming. I only say they are talented and not equal. Wtf.

Ah yeah ah yeah~~

What you gonna do when i come come through with that that uh uh huh
What you gonna do when i come come through with that that uh uh huh

Each member have their own position with their ability skills.
You cannot assumed everyone or YG to have the same opinion as you thought.
Its Must Be Officially deicide By Yg Ent. for each position.
Get over it, stop arguing it because postiton for each of Blackpink member was officially being decide.
All those people who denied Yg ent. position to each member must be new Kpop fan (2-5 YEARS MAYBE) or not known Yg artists at all. YG Vocal trainers are so good since singer can rap and rapper can sing. Even YG Languages Teacher are also good since all artists in YG can speak more than 2 languages. That why to debut in YG is hard because you must worked hard, that why YG artists is exclusive and being adore by others idols.
The reason why you see Jennie are skillful in vocal because THIS IS YG ENT….Rapper need to know how to sing, Vocal need to know how to rap, Visual not just as a attractive face but must be multitalented too. That why all of the rappers can singing so well. YG artist need to know basic music produce also since YG WANT ALL HIS ARTISTS SKILLFUL AND TALENTED.
Jisoo VOCAL are beyond incredible than others visual in kpop. She has husky, unique and different vibe than others singers. You dont have to be Jisoo bias to realize that.

Korea Popularity
1. Jisoo
2. Jennie
3. Rose
4. Lisa

International Popularity
1. Lisa
2. Jennie
3. Rose
4. Jisoo

But still Jennie Stans don’t have to say “Oh! Jennie is better so she’s Lead Vocalist” or “Oh! Jennie has more lines so she’s Lead Vocalist” people need o accept that Jennie is a just VOCALIST we need to accept YG’s decision

and IMO Jisoo is better in terms of technique… when it is a high parts it still sounds great but when Jennie does it, no offence but… it sounds like she’s shouting but I reeeeeaaalllllyyyyy love Jennie, I love Blackpink but I guess some people are just being biased….

No that’s not the true meaning!! FOTG means you represent the group in Variety Shows! and Jisoo is better than Jennie in terms of vocal technique she’s not a Lead Vocalist for no reason…

It’s not stupid it’s correct! That’s not her position so she stays a VOCALIST! not a LEAD VOCALIST! My goodness why can’t people just accept it… Jisoo is better she’s not a lead vocalist for no reason.

Jennie is shouting sometimes for fun but she is good at officially performances. Is YG’s decision but is not correct, having studies in music, I will be hypocrite to say Jisoo is better than Jennie when she is clearly not. Jennie’s voice is stronger. And I’m not Jennie’s stan, I don’t have to be one to say the truth. In the end, Jisoo is the lead vocal, good but this title doesn’t make her better than Jennie.

Don’t some of you just say that Jennie is a lead vocal because she(and Rose)sings the chorus for AIIYL? Then did you forget about Whistle, Boombayah, Playing with fire and Stay? Jisoo and Rose sung the chorus too…(just saying…)

……no one is hating on Jennie….It’s just some Jisoo stans do exist here, and Jennie stans were saying “Jennie has more lines than Jisoo”, “Jennie is better than Jisoo”, “Jennie deserves being a lead vocalist than Jisoo”…..don’t you think Jisoo stan could be hurt by this? It’s quite obvious that they kinda hate Jisoo for getting that position. And for them to prove their point, they had to say things like that to tell Jennie stans to believe Jisoo is the only lead vocal. We couldn’t deny that Jennie’s voice is actually stronger, but that does not mean she is a lead vocal.

Usually Main and Lead Vocalists sing the chorus, but sometimes even Vocalists can sing the chorus (ex. Sana of Twice sings the chorus in a few songs but she is just a Vocalist)

I also think it makes no sense to keep arguing about their positions. Now Jennie stans complain why she is a Vocalist not a Lead Vocalist, some time ago Lisa stans were complaining why she is Lead Rapper and not Main Rapper…

Some say Lisa raps more than Jennie and she should be the Main Rapper. But YG decided that Jennie is the Main Rapper

It’s the same with Jennie and Jisoo… YG decided Jennie is a Vocalist and Jisoo a Lead Vocalist. End of discussion

Yes i know jennie is just a vocalist, what i’m tying to say is, they were all arguing about this lead vocal position, and i’m trying to prove that jisoo is a lead vocalist since they all argue about AIIYL era only, but they forget about Boombayah, Whistle and stay.

New Blackpink fans are totally annoying . Didnt they watch other Mv and listen to other songs too?
Jisoo is Lead Vocal. You dont have to be Jisoo bias to admit it. She sing mostly part that had to be sing along with Rose because why? Lead vocal voice need to have different vibe/sound voice than Main vocal so their can create great melody.
Her voice totally different and have a unique husky that you cant find at any singer. (Iam not Jisoo bias because iam True Blinks and love all of them) I hate when other downgrade Jisoo because no one deserve to be critic just because she not your bias. If that person that talk rude about jisoo saying she not Jennie stan, she/he must be hypocrite or maybe she Blackpink ANTIS that trying to provoked Blinks to hate each others.

Yeah, I understood you. I only posted that for the ones who keep complaining.

90% of this fandom is great, but there are like 10% who always complain, speak badly about the other members except their bias and make the whole fandom and the girls look really bad. 🙁

Uh… no offence but it sounds like she is… The positions YG gave is not correct?!?! That’s so dumb…. He will not give a position unless that person deserves it…. Jennie did not deserve Lead Vocal position because Jisoo does. I would be a hypocrite too saying Jennie is better than Jisoo when it’s super duper not…

Yeah, i agree with you…

Yeah, it honestly made me so…upset, i guess? We were supposed to support them and all but this fandom is just…uncontrollable. They do know jennie is just a vocal but they kept on saying jennie deserves a better place like lead vocal and fotg. They all can see Jisoo is the one who gets promoted the most, like wth?

Yup, totally. Just some time ago they were all arguing about how lisa is supposed to be a main rapper since she raps in almost all of their songs. And now is a fight about who is a better at being a lead vocal. They just couldn’t accept it that jennie isn’t a lead vocal and only jisoo is. Some also argue about fotg….its making them look bad, especially jennie..

lmao it’s so obvious that you’re a fanatic of Jennie

Jennie’s favourite colours are black and pink.(she said it in V-Live)
Jisoo’s favourite colour is purple.
Jisoo is close friends with Twice’s Nayeon, Gfriend’s Sowon, Red Velvet’s Seulgi and WJSN’s Bona.
Jisoo is best at watching scary movies(V-Live with Rosè)
Rosè loves tea.
Rosè is a Christian.
One of Rose’s role model is IU.
Lisa’s parents owned a hospital in Thailand.
Lisa’s stepfather is a chef.
Jennie’s favourite movie genre is Romance.
Jennie is close friends with Twice’s Nayeon, Gfriend’s Yeris, Melody Day’s Chaehee and Hello Venus’s Lime.

I don’t have to be a fanatic of Jennie to say this, I’m just correct. You are delusional not knowing something like this. Is your problem in the end.

No, she doesn’t. No offence but you don’t know nothing about music if you can say that Jisoo is better than Jennie. I’m speaking from what I know and I’m sure. I never said it she doesn’t deserve it tho, I was just saying that she is not better than Jennie.

But you know more music than YG?
If YG said Jisoo is a Lead Vocalist and Jennie is a Vocalist, that is! The END!

According to Rosè at MBC Radio FM2U, her ideal type is Gong Yoo

Lisa’s parents own a hospital and they don’t own it anymore?
I read that Lisa’s mom is the one who owns the hospital, but I thought she still owns it?

Oh no no, they still own it i think?

Hahahaha Ofc YG knows music but is not really a fair company, that is their biggest problem, you can really say that looking at Rose or Bom? You are so naive… I said a fact about them, is your problem if you want to be delusional. If you get the chance, you really should ask someone from domain, you will hear the same thing. You don’t have a idea how stupid it sounds… Yes, in the end is your choice. I will end it here too.

Dont forget to follow lisa on insta @lalalalisa_m.

IF JENNIE WAS LEAD VOCALLY.YG WOULD SAY SHE WAS LEAD VOCAL. BUT SHE ISN’T. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. JISOO IS THE FACE OF THE GROUP. SHE REPRESENTS THEM. You jennie stans are so annoying.No wonder other stans hate yall especially lisa stans.

Jennie stans always putting down jisoo saying she isn’t the lead vocally or the face of the group. No wonder lisa stans call jennie stans toxic af.

No it doesn’t. Lead vocal is the person in the group with the second best technique

You’re not right? If you could just open your mind a little bit and realize that you’re not always right, this would be a lot easier. FOTG is the person in the group most promoted, not the most popular person.

The lead vocalist is the person in the group with the second best technique. Jisoo has the best technique in the group tho. But anyways can you just come to terms with the fact that jisoo is the lead vocal for a reason? Jeez

I’m a Jennie stan here (but I love all members)tbh,who wouldn’t want your bias to have the best thing but if jennie is not the lead vocals and YG only say Jisoo is then we all(jennie stan)should accept it.I’m actually very happy that all the members get equal line,screen tine and center distribution this time,everyone shine in their own way.I hope no one (Jennie stans)would continue to say that jennie is the lead vocal and FOTG just makes us seem desperate and super toxic.I also hope the others to stop saying that we,Jennie stan,is toxic,bad,etc..cuz not all of us are the same

Wasn’t Jisoo 2nd on the poll what happened?

its because people vote for others also,they won’t just stay in one place

I already explained myself… At YG is not really like that in vocals, Rose has one of the most beautiful voices in kpop(in present) but her technique is not good, she is the most unstable member in group. She still have the most powerful voice tho Maybe Jisoo is perfectly stable but Jennie’s voice is stronger, Jennie is actually better. Yes, Jisoo has this position but the people are reacting like that just because Jennie was named lead vocal too, considering the situation, is just stupid, is not like she doesn’t deserve it too. In the end, you can believe what you want, is your problem.

People don’ have to study or know music to say Jisoo is better than Jennie in terms of vocals. Jisoo still sounds fine when she sings high parts while Jennie doesn’t (though I still love Jennie’s voice)

She actually makes sense YG wouldn’t make Jisoo a Lead Vocal for nothing that’s like COMMON SENSE…

oh, is that so? suit yourself then


stfu and stan Jisoo <3

Lisa also knows how to play the guitar. She said rose teached her when they were trainees.

Stan Lisa 🙂

Lisa is the most rich. Correct me if im wrong. Her step dad is a world chef. His famous for his cooking and has been in many cooking shows. Her mom is a ceo of some company. And her real dad owns a damn hospital. But she does get paid 6 times less cause shes thai and not korean.

Jennie gets the most lines cause yg and teddy love her. It’s not fair for the other members like jisoo and lisa. Honestly. He won’t even showcase lisa dance skills by putting her on a dance show or giving her a dance break. I hope he knows this unfair treatment is going to affect the fandom. More fan wars inside the fandom is not good. We are already divided. When those jennie stans said fuck you to lisa. Some lisa stans are still mad about that. Jennie stans are always writing in yg insta saying that jennie is better than all of them. Look at @fromyg if you don’t believe me.

Out of all the members lisa want to the most expanse school. It costed a lots of money

jennie gets lazier every single comeback absolutely no improvement.
Just watch their live performances.
All you see in the comments is how jennie never tries but always gets the most lines and is always in the centre of the dance.
Watch this video.
No fucks

Um…there can be more than one lead vocalist right?
I mean, EXO has three main vocalists, doesn’t that mean that more than one person could have the same position?
I’m genuinely curious

I find it interesting how Jennie was born and lived in SK for a while and only studied abroad 5 years- yet her BIRTH name is Jennie Kim whereas Rosé was born in NZ and raised in Australia and her birth name is Park ChaeYoung

Yeah, you’re right, it can be more than just one Lead Vocalist in a band. But according to YG, in BlackPink the only Lead Vocalist so far is Jisoo.

Please don’t let those people represent all Jennie stans. Not all of us are like that and we don’t want people to be toxic. I don’t think Jennie would want her fans bashing other members. Not all of us are the same. I definitely want all members to have fairer line distribution and screen time. Actually Jennie and Rosé both have many lines. Rosé has her unique vocals and Jennie does both rap and vocal. I wish Jisoo got more lines and Lisa got more focus on her dance. But please don’t let the toxic stans tarnish Jennie’s reputation. It is not her fault

Jennie is not always like that but I think it is a bad habit.
I don’t know why but she is like that occasionally. She does not always have this low energy though.

Right now you are making discussions offending others and Jennie… Instead of supporting all members, you make Jennie look bad…AGAIN.. Each girl has as many lines as she should. I think it has its own reason. And what is the comment? YG and Teddy love her… Wtf? They love all of them! So stop insulting people who like her and Jennie herself. That’s how it becomes the most hated member in the group. If you Blink you have to support all of Blackpink… I love all of them, so stop it fan wars..

But she was second right?

Yah,she was

Then, if you really saying fotg means the most popular member, who do you think it is? Dont fking tell me you say it’s Jennie. Bcs in Korea Jisoo is the most popular, lisa is the most popular according to international votes only.

How immature and uncivilized… for you to say my opinion is like an amateur’s. Most people also agree Jisoo is better than Jennie in terms of Vocal which means their opinion in like an amateur’s too… sad… that you parents even did not teach you good manners

maybe the parents of rose were more traditional whne jennies fam were actually american style or smth

maybe she is sick?
or if its an event they dont put much effort in it. I mean wasnt Rose supposed to be laying on the ground ._. and tbh i would be tired too if they kept repeatin n repeating only 1 single song for a whole year :v

ok but beside the lead vocal bs discussion. WTF JENNIE CANT BE JUST 50KG ?! pls tell me its a joke? How can we know her new weight?

Why do you think that if someone’s voice is stronger, they are a better vocalist? Technique is more important, plus jisoo is really stable in terms of singing live.

Depends of the case, here is more important, Jisoo’s voice is kinda weak, is a truth. Jisoo is really stable(maybe the most stable in singing from her group) but I have to say her parts are not that hard to do… Honestly, I’m starting to think that Lisa is not far away from her. Usually, Jennie is stable too, she had some moments when she wasn’t tho. I wasn’t saying she doesn’t deserve the title but is not a mistake to name Jennie like that too. And I don’t think the stability made the group here, I mean look at Rose. All of them have unique voice, that’s why I like them, I’m just saying, after watching at all their performances, you can’t say that naming Jennie a lead vocal is that grave, people made a big deal about this and I don’t understand why. I don’t have a good english, hope is pretty clear.

they had their weights listed on several Korean sites when they debuted but since then they didn’t update their weights.

so I guess we can just wait for them to actually update their weights else it’s all just speculation…

Jennie is now the most popular just look at individual brand reputation Jennie is higher than all member she was ranked 47 at both March and April and jisoo if I remember exactly was 51 and 63 so yes we can tell Jennie is the most popular in sk and in May Jennie was still higher I think it’s because jisoo isn’t an MC If you don’t trust me just look at the insta of jennierazzie
But jisoo is still the most promoted member So we don’t know who is the face and for center it’s definitely Jennie she s always in the middle photoshoot ending pose whatever you want even in their new center distribution she have the most so people need to stop arguing

Jisoo:lead vocalist, visual
Jennie :Main rapper Vocalist and center
Rose:Main vocal, lead dancer
Lisa:Main dancer lead rapper maknae

So stop I did not put Lisa as sub vocal because even if she sing a little in some songs she was not introduced as a vocal and I can’t count her as a sub vocal because Jennie will not have the same position if I take in consideration their vocal line in songs Jennie would be a lead vocal when she isn’t so stop and we don’t know who Is the face because Jennie is the most popular in sk but jisoo is the most promoted.

She cant be sick every single time they perform. She just doesn’t try anymore. A lot of blinks are starting to notice this.

The brand reputation for May 2018 is Jennie #40 , Jisoo #48, and Rose #79
Jennie and Jisoo are close in brand reputation value, but still, the most promoted so far is Jisoo, she’s the one that represents her band on tv, the “face of the group”

There’s no centre in a four membered group lmaoo.

There isn’t a center when the group consists of 4 members. I don’t think YG does it that way anyways. 2ne1 for example were a group of 4 and CL was almost always in the center, but she didn’t have the center position.

At first, Jennie was the least liked blackpink member because there were bullying rumors about her that said that she had bullied in the past. This however, has never been confirmed. this made her the least liked one. Later on, she started gaining popularity for her glamourous fashion, chanel modeling, and personality. There are still some people who don’t like her and still think she is fake and mean. On the otherhand, she is currently the second most popular member (if not the most). Honestly, Jennie was my bias from the start and I didn’t mind that she was the least liked one because that meant the less people I had to share her with.
BUT NOW…I JUST READ THE COMMENTS. ok yall saying that JENNIe STANS are saying that Jennie is a better vocalist or some shit. I AGREE THAT JISOO IS LEAD VOCALIST. buttt…why are you saying or implying that ALL jennie stans are all crazy and they’re the most hated or other crap. I’m SORRY that I’m a JENNIE STAN but excuse me for appreciating her visuals, vocals, rapping, and dancing. Some of you guys are even directing your hate to Jennie which is just really sad. Why do we stan Jennie? Because we just do? The fuck no. We stan talent. Not made up bull crap. Yes. It’s true that in some lives and performances she looks tired and lazy, but she can have her personal reasons for them. For example, they’ve been performing the same song for a year or maybe that’s her personality that her manager or YG set up for her. Blackpink are probably each assigned a stage personality. Jennie is mostly known as a chic (and sometimes cold) queen. In real life, she’s the opposite, a caring and cute person.

Because every sentence I write to defend Jennie is getting me madder and madder at my fandom, I’m going to end it here. PLEASE STOP FANDOM WARS. Not only Kpop band vs Kpop band…but Ship vs Ship…Member vs Member…Visual Vs Visual…CUT THE BULLSHIT. Become a multi- fandom stan and stan the entire band, not just one. I LOVE ALL MEMBERS OF BLACKPINK. It’s just that I like Jennie slightly more. That’s all.

Gawd damn. I wrote a lot . I should be a lawyer lmao. jk. mmk bai.

Edit: Another example is Twice’s Nayeon. She’s not even my bias. I still pity her though. Another one is Red Velvet’s Yeri. It’s 2018. gawd damn. Accept Yeri as a new member and accept Nayeon and Jennie as queens who are NOT fake.

shes fake

Jennie got many lines now.. but why people din’t like if Jennie have many lines? I know Jennie is vocalist now.. but why everyone din’t like if Jennie have many lines lol.. in As if it’s your last song, Lisa get the most lines.. and Blink is really happy when Lisa get many lines, and Lisa is vocalist.. But Jennie is vocalist too, and when Jennie got many lines everyone din’t like it -_- I am a Jennie stan but I’m not hate Lisa or other members.. but I just confused why people really hate Jennie if she got many lines.. if you’re a Blink you should be happy if the other members get the most lines, even though she is a vocalist.. I think Jennie always din’t gets the most lines in every song (maybe, I’m not really remember), so I think this is the time for Jennie to get the most lines.. when Lisa or other members gets the most lines and Jennie get the least lines, I’m not mad at all.. I’m happy that Lisa or others members get many lines.. and we know that Jennie never rap at all before 🙁 she just rap in Whistle.. when I don’t know about Blackpink at all, I thought Lisa was the main rapper because she always rapping in all song and Jennie just rapping in Whistle.. and also this is not Jennie fault so please don’t hate her 🙁 so please don’t hate others members if you’re a Blink 🙂 sorry for my bad english

Maybe because the whole album, not just one single song, actually looked like JENNIE AND her friends?

Jennie and her friends album be like. Jennie is not even the MAIN vocalist but admit it or not she got most lines in all four songs. And on the dance part, even though she’s not the main dancer or lead dancer, she gets good positions.

I’m actually very happy that all the members get equal line,screen tine and center distribution this time


First…. We can’t really say wo the most famous is… because brand reputation doesn’t say who the most popular member is…. what if they had some kind of scandal which caused people to search her/him up and what if they stand out in comebacks which made people talk about them but we really can’t say he/she is more popular…. for now I think it’s pretty safe Lisa is the most popular followed by Jennie, then Rose, then Jisoo…. Second….. FOTG is Jisoo since the job of a FOTG is the one who promotes or represents the group in variety shows which is Jisoo’s and not being the most famous second….. Jennie is not the center there a freakin four membered group!!! how can there be a enter in photos…. and center is usually not in the middle in group photos but the visual or the FOTG like NCT’s Taeyong… the center is being based in the center distribution in the choreography and the most are Lisa and Rose so if there is a center it might be one of them…. third….. Lisa is a Sub-Vocal since she has VOCAL LINES idols who has no vocalist or sub-vocalist position means they have no vocal lines like NCT’s Lucas and BTS’s Suga so they Jennie and Lisa can bot be vocalists… and you said Lisa was never introduced as a vocalist, Jennie wasn’t introduced as a vocalist too!!! and yet here you are saying she is one…. so the positions now is correct and doesn’t need to be changed…


I totally relate but the reason why is because for AIYL it’s kinda a rap song and she really suited the parts she sang so she got a lot of lines and the reason why people didn’t like Jennie having a lot of lines is because most of their songs Jennie has more lines than BLACKPINK’s Main Vocal and Lead Vocal knowing she is just a vocal which is kinda unusual and unfair I believe that’s the reason…

But it’s not her fault? Why are you blaming Jennie for that?! Why can’t everyone understand that?! She is a rapper and vocalist! Let’s continue streaming for the girls. Do you think the girls would be happy if their own fandom is hating another member? Recently was their comeback, we can’t enjoy it and enjoy music that is amazing? Only non-stop hating Jennie? She deserves love like another members…

I think Square Up album is Jennie comeback.. as you can see all song in Square Up album Jennie rap is amazing, and her voice is great.. so that’s why Jennie gets many lines…

What?!!!!! Seriously Jennie wasn’t introduced as a vocalist????? you only saw get it beauty and you think you know everything big jokeee first of all Jennie was introduced as a vocalist at their debut showcase they wrote Jennie rap/vocal and even in their Japanese debut they wrote Jennie :rap/vocal so pleaseeee the only thing she wasn’t introduce was lead so yes Jennie was introduce as vocalist but Lisa never!! And for popularity of course it’s based on popularity and yes if Jennie is the most in one month ok it’s maybe for a scandal but she is the highest in March April may and you say it’s because of a scandal ? Jennie is the most popular and it’s seem you don’t like her and I will understand if the difference between them wasn’t that huge but seriously!! ! From 47 to 63, accept Jennie is the most popular now like I said just check the insta of jennierazzie and for center come-on Jennie is always in front photos hoot whatever you want but because you’re bias, you don’t accept that and don’t tell they can’t be one center in one group of 4 people because it’s false just look at the center distribution and for variety show Jennie don’t go at variety because she isn’t confortable but you said it’s someone who represents their group right? So Jennie in doing photoshoot being the channel muse going to event represents also represent her group and yes before jisoo was the most called because she was the most popular and now just look who is gaining a lot of promotion you know nothing it’s a marketing strategy to call the most popular and brand are focus on the brand reputation for propose idol to represent their brand invite them if you look after their comeback who have the opportunity it’s Jennie and( lisa too) jisoo biased makee laugh in BP debut for prooving jisoo was they use the individual brand reputation and now when Jennie is higher they say it’s false XD you say people need to accept the position but you are the only one who is salty and can’t accept Jennie positions

And also for center like being 1st mean nothing like Jennie have the most line only in whistle see u later and forever young she just have to need to be always 2nd and with 0.5 sec of difference and she have the most line center too I think you didn’t watch they comeback distribution if you combine who have the most including square up you will know who is the center even in ending pose even in edge she have the the less

And for your list of popularity you know there is a ranking of most popular in sk and international right I’m talking about South Korea we don’t want to focus in international because they are a sk girl group and you like it or not the ranking in sk is 1 Jennie 2 jisoo 3 rosé 4 lisa

Its jennie and the friends honestly. rose should get the most lines cause she’s the main vocal it totally makes sense. But for jennie to get more singing lines than the lead vocal jisoo is totally unfair. Jennie wasn’t even introduced as a vocallest. I think that’s the reason some blinks are angry with the amount of lines each member gets. It’s very unfair. I also think the lead dancer rose or the main dancer lisa should be in the centre but there always in the back. Which doesn’t even fucking make sense. There the best dancers in the group. i love jennie and jisoo but you can obvious tell that towards the end of there performance they get a little tired. But you can’t really tell with rose and lisa. That’s why they should always be in the front.

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Jennie literally had 20 seconds less than rose in line distribution for the square up album. I dont know why people are saying its jennie and friends when jennie and rose are literally less than 20 seconds apart. of-course lisa and jisso will always have less lines than rose and jennie because they are just lead rappers and lead vocalist while rose and jennie are main rappers and main vocalist.

the lines distribution is fair and accurate when you look at their postions in the group.

The songs that jennie has more lines than rose in are usualy rap based. Rose has the most lines in 4 songs while jennie has the most lines in only 3 songs. The 3 songs that jennie has the most lines in are rap based which makes sense because she is the MAIN RAPPER. while songs that focus on vocal ability usally has rose with the most lines.

For example stay and really are mainly based on vocals than rap which is why rose has the most lines because she is the MAIN VOCAL while songs like see you later and whistle are focused on rap so jennie has the most lines because she is the main RAPPER.

Jennie is a vocalist and a main rapper while rose is a main vocalist so they are always going to be ahead of jisoo and lisa in line distribution because thats the way their positions are set up.

Anyone in the comments who says jennie always has the most lines needs to watch all their line distributions separately before making false accusations.

jennie and rose both had the most lines in 2 songs
Really – rose
forever young -jennie
ddu du ddu du – rose
see you later – jennie

both the main rapper and main vocal got the most lines in 2 songs. Jennie was only ahead of rose by 20 seconds in total line distributuion for the album. In all honesty the line distribution was fair based on their postions.

1st place – main rapper / main vocal
2nd place – lead rapper / lead vocal

people only say that it ws unfair because jennie had the most lines but if it was any other member it’d be okay. the album looked nothing like jennie and friends and was extremly fair compared to other YG line distributions

Vote for Blackpink in Teen Choice Awards Blinks!
Also one account can vote 10 times.

Yeah it is a rap song but there are a lot of vocal lines too that should have been given to Jisoo…. instead of Jennie since Jisoo is a LEAD VOCALIST and Jennie is just a VOCALIST. The problem with YG is that they already gave the rap parts to Jennie they also gave the Vocal lines to Jennie instead of Rose or Jisoo

That doesn’t make sense at all! it doesn’t mean your Main you get the most lines, Main and Lead Vocalist usually gets the most lines since songs are mostly vocal parts and not rap parts the tendency with YG is they give the rap parts to Jennie they still give her vocal parts that should have been given to Jisoo or Rose that’s why it becomes unfair

That doesn’t make sense at all! it doesn’t mean your Main you get the most lines, Main and Lead Vocalist usually gets the most lines since songs are mostly vocal parts and not rap parts the tendency with YG is they give the rap parts to Jennie they still give her vocal parts that should have been given to Jisoo or Rose that’s why it becomes unfair…. so it doesn’t mean youra Main Rapper you immediately get a lot of lines

Rose has the most lines in 4 songs while jennie has the most lines in 3 songs and lisa has the most in 2 songs. How is it jennie and friends when shes the main rapper who barely raps.

Also stamina is somethings that jisso and jennie have vocalized that they have problems with several times. it makes sense for jisso and jennie to be in front because they are shorter compared to lisa and rose. jisso and jennie are also more known to the public to korea so it makes sense for them to have more front time.

Jennie is going to have vocal lines no matter what because she is a vocalist and a main rapper. That basically draws the line for her having the most lines along with rose and lisa because they have higher positions compared to jisso.

Jennie – main rapper, vocalist
Rose – main vocalist
Lisa – Lead rapper sub vocalist
jisso – lead vocalist

it makes sense for jisso to have the least amonth of lines because thats how their postion is based off. It may seem unfair to you but in reality its very fair for a yg artist.

Blackpink is under YG and if you’re a YG fan its obvious that the main positions always gets most lines especiallly the main rappers.

In bigbang either G-Dragon or Taeyang has the most lines
In ikon either Bi / Bobby or Jay has the most lines
In 2ne1 Cl usally has the most lines

It may be different in other compnies but this is how the line distribution in Yg are normally based off.


The reason why jennie has vocal lines is because lisa takes a lot of rap lines since shes not comfortable singing. If jennie gives her vocal lines to Jisso and her rap lines to Lisa …. where would that leave her at.

Jennie barely raps in their songs so your argument makes no sense. The only times jennie has more vocal lines than Jisso is when she has no rap lines

In whistle jennie has less vocal lines that jissso ( Because she raps)
In playing with fire jennie has more vocal lines than jisso ( Because she has no rap lines)
In ddu du ddu du Jisso has more vocal lines than jennie ( Because jennie raps in d4)
In Boombaya jisso has more vocal lines than jennie (because jennie raps in bbya)

In conclusion, jennie is only given vocal lines if she has no rap lines and You dont think that its unfair that she barely raps even though shes the MAIN RAPPER ……. Most of the songs that jennie has more vocal lines than jisso dont match jisso’s vocie since jisso has a deep husky voice.

For example, As if its your last has a very high pitched tone which contradicts with jisso’s tone so jennie and rose are given more lines since the songs fits her voice more same with playing with fire and really.

Lines are given to who’s tone fits the song best not through bias. Jisso’s husky voice fits songs like ddu du ddu du, stay and boombaya which is why she has a lot of vocal lines in those songs. Rose’s voice fits songs like really, as if its your last and playing with fire so she has a more lines in those songs.

At the end of the day Jisso, Jennie, Rose and lisa are all happy with the music they make and the internal fan wars between blinks for line distributions creates a bad reputation for the fandom.

It’s not false lol. She gets more lines. It’s just straight up facts.

I don’t get you?

Jennie was introduced as a vocalist. Her profile under yg states rap/ vocal

Jennie is a vocalist so she is supppose to have vocal lines and because of that she or rose will always be ahead in line distribution instead of jisoo since shes only a lead vocalist.

YG is a rap based company because of this vocalist dont usually get the most lines.


You thinking its unfair isnt going to change how the company works. Since jennie is a MAIN RAPPER she will be ahead of the other in line distribution because thats the concept of YG. It dosent matter how unfair you think it is thats how YG runs his comapny.

She will always get vocal parts because she is a VOCALIST.

She will always have rap parts because she is the MAIN RAPPER

Ugh just because Jennie has the most followers on insta doesn’t mean shes the best in the group ugh h i hate jennie stans. If jennie was that good yg would have made a soloist. Now stop hating on the others.

Teddy (the producer ) dose the line distribution based on tone and vocal ability not yg. Blackpink’s distribution is really fair compared to other groups like twice, sistar or gfriend. But blinks are toxic and cant be grateful that we atleast got a comback this year but are instead argueing on line distributions that are very fair when you look at the company they are in and in their positions.

Being main in a catagory literally makes the pathway to get the most lines … thats what the positions are for .

its rare for a lead vocalist or lead rapper to have more lines than a main vocalist or lead rapper thats why the positions exist

I’m also surprised when Jisoo get the least lines 🙁 I thought Jisoo will get many lines in this comeback..
Jisoo voice is really good, but I do not know why YG does not give Jisoo many lines -_- I am a Lisa and Jennie fans.. but I’m also sad if Jisoo get the least lines

you’re wrong, Main position have more line than Lead Position, the Main position is a person who have to take charge of the certain field while the lead position followed. For Example Main Dancer is in charge of leading the dance of the group like Lisa, she is the main Dancer of the group so she take charge in dancing, Rosé is the main vocal of the group so she take charge in Vocal and Jennie is the Main Rapper of the group so she take charge in Rapping.

in the vote section Jennie replaced Jisoo

tru af

tru af, Lisa stan ( aka me ) is so mad cuz Lisa got the lest line ( for about 15secs when the other members got more than 20secs )

like (G)I-dle’s Soyeon and the friends?

Not necessary. Main vocalist doesn’t actually mean they will get more lines, but it means the person with the best singing technique
There are bands where the line distribution is about equally between members, it’s not necessary that the Main vocalist should have more singing lines, but they will sing the most difficult parts

@chi chi
You said that Jennie has to have more lines because she is a Vocalist and she should be always ahead Jisoo in the line distribution since Jisoo is just a Lead Vocalist
But……………….. Lead Vocalist is better than a Vocalist.

Jisoo – Lead Vocalist, Visual
Jennie – Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist
Rosé- Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lisa- Lead Rapper, Face of the Group and Maknae

Yes she is a Main Rapper and a vocalist but YG gives her more vocal lines than Jisoo… she even was the one who sings the bridge and not Jisoo and it doesn’t mean you a vocalist and at the same time Main Rapper you have a lot of lines…. EXY is a Main Rapper and Vocalist WJSN’s Lead Vocalists still get more lines

But we’re talking about VOCAL LINE it’s normal to see if a Main Vocal gets the most and then a Lead Vocal it’s not normal to see a Main Rapper to get the most lines unless it’s a rap song and most of Blackpink songs are Vocal Songs….

Point is it’s unfair that a Vocalist get more lines than a Lead Vocalist… especially if like you said she did not rap which the number 1 reason why Jisoo should have more lines… and fyi in Playing wit Fire Jennie raps the reason why Jisoo gets a lot of Vocal Line in ddu du ddu du is because a lot of people are complaining why jennie has more lines when she’s just a VOCALIST but if you look at the whole distribution like in Really, Forever Young Jennie still gets a lot of vocal line even though it should be Jisoo

it is false jennie has the most lines in only 3 songs while rose has the most lines 4 songs

SO HOW IS IT FALSE ?????????????

Jennie dose not rap in playing with fire thats why she has vocal lines.
Really is actually identitfied as one of their most evenly distributed lines because jisso and jennie have even vocal line distrivution, rose has a lot of vocal line distribution while lisa has rap and vocal distribution.

Its sad how your against jennie having more lines than jisso because shes a lead vocalist. but you have no problem with lisaa having more lines that the MAIN RAPPER JENNIE……

In forever young jennie repately saying forever young and her rap lines make up most of her line distribution she dose not have more vocal lines than jisso in forever young all she has is a really long rap line because she is the MAIN RAPPER

In really jennie and Jisso’s lines are not far off and in forever young jisso and Jennie both sing 2 verses however jennie’s rapline giver her the most lines. Rose has up to 6 vocal verses in forever young while lisa has 2 vocal verses ( not counting her watta bum bum lines )

Your thoughts are made by just looking at the final album distributions instead of listening to the songs as a whole and looking at the line distributions sepreately rather than all at once. if you listen to the songs Lisa, jennie and rose always sing high pitched verses because jisso’s voice is too deep for the high pitched verses. The songs that have a deeper tone usually have jisso with a lot of lines like stay, boombaya or ddu du ddu du.

If you’ve ever visited a producer you’d know thats how it works. Lines are given based off who has the nest technique and tone to fit the song. Since Jisso’s tone is deep and less versatile than jennie and rose it would lead to her having less lines than them in songs that dont fit her. For example as if its your last emphasizes a high pitched tone in its vocals which leads to jisso having less lines than jennie and rose because they have a higher pitch than jisso.

I’m a lisa stan. And we both know lisa isn’t the face of the group and that jisoo is. Stop telling false information to get lisa hate. Jennie wasn’t even introduced as a vocalist let alone lead vocalist.
Lisa – Main dancer, lead rapper sub vocalist and maknae.

I just want rose and lisa in the front when they dance. I also want there stylist to let them wear heels.Im tired of seeing the same crusty shoes they had on for 2 years. Is that too much to ask for?

Jisoo – Lead Vocalist,Visual, Face of the group
Jennie- Main Rapper, Vocalist
Rose – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lisa – Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist and Maknae
No leader
If they did have a leader it would be jennie.
sub vocalist and vocalist are basically the same thing.

Wait what? How come lisa is the face of the group? Jisoo is the face of the group, not Lisa. And one more thing, Jennie is NOT a lead vocalist. Please accept that.

i think, they trying to focused more on the rap line, it’s just my speculation

Let’s not argue anymore….Blackpink’s Line distribution is considered fair unlike other groups such as Gfriend, Twice, Weki Meki etc. If you say Jennie gets more lines than Jisoo, it’s possible that it is wrong. If you take out Jennie’s rap lines, you’ll see Jisoo would get more lines(except Aiiyl, PWF). Also, their lines were divided by Teddy, and not thierselves. That is why we thought their line distribution is unfair. Some fans were disappointed at Blackpink’s latest CF because Jisoo didn’t get a solo shoot while Jennie gets the most solo shoots. It was because Jennie is the member choosen, but they still filmed it with he other BP members. People say it’s because Teddy and YG loves Jennie more, thats why she got more lines than the real lead vocalist, Jisoo. Actually, Teddy and YG chose the member with a stable voice and the voice that fits the concept of the music. We should understand them. You’ll never know in the future, maybe Jisoo will have more lines than Jennie someday. Also their line difference in Ddu Du Ddu Du is only like, 1.4 or 1.5 seconds. If Jennie didn’t sang the last part of “Hit you with that Ddu du Ddu du Du” they would have the same distribution.

Please stop these arguments and support blackpink as a whole. It made Jennie looks bad. I’m sure they would be disappointed IF they knew how their Fandom arguing just because a very small thing.

Lisa is the prettiest tbh. Im not a fan, i just think Lisa looks way better than the other members sorry not sorry.

yall stop arguing and saying you hate jennie stans. why u hate on us? well I for one did nothing. I stan talent (JENNIE). I stan blackpink. I stan everyone. I don’t hate anyone and a some of you are hating on jennie stans. you guys make jennie look bad. stop. pls.

Last Time I checked rose is the main vocal she’s supposed to get the most singing lines. Your just being biased.

stan lisa 😉 stan talent 😉 stan blackpink 😉

rose always has more singing lines than anyone. Jennie has vocal and rap lines. in reality YOURE THE ONE BEING BIASED

Blackpink is definitely one of those groups who have more solo stans than actually fans that love them all.
I wish jennie was the leader. She deserves it. YG groups leaders are always the ones with the most trainee years. That would be jennie. She’s also the ace of the group. She’s the one who helped all the members even jisoo when they were trainees they all said they looked up to her. She gives them lots of advice. G Dragon even said Jennie will make a great leader when blackpink was about to debut. I love all the members. Lisa is my ultimate bias. Jennie is my bias wrecker.

I think that if Blackpink had a leader, it’d be Jisoo. Jennie does have a sort of ‘leader-like’ aura but Jennie is pretty shy, unlike Jisoo who talks a lot in interviews and etc… and leads the members as the oldest. But this is just my opinion, sorry if you don’t agree with me, I’m not hating on Jennie or anything, I love Jennie and all the other members, but I think that Jisoo is more leader-like.

I heard lisa had a sick solo dance break at the end of ddu du du. But YG cut it out cause he didn’t want her to overshine the others. I think that’s very unfair. Lisa had like 15 sec in the mv. the least he could have been is give her well deserved dance break. choreography was made by kyle Hanagami. Look at some of his choreography.
It matches lisa style so much smh
Lisa also said she wanted to show us more of her dancing skills.

jisoo and jennie are kind of overrated smh.

Lmao it’s actually Jennie and Lisa who’re overrated.

nahhh jisoo is very overrated whenever you go in the comments all you see is her name like. EVERYONE IS SAYING SHES UNDERRATED BUT SHE’S OVERRATED

It’s YG fault for the whole Jennie vs Lisa debate. Some songs only have one rap line and it either goes to one or the other (AIIYL- Lisa, Forever Young – Jennie). Some songs have one epic rap line and one so-so rap line (DDDD). If Ikon can perfectly blend in B.I and Bobby and they have 7 members, I don’t know why Blackpink producers is always back and forth between Jennie and Lisa with only 4 members. It’s almost as if they want to create a competition and have fans arguing. Have two epic rap lines in every song. Problem solved.

how is she overrated she even got last place in page’s popularity poll

well she shined in all their previous MVs except stay… I actually like that they didn’t give her that much spotlight in ddu du du although i was bitter at first bc she’s my bias… i think YG’s trying to give way to jisoo and and rose especially since they’re the main and lead vocalists.

simple she doesn’t deserve the hype she’s getting. She’s not even that good a dancer but all you see in the dance videos is her name.

Oh gosh it’s disgusting when you go down to the comment section and you end up seeing all these people arguing about titles and hating on a member… guys wtf is that, if you’re a real blink you have to stan, love, protect, and respect each member of Blackpink. We are a family not enemies. I’m so sick of this wars inside the fandom, it gives to the people a bad image of our girls, they wouldn’t like to see that…

Jisoo is definitely not overrated nor overhyped. She is the LEAST POPULAR in blackpink. Nobody in blackpink is overrated or overhyped. They all deserve the recognition they get. It is true that Jisoo is underrated within the fan base. Sure, the comments in dance practices might be a lot about Jisoo, but that is because she has improved so much and people are noticing her improvement, but that does not make her overrated/overhyped. Jisoo is the least popular and is the most underrated within the fan base. Jisoo has a lot of fans just like everyone in blackpink, but she has the least fans and therefore is UNDERRATED.

you see her name evey where in ddu du ddu du dance because she as improved so much! And a ONCE bringing drown blackpink, ty-pi-cal! Look, I’m a ONCE too and are you really that jealous of BP’s success, I’m sorry but TWICE is soo unfortunate to have a fan like you…

Twice keeps winning 😉

Jennie doesn’t deserve all them singing lines. They should give them to jisoo THE LEAD VOCAL. Lisa can rap and sing to. But i don’t see her taking all them lines from the other members.

Don’t be an immature fan and cause fan wars. I’m a Once and a BLINK and I love both groups!

yeah twice keeps winning thanks to immature fans like you! Sweety do yourself a favor and realize that Twice wins more awards in korea because they fallow the traditional cute girl group concept. No hate just stating actual FACTS! ^^

Lisa is way prettier than Jisoo, why is Jisoo the visual wth?

Thats your own opinion.

Jisso fits the korean standards for beauty so she’s the visual.

This comments…
Really, who the fuck cares who is overrated or not?
Do you have no other problems in your life? Must be a boting life…

I just wanna say this.. This fandom is problematic. Even the most toxic fandom, EXO-L and ARMY don’t argue and hate about each individual members.

Holy shit the comments. I just can’t.

Guys guys. Papa YG didn’t freaking read this article you know. If you have something to said, to give some “mature” opinion, distribution line among Blackpink members, spam his Twitter and Instagram account. He surely read it.

I have been trying to get into Blackpink but these comments definitely don’t make me want to be in this fandom. Everyones dissing each of the members and they call themselves Blinks. Like WTF? If you stan a group, you stan everyone in the group. Also, for the roles in a kpop group, they aren’t official. Everyone has their own opinions of who’s the best rapper, vocalist, dancer, and especially who’s the prettiest. This is just a general profile of them, don’t get so butthurt.

Please don’t say EXO-Ls and ARMY is problematic. We don’t diss every single member and talk shit about them while calling ourselves EXO-Ls and ARMY. The ones that do get hated on by other fans and immediately overpowered and shut down for saying crap about the members. Yes, we have our biases and bias wreckers, but we stan every member and we don’t hate on a member like Blinks do.

That’s just your opinion. There will be people saying Lisa is the prettiest, Jennie is the prettiest, Rose is the prettiest, and Jisoo is the prettiest. Beauty is just an opinion.

I agree with you! People shouldn’t talk bad about other members just to make their bias look cooler. We should support all of them!
I’m sure Jennie doesn’t like it when someone talks bad about Jisoo, or Lisa. And I’m sure it’s the same for all of them.
The positions are OFFICIAL though. The members introduced themselves as Main Rapper, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer etc.
And we should respect that! But people invent positions themselves and give their bias additional positions that weren’t assigned by their company. This should STOP.
We each have a different opinion and that is fine, but we should respect the official positions though and stop assigning additional positions to our bias.
In the end who cares about the positions?? We should care about the members instead if we are truly Blinks!

Love blackpink

Do they have a leader?

Nope, they still don’t have an official leader

They just (each of them) set-up their individual instagram account which is unbelievable. In a span of days or few weeks they averaged 3M-4M followers. OMG. I mean… seriously??? They are indeed a revolution.

Rose’s name is Roseanne in english which she probably went by in New Zealand. Park Chaeyoung is probably just her korean name that she uses or what her family members call her. However, it s pretty weird that Jennie’s birth name is what it is.

actually, lisa really had a solo dance break it’s just that the producers didnt accept it.

stop begging people to follow your bias.

wtf is with this fandom tho HAHAHAHAH

i think jennie should be the leader but they said they didnt want a leader

It was hard for me to articulate why this profile business is always so chaotic, but you explained it really well. I think it would be best if everyone could respect the official positions as much as possible so we don’t have to argue so much over our opinions

wow jisoo is the oldest. I thought jennie was.

All of they deserve their hype and aren’t overrated honestly. They’ve been training for years, you’re just very salty that they gain so much fans and breaking records. You saying they aren’t good dancers is really silly, they’re not the main dancers at-least they improved, that’s why they’re mentioned. Please stop being immature and triggered because others are disapproving on your comment. 🙂

..They get about equal lines it’s only because of how they say it and how long the words are that makes it sounds like they have more lines.

They are probably one stan people. This fandom could be like BTS ARMY if they get more fame very toxic but don’t discourage stanning a certain group because of their fandom. Stanning should be because you want to support the idol not get into fan drama. I totally agree with you though but some people can one stan someone just not hate on the others they can also express their opinions in a mature way.

Jennie just takes action a lot and Jisoo acts mostly like a maknae. huehue 🙂

YG said that he notice they were really close and were best of friends and said there was no need for them to have a leader

They didn’t say that EXO-Ls and ARMY were problematic?

HONESTLY why are blinks always like this. I’m so tired of nonsense arguing about lines and leaders. I really do love black pink because the members are so important in there own way(line distribution or not) and each of there songs incorporate their sounds so well. Isn’t it time us blinks stop hating on each other because of this unnecessary commotion, let’s just all work together to give love and encouragement towards Blackpink and EACH OTHER and change nasty comment sections into a positive place.

I know there are blinks out there who feel the same as I do and I hope one day we can be a better fanbase 🙂

sweetie, don’t talk about yourself in a blackpink profile. 🙂

WTF I have never liked any k-pop or girlband whatever shit thing this past 18 years, but I like this girlband for the first time. like heck dude, what have you done to me? they dance so good, especially Lisa. I like her face, maybe bc she’s unique bc she’s Thai or something, and her dance, and her voice. also their songs are good too. But in short, Blackpink made me fangirling for the first time. This is your fault Lisa, because I like you the most! 😭

actually these positions ARE official and are given by the company (YG) itself (except the jennie vocalist thing cause she’s officially a lead vocalist not just a vocalist)

nah,,, they even just needed one day for reached 1M and yea instagram also was freezing bc sossoooo many ppl want followed them

Lisa isn’t overrated. Even if she was she deserves it. The girl can dance, rap sing amazing. She came from thailand not knowing one korean word look at her now she can speak five languages. Thai, english, korean, japanese and chinese.

She wanted it, she made it with pleasure. In singing/rap the language is not an excuse, that doesn’t make you a good rapper, Lisa is good because she is good. And Jennie is the main rapper for a reason.

The beauty is subjective, all of them are pretty, they are actually named “the group of visuals”

She has a chill style sometimes(especially in the performances who are not officially) but in the most performances she is okay. I don’t see why is a big deal.

Stream DDDD

Stan King Jisoo

Both Rosé & Jennie love avacado (ddududdudu v live)
Rosé is close friends with Ashley choi of ladies code

Lisa is my bias, but they are all beautiful and everyone has their own opinions. Just keep it to yourself

Thank you for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to her individual profile.

No but the face of the group is actually jennie There both wearing the same converse with no heel and Jisoo is shorter. This means Jisoo grew or Jennie was always shorter. Also if Jisoo is 45kg how can Jennie be 50kg they look like the same weight. Jennie is probably 45-47kg not 50

Yes you’re right they wear converse and Jisoo is taller, but just saying that Kpop idols wear insoles even when they wear sneakers, that’s a pretty well known fact. So who knows if one of them is wearing insoles and the other doesn’t or if the insoles one is wearing are higher that the other.
Or maybe they really have different height now. I guess we’ll have to wait for YG to actually reveal the official details about their height and weight.

During Idol Room, Jisoo said Lisa can memorize a damce move by just watching it once or twice

I read one comment that saying , Lisa should be the visual not jisoo because Lisa is more prettier than her. Well wtf? U didnt know that a lot of YG artist praises her for her looks? eventhough Lisa is in the spotlight? Why jisoo?! the Girl is one of the most Caring kind , beautiful funny living existing in this world, Stop comparing BP members they have different personality and beauty yes , but they dont deserved to be compared. Im not a Jisoo Stan but She didnt get a NOSE JOB! Fight me! Im so done with some Lisa’s immature stans (Not all are Immatures) PLEASE STAN ALL THE GIRLS if ur true blink!!! BLACKPINK WILL NEVER BE BLACKPINK WITHOUT JISOO! Shes deserved all the love , Shes really mature and not cringworthy if u know what i mean.

I’ve never heard anyone say that Jisoo should be replaced by Lisa as the visual. In Blackpink all of the members are really pretty and so they’re all considered visuals in my opinion. Jennie, Rosé and Lisa could all be main visuals in any girl group but Jisoo is the main visual in Blackpink. So let’s just leave it at that


watch idol room they call her a dancing machine and the genius of the group.

Jennie now dont weight 50 kg, Its written clearly on their site 46

link plz?

Lisa Monoban is PERFECT

Just look at the center distribution, just look at the ending poses just look at the photoshoot of sprite cf she was literally always in the middle even when the actor took a photo with blackpink member she was still in the center and they was 5,look at their new photo shoot and look who is still in the middle .you said there isn’t a center just for convince yourself that she isn’t just be honest if in a group of 4 people the 1st person in the middle is still the same person and the other one alternate you will know who is the center even if they are 4 so please

@[email protected]_ed51MVSzcq:disqus . :/

How do you know?

she said once..

She did it in Idol Room

Jennie cried during the recent running man episode because of haunted houses.

lol she was so yolo

yes jisoo watched twic’s what is love once and then she did it

You know that dance it’s very easy cuz it’s twice’s song

Jisoo and Jennie’s Chinese zodiac are wrong, Jisoo’s zodiac is a pig and Jennie’s zodiac is a rat. Jisoo and Jennie would’ve been a dog or a pig unless it was every 11 years.

Hi there, for Chinese Zodiac signs, for the ones that are born before the chinese Lunar New Year, their sign will be that of the previous year. So like, because both Jisoo and Jennie are born in early Jan, while the Chinese Lunar New Year is usually somewhere between late Jan to mid Feb, their zodiac signs are Dog (which is the sign of year 1994) and Pig (Which is the sign of year 1995) respectively.

Yes, 1995 is the year of Pig, but the Chinese year starts just in the end of January / beginning of February, so please check that the year of Pig started just in January 31, 1995. Jisoo is born in January 3, 1995, when the year of Pig didn’t start yet!!! ^^

Year of Pig lasted between January 31, 1995 – February 18, 1996. Jennie is born in January 16, 1996, so her Chinese zodiac is a Pig. The year of Rat started in February 19, 1996.

They said lisa can do that with any choreography. Jisoo even called her the genius of the group. It doesn’t matter if its a twice song or a bts song. Lisa can dance to anything.

I was blink during their debut up to two months ago. Now, i am sick of blinks, they are ridiculous. Why the fuck each bias stan do hate speech to another member like their own bias should be the most famous, beautiful, centered, etc. I am so fcking done with this whole shit. I never be in fandom that always having inside fanwar/civil fanwar among other members. This is just lame. If u like lisa/jennie/jiso/rose only, then just shut the fck up and support them (it’s even better if u only liking one but don’t give a damn to other). Yet they giving hate speech to each member and babbling that their bias should be this and that. God i like blackpink so much but today blinks are ridiculously childish that make me feel sorry to blackpink.

I love and support Lisa, Rose, Jennie and Jisoo 🙂

Right it’s like each member have their own fandam.

Why is Jennie a “Vocalist”? While in the three songs of their Square up Album, she’s No.1 in line distributions. So Technically she’s a Lead Vocalist.

she was never introduced as a Lead Vocalist, the only member that was introduced as a Lead Vocalist was Jisoo

BP have been guest on Get It Beauty and she was only introduced as the main rapper. the Lead vocalist is Jisoo

it doesn’t matter the number of lines one gets, but the singing technique

also check blackpink’s biography on spotify. it says “jennie kim main rapper/vocalist”

I was a blink….but now I’m so sick of this fandom.I will suport the girls,but not this toxic fandom.
If someone likes Jisoo and they said that she is the most beautiful in this group,no! Blinks must run their mouth and tell everyone that Jennie is the best.They disrespect the girls

Lisa is the most followed member on instagram. You don’t need to do this lmaoo.

I love and always will love 0T4 forever and yeah everyone will have a bias and yes there will be people who won’t like some members but who gives a damn! We are here for BLACKPINK! not for some toxic fans who say that one member is the best, f**k that bullsh*t, all the members shine in their own ways.
Blackpink is 0T4 and if you only like 1 member (Not talking about bias) well then your not even a fan of
B L A C K P I N K – FFS Your more like 0T1 TF F**K OUTTA HERE.

Muscle weighs more than fat.
Jennie could just have more muscle mass? Whats wrong with her being 50kg?

Why Jisoo is Face of the group? I think Jennie is a Face of the group not Jisoo. because Jennie more famous than Jisoo.And Jisoo is visual in blackpink

FOTG means the one that is most promoted on tv in S. Korea, the one that represents her band on tv the most.
that is Jisoo

some people still mix up the positions

OMG I totally agree with you!

So agree with you! These should end!
We should stan all the 4 if we are true Blinks!

jennie is the center not the face of the group or the visual

blackpink for life blink for life

its clearly Jennie. Shes the most popular bp member in Korea.

Jennie and Red Velvet’s Irene are close friends.

Rose and Red Velvet’s Yeri are close friends.

Rose collaborated with 10cm, TWICE’s Jihyo and EXO’s Chanyeol in the “SBS Gayo Daejun Acoustic Stage 2016”

Lisa participated in the dance collaboration of the SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 with Shinee’s Taemin, BTS’ Jimin, NCT’s Ten, GOT7’s Yugyeom and Jinyoung, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, DIA’s Eunjin and Oh My Girl’s YooA.

Lisa is part of the “Thai line”, a group chat consisting of GOT7’s BamBam, CLC’s Sorn and NCT’s Ten.

Lisa is also friends with 2PM’s Nickhun and (G)-IDLE’s Minnie

BLACKPINK are friends with ex-YG trainee Miyeon, who is currently the Main Vocal of (G)-IDLE. They sent her congratulations when she debuted.

You can have a bias but dont bring the others down you mean.

Oh, come on, let be honest now. She can do that but I’m not sure that she will be the same if is about a group like BTS or EXO. There is a big difference. Not that fast.

Yeah, Jisoo acts like the maknae.

Thank you for the info, it has been added to their individual profiles and you received credits there! 🙂

jennie is not the center jisoo is the main visual and lisa is the center she is the main dancer

because jisoo is the maknae in her family

@cokiess:disqus lol no. Jisoo has more tv shows than Jennie. Inkigayo mc, running man (appeared 2x), unexpected Q, lots of cfs like Nikon, and the most popular member in SOUTH KOREA. Can u give me Jennie’s tv shows appearance and cfs? Well I tell you, Jisoo has the most.

I think you are still living in the past girl, Jennie is number 1 in brand reputation in Korea while Jisoo is only number 7. Jennie has more more followers in Instagram. Jennies running man guesting goes viral in korea and she was trending for days because of that and made the ratings high because of her scenes.

What matters is who’s the most promoted and who represented the band most on tv shows and such aka the Face of the group and so far that is still Jisoo
In the future they might change it and have Jennie or other member as the one who usually represents Black Pink on tv who knows

all of them have TALENT. don’t call yourself a blink. u r a solo stan

Stan Blackpink. why u guys can’t appreciate all the members. they’re all talented and beautiful

it’s a 4 member group. how can they be a “centre”

u do realize it’s a four member group

not giving the other girls credit is also terrible

love blackpink but only @ Lisa y’all ot1 stans are so hilarious

jennie and lisa* are overhyped altho i do believe they are talented. there a lot of ot1 nd ot2 stans that don’t give Rose and Jisoo any credit altho they are also beautiful and talented with great stage prescence

all of them are amazingly talented but all of you only seem to see how talented 1 member is. I’m not saying don’t have a bias but you all act like the others aren’t amazingly talented. even when they all perform good you guys don’t give any of the other girls credit only your favs. you guys are so toxic. honestly don’t call yourself a blink if you only or mainly appreciate one member you’re a fan of Lisa from Blackpink that’s it maybe jennie since she also has a lot of solo stans

i thought this was going somewhere then i realzed you were an ot1 or ot2 stan like all the rest smh

stan talent (Blackpink)*

damn way better 0= lol you solo stans crack me up


Not going to lie at first i was an ot1 stan. The more videos I watched with all the members the more I started to fall in love with all of them. Off course I still have an ultimate bias but I would and never did bash or put down the others. Yall will eventually like all the members.

i really like their new song DDU DU DDU DU jennie look bomb tho😍😍

Stop using multiple accounts.. You literally the same person. Anyways it wont change the fact that Jennie is the most popular member in Korea. from their photoshoots,cfs Pds always put her in the center and when they come out on TV. Shes always trending on Naver,Nate, Daum and other portal sites in Korea.. even international sites like allkpop,koreaboo,soompi,netizenbuzz always translates acticles about Jennie cos they know shes always trending and most talked in Korea.

That explains everything shes the face of the group..

Center means the member that is focused the most in dances or mvs

Im really sick of this toxic fandom some people say that Jennie should be the lead vocal / jennie should be the FOTG. Omf please treat them equally and accept their position being the main or lead. Support them, that what makes you a true blink not letting down the other members even if you are a OT1, OT2, or OT3 stan.

Jennie is lead vocalist too

Jisoo is the only lead vocalist. Im guessing your a new blink. Watch get it beauty. They confirmed their positions.

same girl. they want there bias to have all jisoos positions.

omg they are all under 50kg 🙁 I used to be 50kg in 7th grade and I was underweight

I mean Jisoo and Jennie are ok but Rose and Lisa are too skiny

It’s fucking 2 years old.

lmao, 1st: Jisoo appeared Running Man the 1st time with Blackpink & 2nd time with Jennie, she wasn’t alone lmao. 2nd: When y´we count it together like you do, Jennie appeared 3x on Running Man, 1x with Blackpink, 1x with Jisoo & 1x ALONE BY HERSELF. It’s clear that they are whipped for her.

So, Jennie was 3x on Running Man, 1x MC on MIXNINE as a judge

She was featured pre-debut 3x in songs (GD – Black, Seungri – GG Bebe, Lee Hi – Special)

She is always in the center in photoshootings & spots. Don’t matter with who, when they made photos for Sprite she always was in the center with someone. Haven’t you realesed she becomes always the most screentime in spots?

Oh and btw, korea is dying for Jennie. Check out Instagram, Naver & other sides. Jennie is very often trending #1 in korea after her Running Man appearances. And another btw, did you know she had the most screentime in Running Man when she was there with Jisoo while Jisoo get really less screentime compared to other guests. Don’t be ridiculous, Jennie is obviously the center & FOTG. 🙂

Wtf? When she would be only a Main Rapper she would get NO vocal lines. Nothing. You have to be at least a sub-vocal to get singing lines in a song.

Btw they didn’t introduced Jisoo as a visual. Isn’t she the visual now?

They didn’t introduced Lisa as a sub-vocal even if she was singing in AIIYL, PWF, Whistle, Forever Young, See U Later & Ddu Du Ddu Du. What is she then?

Simply, the shows was introducing Blackpink how they think they are the most famous. They took a few positions out.

Just a Main Rapper wouldn’t sing in all of their songs and even more than the Main Vocal in two of them.

What do you mean with ‘the Lead Vocalist’? So now there can be only one Lead Vocalist in a 4 member group or what? Ever heard of 2NE1? Mamamoo? Miss A (earlier)? T-ARA (2 Main Vocals)?

Jennie was a judge at MIXNINE once.

Jennie appeared at Running Man (ep.431) without the other members.

Jennie is the Face Of The Group & the Center.

Jennie can do and is the best member at making acrostic poems (Running Man ep.431).

And it’s 2 years old lmao.

I guess your bias ranking is

The Gidle fandom is kinda similar to blinks. They are only supporting Gidle & are hating on other groups saying Gidle is the best at everything, mostly they are hating on Blackpink.

Jennie lost weight, she is at 46kg now.

True. It’s so clearly, she much skinnier now. She was around 50 at their debut but she definitely lost weight everywhere.

She doesn’t seem as if she gained muscles. And even if, she is still much skinnier and muscles doesn’t weight extreme much.

Red Velvet’s Irene recently said on Idol Room (ep.15) that her closest idol friends are Blackpink.

Jennie and Irene met at a beauty shop. Jennie was the one that approached first saying that she is a ReVeLuv. (Idol Room ep.15)

Lisa isn’t the FOTG.

Jisoo isn’t the FOTG since Jennie is the most popular in korea and 2nd internationally and she is the most supported member.

you obviously hate Jennie. Accept it that Jennie is the Main Rapper and a vocalist. She is the most multitalented so it’s normal that she usually has the most lines along with the Main Vocal. Btw Jennie deserves those singing lines since she is the 2nd best vocally. Lisa should’t be 1st too because yes, she can sing and rap but in singing she is much deeper than the other three and she is the 2nd best rapper. It’s normal that Jennie becomes many lines. Their line distributions are still better than those from 2NE1.

but she is also the Main Rapper. Main becomes usually more. Btw Jisoo’s voice doesn’t fit every line since she has a deeper voice than the others. Of course the others will always have more lines when they’re not singing a ballad atm.

You obviously hate Jennie and are Jisoo biased. What the others saying is true, YG is a rap based entertainment which is focusing more on good rappers and is using them more often. Why are u wondering when Jennie, B.I, Bobby, CL, GD etc are becoming more lines? They are amazing rappers which YG uses more. In YG the rappers always become more parts, it’s like a tradition.


Lol I’ve just written the same comment without knowing there’s another one with my thoughts xD

she means the one directly under your comments

Another one of your comments, always hating on Jennie and being Jisoo biased. Pls don’t call yourself a blink. 🙂

No, Jennie is trending on Naver everyday because of her Running Man appearence. Korea is dying for her. She is obviously the most famous. Even when she wasn’t before, she is now.

She weights 45-57kg now, she weight 50kg on their debut but now it’s impossible for her being 50kg. She is much skinnier now.

Rosé’s name was different in Australia too. It was Roseanne Park, not Park Chaeyoung.

this is freaking 2 years old.

She is the 2nd most powerful in their comeback now. It was only because of AIIYL. In Forever Young, DDDD, See U Later and on their japanese concert at all she was the most powerful along with Lisa so don’t be ridiculous, you’re just a freaking blonk.

It was because she was tired of performing AIIYL, she is much more powerful right now.


Another hate comment about Jennie & biased about Jisoo..

Even if she wasn’t, she is now. Jisoo never was so much trended like Jennie is now. 🙂 She is obviously the face because of her Running Man appearence.

First of all, Jennie is always in the center. Doesn’t matter with who,
she still is mostly in the center. The same is Sprite. She is obviously
the FOTG & Center. She gets the most screentime in spots too.

It’s not confirmed that Jisoo is the FOTG too, what now? Jennie is the most possible to be FOTG & Center since she has been promoted very much lately, Jisoo never was trending so many times #1 on Naver like Jennie. Stop being biased, just accept the truth.

because this list is clearly bias. Jisoo and Jennies both lead vocals. and Jisoo is not the FOTG, Jennie fits the role more,.considering her popularity in Korea. But you guys said there is no official titles given to BP. it should be removed

Since YG did not confirmed whos the FOTG!

This is the only website that ive seen jisoo is listed as FOTG, cos most people think its Jennie. I agree shes the lead and visual cos it has been.confirmed.

FOTG is not a position that is confirmed by the entertainment companies. Lol
it’s a position based on how much a member is promoted and represents their band on TV
I honestly think that so far Jisoo was the FOTG, but things might change as we see Jennie is pushed more in front lately

yes, indeed they didn’t list all the positions but just the Main and Lead positions!
they left outside the Sub- positions
so, Lisa is Sub-vocalist and Jennie the same, else if she was a Lead vocalist the position would have been added to her, as they added for Rose ( Main vocalist + Lead dancer) or for Lisa (Lead rapper + Main dancer)!

as a matter of fact, I’m Rose biased – not Jisoo not Jenny but it’s funny observing how many arguments there can be in this fandom, each wanting for their bias to be praise more Lol

Oh I see so jennie is

Face of the group
Main Rapper
Lead vocalist


okay you seem biased af yourself lmaoo
Jisoo was the face of the group before they even debuted. She was on many many commercials. Worked with dara etc


Lisa is the most popular member internationally.

No its
1. Rose & Lisa
2. Jisoo
3. Jennie

You acting like people cant have bias. Yes I like all but lisa will always be my number one tf. If im not bashing anyone you dont have to add your opinion hun.

Where did you know that she is a FOTG and the center???

No, FOTG means the member who is most promoted in S. K and the most popular in S. K. THAT’S JISOO THOUGH. She’s promoted the most since their predebut.
And they don’t have center lmao. There are 4 members in the group.

@cokiess Jisoo the FOTG. She’s most promoted. Even though Jennie is pushed nowadays, still, SHE can’t beat Jisoo’s promotion.

Wow! OT1 spotted!

I bet you’re an OT1. If not, i guess you’re a fanatic Jennie bias. You know what? You’re such a blood sucker lint. Stop being so bias and spreading fake news. Jisoo is the most popular member in Korea. Jennie is only second. Jisoo got lots of cfs since predebut. Not satisfied? Well fck off. Oopss.. I mean it.

She’s only a main rapper and vocalist. Jennie stans are so delusional. We blinks will only believe once they go on other show again and confirm there places.



so we will see it once they announce her positions but for now jisoo is the only lead vocalist.

Perhaps Jisoo and Jennie are shorter than Rose and Lisa.
Rose and Lisa are taller and also have long legs perhaps that’s what made them look skinny.

OMG! did u know that from July brand reputation for individual members Jennie is number 1 while Jisoo is only came 7. You are the only one spreading lies. Jennie is the most popular member in korea thaat explains shes always trending there.

they only said they she represents for the grup visuals. not the whole group

am i the only one not minding the other blink and just here waiting for more facts about blackpink?

there’s so much arguing about jennie in these comments.. damn. calm yourselves.

Explain how Jisoo was on wayy more shows alone and commercials than all the members combined.
Unexpected Q, Running man x3 , Amazing saturday, Fantastic duo, inkigayo for a whole year etc.
Nope they meant the group. It was her last day of inkigayo and that’s why they said that.

this comment made me laugh so much! I totally agree 😀 😀 😀

no, me too! 😀

Lisa has a cat called Leo

I loved this comeback but for the next one I hope we get a full album. Also hope they give jisoo the most lines, Lisa her dance break and better outfits on stage for lisa and rose. Rapper jennie and lisa singing more. That’s all probably never going to happen anyway lol.

“What amazes me is, Jisoo raps better in my part” Jennie said. (BLACKPINK HOUSE EP 12-3)

Jennie is main rapper, lead vocalist and face of the group. She’s is at only 46/47kg now. Her closest idol best friend is a Irene from Red Velvet.

Lol Lisa memorized her solo dance in just 1 hour😎

Am I the only one that is scrolling through the the comments and reading the arguments between Jennie and Jisoo stans??

No, I am too! It’s almost like watching a movie. ^^”

Let’s be honest here jisoo doesn’t have any stage presence. Jennie used to now she’s just lazy. Rose puts in the effort but never wows me. Lisa owns the stage sometimes but other times you can tell she’s not trying to stand out at all. The whole group is lacking when it comes to stage presence. I don’t hate them or dislike them but that’s what i have noticed so far. There cute girls and all super talented.

It’s still not same thing. And anyway, here was about the fact that she can memorize a dance after seeing once, that it’s just difficult for some dances, that was my point.

tho, you just can’t accept it because Jisoo is your bias. People who aren’t Jisoo biased would know that Jennie is the most popular in korea. Tell ne why JIsoo was never #1 on Naver huh? And why Jennie got more attention on Running Man? And why she got solo invited the next week? You’re the one being biased.

Jennie got featured in 3 songs +one MV. Not satisfied? Well fck off. 🙂

Btw Jisoo was debuting as an actress & should be the visual so of course she gets CFs. But she never was futured in a song like Jennie or Rosé. Shooked?

I already thought Lisa stans are the worst & Jisoo stans are angels but you are a bad example lmao. I’m trying not to hate Lisa because of her fans because she is my bias wrecker but her fans are making it hard for me. Please don’t start to be a Jisoo stan like Lisa stans are, I don’t want to hate Jisoo..

Btw you’re wrong. Jennie is 3rd in my bias list, she is actually my 1st bias wrecker but my bias is Rosé & my 2nd bias is actually Jisoo lmao.

It’s obviously.


Watch their edge position distributions, DDDD, Forever Young, PWF center distribution.

+in CFs she is mostly in the center and in front of the other members and has the most screen time in many CFs. The same with photoshootings, she is always/mostly in the center with someone but not always the same member. She represents Sprite btw, she starts it and ends it + in the shoot she is together in the middle with this guy while the other members are sideways.


I think it’s kinda obviously, she is trending TOP 5 like every week on Naver (korean google lol). She is very often trending #1 (I follow the girls’ individual message & media sites on Instagram) on Naver.
How I said, she stands often in the front of them and represents the group.
”Look, this is the Chanel muse” or ”That’s the girl from Sprite” could be comments in SK, just saying.
Btw, she is kinda representing the group being like a boss in MVs.

And I’m freaking not biased. She isn’t even my bias, she’s my bias wrecker lmao. I stan ot4 but I can’t lie about positions. I would be biased if I say that Jisoo is the FOTG. She is my 2nd bias after Rosé and I know it’s not true.

than that lmao, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are Chaelisa biased and kinda hate Jensoo.

Jennie is a vocalist and not a sub-vocalist. She would get only 2-3 singing lines as a sub vocal so it’s kinda impossible. Lisa otherwise is a sub vocal since she isn’t almost singing.

But yeah I agree, to call Jennie a Lead Vocal is kinda wrong. I think the line distributions would look like those from 2NE1 when she would be Main Rapper + Lead Vocal..

But what I meant with my comment, there can be two Lead Vocalists in a group but those who are Jisoo biased say ”Jisoo is THE Lead Vocal” as if there could be only one so I said examples where there are 4 members in a group with 2 Lead Vocalists or even 2 Main Vocalists.

Fix the Chinese Zodiac pls. Jisoo is Pig, Jennie is Mouse.

1995 is the year of Pig, but the Chinese year starts just in the end of January / beginning of February, so please check that the year of Pig started just in January 31, 1995. Jisoo is born in January 3, 1995, when the year of Pig didn’t start yet!!! ^^

Year of Pig lasted between January 31, 1995 – February 18, 1996. Jennie is born in January 16, 1996, so her Chinese zodiac is a Pig. The year of Rat started in February 19, 1996.

there aint no leader in blackpink get ur facts right

My bias rankings always changing. Just because jensoo is not my bias right now doesnt mean I hate them. Why all always assume the worst anyway. I hate solo jennie stans that act like ot1 and always playing victim. People are starting to hate jennie stans way more than lisa stans this is part of the reason lol. We all know you hate jisoo by your comments anyway so you shouldn’t be talking.

Jennie stans and jisoo stans fighting lol.

jennie stans- please don’t focus on loving one member. love blackpink as a whole <3 blinks forever

Jennie is friend with Red velvet Irene and Twice Nayeon.

Jennie lose her weight now her weight is 46 kg. She is the center of the group

shouldn’t this be directed at all stans? why jennie stans in particular, what have they ever done?

she is not a lead dancer and has never said she is one, and she’s stated multiple times blackpink has no leader. jisoo is the only confirmed visual. blackpink has no center since you can’t have a center in a group with four people. i’d say she is a lead vocalist because she’s got the technique for it but she’s not; she’s never addressed herself as one. she’s also promoted less than jisoo so she’s not the fotg. that is all. thank you.

how do you know she’s 46 kg? what’s the source for that?

seungwannie look in the comments. Jennie stans degrading other members and giving all there official positions to jennie.

She’s not the face of the group.

Lisa is 170cm tall😑

Please, can you make By2 member profiles? By2 members: Yumi, Miko.😉 Thank you!

Blackpink members have their own instagrams

FOTG is nor the one who gets more attention. For example, if you are more talented, because people are attracted to your talent doesn’t mean your very popular


She represents their visual, yes. That’s it.

Jennie is only a vocalist. Her closest idol friend is Nayeon, she is just good friends with Irene. 🙂

Btw I hate solo Lisa stans. They are more than Jennie stans. When you don’t know that I guess you’re a new blink? Time to know our fandom, this is a toxic fandom.

Okay Lisa can dance to songs just by looking at them once, but I’m PRETTY SURE she CANT dance to bts and exo songs just by looking at them. you’re just being biased. Lisa is no where NEAR bts and exo in dancing. I don’t hate Lisa but I’m stating facts here. And yes maybe Lisa learned her solo dance in one hour but they’re not even close to the level of bts and exo dances. Don’t try fighting me in this bc we all know your just gonna be biased.

jennie stan arent draging anyone. they’re just stating information that they belive it true.

sorry but blackpink don’t have a center, they shine equally.

only vocalist sweetheart.



nope, she is 167cm


im Rosé biased but its true! jisoo is the most poular in korea not in the world 🙂

We’re just correcting them.

That’s it? Well, I tell you Jisoo has lots of variety shows and the most promoted in S. K. FIRST, Running Man, Amazing Saturday, Inkigayo mc, Unexpected Q, Fantastic Duo, Samsung cf, Nikon cf, etc. Jisoo is promoted the most. If you think jennie is the most popular in korea, well… I tell u she only appeared twice in a show this year (running man) but jisoo appeared more than thrice (running man, unexpected q, amazing saturday, before she left inkigayo)

True! She’s the FOTG. Also, Jennie said that Jisoo is the queen of variety shows in a radio broadcast.

they dont have a leader cause they can manage themself

theres a difference between correcting and accusing

no you’re wrong I am not a new blink duh

Stop this fanwar pls. Please accept that Jisoo is the visual and face of the group 🙂

Hey, you are here keep spreading lies, we all know jisoo is the most promoted before debut, but after debut they are promoted equally.. Jisoo is not the most popular in korea. The Brand reputation ranking never lies. Jennie place number 1 there. Jennie is the most popular not Jisoo. knetz and media never lies.

Jisoo appeared in a lot of shows. but she barely got a lot of attention.

Well the information there spreading isn’t true and they need to stop.Cause its getting hella annoying.


Jisoo was the only confirmed lead vocalist. You can keep being delusional and acting like a victim. Have a nice day.

I laughed so hard at your comment. Every single thing you said after Main Rapper is absolute crap 😂😂😂😂 Looks like we have another Jennie OT1 stan here

Actually, Lisa’s the most multitalented. Jisoo can only sing, Jennie can sing and rap, Rose can sing and dance, and Lisa can sing, dance AND rap. Lisa was supposed to be a lead vocal in Pink Punk (their group before it was changed to blackpink) And also, we see Jennie getting more parts than Jisoo in songs which she doesn’t rap at all: AAIYL, PWF, Really. If YG really wanted that stable voice crap, he would’ve made Jennie Lead Vocalist and not just Vocalist.

She’s called Royal Maknae for a reason

It’s YG who makes the positions not you so what if Jennie is always in the center? So what if you think Jennie is more popular than Jisoo? YG is in South Korea and he knows who is more popular between Jisoo and Jennie

What? So you mean lisa stans are worst? Well, for me only jennie stans and jisoo stans are toxic.. oopxs

Being the most popular doesn’t mean you get to be the fotg… it depends

I love lisa 😘 but of course i love all the members actually lisa is the most popular member of blackpink, as we can see in the votings here lisa has the most votes and she also has the most instagram followers

Lisa confirmed in her exclusive interview with LINE TV THAILAND that she is also good at playing guitar since she has practiced guitar for 1 year already. [Source:

Lisa should be a buddhist though she hesitates to say and prefers to be NA bcz shes born in thailand and all her family bg is same too

I love lisa and jennie ♡아이

It may be 2 frickin years old news but sis they havent updated any shit yet since then! So jisoo is still the lead vocalist accept that shit mate!!

Tell me about it

Says you whose basically attacking everyone whose actually stating the truth about Jisoo being the lead vocalist sis take a seat jennie is a vocalist and will stay a vocalist until YG approves of her being a lead vocalist

Okay first of all everyone should be appreciating each and every member equally! Seriously reading all the comments you guys sound so messed up! Attacking eachother and this whole 0t1 stan shit seriously get over yourselves yall out here arguing and getting angry at the positions of the members while blackpinks out here working their asses off everyday to bring their fandoms together as a family but yall over here putting em down! Who tf cares about what positions they are! Can yall just appreciate the fact that they still be making music together gosh! Seriously are yall ever blinks?

I did back reading. It made me furious reading nonsense things, actually. But, I just want to laugh at it. I’m a blink, and like it or not we all have that one bias in a group. I like Jennie the most, she’s my bias. But, that doesn’t mean that I will only appreciate her. Every member of Blackpink has their own beauty and talent. Why do people need to compare that? Well, maybe some just can’t accept it. But, seriously guys? They are in one group. If one of them fail, that will affect the other members as well. They treat each other as a family, so I hope we Blink’s will do the same.

I think she’s Buddhist, there was a picture of her at a Thai Buddhist temple. But since she hasn’t confirmed it yet, it’s difficult to say.


Lol how much did u know? Jisoo is the most popular in S. K. She’s always on the highest rank in Naver, Koreaboo and other kor. sites.

Jisoo FOTG??? Isn’t it Jennie.. Jisoo is only visual right..

No jisoo is the FOTG


Yay Rosie!In my opinion she is the most beautiful and talented💓💘

Where is your recipients proving this?
I’m sorry to hear this from you. Jisoo used to be the most popular predebut bcs she was being push!

But now its Jennie getting the most attention in Korea and Lisa Internationally.

Sorry not sorry, but Jisoo still the most popular in S. K. Remember the Prada event? Jisoo ranked 4 there and the next day, she’s still on the top 10. She ranked 7 and she’s the only member in bp to be on top 10. It’s on Naver and Koreaboo hun. And the time BP went to Japan to have a concert. Jisoo got lots of attention on Naver bcoz of her beautiful vocals during the concert. And one more thing, Jisoo has the biggest fandom in S. K and in China. When bp had their 7th anniversary, Chinese fans made a huge project for Jisoo and it stand out the most among all members of bp. If u still gon’ argue, well sorry not sorry, but this site will not gon’ change the positions until it is proven that jennie is the fotg. Welp, i still stand for jisoo as the fotg no matter what. Call me biased, or fanatic, but it’s just fact dude. FACT.

My baby lisa is veryyyyyy verrrryyyy popular 😍😍😍😍

Only in korea.. But in my country no one recognize her esp her plain visual😂

On point

How could you say lisas stans are worst ? Hmmm i mean Im lisas stans and i dont put down any member just to make my lisa stands out.. You know why ? Because lisa is very very popular around the globe so no need for me to brag.. Just let the vote and instagram says it.. Ehemmmm

Lisa my super model i just love you so much 😘😍😍

Jisooo rank 4th?/ why????

Jimin’s Jennie’s ideal type. (don’t come for me, just kidding(am I?))

jennie is lead vocalist! she get many line on their song.. and her voice very unique! .

the number of lines don’t count that much, but the singing technique.
until now she was only introduced as a Vocalist only
if you check the Korean profiles they all list her as a Vocalist (Sub-Vocalist) not as Lead Vocalist
if you have proof that she was introduced at least once as a Lead Vocalist, please share

People respect Lisa just because she got in the kpop group of all times famous kpop. She really deserved all the love

People respect Lisa just because she got in the group of kpop of all famous kpop. She deserved all the love

That’s only one event! Whereas to Jennie she always top in naver,daum,Nate whenever she comes out! Remember her guesting in Running man she was all over the news and trending 1
I thought we are only talking about their popularity in Korea, why include her Chinese and Japan fanbase? Then, if we look at their followers in instagram Jennie has way more followers than Jisoo..

I don’t know where did you get this information being Jisoo the most popular in Korea .
This is the overall popularity ranking for Idols in Korea
Jennie #1 for July

#2 for August

I’m still waiting for u receipts

just a notice. the brand value It’s about how much a group or individual was talked about or searched for on social media (positively or negatively)
but face of the group means the member that is the most promoted on tv and sent to represent her band on TV aka ‘the representative of the band’ aka the face of the group (ex AOA’s Seolhyun, EXID’s Hani, MissA’s Suzy etc)
if a member has a scandal for example and is most searched on Naver that doesn’t mean that member is the face of the group….. just saying…….
it’s all about who the company decides to promote more, not about who has the mot talkative fans 😀

Yes, the accumulated points for Jennies is mostly positive not negative! She topped because she is the most talked idol at the moment, and always trending positively. not because of negatively!

I think you should just used ur original acc. Lol

look at the photo where blackpink shares their opinion on kitkat. it says jennie’s positions are vocal/rap while lisa’s position is only rap. lisa is sub vocalist but if jennie’s the sub vocalist too, then why do their positions arent the same? jennie’s the LEAD VOCALIST along with jisoo. all blinks know that and whether you like it or not, its the truth.

Vocalist can be called vocal too. Vocalist and sub-vocalist are different. Sub-Vocalist means that she barely sings

Lisa is the group center


BLACKPINK’s official positions:

Jisoo: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Jennie: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Rosé: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Lisa: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

BLACKPINK has no FOTG nor Center

Jennie fotg not Jisoo fotg

Jennie is overrated. Jisoo deserves some of that attention jennie is getting. Jisoo can do everything that jennie can. But people ignore her. and now jennie stans are trying to give jisoos positions which are face of the group and lead vocalist to jennie. I think the fuck not. Some jennie stans always playing victim when toxic blinks degrade jennie but they do the same thing to Jisoo.

No, jisoo cant do anything jennie can

Chaeng is also close to Red Velvet Wendy and Twice Nayeon 😊 watch it in YouTube, they’re so close

Since when do people ignore Jisoo? I thought she was popular for her visuals and charisma? My personal biases would be Jennie and Lisa, but even I can see that Jisoo has a lot of stans, too. Everyone has preferences. It’s not like Suzy could help being popular in miss A, or that Nancy can help being popular in Momoland. People are going to like who they like.

This is what I meant. Watashi Key You just proved my point. Degrading another member to make jennie look better. Than you wonder why she gets hated on.

Each member is very strong individual. There personalities are so different. They ALL have charisma. Each member has a large amount of stans. I have never seen someone left out in this group. I feel like blinks praise all the members. Each member has a moment to shine. But I feel like one member didn’t get to showcase her full potential yet *cough* lisa *cough*. When they have solo schedules there so calm and collected. There all Independent and don’t seem to rely on each other much.I guess that’s why there so many solo stans in this fandom. but still I can’t wait to see the future of this group.

but you’re doing the same thing she did? Degraded jennie by calling her overrated, like she doesn’t work hard? I’ve been stanning Jisoo since she appeared on Mvs back in 2014, but I will always see them as equal, you’re pushing Jennie down and calling her names to be hypocritical to YOUR OWN POINT, like you proved nothing, you know barely anything about her, but you just told me everything about you. Follow what you preach, hype up Jisoo without calling Jennie names, even if Jisoo is my ultimate bias, I will always see them as equals, and would never stoop so low as you’re, you are as low as the ground, that’s all I have to say.

no leader either, but fotg isn’t announced by a company, its who represents a group on TV, which jisoo was a mc, did the most variety, and is always paired up with others members to guest. She represents them. :))

being a lead vocal needs to be announced, this is just ONE receipt, jisoo has been introduced as lead many times, a number of lines doesn’t define a position, if it did, I guess Jennie is the main vocal? No sis. It don’t work like that lmao

Jisoo represents bp for the variety category ^^

lol jisoo can rap watch it on their yt channel blackpink house☺🤗

Well they really dont have a leader cause they can handle their own lifes but the others said that Jennie is the Center

Well Jennie is just a vocalist because she’s the main rapper but jisoo can do her raps just like in ddu du ddu du but if jisoo is the rapper jennie is the lead vocal

Lisa stans are the worst because she has the most solo stans out of them who downgrade the other members and think she is the best in everything. That are actually not all of her stans. Maybe 80%.


Roses fave number is 5 because the 5 times tables are easy and she likes the sum 5 × 3 cuz is equals her second favorite number 15

receipts. I do NOT remember this.

@Farah Hayati Its says the face of the group. Is the most charismatic. If that was the case it would have been lisa lmaoo. Cause she’s the most charismatic. Lisa also has the most screen time in a majority of their videos. But lisa is NOT the face of the group. Cause she has been in the least shows and Korea didn’t get a chance to know her better unlike the other members. I do think jennie is the center though. And Jisoo is definitely the visual. I don’t know about the face of the group.

You proved your own point. You’re literally trashing Jennie and acting like she’s totally undeserving of her popularity, then getting super offended when someone says the exact same thing but about Jisoo. It’s wrong to trash either of them. Take your own advice.

And before you call me a salty Jennie stan, Rosé is my bias and Jisoo is my bias wrecker. Take off your own biased glasses and realize how hypocritical and toxic you are.

that isn’t jennies fault and jennie can rap jisoo cant so stop hatteing on her i love blackpink.all of them and they all worked hard so stop


I know right! I just wish everyone agrees but since there is apparently no official statement then we have to wait for her to be promoted. And yeah Jisoo can’t be the only lead vocalist when she hardly sings the chorus. 🙁

Im Jisoo Im Okay

U know cus we are saying things that u have no defense to, that’s y ur rambling on with no actual motive lol. It doesn’t work like that. I hope u know that

Lisa’s official height and weight revealed in Real Men (as per Shaytyen tweet)

Lisa is 166cm
Weight: 44kg

Jennie will be a permanent member on Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show.

so I guess we can’t talk about a single FOTG anymore in BP. until now Jisoo was the FOTG since she was a MC and had a lot of tv appearances, but lately Jennie also appeared on Running Man and will be representing BP in a new variety show alone.
also Lisa appeared alone on Real Men 3

so I guess we can’t talk about a distinct FOTG in BP anymore…..

actually is 166.5cm and 44.7 kg basically YG didn’t lie

I think both Jennie and Jisoo are the faces of the group lol. Jisoo is the visual. Jennie is always in the center even though She’s not the lead dancer or the main so Jennie is definitely the center.
Jisoo – Lead Vocalist, Visual and Face of the group
Jennie – Main Rapper, Vocalist and Face of the group
Rose – Main vocalist and lead dancer
Lisa – Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist and The Youngest.

The Platinum blond is lisa
The One with the hat is Jennie
The One with the braids is Rose.
The Only one not wearing a crop top is Jisoo

I just think each member is very very talented, Jennie is not the only perfect one, if you look at it then each member does more than one thing in this group, so yes they’re all amazing. But I think your way of defending your case was horrible, Jennie has worked hard for her debut and her popularity is justified, it’s forever known that jisoo is a better vocalist than her but it doesn’t mean she’s any less of a talented vocalist either, each member is precious and really talented, Jennie deserves all the love she is getting. Yes jisoo is very underappreciated but it doesn’t mean she isn’t loved, being a blink means you love each member and I am pretty sure there are MANY jisoo stans out there who love our queen, but please don’t hate on Jennie nor the other members, it’s not her fault if people choose to like her or not, jisoo is amazing and so is jennie, I am pretty sure that jisoo doesn’t need to hear this type of compliments if it means degrading another member ( also her friend) I’m the process

Lisa real height is 166.5 cm and weight 44.7 kg that means rose is actually 167.5 cm since their only one cm apart

On Real men lisa had a medical checkup and her weight was 44.7kg, height 66.5, and her bmi was 16.3.

Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

that doesn t have anything to do with the face of he group..and jennie is not always in the center

Finally you changed Jisoo from FOTG to visual. Why did it took so long?

Jennie will be a permanent member on Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show.

quit the fandom since you’re not a blink.

When you say that Jisoo is the FOTG because she seems like it, then we can say that Jennie is the center because she seems like it. It’s that easy.

since when?

exactly. some people still don’t understand standarts.


she seems like that but don’t say it since Jisoo butthurt stans will come at you

..this is what I meant. Where is it said?

I don’t wanna take part in the Jennie – Jisoo fan war, but this is my honest opinion:

I think Jisoo was the FOTG at first, because she was an MC and represented BP the most in shows, but there isn’t a FOTG anymore because Jennie also will be representing BP in Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show and Lisa also represented BP in Real Man 3

More members are promoted! Congrats for your decision YG!

Waiting to see more Rose too though…. she had the Masked Singer appearance but she could represent the band more in variety <_<

you are right


BP has no leader or center
You can’t have a center with only 4 members
No jennie is not the leader. They said they didn’t have one and closest thing to a leader is Jisoo.
Stop hating on Jisoo…. Why are jennie stans like this

I still don’t because she was never introduced as a lead vocalist lmfao

Since when was jennie the FOTG though🤔

Blackpink stated in the show JYP party people YG rules
In there first few years in YG.
They were also praised in weekly idol when they debuted about there natural pretty features. YG continued to call them the prettier more natural 2ne1.

Some of them are toxics. Even on instragram, Lisa and Jennie stans are fighting.

jaesu jero rosa limario I hate it when people do this shit. Acting like their opinions are facts. BTW, Jennie is not Lead Vocalist. ONLY Jisoo is. All you Jennie stans trying to give everything to her. She’s already Main Rapper and Vocalist, and you’re trying to give her Lead Vocal, Center and FOTG. Before I know it someone’s gonna start yanging bull about her being Lead Dancer… Jennie is listed as vocal/rap because she’s a VOCALIST (ONLY a vocalist, not and never Lead) and Main Rapper. Lisa isn’t listed as vocal because she’s a SUB vocalist. See the difference?? Lisa has Sub in her position. Jennie doesn’t. Do you get it now?!

Jealous Jisoo stans lol. How was CL the center then?

They said nothing about Jisoo being closest to the leader too tho.

Why is this a fanwar? They just changed the wrong position that Jisoo stans assumed out and made the right position in it.

Jennie will be a permanent member on Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show. (please in take it in this profile here, not the individual since it’s important)

Lisa is a sub-vocalist.

mostly she is.

But you can’t answer to those comments that speak the truth right? What a jealous bish.

Lisa was never announced as a vocalist. Probably just a sub. And Rosé was never announced as a Lead Dancer but we know she is one. Just don’t say that are the official positions because no one never said nothing about Lisa being a vocal or Rosé a dancer.

btw I read in an other comment that Jisoo is your ultimate bias. Of course Jisoo stans will start assuming things tho. Be happy for her to have the visual position already what means she is the most beautiful after korean standarts and stop crying for more positions..

What means that Lisa wasn’t called a sub-vocal or a vocalist yet. She definitely isn’t a vocalist when Jennie is already said to be a ”vocal” too but you mean that it could only mean being a sub or a vocalist.

no one said that Jennie is the FOTG. I’m just asking who announced Jisoo as the FOTG?

Who ever announced her as the FOTG? Biased Jisoo fan lol. How your just adding her new positions. Be happy that she is already a visual and stop whining.

and there is no Leader position, what do you want to say with your comment lol?

Lisa isn’t the most charismatic. Jennie gets always articles to be the most charismatic in the group, to be both sexy & cute and pull of girl crush concept the best. You’re literally just being biased and a hater. There are several reasons for Lisa being not the center or FOTG.

Tell that to some biased Lisa stans since Lisa’s fandom is like 70% solo stans.

Jisoo stans always fight about positions, sorry but it’s the truth. They can’t accept Jisoo being a visual and want always more, almost as bad as Lisa stans.

Jisoo wasn’t even promoted the most because Jennie was featured in 3 songs & 1 MV.

She isn’t. Compare Jennie’s brand reputation and on how many kor. sites she is. She is in several articles about girl crush, rap, cute & sexy etc.

Such a naive Jisoo stan.

It’s because you follow several Jisoo fanpages but you literally don’t know nothing what the other members reached. You just take that out what Jisoo reached because you saw that while you saw nothing of the other members because you don’t follow their fanpages. Grow up since, how we see, you can’t think logically.

At the moment, Jennie is the most promoted but it doesn’t mean she is automatically the FOTG.

Btw don’t say that Jennie shouldn’t be the leader lol, in Blackpink House ep.1 she was literally speaking for the whole group at a meeting while the other said nothing and I bet she is always the one speaking. She is just the mature one, that’s a fact.
I’m not saying that she is the Leader but she definitely fits that role the best and is behaving like the Leader sometimes.

Jennie is under 50kg too. She definitely lost weight.

Jisoo stan huh? But ok, for me Jennie is only a vocalist too.

Since when was it announced to be Jisoo’s positions? Like you’re the one fucking immature adding Jisoo positions she doesn’t even have. You just behave like that.

However Jisoo biased solo stan.

Jennie will be a permanent member on Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show.

Since when does a Main Dancer have to be the center? Center is an individual position.

not only, in photoshootings & CF’s too which is Jennie but let’s not assume things since there are butthurt Jisoo stans who might add Jisoo the Center position too since they’re already pushing her as the FOTG lmao.

Tho, in every comment I see you’re the one ot1.

but she isn’t at all, internationally AND korea together.


you don’t have to bring member down because you’re not happy enough lmao.

She isn’t the only one tho.. I’m an average human and can do it too. Btw I bet she already saw that dance & MV before since they’re friends with Red Velvet and the MV was already 1 year old. The same with Twice, it’s easy. I guess when you would give her something like CLC or BTS she couldn’t do it since it’s just too much at once. But I believe in her talent, she is a great dancer, one of the best in this generation.

I’m not jealous though.. I’m not even a Jisoo stan. But she’s the visual and BP has no leader, accept it

I understand that Lisa is your bias but tho, genius means the most intelligent one which is Rosé. You can’t tell someone a genius because of dancing.

it’s not the same. Her solo dance was easy (no hate) and slow while fast dances are harder.

Jisoo? When?

Didn’t Rosé said she hates Avocado tho? I’m always super confused about that because some people say one thing and others say the other thing.


I’m agree but it’s not an opinion if Jennie is the best rapper or Lisa the Main Dancer, it is just like that. Why do you think they have those positions? For fun? And why Lisa has a predebut dance video, Jisoo CF’s as a visual, Jennie predebut rap videos & songs she is featuring in? These positions are given them for something and not nothing.

Omg please papa YG, announce their official positions finally..

Who said she is not the visual tho?

I never said she was but it’s possible?

70% of Lisa stans are solo stans who only support her and bring the other members down saying that Lisa is the best in everything. The other 30% are good stans who support every member, don’t announce positions by themselves and know who is better in what category.

Tho I know Jisoo is the Lead Vocalist lmao. I never said she isn’t. And I never said that Jennie is a Lead Vocalist. We don’t know it, it’s possible but it’s not announced yet so we can only guess. For me she is only a vocalist now.

There can be more Lead Vocalists than one dude. Fuck off. When someone says that Jennie is A Lead Vocal doesn’t mean Jisoo isn’t one. Remember that. I never said Jisoo isn’t a Lead Vocal or that Jennie is one, calm down biased stan.

maybe because you’re a Lisa stan by yourself? Of course you won’t see it how many solo stans you have since I bet you’re biased too.
Remember, the Lisa fandom is 70% bad, solo stans who only support Lisa, announce extra positions and say she is better in everything while
30% are good stans who support all members, know the positions and know who is better in what.

I’m not saying it’s her position, I’m saying she fits it the most.

Doesn’t mean she is better in everything.

wrong. While Jennie’s rap & vocal is ABOVE average, her dancing is in average.
Lisa’s dancing is above average while her vocal & rap is just average.
Don’t be too biased. Dancing is the most unimportant thing btw. To do a solo career, the most important is vocal in what Lisa is good but average.

And who are you to tell that Jisoo can only sing? Every BP member can dance, sing and rap and this is a fact.

nah, still wrong. Don’t even try to argue with me since it’s known that Jennie has the most brand reputations and is known as one of the biggest girl crushes in kpop now.

Younger lisa 🙂

Tbh I don’t get why Jisoo is a lead vocal but the ones who get the most lines and sing the refrain are Rosé and Jennie
In Boombayah these positions made sense. In DDDD too. But in As If Its Your Last, Playing With Fire, Whistle.. it’s Rosé > Jennie not Rosé > Jisoo
I’m not hating anyone, don’t get me wrong it’s just that Jennie gets so many lines almost everyone thinks she’s the lead vocal
And yes Jisoo can sing the refrains, she hits high notes in DDDD
So.. I dont get why jennie isn’t lead vocalist and Jisoo visual + regular vocalist or a 2nd lead idk

Actually Koreans don’t use Sub-Vocalist or Vocalist, it’s the same thing. Also, if you check korean websites like namu, Rosé is listed as a Lead Dancer as well, and Korean websites are always pretty accurate. It’s not like I’ve invented them, these are the actual positions.

what you said makes sense.
don’t know why YG didn’t also assigned the lead vocalist position to Jennie as well, that would be more fair
I’m still waiting for the moment when she’ll be introduced as a lead vocalist

Jennie is lead vocalist too

lalalalisa_m snapped again.

¨Watch your queen checkmate for the win.¨ – Lisa

Girls Generation Tiffany said that she would like Blackpink lisa, red velvet seulgi and mamamoo hwasa in her super kpop girl group. She said there were one of the most charismatic girls of this generation and she’s been keeping an eye on them.

Yeah in their debut showcase Jennie, Jisoo and Rose are assigned vocalist positions. While Jennie and Lisa have rap and Lisa is the only one with a dance position even though rose is also the lead dancer

@[email protected]:disqus Many other idols have talked about lisa’s stage presence and charisma jessi, sunmi, tiffeny etc. The other members said many times that lisa is the most girl crush. Even jennie said lisa has so much charisma on stage and off stage shes cute. My bias is rose and im just stating the facts hun. Lisa catches a lot of peoples eyes at first when they first saw blackpink. Jennie is inconsistent and lazy on stage nowadays. She lost the spark she used to have debut days in aiiyl era and she hasn’t fully gained it back. Its sad since she used to be my bias wrecker. Lisa doesn’t have to have articles written about her for people to know that she has the most charisma now.

no hate to jennie but this is the truth that i want to tell you even none fans noticed that jennie became weak on stage lately her moves look so weak people out of our fandom call her lazy and they use this to shade our fandom and girls I hope she improves we dont hate her but charismatic? and being pretty doing sexy face does not make you charismatic

no hate to jennie but this is the truth that i want to tell you even none fans noticed that jennie became weak on stage lately her moves look so weak people out of our fandom call her lazy and they use this to shade our fandom and girls I hope she improves we dont hate her but charismatic? and being pretty doing sexy face does not make you

That was in their debut showcase only (where the positions weren’t detailed but just mentioned as vocal, rap, dance)
But they updated the positions later, during ‘Get it Beauty’ show where they just announced the Main and Lead roles
Jisoo was introduced as a Lead Vocalist, Rose as a Main Vocalist and a Lead Dancer, Lisa as a Lead Rapper and a Main Dancer and Jennie as a Main Rapper (but not as a Lead Vocalist!)
So we still wait for her to be introduced as a Lead Vocalist at least once…..

No shes not

Not really, its only possible to you because your a jennie stan

I see your comment basically everywhere saying that jennies the FOTG and not jisoo! And actually being the FOTG doesnt need to be announced, you can see that both jennie and jisoo are most prompted in korea out of blackpink so I would say that both jennie and jisoo are the FOTG, theres no in betweens

Lisa should be in the center since shes the main dancer. In red velvet seulgi is always in the center and shes the main dancer and in twice its momo. poof girl role was snatched by yg and he docent even let her show her full dancing ability.

tho you’re writing so many biased comments. Stop spaming since no one is gonna take that in her profile..

I’m waiting too since it’s kinda obvious tbh

Get It Beauty is old

Jennie will be a permanent member on Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show.

You seem salty. If my comments bother you you can ignore and mind your business.

It still showed their official positions though. And they have not changed so far. It was two years ago not a century ago.

She needs to make that happen 🙂

I know thats what I meant

You said that so many times. Girl we know.

How is she being biased when all she did was post a rap about lisa and a few old pictures. She even posted that she was being recognized by girls generation bc of her stage presence.When you keep spamming people about jennie being a member of a show that nobody gives a fuck about and only jennie stans are going to watch everyday.

Get It Beauty is from 2017, it’s not that old
Jennie should be introduced as a lead vocalist at least once though, so we have the official confirmation she’s also a lead vocalist
it’s kind of annoying that they participated to so many shows since then but they didn’t introduced her not even once as a lead vocalist. she also deserve it

what happened to blackpink jisoo’s title as being the face of the group?!

um wtf lmao
because I’m a jisoo stan that IMMEDIATELY means I assume things? Okay sis, you need to take a seat. I gave actual facts, not opinions, on the other hand, you didn’t, so don’t come at me with your “logic” lmao

since they debuted hun :))

blackpink equally gets the center position, we might as well make Lisa the main rapper since she raps more than Jennie? Yeah no. Jisoo, since they debuted, handled variety the most, the FOTG is chosen based on what fans think, on the other hand, a center is chosen from the beginning which YG did NOT hand her the position, so don’t even make shit up,

face of the group is not a fixed position, it can change depending on who’s the band’s representative on tv shows
in the beginning Jisoo was indeed the face of the group, because she was an MC and she represented the band on shows alone
but now Lisa also represents the band on Real Man 3
Jennie also represents the band by becoming a permanent member on Yoo Jae Suk’s new variety show.

YG decided to promote them all, not to promote a single member like he did in the beginning….

so BP currently doesn’t have a distinct face of the group, like BTS and many other bands where more members are promoted not always 1 single member…..

they must be pretending that sub-vocal and vocal are different, in order to distinguish jennie and lisa’s vocal skills. lmao…you’re right tho, it’s mostly the same thing

What is the new variety show’s name that your’ talking about? I am fan of Jennie too, it would be great seeing her with Jae Suk doing silly things nyahahaha how funny it would be! I saw her in Running Man and i love how unlucky she is! 😀

lisa did ps


jisoo deserves more attention

Hey, what happened to our beloved Rosie? She’s beautiful too! Come on guys! We should all appreciate everyone of the members!

Tell me about it😂

Lisa hasn’t done plastic surgery. That was a rumor created by antis.
They obviously stated on the show JYP party people that there not allowed to get anything done.
Lisa also hates needles. Even her teachers in Thailand have said Lisa hasn’t changed one bit and looks the same as she did. Take a seat sis. Contour is key.

i think jennie is the face of the group right now:) face of the group position is someone who represented the group so well. and jennie is always in every magazine, and in every ads she’s always in the front. and every photoshoot(like puma, adidas or etc) she’s always had a solo photoshoot and the always posted it:) jennie is the person who have many variety show right now than jisoo. and she always been booked for the variety show:) and right now she become chanel’s ambassador.

Remember when Jisoo used to be the 2nd most popular? 🙁 They are all so beautiful and talented, I wish everyone could vote for each member. OT4 fighting!

Rose is the most talented member! I love her, her beauty is so elegant and gorgeous. Her voice is so unique and beautiful. Her dance is so sexy and swaggy. I love everything about her. Ughhhh <3

One of Jennie’s instagram pics has 2 million likes in just one day

Lisa has the most instagram followers (8.7 m)

The main dancer lisa and lead dancer rose should always be in the center since its like that with other groups (2ne1 etc) But Yg has favoritism.

Jennies the lead vocal. Waiting for YG to confirm.
And Lisa was trained to be a vocalist in YG. But than another trainee left so they changed Lisa into a rapper.
But Lisa is a vocalist too.

*____________________* she is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

Are you okay?? I think you’re the one who’s toxic enough to reply on a comment who’s stating a fact about Rosie being the most talented member in blackpink. Plus hello??? I’m a blink since pre-debut era. Rosie is my bias, so naturally my comment is biased, but that doesn’t mean I hate JenChuLi. Lol. I’m an Ot4 but as for my comment I was just praising my girl. How crude of you.

Why?? I think she’s doing fine…


Goddess Roseanne Park coming through!!

Can you add that Lisa’s favorite cuisine is Japanese (And she loves sushi)? From blackpink house episode 7-3

That’s not toxic behaviour hun. You’re being toxic for thinking that is toxic…

Omg u’re the toxic one here. Get some sense of it. It’s true though, that Rosé is the most talented member in bp, like yas, they’re all talented, but it’s just that Rosé is so skilled. She can do both music and arts, sports plus modelling is just a bonus, if she gets to act in a drama that would be legit legendary for an artist. Lol Do I really have to enumerate everything she can do? Dearrr, research is the best thing you could do before trying to argue over something. I don’t see anything wrong in the comment, maybe you just can’t accept the fact that your bias is not the one who’s been mentioned. You must be a solo stan blonk. Lmao Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé are all talented ofc, the group is not just talent but also full of visuals and body goals. But each member has their own best, just like Lisa, she is the most popular member, but Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo are also popular, but it’s just that Lisa is gaining more than the others. They have their own specific titles, like Jennie being the bad ass princess, Lisa the boss lady, Jisoo the beauty queen and Rosé the goddess. More like blackpink is the revolution. Stop talking about toxicity when u urself can’t find the essence of u being one. Lmao. And lastly, don’t drag the whole blinknation in your own pestilential.

Blackpink are all going to solo debut first. YG said first its jennie than rose, lisa and jisoo.

Jennie is gonna do a solo debut in November this year.

Who’s Blackpink’s leader? Isn’t it Jennie?

Rose is very sensitive, and cries very easily. She once cried over her gold fish dying.

She also eats the most out of all the members. In all the Blackpink House episodes, all you see her do is eat and eat.

BP is one of the few groups with no leader, other groups without leaders include 2PM, APRIL and the final pre-disbandment Wonder Girls line-up.

Preach!!! Very well said. Lol he/she deleted her comment.

I’m taller than all of them and I’m 14 y/o.. :00
Perks of being Dutch, I guess XD

No, Jisoo can’t do what Jennie does… I mean all of them are talented but in a different way. And Jennie is not overrated, no way.

Oh please, that was barely a rap, how can you compare her with Jennie?! This has to be a joke…

You said your bias is Rose, but seems like you’re one of Jennie’s biased now(?)

They have equal. And it isn’t confirmed yet though.

um she just said that jennie’s gonna have a solo, that doesn’t mean Jennie’s her bias .-.

Lisa has two cats.
One named Leo and the other lucas
Lisa said rose taught her how to play the guitar during trainee days.

@whoruntheworldblackpink:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it has been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

@disqus_LX4T9acw8a:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

@livrey:disqus Thank you for the update, once she has the solo debut we’ll add it to her profile. If we happen to forget, please do remind us! 🙂

@catmerchant:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

base on the bmi calculation Jennie is the only one who is healthy, the others are under weight

she’s always talking bout Jennie on the comment section.


Lisa is not a Lead Rapper,she is a Main Rapper

omg…. NO!!! She is not!!! Jennie is main rapper. Her rap is better… She is a main rapper for a reason….
And Lisa is Main dancer coz she is amazing dancer like Jennie is amazing rapper…

BLACKPINK has signed with the U.S Label Interscope Records

@hannagw:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Its preference. majority of people like lisas rapping more than Jennies. You can’t deny that Lisa is a amazing rapper to. Just like how some people like jisoos vocals more than roses. 🙂

Lisa can speak 5 languages
She stated on this china mag that she learned chinese when she was in elementary school. Please add that 🙂

jennie has a low pain tolerance

she said she learned Chinese when she was in elementary school and that she still remembers a few words like: “stand up”, “sit down” and “hello sir”
but we can’t really say she actually speaks Chinese if she knows just a few words…..

some people prefer Lisa’s rapping with other people prefer Jennie’s but the girls said themselves that Lisa is a Lead Rapper and Jennie is a Main Rapper (source: Get It Beauty show with Black Pink)

Jisoo also knows a little too. They know the same amount. But on the profile it says jisoo knows chinese. So it should state that Lisa does also know chinese.

BlackPink doesn´t have a leader??

Yes,They don’t have a leader

Why Jisoo is so underrated?i love her so much💕😍

Lisa rank 5th on the 100 Most Beautiful faces of 2018. I saw it on youtuYo

Lisa also acted in NONA9ON 2018 ‘SUMMER ISN’T OVER YET’

The fact that Lisa did not study the culture or bothered to learn the language before even applying to be a KPOP idol just shows how much of an idiot she is and that desperate, she’s a Koreaboo (somebody wanting to be Korean). Her aegyo is rather disrespectful and doesn’t deserve to be accepted to the company as she was clearly not committed to becoming an idol if she couldn’t even try studying a bit of the language stated by her that she didn’t know a single word. KPOP should NOT accept foreigners if they do NOT KNOW the LANGUAGE..

Knowing few words doesn’t mean you know a language, unless she’s fluent then that will be acceptable.

Jennie’s rapping is better and it’s a fact. Lisa cannot rap at all, she’s an idol rapper and will easily lose at a show like “Unpretty rapster”.

Jennie was featured in G-Dragon’s MV “그 XX” (THAT XX)

lisa is still the most popular member so shut up! people still like her.

I mean, as time went by, Lisa started to learn the language…

She didn’t apply for it, technically YG offered her to become a trainee. Also, there are much more foreigners out there like Lisa…

Jennie said her body bloats (gets fat) easily lol

Gosh, this comment section sounds like a bunch of 8 year olds.

lisa was ranked 5th in 100 most beautiful woman 2018

The something should be applied for jisoo than tbh

This comment makes me question the sapience of humans



that list is not official, is a fake one, tc candler will only announce the winner in december

@disqus_OYt4TZpaTY:disqus YG was the one that wanted her. She was in a JYP dancing audition for her dance group wa zaa cool. There are many other thai idols who want to korea to follow there dream but you guys always attack lisa because of your envy and jealousy. Lisa has stated many times that she was proud to be thai and that she loved her country. She’s not trying to be korean at all. Everyone does aegyo.Not only koreans. Tf you mean. Lisa is so unprobimtic to the point where you have to fucking reach to try to get something on her. Lisa learned korean when she was in the company. The sad part is your probably a blink who stans another member. Just remember that without lisa blackpink and would flop. She brings a lot to the group. She stills successful and talented.

It’s annoying because if you read all her comments below about Jennie she basically puts down the other members to make Jennie look better that’s why its annoying

Lol honestly tho

Honestly Jennie shouldn’t even be in the center all the time but everyone knows shes only in the center because papa YG has favoritism

So does that mean Lisa is the Main Rapper since she has more rap lines then Jennie since debut? Lines don’t matter, Jennie is just a vocalist and Jisoo is the Lead vocalist, until papa YG announces that Jennie is a Lead vocalist, than she becomes one but at the moment shes always been announced as a vocalist and the main rapper

I agree!!

Couldn.t agree more hun!!!

That means her bias is Jennie. Simple as that. lol

I don’t understand why you care.
People can have a bias and still talk about other members. After all a Blink supports BLACKPINK as a whole.
You have no authority over who that person’s bias is. It’s not even that important. They’re just giving news about Jennie.

Lisa have Youtube channel.

Just like how your Biased with Jennie, your trying to give all the positions to Jennie when shes already the Main Rapper and Vocalist but seeing all your comment in the comment section your the one adding new positions to Jennie, you want Jennie to be the main rapper, lead vocalist, centre and FOTG, mate she might as well become a solo artist if you want to give all the positions to her! And don’t attack her because shes pointing out the obvious, Jisoo should be the FOTG since shes been representing blackpink way before they even debuted

Sis Jennie is legit the laziest member on stage

And Jennie’s fandom is like 99.9% solo stans

Everyone knows Jennies only always in the center of everything because papa YG is biased with her HAHAHAHA

She actually is the most popular member accept that hun
Lisa said that she would be a Photographer if she wasnt an idol

Lisa has a youtube channel

Lisa has just opened her YouTube channel yesterday, Lilifilm Official, and her first video, LILI’s FILM #1 – JISOO in Japan, has now over a million views and her channel is now at 281k subscribers.

She put the link of the video at her Instagram bio.

Here’s the look of her channel, and here’s the link to her channel:

Rosé is close to Twice Nayeon, Red Velvet Wendy and Irene too.

That’s actually true

Jisoo likes someone who is really into her or who smiles pretty (BLACKPINK “Star Road” Ep.7)

Jennie’s favourite animals are chinchillas and capybaras (BLACKPINK “Star Road” ep.8)

@lamiji:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@lamiji:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

according to YG and the official positions, Jennie is a Main Rapper and Lisa is a lead rapper. Please don’t take your opinions into account because they are not always correct

shes not

why they dont have a leader?

Jennie&Jisoo talk about their ideal types

Maybe its because its only 4 memebers usually they won’t if its not many memebers.

I feel like new BLINK’s should know this

Rosé name is pronounced like “Loje/Loche”

That is just Korean pronounciation, but if you watch her Vlives where she speaks English she says “Rosé”

Today Jennie debuted as a solist!
here’s the M/V, the song’s name is “SOLO”

Jennie debuted today 12 of November as a soloist with the song “Solo”

Isn’t Lisa on Real Men 300?

Another Rosé fact: She hates avocados but owns an avocado plush toy that she got in New York. She said it was expensive, but was oddly drawn to it and really wanted it, resulting in her buying the avocado plush for herself (as stated in her newest Instagram Live).

Also Joy

In this article it shows BIGBANG’s Seungri Statment about the BLACKPINK members and which BIGBANG members they remind him off he says:

Jennie: Whenever I see Jennie, I’m always reminded of G-Dragon. It seems like she’s always in Paris. She keeps taking photos with fashion designers and posting them online.
Lisa: When I see Lisa, I keep thinking of Daesung. She has a bright aura and seems full of energy.
Jisoo: When I see Jisoo, I’m reminded of T.O.P, who is random and unpredictable but also charismatic.
Rosé: When I see Rosé, I think of Taeyang,She has strong vocals and has a lot of soul as an artist

Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@karlijnepiana:disqus Thank you for the comment, the info has also been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@kairachang:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it has been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to their individual profiles and you received credits there! 🙂

She did? Good because it’s annoying when I see so many people talking about that, it’s not even a big deal…

Lisa #1 treasure is her cell phone and her favorite number is 27 because it her birthday
Rose #1 treasure is her bed and her favorite number is 5 because when she was little, it was easiest to multiply number 5 to other number so she start liking number 5 (vlive…star road)

Jisoo’s favorite number is 4 while Jennie’s favorite number is 1 (Vlive Star Road ep. 13 and 14)

@disqus_tllA0JJM7W:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@jessalegaspiespiel:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Lisa’s favorite movie is ‘Hachi’ (Vlive Star Road ep. 11)

Rose is known as blackpink’s goddess (Vlive start road from jennie) ep 2-3

Roje/Loje in korean but in english it’s Rosey/Rosay.

@jensoostrash:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

@mistiyu:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Not YG decides who is in the center. It’s the choreographer hun. And not YG distributes their lines, it’s TEDDY, the producer.

Literally Lisa stans are the worst what could happen to kpop. They say ARMYs & EXO-Ls are bad, but they have to see Lisa solo stans first. They make the whole fandom look bad damn.. Lisa deserves better. Imagine her seeing all those biased comments saying she’s the best and the other members are worse. It’s like you’re hurting her because the members are her family and she loves them so much. But well, your decision if you want to hurt your fave or not.

Rosé is the Blackpink Goddess. (Star Road ep. 2) <3

Still they should know

lisa is 15th most beautiful faces 2017
but jennie is
18th most beautiful faces 2017

damn why so beautiful lisaa?

Wait why is Lisa the Maknae if she was born in March of 1997 when rosé was born in February 1997? I’m confused…

because March comes after February?


Well Lisa…I’m 27😏

Rose beat Jennie in the poll???? Wow


yes but Rosé’s birth name is Park Chaeyoung
Jennie however was born and spent most of her life in Korea and she has no other known name than Jennie- her birth name is Jennie Kim.

Yeah she did, is something wrong with it?

Rose surpassed jennie in the pool but jennie always have more fans than rose.

Jennie has a lot haters

‘most beautiful faces’ is honestly bs. It mostly comes from votes so it doesn’t rlly matter so u shouldn’t compare losa and Jennie

nah but we’re surprised cus Jennie is more popular for sure

You are talking like this poll it’s 100% accurate, it just happened that many people that visited this site are Rose’s fans

Whatever others were saying. JENNIE still SLAYED! SHE HAD #SOLO, so, yeah, more fans or even MORE HATERS, SHE is DOIN’ her thing. She’s in her element. So shut it down and appreciate.^_^

Lisa’s name in Korean is Kim Lisa (김리사)

Yep, Jennie is popular. But Rosie is also popular. So basically Rosie and Jennie’s level of popularity is just the same you know 2-3 to 3-2 just like bts and blackpink in ranking yt records – 1 and 2 (like breaking each other’s record). Well the matter of fact, Jennie is just being promoted so well unlike Rosie. So there’s kinda differences. Rosie’s popularity is no joke, it’s just that she need more to show for her to shine. But whatever, they’re all popular in their own way tho plus blackpink itself is popular asf. Btw, Jennie is my bias. Just saying.

Uhmm I’m a jennie stan tho? Hun it’s “blinks” who visited not only “Rosie stans” lol

both have the same. oh pls don’t start anything just love both.

And those blinks have a bias too, that was my point.

And not just the blinks, normal fans too

Because they dont want to have one. (Not sarcasm.)

Ya, my point is don’t say that “it just happened bc many ppl visited are Rosie’s stan”. If u get what I mean tho

Rosie doesn’t like to be called “pasta” so please removed it as her nickname. She prepares to be called “Chae” or “Chaeyoung”. Chipmunk to us blinks.

Why not if it’s true? They chose Rose because they are her fans. Even if some people are blinks, it doesn’t matter, it’s perfectly normal to have a bias, they know or not, the majority of people have a favorite member in a group. I understand why you don’t like my comment but it’s really not a big deal.

Jennie got her first win today!!! She beat btob and Twice!!! Powerfullllllll. Blackpink is indeed the revolution. Wow.

chaeyoung’s waist is 24 inches, not 19! (source:

Jennie does have a sibling. Her younger sister’s name is Ella Gross and they look just alike. Her sister’s instagram name is ellagross

lmao i guess you got confused😂 march comes after february, of course.

Jennie is mine :3

lmao right? :))) Ella Gross can be the future Jennie. I’m glad they are both under YG.

but that is also her nickname o__O
when did she said she doesn’t like her Pasta nickname? in which interview?
she just said she prefers her real name than her stage name o______O

that list is a fake one. the ‘100 most beautiful faces of 2018’ hasen’t been announced yet

TC Candler will announce the winner (and the final list) only in December

Lisa has a Youtube channel called “Lilifilm Official”. The link:

um, does this matter? how do u even know if jennie has more fans, do you have a poll… oh wait. THIS IS THE POLL.

To all of you getting salty that Rose beat Jennie in the poll:
– Rose deserves it. She is an ace at dancing AND singing, has a wonderful personality, and is stunning.
– Jennie has received a lot of hate/criticism lately for not putting effort in their concert performances. Search it up on Youtube.
– Rose on the other hand has some of the greatest performance charisma I’ve ever seen, and always stays professional in performanceS.
– All Blink’s are coming to this poll, NOT just Rose stans.
– Is there a problem with Rose being popular? Don’t be a solo stan.


Don´t stan them if your thinking about biasing Jisoo, rosie or lisa. YG doesn’t care for them.Lisa gets the worst outfits and is always thrown to the side. Jisoo gets no lines and YG is holding her back from being in a drama. YG wont even let rosie collab with IU or show her lead dancing abilities. All your going to get is disappointment if you think YG is planning on giving any of the girls solo. All your coming to stan is YG´s lazy princess Jennie. Don´t get your hopes up. Jennie gets everything. Jisoo, Lisa and Rosie are basically just hard working back up dancers.

yea u right but this fandom don’t show their popularity.. if u know you can refresh the page to vote again. So i don’t care. It doesn’t prove anything. This fandom is toxic so the vote here is not important.. For now, I feel sorry for Jennie that people usually criticize her for everything. This is a trend “hating on Jennie”. For lucky she have her family.. Lisa Jisoo Rose…

Lisa is the Queen of BLACKPINK <3
Rose’ is the Goddess of BLACKPINK <3
Jisoo is the Empress of BLACKPINK <3

Rose is my faves in BP and it sadden me how she’s arguably the one with the least spotlight compared to other.

Ugh the worst comment i’ve ever seen. You’re just being rude with your words like that. Lisa was never thrown to the side, blinks love her. Jisoo DID get lines and she’s the visual of the group. We all know Rose is a talented dancer, it’s enough of what we have seen, but ofcourse we would hopefully see her beautiful dance in the future. Why would we be disappointed if YG gives the girls chance for solo debut? We all are waiting for them. Jisoo will shine more with her unique voice. Rose and Lisa aswell. You know what? Don’t say anything if you’re just gonna comment these things and trashing the rest of blackpink. You’re clearly showing it. You’re one of the toxic fans. True, Jennie might have gotten everything bt that doesn’t mean YG trashed the other members!

She’ll shine the brightest when she made her solo debut^^

I agree that Lisa is prettier but it’s just votes and it’s what made V from bts “the most handsome gut in the WORLD”
so it’s just because of their popularity

I was so surprised when I saw that Rose is the 2nd and Jennie is the 3rd one.
Now Jisoo stans show them what u can do, you can just clear the history and come back here to vote for her!
(I know this pull doesn’t matter but yeah)

You missed my whole point. YG DOESN’T CARE FOR THEM! LISA, JISOO AND ROSIE AREN’T GETTING THEM SOLOS. YG PROMISES SO MUCH BUT DOESN’T DO SHIT.Lisa is literally put in a back up dancers outfits. She’s always on the side of members. Even though shes the main dancer. Roise hasn’t shown enough of her dancing to be known as a lead dancer. Jisoo gets like 1 line per song. Yeah, she’s the visul who gets grandma clothes. Jisoo would have been in multiple dramas if she was in another company right now. Rosie would get to go on singing shows and show her full abilities. Lisa since debut asked YG to put her in a dance show but he wont. Get your head out of YG´s ass. sooner or later one of the members are going to feel unappreciated a leave the group. History always repeats itself.

Jennie is the Queen of blackpink.

Rose surpassed Queen Jennie because Jennie is the member with most antifans.

Did Rosé get eyelid surgery? Predebut she didnt have double eyelides that’s for sure.

Jennie stans are so greedy and toxic. We just want equality between the members. We love them all.

Jisoo needs to be in 3rd and not Jennie. The others actually work for it.

Even if she gets a lot of hate, she actually gained more popularity with Solo. And all of them deserves, she worked hard too.

You are delusional… Beside Jisoo’s lines, YG was fair with them, all of them shined. And all of them will have solos too.

Even though Jennie gets a lot of hate, she actually gained more popularity with Solo. In the end, all of them deserves it.

Yeah but Jennie has a lot of haters too


There’s Something Wrong With You First Of All Lisa Got Plastic Surgery And Still Ugly And Rose Is Chubby Jisoo And Jennie Are Great And Lisa Is Dirty Minded Rose Also Got Plastic Surgery So Lets Just Say Jisoo And Jennie Are Better It.

Why are people hating on Jennie 🙁 being an idol isn’t easy. Maybe if you guys cheer her on she will have more smiles on her face and be more energetic. All this hate is just going to push her down to the bottom. You guys try being an idol.

WTF are u saying ? ! Lisa doesn’t have any plastic surgery.. SHE IS NATURAL PRETTY OK? ! And I think u have dirty mind not Lisa !

Jennie can’t even rap lmao.

What the F is wrong with you Lisa is the maknea and the only not Korean girl in the group of course she will get more votes and most of group’s are like this the maknea’s have more votes like Monsta X

Lisa stan. Blah.

Lmao you’re the one who spammed many comments of Jennie. OT1 stan

Omg says who jisoo Jennie rosè Lisa are the Queens Of blackpink
Stop this bullshit

I can feel you


Lmao girl, you’re the one adding Jennie’s position saying she’s FOTG and centre.

Lmao you’re basically pushing the blame towards other stans that they’re toxic while you’re the one being toxic. You’re just giving Jennie positions which she’s not in. To satisfy the stupidity of Jennie stans

Main Dancer
Main vocalist
Main Rapper

Happy now?
BTW, don’t say I’m a Jisoo or Lisa stan because I’m not even a Blink.

Lmao Jennie gets the most in AIIYL for singing lines and you’re not saying anything.

Hi, Lisa and Mina from TWICE are really close

none of the girls had plastic surgery. Why are you guys dragging lisa and rose. Even if they did. What does that have to do with them being popular. PEOPLE LOVE THEM FOR THERE TALENTS.

bet you a toxic jensoo stan

The comment section is basically just immature ot1 stans spreading false rumors about lisa and rose just because there 1st and 2nd on this poll. What has this fandom become. None of the girls have gone under the knife. Dont believe everything your read on the internet .


Okay I’m done with this thing if Jennie’s fans are being mean to Lisa wellll.
Let’s go jisoo fans where u at? JISOO needs* to be 3th please she deserve it come on jisoo fans we can do it
Btw thxs rosè fans for that keep up the good work : I’m. A LISA Stan btw

The comment section here is horrible. First of, I want to address the fact that EVEN IF any of the girls decide to go under the knife, it’s their choice, not ours. It’s their life, not ours. It’s none of our business. Let them live. In the end, they’re still humans like us and getting plastic surgery doesn’t change who you are on the inside.
Second, I want to talk about the fact that there’s so many toxic comment in here saying stuff like the girls are immature, ugly, dirty-minded and overall saying that they don’t deserve the fame. I personally think all of the BP members are incredibly talented and perfect in their own way. They trained for this for years, and they do deserve it. Yes, I have noticed that Jennie’s been lacking in past performances lately. I will not stand here and defend her, but I will also not deliberately throw shade at her and spread false rumors, because I’m not that kind of person. The idol life can put a huge amount of weight on one’s shoulders, and it can get really hard.. I’m not a BLINK, but I really hope this group will stay together for a long time and I wish BLACKPINK the best only.
So please guys, let’s support and cheer on our girls no matter what happens.I don’t know what’s been going on with Jennie in 2018, but I hope that she’ll be back on track soon. I’m waiting for the badass girl to return. Fighting!

it’s called make up, people. MAKE UP

and jennie is?

from the sight of everything, jennie is the fotg (i mean cmon am i the only one around here who put that to notice?)

I think shes also the center because if u look at her stage performances for their ddu du ddu du comeback stage jennie wore all white while the other members wear all black making her stand out. Also for one of their outfits for the concert they wore all black but jennie also had a white top she was wearing to stand out. If no notice YG wants her to stand out

Lisa said her ideal type is change now,,, she like cute and sexy type (star road with rose)

Well I used to not have double eyelids when I was younger but as I got rid of my baby fat, they actually appeared, asian dreams do come true…

if you hate on and send threats to any of the members, you can’t really call yourself a Blink. Real blinks would support all the members.

Oh shut up, there’s no such thing as center and fotg. As long as it is not stated by YGE or BP itself, then it’s a total no no. :)) Not being bitter, but all members have their own stand. Those outfits issue was so annoying but we gotta admit that our Jennie is a fashionista. But whatever, t’was still not lookin’ good.

Rosie is a Goddess. Just a reminder.


Jennie is what

lisa’s stan are more rude for jennie. 🙂 but what the fuck? jennie loves lisa and lisa loves jennie. your comment is so rude, you’re not real blink, go away.

That was just a rumor that Rose’s waist is 19 inches. She confirmed that it’s actually 24 inches. Just wanted to let you know so you could fix it 🙂

Ya all immature blanks.( i wont even call u blinks n dont ya dare call urself’s a disgrace to this beautiful fandom) Plz, if u are going to take this so personal and individually attack any of the member just bcoz she beat ur bias in the poll, plz plz pah_lizzzzz LEAVE. BlackPink is a group and each and everyone is important. It doesnt matter how many more people like them.. At the end of the day, they are all precious beautiful sweet baby angels. So if u support trolls, roll off. See u never again.


jennie has been so rude lately… to blinks at her first concert!! anddd at the MMAs, she was disrespectful to other artists… like when everyone was standing and clapping (being respectful) she just sat there 🙄🙄

Jennie’s postion is Main rapper,lead vocalist,center and face of the group thats her real postion!!

This entire comment section is so toxic what the heck happened

There is a mistake, during Rosies performance on masked singer, she was asked, by the host (Kim Sung Joo) if her waist was really 19 inches, she laughed and said it was measured wrong and her waist is 24 inches (60,96cm)!!

@veronapeaches:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

There’s no official face or center and she has only been introduced as a vocal, not lead vocal. So no.

Why do people hate jennie so much like 😰😭

Uhmmmm no it’s not she was only introduced as a Main Rapper and Vocalist and shes not the FOTG nor Centre

Lol people be pressed that Rosies getting more famous😂

You wish Jennie was the Queen😂

Ella sis you must’ve been drunk while posting this😂

Why do people hate jennie so much🤔😭

Why are people so mean to Jennie! She doesn’t deserve all this hate…

this comment section is disheartening.

This comment section is disgusting

Lisa is the most popular member international, but YG push Jennie popularity better so idk

Just because your bias not the most popular and The first you shouldn’t hate on Lisa. Dont call yourself a blink if you hate the other member! No one cares if she’s have plastic surgery or not because she’s still precious and pretty

When Lisa fans rude to Jennie? I love jennie but dont provoke

Just because Jennie didn’t bother the first you shouldn’t said that, she’s wrong but why are you guys still provoke other Jennie’s Stan to hate. She’s not a real blink.
– No one cares if Lisa had plastic surgery or not because we are still love her no matter what
– I never knew that Rose is chubby but she’s so sweet and cute. She’s pretty

Blackpink is beautiful and stop being fake blink if you don’t like the other member don’t ever call you a blink.

BLACKPINK IS THE QUEEN ❤️ they are same they’re queen

Rose already said on her livestream that she will doing her solo soon, STOP SPREADING ALL OF YOUR FAKE NEWS

Ella gross is not her sister, they’re just look alike but still they’re not a sibling 🙂

No not rose it’s jennie look at her pictures since predebut and now Rosie never change

I fucking know right. She doesn’t look Asian with a straight face. Its like you can only tell when she smiles. Still the queen tho

I said I think because it’s my own opinion and also I watched videos that said YG put her as the “center” but nothing is official and there is no actual proof

Why is Rose and Lisa’s name capitalized and not Jisoo and jennie

Rude? Lmao. Hun she’s not. And do you really have to day that here? How immature. Aren’t you informed that her shorts was too short that her butt cheeks are peeking a boo?? Don’t run your mouth just bc of what you heard in hater’s dump. Don’t talk as if you know everything.

Maybe because that’s not their real name and only have 4 words, still don’t know

Why are you guys always generalizing?

Jennie is so lazy. She doesn’t care for her fans because if she did she would at least try in the concerts. You cant use excuses ether cause all the girls are tried. But they still give there all for blinks. Lisa was injured during MMA and she was even limping. It was so bad to the point where the girls had to help her down the stairs. but she still give her 100% during that. Also Jennie stans cant blame the outfits because all the girls looked uncomfortable with there fits but still did there best. Shes ruining her reputation and bring BLACKPINK with her. New blinks are starting to notice this right away cause the videos want viral. Even if YG took them down. Everyone has seen them. I hope she gets her shit together sooner than later.

Excuse me?! Have you been to this concert that you are speaking ?!
I read completely different, that the people who were at this concert had a great time and were happy especially with Jennie, because she was happy and had a good time and had contact with fans, the most of the girls.
it’s annoying that people speak about it without knowing anything and not seeing what a concert or other stuff looks like!
it’s best to sit and write stupid comments!
She is lovley person! Let her breathe!

Bc their special lol jk they all are

Jennie is “lazy” because shes the most hardworker member and she is a human too. Stop bullying her she doesnt deserve it.

I think Lisa’s height is wrong, she’s taller than Rosé.

Rose is a bit taller
Lisa’s height is correct, she has been measured on Real Men when she had a medical checkup and her weight was 44.7kg, height 166.5cm, and her bmi was 16.3.

Okay, y’all stfu. NO ONE, I REPEAT NO ONE, is the official fotg, get that in that brain of yours. Jisoo is the one who is introduced as the lead vocalist, not Jennie. There is also no center. How the hell can there be a center if there is only 4 members? Also, stop hating on Rosé for being second, saying that Jennie deserves it better blah blah blah! Get over it okay? Jisoo is my bias but she’s the least favorite member, but do you see me freaking complaining? Also, stop dragging Jennie’s lazy issue here, this is kprofile not kbuzz, k? If y’all can’t handle the damn truth then leave this fandom. People are so damn toxic.

what does this even mean?

Some people wish to be an idol, and are locked away as trainees, never able to debut. They pray to be in Jennie’s position. It is hard, but some others are willing to take up the burden, unlike Jennie.

Rosie keep going i love you!!! <3 <3 saranghaeyo

To all Jennie haters, I love Jennie as much as I love the other members. and i agree she gets a lot less interesting when I see her dance compared to before and now.and she looks happier when she’s doing her solo. Or that she dont care a bout blinks. But why haven’t you all thought of the sings shes giving you guys are only looking on the bad sides have you nothest haven you have seen her latest post on her stories all she mention was blinks did you see the interview when the girl ask jennie how many times she searches her name in the internet Jennie said ZERO if she didn’t care about us she why dint she quit already right….RIHGT if she was unhappy why would she be still here. why did she trean for sooooo long if she wasn’t happy doing it don’t forget she was trained longer than the other girls…..did you know. if she didn’t care why didn’t she quit….ask your self why then….why didn’t she quit you know my guess a soon a she-she was happy…..she was happy seeing blinks grow…and blinks grow to be so toxic and I bet she’s sad and disappointed and if you think Jennie is bulling Lisa well fuck you…why don’t you and your friends have moment that are a bit rude if you say no that’s bullshit if Jennie hated lisa that much why would she hang out with her why would Lisa try so hard to be her oppa huh tell me. in black pink house remember when Jennie and Lisa were roommates because they both liked the same room why didn’t back off and let jisoo tack the room and loss the rock paper scores game so she could be roommates with rose instead you know why it because Jennie likes Lisa too. When you had an argument with your friends and you have to school the next day will you be happy and bubbly and joyful no because you’re in pain your hart is hurting and all you want to do is cry…..Jennie has her showbiz life and her personal life behind the camera…you know that saying think before you say it well avsly you guys aren’t. and your gut will say but how about the other members they are also tired and blah blah blah I care about them I truly do especially when Lisa hurt her leg. but Jennie also got hurt she even had to get a cast REMEMBER .and if you’re saying Jennie is not even doing anything compared to other idols well everyone functions differently. she did her solos vid.practices her dance.and sang it, then perform it the had a performance with blackpink then the world tour and the channel modeling carer and severity show shes in…..really she doing NOTHING and don’t forget the traveling.. I travel literally very really but I do and I don’t you if you have been traveling but just traveling it is exhausting….and I don’t know if you watch the show Jennie is in but there is one clip that shows Jennie gets tied easily and for a kpop idol that hard to deal with but she’s trying…really hard. how do you know if her smile is real or not. not because she’s rude but maybe because of shes tierd both ways tied with toxic binks and her body…if she was in front of you and you said those mean word to her image what she would do..if you were her in that situation what would you do… I would be crying I would be hart broken…how bout you…I don’t wanna get in a fight I just want you to read this and think about it…..please im begging you. PLEASE READ IT…PLEASE.and if you think the other members should get her spoot light are asking us to all hate jisoo, Lisa and rose because all your giving Jennie is hate…so before you say anything think about it k.note who are you guys to ask Jennie to leave the group. if you are one of those people I hope you leave the fandom BLINK cuz your not if your asking black pink to quit because black pink would not be black pink if she were to leave.blackpink would not be blackpink without JISOO, LISA, ROSE AND JENNIE altogether. and sorry my grammar or spelling is wrong I just had to get this out of my system lol. And if you’re a toxic fan you would know and if your not you would know too. HOPEFULLY YOU ALL READ THIS TO ALL THAT SEES THIS BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT LATER AND IF YOU DONT READ THIS WHO ARE YOU TO THINK YOU ARE ANY BETTER THAT JENNIE IF YOUR TOO LAZY TO READ ALL IM ASKING YOU GUYS TO DO IS TO READ THIS ALL ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO HATE JENNIE WITHOUT THINKING AND THINKING ITS OK TO DO IT JUST BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE DO IT TO READ THIS.i have been patient for a long but it has gone too far and enough Is ENOUGH.


Jisoo doesn’t sing better than Jennie, if you like her singing more, that it’s something else.

You should realize that the poll it’s not 100% accurate, sweetheart.


Rose keep going i love you my bias forever

And they said Jennie have the least appearance in shows/CFs/debut days!!….wtf check Rosé info. She has the least appearance!

Well I guess she does sing better, since Jennie is just a Vocalist

Not really, analyze them better, you don’t even have to know something about music, it’s too obvious. If it’s really that hard for you to see this tho, ask any person who knows something music, you will hear the same thing. Honestly, the positions of “main” are usually true but idk about the “lead” ones. I mean Jisoo is not the lead vocalist because she sings better than Jennie, no. Jennie pretty much cover the middle and higher note usually in their songs, that it’s for a reason.

Someone is being over biased, huh? I didn’t chose the labels for blackpink members, YG chose. You should accept facts and stop living on your own world, hun. If you think Jennie sings better, that’s fine, but facts are facts

Biased?Hahahahahahaha Kid, you are delusional. And yes, the facts are facts, if you are not capable to see the truth then ask someone who knows something about music, like I said, you will hear the same thing. I’m just correct.

No, sweetheart, Jisoo doesn’t sing better than Jennie, she is actually a little better. Listen all their songs, you think that Jisoo would sing Rose’s or Jennie’s lines that well? I don’t think so… I mean it’s pretty obvious too. I like all the girls but I’m not that blind, I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve the position of lead tho. Jisoo has an unique voice, YG is using her perfectly for the lower note as she has a low-end and husky voice., I think they should use her more tho. My point it’s that all the girls have their powers, I’m not saying something bad about Jisoo right now.

Can you just stop? If you think that your opinion is the most important one, and you just have to comment on everyones post, saying that they are wrong, you are so childish.
And btw, Jisoo can sing high notes better than your whole shitty life.

Well you are probably death, not blink

Death? That it’s so childish… If you don’t want to see the truth, that it’s your problem.

OMG, learn English first, and then comment on someones post, I bet someone doesn’t even understand u


*KBuzz has left the chat*
*Jennie haters has left the chat*

umm, maybe you should learn English. If you are talking about someone not being able to hear, that is deaf. If someone has died, that is death.

lol, I knew there would be someone.

if i may ask, in which way? As in they are disgusting because people are hating on Jennie or they are defending her?

Lmao Lisa is the most famous in the group and she is overrated by the fandom. Geez no wonder, typical Lisa stan, those are the worst.

this was pretty much hating on Jennie too..

Jennie sings better than Jisoo and she proved it many times. I guess you believe only the positions.

Jisoo’s voice cracks pretty much on stage (even tho she’s the 2nd most stable), she could never sing Rosé’s or Jennie’s lines. Not hate btw, Jisoo is a great singer. It’s just that you are really biased atm

the last comment proved that you’re really biased. It isn’t only one person who says that Jennie is better, that are more people. and how you see, there is no one who agreed to your comment.

Rosé is taller, Lisa probably stands more straight than Rosé while Rosé could stand a little bit humpy.. or it’s just Lisa’s long legs & arms that make her look taller, could be everything..

haters are too blind to see that she has the most to do at the moment and she always had, she is definitely the most hardworking one.

lmao Jennie cares for the fans the most but well go off I guess.

funny. not.

she’s the unofficial FOTG & center. But well, when Jisoo was titled as ”FOTG” on this page, it was even more unofficial but well.

lmao you’re so funny. jealous blonks everywhere.

FOTG is the member who represents the band on TV, the Face of the group. Back then Jisoo was the only one who represented BP alone on tv since she was an MC for Inkigayo, the rest of the member didn’t represent the band alone on shows.
But now there isn’t any FOTG because Jennie is a member in Village Survival, the Eight show, Lisa is also a cast of Real Man, Rose was sent to King of Masked Singer.
All the members are promoted now, there isn’t a FOTG.

Not all the bands have a FOTG but just the bands where 1 single member is super promoted (miss A’s Suzy, Astro’s Eunwoo, AOA’s Seolhyun, EXID’s Hani and others)

Now all the PB members are promoted.

Also, there isn’t any ‘Official or Unofficial FOTG’ because that position is ‘Unofficial’ either way and is based only on the way a member is promoted and represents his/her band on tv shows to attract more popularity to the band.

Who said Jennie has the least appearance on tv? All the members have appearances on tv and all the members represented PB alone on different shows.

In the beginning, indeed, Jisoo was the only one who represented BP alone on tv since she was an MC for Inkigayo, the rest of the members didn’t represent the band alone on shows. But now Jennie is a member in Village Survival, the Eight show, Lisa is also a cast of Real Man, Rose was sent to King of Masked Singer.
All the members are promoted now and that makes me happy..

Then go vote for your fav lol

If she give a fuck about y’all she would at least give 70% in group performances. Stop lying to yourselves.

@livrey Blackpink is overrated in general. Rose can’t sing for shit. Jennie and lisa are the only decent ones in the group and i think that’s why there the only relevant ones in the group sksk

Well yeah, but Jennie has more followers on Instagram. In Kprofiles it only depends on what people are voting

Someone is being over biased by Jennie XDD
And you just hated on me, that my Bias is Jisoo. Get your shit together, hun.

What about Jisoo then?

Why don’t you check the comment/videos/fan page where Jennie Stan are complaining about! They forgot the fact that Jennie appears in G-dragon and others bigbang vid too

Since YG wanted the girls to be “equal” they gave the girls all main and lead parts. Since Jennie is the main rapper, being a lead vocal for every song would just make the distribution unfair like in forever young she had main rapper parts and she sang the pre chorus and chorus with is what mostly the main and lead vocals sing. Jisoo on the other hand doesn’t have as good vocals, but we can’t let her be a sub-vocal and have Jennie sing and rap so many lines.

Wow so biased huh? Btw she cares for her blinks. U don’t know her like that so don’t say anything at all. UR the one who needs to get ur sh*t together

So wants ur point and wheres ur proof. Jennie is not the only idol who has been moody or stressed. Jennie still stood on stage to perform for her blinks. Even if she didn’t try, she still danced. It better stand just standing still.

Fakeblinks in your area.

You should too

What do you mean Jisoo doesn’t have as good vocals?? Have you ever heard her sing Clarity or any song on Japan tour?? She was amazing. I’m sorry, if I’m being rude, but I’m sick and tired of people undertaking Jisoos vocals so much. Yeah, maybe she wasn’t THAT goog at the beginning, but she is our hard working member, she improved so much. Her voice is much clearer and stronger. She also became more confident on stage, which is also great.

I’ve checked several places and Rosé is indeed Christian and actually goes to church often.

as in beating jennie to the bush is so disgusting.

Rosie can’t sing? sad u must be insecure asf it’s ok we understand

Compared to rose and jennie her vocals are ehh..

Stop being so biased. Either that or ur just deaf. AF

You guys just…just STOP IT to hating Jennie or jisoo or anyone. I mean why are we even hating them it thy’re lives so…why are we saying”Jennie is better then jisoo ” or something like that…?? They’re all good they’re all working together and working really hard it’s not easy to become an idol so… It was really hard work for them and now…now some of you are hating of them!!! WHY???It is not your problem or your lives just leave them how they are I mean I am a fan of blackpink too and my bias is Lisa and I like all of them because they’re all good. So just LEAVE IT PLEASE❗️❗️❗️


That’s true and who said Jennie get the least? Like she’s the most prioritize one based on my Opinion. Her stans don’t know anything

Sorry hun, Your wrong. Check again

We Rosie’s stan are actually happy on Rosie being 2nd on the poll. You know, why? Lisa and Jennie were always the shining and recognize one in Blackpink and we Jisoo and Rosie’s stans rarely see our bias getting many compliments and yes I know Jennie has more followers in Insta. And others fans don’t even know Jisoo and Rosie just Lisa and Jennie. So i’m enjoying this moment until it last.

You’re just a salty ass Jennie stan who’s mad Rosie beat Jennie in the polls 🤣

Jennie’s decent?? Try again 😂 I love all BP members but everyone knows how lazy Jennie’s been lately 🤦🏻‍♀️


I think Jennie is getting hate for no reason before calling her lazy. Do you think you work harder then her? I don’t think so! And Jennie deserves so much better! As much as I love and stan all of them. I am gonna fight for Jennie and you guys aren’t even blinks if you added even a single comment about each one of them. #BringBackJennieToTop

XDD but that doesn’t mean she’s bad.

OMG, people are so mean in here. What happend to you?


I didn’t say she was bad

shes lazy. theres no point in denying it. she is a phenomenal person for sure, but the amount of effort she puts in stages is lacking, and its a problem that needs to be fixed.

omg can you guys please calm down? this is not a battlefield xD

She sounds like she has a whistle stick down her throat. Sskks Jisoo has the best vocals in blackpink. Jennie sounds like she’s screaming. She makes my ears bleed. Haven’t heard much of Lisa’s singing so I can’t judge yet.

But hating on her and saying that blackpink is going to be disbanded because of Jennie. Do you really think that will fix it? The people who call her lazy, she has been promoting blackpink for a month and her performances are strong, she won so many awards and most importantly she was top on billboard chart. Even when she was on billboard she always talk about BlackPink and not Jennie. And also all of the girls have been working on solos but as she was the first one to promote it, she got more pressure, she wasn’t able to practice with blackpink as she was on award shows.

rosie stans getting to brave just because she surpassed jennie on the poll. Don’t forget that Jennie is more relevant than rose will ever be internationally and in korea. 🙂

Am a fanboy of blackpink

In what world Jisoo can sing better than Jennie? Delusional…

Lisa was the only one out of 4000 people to be selected for YG Ent. 😊

You dont know shit about what she might me going through. Idols often pretend they dont feel pain and just get on with what thay need to do. To say that shes LAZY bc few of her stages arent perfect is just fucking ignorant

why is the comment sections soo,,,what happen to blinks?

Yey!!!Rose finally!!! <3 <3 <3 my bias forever!!!

Guys just asking what is the meaning of visual??? is Visual is the most sexiest in group or the oldest?

it says on jennie’s about section on her spotify profile “born kim je-ni in seoul in 1996” so her birth name is kim je-ni (hangul: 킴제니) and her english name is jennie kim.

They divided and were always divided. Honestly this isn’t anything new but now that the members are apparently going to solo debut basically everyone (expect the few real blinks) are only supporting there bias and bias wreckers.

Jennie was a bully debut days so I’m not surprised that some of her stans in the comments are following in her footsteps and bullying rose.



Visual is the one considered the most beautiful according to Korean standards

Omg Blackpink has such a toxic fandom oh gosh I think I might just unstan this entire group. Nobody is rooting for the group as a whole. People are just rooting for their fave. Nobody in Blackpink hates each other so why do you hate any specific member? Nobody In the group deserves hate. The amount of toxic comments about the members are disgusting and I don’t think I wanna be apart of this fandom anymore.— a disappointed blink.

Please don’t just unstan because of immature blinks. BLACKPINK are still hardworking and talented girls. They deserve so much more from YG and from this fandom. Since the comeback and collab with Dua Lipa I think that toxic fans have increased and their now louder since Jennie solo and since the other girls solo will be coming soon. Please keep on supporting each member and dont mind this disgusting fandom.

Why do you feel the need to put people down like that? “Jennie is more relevant than Rosé will ever be internationally and in Korea. :)” Seriously, that’s just annoying. Yes, Rosé stans shouldn’t get cocky, especially because this is just one poll and one website that not every Blink has seen. I understand the first part of your post. However, did you really have to include the last bit? I agree that Jennie is more popular, but it’s just unessecary to throw that out there. You talk about how Rosé stans are getting cocky just because of one poll, yet you feel the need to put Rosé down by flaunting Jennie’s popularity. Rosé gets a lot of hate from people, whether it be from “Blinks” or people outside of the fandom. Because of this, of course we Rosé stans would get excited that our pasta is getting more love. We get it, Jennie’s popular. I’m going to tell you something, and it may blow your mind: You don’t have to bring other people down just to bring someone up. Toxic people like you really get on my nerves. Again, I’m not denying Jennie’s popularity- I think it’s great, and I’m glad for her! But you don’t need to go around raving about how Jennie is more popular than Rosé. This is just one website, and the poll doesn’t even represent the whole fandom. As Blinks, we should support the group as a whole- Not bring down other members just to make our biases seem better. Another thing I’d like to point out: “Rosé stans getting brave.” You make it seem as though bravery is a bad thing. Confidence is good, is it not? I believe the word you’re looking for is ‘cocky’ or ‘arrogant.’ Oh, and one last thing: You can’t predict the future, so Rosé may surpass Jennie in popularity one day. Even then, though, we should all still support the members equally. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

I’m annoyed of this fandom. Yes, I’m Rose biased but it’s just a fucking poll. And also those toxic Jennie Stans that are disrespectful towards Rose are fake Blinks in my eyes

I mean Jisoo has not as many votes as the other members and nobody cares. Lisa has the most votes and nobody cares. True Blinks love all members equally

chae going from 22% to 24 <3

jennie is a rapper

This poll shows who has more fans not who’s more popular, Being popular doesn’t mean that you have a lot of people who loves u, your haters might be more than your fans. I’m not talking about Jennie here. I’m talking about all Kpop polls. So stop hating Rose. If you’re Blink then u should be happy for her for having more and more fans.

Kim is written like this 김

Say it louder for the people in the back! As a Jennie bias but 100 % Blink, no matter who’s up there, it doesn’t matter to me! I love them all regardless! <3

oh god here we go with the headassery, you love believing everything you read on the internet right ?

It just a poll ok guys!!!!!! It not like they gonna win an awards or something like that

Nah jennie join yg to be an artist she knows how hard could it be and theres a lot of idol (the underrated ones)who works harder than her shes overrated
And please Jennie stans can you shut your mouth?in this pole rose is more popular but we already know jennie is more popular so stop attacking rose ok?

Jennie is slightly better than Jisoo? Lmao but do you actually know something of singing? First of all, Jennie hasn’t got a good technique. She doesn’t support her voice either, in fact she ends up screaming her notes. I’m not trying to bash Jennie, but it’s stupid to says she’s better than Jisoo when Jennie didn’t even get a proper vocal training because she’s a rapper. Maybe Jennie’s voice may sound more powerful, but she’s not that good, because she doesn’t support her voice as I’ve already said

I agree…

Wow… are you even really a fan?! your seriously bring other members down just to make another rise… how IMMATURE….

Sometimes Jennie is screaming, I guess she didn’t get a training that good, it’s actually the same with Rose, her technique it’s not really the best either… In the end, Jennie is still a better singer than Jisoo, you talked like you know something about music so you should know that. Jisoo can’t sing Rose’s or Jennie’s lines. I’m not saying like something bad, all of them have their roles and their charms.

That it’s not really a confirmation tho, there it’s a popular thing like insoles

Who told you I don’t know anything about music? I wouldn’t be here talking if I didn’t know anything about it, I think you’re the one who should inform a bif. Rosé doesn’t have a good technique either, but at least she supports her voice. During BLACKPINK’s performances she ends up screaming because she has a low stamina, but when she’s only singing she hits high notes perfectly. Also, who told you Jisoo can’t hit Rosé and Jennie’s notes? First of all, Jennie CAN’T hit those notes, because she screams them. There’s a difference. Second, Jisoo can hit those notes, it’s just that her tone fits more low notes. Did you listen to her cover of Clarity? The notes she hit were kinda the same as the ones Rosé usually gets. Stop assuming you know everything about music, if yg’s VOCAL TRAINERS decided that Jisoo is a Lead Vocalist and Jennie only a Vocalist there’s a reason. Jennie doesn’t have enough skills to be part of the vocal line, not to be rude but she should improve. YG gives her lots of singing lines, but if she’s the Main Rapper and she’s damn good at rapping she should focus on that.

You say that she can’t, because we never heard her sing Jennies or Roses lines in AIIYL for example, the same with Jennie and 4D, you don’t know if she would be able to sing Jisoos or Roses lines (they are very hard to sing, unlike Jennies singing part in 4D). And also, Jennie DID NOT get a proper vocal training, like Jisoo, because she was trained to be a Rapper, not Vocalist. XDDD OT1 Jennie Stans just can’t accept the fact that such an underrated member like Jisoo is somehow better than Jennie 😂😂

In this world, where Jisoo and Jennie lives, I don’t know where YOU live tho.

Yeah, but why we should trust you and not Kpop websites??

I have studies in music and I speak from what I know, you on the other hand… you may know something, I can see that but just a little, that’s it. You are cute thinking that YG’s vocal trainers are that good, your opinion about Rose it’s the same. Honestly, I don’t really care if Jisoo is the lead vocalist, I mean she could be but she is not better that Jennie, that it’s a fact. Ask any person who knows more about domain, you will hear the same thing. I saw that cover but if feels that you are talking about other video… There it’s a reason why Jennie gets so many lines, she usually sings the middle and higher note, just saying.
Anyway, I don’t want to argue with you, you clearly have your opinion and that would not change. It’s clearly that this person was kinda rude but your reply was just funny for me.
I will end it here.

Study harder, then. I’d love to know who you are to say that YG’s trainers aren’t good. BLACKPINK’s vocalists may not be the best, but you can’t deny that other yg artists are very skilled. If you really think you have more knowledge than them, just go to South Korea and try to get in YG. Listen to Jennie’s MR removed videos and you’ll understand why Jisoo is the Lead Vocalists. Jennie struggles to be stable even when she’s just standing, while Jisoo can sing slightly better. Instead of saying just ‘Jennie is a better singer’, why don’t you tell me why is she better than Jisoo? And why is Jisoo a worse singer even though she’s the Lead Vocalist? You say you study music, then you should know why. Explain.

I don’t need it, I know exactly enough to see how good it’s an artist. I even asked other people who are more experimented than me and I heard the same thing about BP. I personally know a person who plays with the videos without MR, even if one it’s real, the sound it’s not really accurate so I don’t like this kind of videos. At YG’s artists you don’t even need them, they sing with a backtrack but you can hear them. YG it’s a good company but Blackpink it’s not the only YG group with this kind of vocals if you know what I mean. Just saying. Even though my english it’s not that good, I usually try to explain my point, you can actually find some of my comments on youtube(they are not perfect) but here it’s useless. The fact that you think this about YG’s trainers tells me all about you… You are talking like Jennie is always unstable too… You said that you know something about music, if you need an explanation here, that it’s your problem.
In the end, I’m speaking from what I know, you just think in a different way, good for you.

There actually are some legit MR removeds, but usually when a singer is off pitch or maybe can’t hit a certain note it’s not the editor’s fault (I’m not saying Jennie did, I’m talking generally). Also, I’m not saying YG’s trainers are the best trainers on Earth, but at least they should be able to tell who’s Lead Vocalist material between Jisoo and Jennie. I don’t want an explanation because I don’t know who deserves more to be a Lead Vocalist, it’s just that you’ve been saying that Jennie is better, you study music and bla bla bla but you actually don’t say why Jennie is better than Jisoo. You’re not believable at all like this, but I can’t force you. I’m ending this here, have a nice day.

There are but when I heard that some people actually plays with them, it just pissed me off. They should know, right? Well, Taeyang is the main vocalist in Big Bang but we can’t really say that he is better than Daesung. We can’t really say that he doesn’t deserve this position either tho. I’m just saying that all the girls have their positions for a reason, Jisoo is the lead vocalist but that doesn’t mean that she is better. Jennie is already the main rapper, it makes sense that Jisoo has this position, I mean she can sing, she should get more lines in this case tho, just saying. I actually said the reason but I didn’t explained, Jennie has a larger vocal range, that’s why usually Jisoo cover the lower note as she has a low-end and husky voice. You don’t even have to know something about music, the majority of people can tell who has the larger vocal range, that from my observations. That it’s my reason, in the end, I know it’s subjective too.
Anyway, have a nice day too.

Who are you to judge Jennie? Do you live with her? Are you 24/7 by her side? How would you know she didn’t try? Maybe she’s suffering from depression (i mean,who wouldnt when she’s getting hate from the whole world?) or maybe even health problems.How would you know she’s not caring for blinks?! And judging from what you said,you’re definitely a “blink” (at least that’s what you call yourself).Lemme tell you what.As a blink,we love and care for each member equally.We don’t hate on any members.What do you think the other members will feel if they saw the hate Jennie gets? Do you think they will be happy and they will feel great that Jennie is getting hate? Grow up and stop being so immature and toxic. And FYI,you should see the latest live performance of BLACKPINK before you talk all this crap. AND IM REALLY SORRY IF I OFFENDED YOU BUT IM GETTING SO SICK OF ALL THESE THINGS TOXIC PEOPLE SAY.


Many in this comment talks about Jennie and Jisoo ratings, In fact why you guys get angry in the votes it is what people like.,And how could you guys said Jennie is better than Jisoo?! Yeah iknow that Jennie has many lines, she can speak english but she’s lazy and get pretty and expensive clothes and it’s unfair. Im not trying to bash her what the point is if you call your self a “BLINK” you should love them equally.

JESUS CHRIST! First of all as a Jennie stan. Why is Rose the one getting hate? I mean Lisa is on top nobody is hating on her and also I’m not saying to hate on her but DUDE both of them did nothing and Jisoo was on the 4th number since the start. Why does nobody spread love for her? And talking about lazy as you can see Jennie performance, you clearly know you can’t hate on her anymore. Blinks are getting toxic day by day…. This group contains 4 people and let’s support them equally.

Nobody is attacking her and people are not dumb. If you don’t like her then leave why even bother? But it just shows that how much time you got on hand just to write a hate comment on her. It shows how immature you are too. If you don’t like her don’t watch her and nobody is attacking rose. And also a lot of Rose stans are being cocky.

Finally someone who’s not biased. There might be other websites where there are more Jisoo stans and less Lisa stans etc if you are a real Blink. Give them all love equally.

Hun? You sure…It shows how biased you are I agree Jisoo sings great but are you deaf that you think that Jennie is screaming? And have you heard Rose beautiful voice. And what about you can you sing? Or are you a better singer then Jennie? Or Rose?

Have you seen there new performance. BlackPink is slaying again but not three of them or 1 one of them. 4 of them are slaying.


I agree, but your previous comment said something else, like how Jennie will get more votes than Rosé etc… So I’m suprised to see this comment of you ( in a good way tho ). 🙂

Jennie was trained to be both a vocalist and rapper. In the debut showcase she was introduced with both a vocal and rapping position.

Did the trainers tell you Blackpink’s positions on their own?

THAT WAS A RUMOR wtf is wrong with people believing every little f*cking thing that is on the internet. Only haters will post that and only haters would bring up that topic.

In my own opinion, Jennie’s lines are more of rap. Jisoo’s lines are more of singing. That’s why jennie became the rapper than being a lead vocal because jisoo deserves the title more than jennie. No hate im a blink and i love all the members. And if you’re a true blink, you’ll not hate a member just because she is better than you’re bias. A true blink supports each member equally and be proud of each position she received

Sorry for answering late, I didn’t get notified. Btw I don’t know much about Big Bang so I can’t judge their skills, but I get that Jennie has a larger range, but at the same time she lacks in many other aspects, that’s why she’s just a Vocalist. In 2NE1 Cl was both Main Rapper and Lead Vocalist, Jennie could be a Lead Vocalist too but she isn’t

Who do you think decides the positions then, YG himself? Lmao

jennie is CENTER

Jennie is ranked as #13 and Lisa is ranked as #9 in TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018

Lisa is top 9 and Jennie is top 13 in TC CHANDLER Most Beautiful Faces 2018.😻

100 most beautiful faces of 2018

13: Jennie
9: Lisa

THANK YOU YURI LEE!! thank u for telling the truth

It’s okay. I know well Big Bang and they are very famous, that’s why I mentioned them, you can check them if you are curios tho, nobody can say the contrary. CL was the lead vocalist? I loved 2ne1 but I never paid attention to their positions, CL is good but I always thought that Minzy is the lead vocalist… Well, this it’s another example. Yeah, I’m sure that Jisoo is the lead vocalist for a reason but we can’t say that she is better than Jennie, that it’s my point. Jennie is not perfect, I can clearly see that(she is clearly a better rapper too) but she had good performances, that it’s the thing with all the members, they will probably improve in future.

No need to unstan Blackpink for their fandom . Its not their fault . I agree our fandom is not the best but i think they are really good people inside it .if you dont know toxic fans have a name already “Blonks” . Lets support blackpink from blonks and many other people 😊

I really get what you mean but it really stresses me out and I don’t think it is healthy to always be stressed out and get bad vibes from people that are supposed to love the same people I do. You know what I mean. But I will take what you say into consideration.

Well duh but the trainers didn’t go up to your face and tell you their positions themselves. Btw YG has to agree with the trainers about their positions in case you didn’t know.

i have a dude. Why Jennie is called “Yg princess”?

It’s like they did, since the official positions have been announced. Lol.

cause she’s the company’s favorite. It’s not even a bad thing. I don’t know why Jennie stans get to mad when ppl say she is. I would love my bias to be the company’s favorite and YG has made it really obvious that he cares about Jennie most.

wrong. Because she is YG’s female triple threat.

”deserves” lmao both of them deserve it.

Actually 2016 & 2017, Jennie was the 4th. Jisoo was the 3rd while Lisa was always 1st and Rosé 2nd.
In 2018, it became Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo and now Jennie & Rosé switched. Just to make things clear.

all of the members get expensive clothes, I guess you can’t inform yourself. And you can’t say that she is lazy anymore, watch their recent performance honey.

Just proved that Jennie isn’t overrated to me tbh, go on Jennie.

guess you don’t know anything of singing. It’s true, Jisoo has the best technique but her voice is weak and she cracks pretty much on stage when it comes to loud singing like in Clarity or even DDDD. Jennie’s vlive where she clearly sings high notes WITHOUT SCREAMING, minute 13:35 , choke on it 😉

btw, Jennie is indeed the most stable, she doesn’t crack on stage.

Uhm.. Actually lee hi was the first YG princess but she’s not def. His favorite. It’s because of their talent cause she’s versatile

Not trying to bash but you haven’t seen her recent performance. And of course we love them equally that’s why we never believe that “lazy” Issue. And that fucking clothes again, funny I think even she wear plastic bag you will still complain. Cause it’s just a dress other groups wear the same costume and dress when performing but do you hear their fans complain? No.. Be grateful cause all of them can wear expensive clothes 🙄

Why is everyone in the comments so toxic?
Can Jennie stan be HAPPY for Rosé getting more fans? Also, Rosé stans, don’t rub it is Jennie stans faces.
Also, I see people talking shit about Lisa, just because she is the most popular. Wtf? She works very hard, so she deserves to be most popular. But, they all do tbh

I get it but the thing is I’m a Jennie bias but I still wan’t Jisoo to get love too. Everyone is mad that Jennie is 3rd but nobody cares about that Jisoo has been on 4th for a long time.

OMG! Y’all just stop…Some of you want Jisoo on top, some want Jennie, some want Lisa and some want Rose. And only some blinks voted here so just stop hating on pasta. AGAIN I AM NOT BIASED AND MY BIAS IS JENNIE AND I LOVE THEM EQUALLY BUT if you want all the blinks from Korea, America, Thailand etc. Then the votes might not be same. On this website the people who visited were most likely were Lisa biased and it’s nothing wrong maybe on other websites Jisoo might be on first.



Actually, there is an unofficial FOTG & Center. So it’s ok to speak about it.

btw triple threat means the one that can do vocal, rap & dance very good and has no problems in one of them. So the most multitalented.

every group has, just unofficial. Guess you don’t like Jennie?

I can’t see any Jennie stan being toxic toward Rosé stans.

eww a Rosé solo stan

the prettiest after korean standarts.

visuals are mostly pure & pretty, not super sexy or super cute.

how is it that important?

I bet Jennie is 161cm, she looks always smaller than Jisoo.

Yeah, she cracks a bit but Jennie is much better than her lol. Jisoo doesn’t support her voice, that’s why she cracks, but Jennie doesn’t have a good technique. They’re probably on the same level, that’s it

Agree, but don’t hate on Rosé.

this is just a pole, Jennie is still more famous, come thru.

lmao you can’t say anything against her now. Watch her recent performances.

lmao you can’t say anything against her now. Watch her recent performances.

Jennie got the least promotion by YG from the members. All that she does comes from her, and literally the only thing YG sponsored for her is her solo.

Watch her recent performances. She dances literally the best there.

guess you came from 2017 or from a few months ago? Have you seen her recent performances lmao?

you have to learn much.

And you’re a Jennie hater. She literally said that Jennie AND LISA are the decent ones. Not only Jennie. You’re a jealous Jennie hater.

Lmao that video doesn’t prove much, she’s just singing softly, not loudly. Also, ‘choke on it’? Wow, that really shows how mature you are. I get now why everyone hates blinks oof. Here is a live MR Removed. Jennie has huge potential imo, but she just doesn’t seem to try that much? I’m not hating on her, I’m just stating the truth, Jennie isn’t that stable. Just accept it and go instead of wishing someone to choke.

Jennie is the 2nd best vocal for a reason 😉 Jisoo’s vocals are weak. Jisoo has the best technique, but Rosé & Jennie are indeed better & stronger vocals than her, sorry for you to hear the truth lmao.

Lol which videos did you watch? Most of the time they use pre-recorded, usually the live ones are from mbc and kbs’ performances. The most stable ones are Lisoo, while Jennie and Rosé aren’t that stable.

no, she isn’t a fan lmao. She hated on Jennie & Rosé. She’s an ot2 for Jisoo and Lisa.

lmao true. Sorry but Jisoo cracks literally the most in the group when it comes to singing loudly & powerful. Good examples are DDDD & her Clarity cover.

nah, I’m defending the members and not hating on them like you do 🙂 My bias is Rosé, not Jennie, get over it. I see, Jisoo & Lisa stans are always trying to bring down other stans & the members and telling everyone that they are Jennie biased for literally just defending her. 🙂

YG stated anything, these positions are made by fans 😉

Accept that you lost, you are the only one here who thinks that way. Jisoo has a better technique than both of them but that’s it.

i have seen so much hate and beef im truly disgusted. the girls are lovely and what they do is amazing. but you know whats not lovely and amazing? this fandom. i know some people are pure & with good intensions and just want whats best for the girls, but most of the people just want their fave to be on top and will throw ANY kind of shade to bring the rest down. i dont even know how this fandom became so divided. but i know that i dont want to be a part of it anymore. there are too few blinks left. there are only jennie, lisa, rosé and jisoo stans. im truly disappointed. i cant go through A DAY without seeing “jennie is so lazy yg might just set her grave. also she’s such a bitch to the members” “lisa is so skinny she’s anorexic. and really ugly” “rosé can’t sing for shit. she sounds like a sheep” “jisoo’s voice is cracked up, she is just a barbie in the background” . is this what i have to experience as a BLINK? well, i dont want to. im rooting for all or none. im sorry i have to leave the fandom. the girls did their best and its not their fault. its the stans, because i cant call them blinks.

lmao you can’t say a shit about her now. Watch her recent performances, in Adidas she was the best dancer.

On the concert, Jennie had the most fun out of the girls, she jumped around the most and she gave that comfortable vibe on stage to all those people. She had the most contact to fans, now bish, want to say anything?

they are jealous of her because she is that successful. People usually hate on the most successful women because they’re scared that she could beat their bias. Idk.

cause they are jealous of her because she is that successful. People usually
hate on the most successful women because they’re scared that she could
beat their bias. Idk.

Actually, no. Jennie was the most famous in Korea from the beginning because of her pre debut promotions. She was the first one to be in the group and it does have much to do with the FOTG position. She got literally the most to do in the group. She represents the group the most, the FOTG should be representative for the group and everything speaks for Jennie here.

It has nothing to do with being famous. Rosé is still the most unpopular member, get over it.

This is a poll that just shows who have more stans, not who is the most famous.

no. FOTG is the most popular in Korea and representative for the group. How you see, everything speaks for Jennie. And the company usually pushes the FOTG 😉

LMAO Lisa stans are the ones that hate on Jennie the most. Don’t try to deny lmao, this is the truth.

I saw you liking comments from Jennie’s haters lmao.

Another Lisa stan hating on Jennie.

she works the hardest actually, she has a tight schedule and the most to do.

Lmao Rosé & Jennie look both exactly the same, another one Jennie hater indeed lmao.

so? all of them are, what a solo stan..

YG never promised Lisa & Jisoo solo, stop being delusional. He only said that Rosé & Jennie will have solo songs.

eww, a solo stan & a Jennie hater..

I saw you liking hate comments against Jennie lmao.

Ella isn’t under YG, she is under BlackLabel and just for modeling, not singing, dancing or acting for YG. Come thru. Ella won’t ever be like Jennie, all she can do is being pretty-

She called herself pasta in a show. Geez what’s your problem?

AHAHAH sorry that cracked me up so much lmao

So, do you think that EVERY fan of them is on this site? Yes, surely a Jennie hater.

HAHAHAH you’re so funny. Rosé is the least famous at all & 3rd in Korea. Jennie is the 2nd famous at all and the most famous in Korea. Jennie is much more famous than Rosé duh. And Rosé is underrated tbh, she could be at least a little bit more famous internationally.

@livrey:disqus the positions are not fan made, but chosen by YG. the members themselves introduced their positions on “Get it Beauty”
they are ALL talented!

Jennie holds YG & BLACKPINK because they would go bankrupt without her and her success<3

she should stop? And why can’t you tell this the ot3 stan up there who started this shit? Seems like you okay when someone is hating on Jennie but when someone is praising her, you’re not okay with it. Blonk.

lmao, and Mamamoo, KARD, f(x), 2NE1, Winner, SHINee, Sistar?

sm confirmed that jennie is dating kai from exo

jennie and kai are dating

Am I the only one who hates the fact that Jennie and Kai are in a relationship, simply because I worry about how this will effect the future of Blackpink? YG confimed that he didn’t know about the relationship, proving that Jennie went behind YG’s back and broke the contract. Now if YG enforces the same consequence as Cube did to Hyuna, it might mean Jennie gets fired or gets suspended. This dramatically effects the future of Blackpink, which is so frustrating as Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo are both hardworking girls who don’t deserve to be held back by another member who has already reflected much of her own criticism onto the entirety of Blackpink. It honestly breaks my heart, and to see people taking such light of this really concerns me.

SM has confirmed that Kai and Jennie are dating.

SM Entertainment confirms EXO’s Kai is dating BlackPink’s Jennie

guess you can add jennie’s dating status now

i agree. i honestly do not like kai and jennie together

Jennie is in a relationship with EXO Kai. They have been dating since last October. They have feeling for one another. SM confirmed. They were seen holding hands and on a date. She was even in his car in a couple of times in the pictures.

dating status of jennie

He can’t but knew about this, because Dispatch tells the companies of the dating people first and if thay give it money, Dispatch don’t reveal it.

Jennie and kai from exo are dating , Sm entertainment confirmed it, I got this info from soompi

Blinks support BlackPink no matter what, even when they really mess up like they have before, blinks let it go. It all really depends on how YG reacts, but obviously Jennie is YG’s
favourite, so he wouldn’t care.

Same goes for me, I love the girls, but lately, I don’t want to call myself a blink because of all the shot they are associated with.


Jennie and Kai are dating

Yeah i agree


jennie and kai are dating <3 I am so happy for them and i love them sooo much

It’s really upsetting to me when a professional breaches their contract for no good moral reason. I don’t know any details of Jennie’s contract, but to me it looks as if she broke a clause. I hope that wasn’t the case tho.

That’s a lie. YG didn’t say anything other than “We take the same position as SM”. YG hasn’t said anything else

Jennie and Kai from EXO have been dating. Dispatch announced it on January 1st. For awhile none of the companies said anything but YG was the first one to say: “We had no idea about this. We are looking into this”. Hours later, SM confirmed that Kai and Jennie had been dating and that they “have good feelings towards each other”. Later on YG said: “We take the same position as SM”. It is rumored that they’ve been dating since October but it hasn’t been confirmed for how long they’ve been together. Nothing has been said about BLACKPINK going on hiatus.


I agree

You could say it’s the stans fault (which everyone is responsible for their own actions of course), but maybe YG should brand the members as being more likable as individuals and as a single unit that support each other and help makes up for each other’s weaknesses (whatever their legitimate weaknesses they may have, and not just some inappropriate rude diss remarks/criticisms about them). If the fans see the members banding tighter together, then maybe the fans who watch them so closely will start to be inspired and do the same.

yg says the same thing that sm, but we don’t know what she can do with jennie, practically she “violated” her contract

Isn’t Jisoo The Leader??

Jennie is dating kai and her pet name is also kai😄

Jennie is dating Kai so techically she is dating her dog.. lol

I feel the same way, ur not alone… clearly

Jennie is currently dating EXO’s Kai. (Confirmed by SM and YG ent. on Jan 1, 2019)

On November 5, 2018, Lisa had her first vlog with Jisoo entitled “LILI’s FILM #1 – JISOO in Japan” on her YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official.

Actually they (yg) have not officially pick the leader but blackpink’s member itself already consider jisoo as the leader

@chaejoons:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

No, that was a joke.

Not really, they said more than once that they are friends, they are completing each other.

Why the people are so delusional? The things are okay, even more that the most people are okay with it

Honestly, the people like you are really naive… How can you think YG is that idiot as Cube? BP is huge, Jennie is very popular. You are realizing that those idiots(Cube) kicked out their biggest artist, right? They are at other level in stupidity. Many koreans actually laughed of them saying that they kicked out their “G Dragon” from company if you know what I mean. YG was never that strict, maybe just at beginning, Seungri(Big Bang) and Sandara(2ne1) actually said that almost nobody follows the rule “without dating,” it’s important to not get caught. Even at beginning Big Bang dated a lot, probably 2ne1 too. Seungri was famous for the word “troubles” and he was okay, he probably made history in YG😂
Actually, maybe YG knew, that things with “we didn’t know, will check the info” it’s something normal to say in this kind of circumstances, it’s not a big deal. From what I heard, Jennie signed her contract with YG in 2010 too…
The most people are supporting their relationship, it’s not even a bad scandal. In his place, I would be happy, Jennie and Kai is better than YG and Jennie or Teddy and Jennie.

We laugh we smile we hug we love we care we work we cheer we cry we live we dream we eat we travel we dance we sing we are blackpink ILOVEYOU블핑이들🖤 @jennierubyjane (her Instagram). YG isn’t crazy. They won’t try to tear down one of their most hardworking group just because two people have feelings for each other. Judging the way u state ur opinions u don’t “care” about Blackpink. U really only care about the other three members.

90% of comments about kai and jennie

Isn’t Lisa ideal type is sexy guy I thought it on start road

I said “usually” not always💁😅

She didn’t, BLACKPINK doesn’t have a dating ban. They have to ask YG first, and I guess she did. YG didn’t know that Dispatch was aware of it, though, but there’s nothing to worry about

I think everyone misunderstood. Yg KNEW that Jennie and Kai are dating, he even sent Kai with Jennie in France lol. When he said ‘I have no idea’ he meant that he didn’t know that Dispatch knew about them.

happy birthday jisoo!!

sooo~ true like we get it we know
they are dating gosh.

this video is yg audition in 2013 but at 0.49 she said that there were 4000 people participated in first yg audition in 2010. Lisa beat 4000 people and was the only one YG chose to come to korea.

It’s just a poll but don’t get me wrong I love rose but she’s probably the second liked in the USA Jennie could probably still be second popular in South Korea.

In my opinion Jennie should be Face of the group

Jennie wasn’t a bully during debut days

She was probably being “lazy” because she was tired. Kpop idols work really hard and she was also promoting her song at the time so she would obviously be tired and look “lazy” on stage.

Rose can sing. Why do you think she’s the main vocalist in the group?

She isn’t lazy. She could’ve been tired during those performances cause if you didn’t know kpop idols work hard. Jennie has been promoting her song at the time so you should understand that she’s tired.

You’re hella dumb. Jennie was obviously tired she had the most to do during the time she was being “lazy” because of her song “Solo” and you should know that. If you don’t know idols work hard and end up being tired. Jennie had a lot to do at the time so stfu.

Group performances doesn’t mean anything. Just cause she didn’t do well doesn’t mean that she doesn’t give an f about us

She wasn’t being rude. Her shorts were hella short. She probably felt uncomfortable and decided not to stand up because of it.

Soooo… why does it matter that she got plastic surgery she still looks the same. It was only her nose that she did surgery on

Rosie’s waist is smaller, she got confused and answered something else.

jisoo’s favourite singer is tvxq

@disqus_yOPWRMPKXK:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to her individual profile and you received credits there! 🙂

They do have a dating ban actually

Correction : Jennie is the main rapper, face of the group and lead vocalist.

Jennie is hot 🔥

source for that please??
she has only been introduced as a Vocalist so far and BP doesn’t have a FOTG

FOTG means the member most promoted in S. Korea (most sent to tv shows) a.k.a the Representative of their band a.k.a the Face of the group

in the beginning Jisoo was indeed the face of the group, because she was the only member who represented the group on tv as she was an MC
but now Lisa also represents the band on Real Man 3
Jennie also represents the band by becoming a permanent member on Village Survival, the Eight

YG decided to promote them all, not to promote a single member like he did in the beginning….

so BP currently doesn’t have a distinct face of the group, like BTS and many other bands where more members are promoted not always 1 single member…..

they don’t have an official face of the group and Jisoo was always the only lead vocalist

I’m sorry, Jennie’s just main rapper and vocal. This discussion is over here.

no they dont. they stated that its not in their contract, all they have to do is get permision from YG to date.

I think Jennie is the lead vocolaist because she gets more singing parts than jisoo, and she sings the hook and chorus in some songs (as if it’s your last, playing with fire, forever young, etc)

No, Jennie is not the face of the group neither a lead vocalist. She is the main rapper and a vocalist. That’s it. Stop making up positions.

That comment section is so… Disgusting. Jennie stans you guys are so f*cking toxic selfish and greedy. You are ruining this fandom.

One of lisa’s hobbies are boxing.

plz put the information.

just because someone gets more parts doesn’t automatically make them the lead vocalist and you know she’s not the only one to sing the hook and chorus.

yes and lisa has not undergone any surgery. all the pictures i have posted are pre debut.

Hey dont blame this whole thing on just Jennie stans!!

Yes it does… if the lead vocalist (jisoo) isn’t getting as much chances to show off their voice as much as the vocalist (Jennie), then the vocalist steps up as a lead or main vocalist

Jisoo’s technique is so much better than Jennie’s because Jennie is a rapper. Jisoo actually sings when her notes get high while Jennie yells

And also Rosie into Singing contests and collab stages.
– King of the Masked Singer
– Fantastic Duo
– 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun collab stage with 10cm, EXO-Chanyeol, and TWICE-Jihyo
– 2017 SBS Gayo Daejun collab stage with TWICE-Jihyo, W1-Jaewan, BTOB-Sungjae and G-FRIEND-Suju

That’s why Lisa stans are called the worst. Stop being pathetic. And stop blaiming it on all stans as if everyone who stans Jennie is bad. Dude, how expected from a jealous hater.

But we all know who represents the group the most. And who has a solo debut first, who is the most famous worldwide with her song. Who has already interviews in america.

she said she changed it I think

you really can’t take a joke

You could put some of Jisoo’s & Jennie’s facts from their individual profile here too. To make the facts look equal.

@livrey:disqus You told her to stop generalizing and calling jennie stans bad but your doing the something to lisa stans LMAOO. No one calls lisa stans the worst anymore this isn’t 2017.Now all the stans have their fair share.

The lead dancer position is based on vocal ability, not the amount of lines they get.

You tell me to not generalize but that’s exactly what you’re doing blaming on Lisa stans and assuming that I’m one of them cause I’m actually a Jisoo stan lmao Yeah, Jennie stans are the WORST and the pathetic ones. I don’t even care, I’m so tired of you guys. Poor Jennie, she deserved better stans who are not jealous, selfish, and greedy.

Also, @livrey:disqus, I read all your comments here and on YOUTUBE. You’re always hating on Lisa. You’re the jealous hater here. Also, take off that Rosé pic and that comment above pretending you care about Jisoo lmaoooooo Just drop that ot4 stan mask already, everyone knows you’re a Jennie akgae.

Don’t forget to add that Jennie is chanel’s Muse and ambassador and Lisa is now Celine’s Muse

my love lisa!!!!!!


Ur being a disgusting blink right now. U should leave this fandom if u can’t stand all the hate, especially since ur hating right now.

Actually Lisa is the most famous member..

all she’s doing is being happy for her bias? what do you mean “how is it that important”?

Kai and Jennie have broken up

Jennie and Kai broke up 🙁
(Confirmed by Sm)

I’m still happy for you two.
#Jenkai forever 💜💜

jennie and kai broke up. it was confirmed by SM

💛Taki taki romba….😂💩

@armynblink:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

This is what I think the positions of BLACKPINK should be…..
Jisoo: Vocalist, Leader and Visual
Jennie: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Center and The Face of the Group
Rosé: Main Vocalist and Lead Dancer
Lisa: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist and Makne

Lisa should be main rapper, she’s the better rapper. Jennie should be Lead Rapper

NEVER mistake Jennie with Jenny from DIA when you’re typing.

The facts are based more off of comments the fans put. For example the fans will usually give a fact in the comments and the writer will add the fact to their individual profile.

that’s your opinion, but Jennie has been already confirmed as the Main Rapper

the current listed positions have been already confirmed…..

jennie cant be the center of a group thats only 4 members…

what are u doin’? are u not changing something? in every article/news already says that jennie is a lead vocalist too like jisoo and jennie is the face of the group even though the news doesn’t talk about it but that’s the fact thankyou.

park chaeyoung: main vocalist, lead dancer
lalisa manoban:main dancer,lead rapper,sub vocalist,maknae
kim jisoo:lead vocalist,visual
kim jennie:main rapper,lead vocalist,face of the group

Yay I can vote for JiSoo/Jennie/Rosé as my bias/Bias wrecker

Jisoo is only a lead vocal?!? UNACCEPTABLE


Lucas I feel you, I love BP but I hate the fandom members.In my school, Jennie is the most popular and her fans (My classmates) Disregard the other members 🙁

Its prob just her makeup

Jisoo is the unofficial leader. But YG said that BP has no leader (I forgot what was the reason)

Blackpink debuted in 2016 not 2018.

you are self-contradictory lol. Lisa is the most famous member worldwide, not Jennie. So is Lisa the FOTG? no. jennie stans are truly delusional. y’all are probably the reason why Jennie has a ”star syndrome” now cause y’all make her out to be the most talented, most important member that she thinks that she is the shit. it’s funny and pathetic.

i saw like 5 comments of yours on here. and your bias and saltiness is showing. i bet you are so fake that you don’t even realise this yourself.

do you know what even ‘representing’ mean? the person above you clearly explained that all the members represented the group yet you still don’t get it?
also jennie was not the most famous one from the beginning, not at all.
ALSO she was not the first one in the group. she was the first to be announced after all the members were chosen already. Rose was the first one to be YG’s new gg ever.

LMAOOOO you just commented ” Rose is Blackpink’s Goddess ” on here and you are calling someone a solo stan cause she said Rose is a goddess. you must be drunk or something.

I totally agree with you @aamanita:disqus on this
Representing the group = appearing on TV to make that group more popular
All the BlackPink members represent their group on TV now. It has no relevance on who the most ‘popular’ is.. that is just assumption and is very subjective
Hani is the Face of EXID because she represents the band on TV, Cha Eunwoo is the Face of his group because he represents his band on TV, I think it’s logical

‘The band debuted on August 8th, 2016 under YG Entertainment. On October 23, 2018, BLACKPINK has officially signed with the U.S. label Interscope Records.’
yeah but that is what is written o_o

It says they debuted in 2016…

confused with this lead n main thing, just like whether jennie or lisa should be my bias but in the end jisoo wins my heart ;’D

that’s just your opinion, but actually and oficially jennie is better than lisa. she’s main rapper for a reason.

jisoo: lead vocalist, visual
jennie: main rapper, lead vocalist, face of the group
rosé: main vocalist, lead dancer
lisa: lead rapper, main dancer, sub-vocal, maknae
perfect ^

What Had Happened.Was My First Bias Was Lisa Then Rosé For A Short TimTimde Bjt Now It’s JennieNot A Blink But Is Kind

Wtf?! Jennie is MAIN RAPPER she is better than Lisa in rapping! Her technique, original voice, speed etc. is better. She is the main rapper for a reason!
And Jisoo is lead vocal!

I don’t think so. You should come to terms with this that Jennie is better in rapping than your bias Lisa. Lisa is great dancer like Jennie is great rapper. BYE!

Ya’ll know what? If you’re really a blink you would know that there’s no such ‘face of the group nor center’ in blackpink bc all of them are face of the group and the center it self. Jfyi, face of the group means representing your group in shows or any public socialization. Jennie represented blackpink in Michuri. Lisa represented blackpink in Real Men 300. Jisoo represented blackpink in Ingikayo as MC and Rosie Represented blackpink in Singing Shows/Contests such as King of the Masked Singer and Fantastic Duo and as for collab stages – SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 and 2017. As for Fashion shows or fashion ambassadors, Jennie for Chanel, Lisa for Mulberry, Celine and Nonagon, Rosie in Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Vogue to Coach and China, and Photocall for Tod’s x Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Jisoo at Coach Fashion show Vogue and China. Center? Probably Jennie and Rosie but as for they have ‘main’ positions, they stand out in their own way. Lisa and Rosie for dance. Lisa and Jennie for rap. and Rosie and Jisoo for vocals. Plus blackpink for visuals. :)) So, stop mentioning who is fotg or center bc it was not stated in the very first place for this reasons. Blackpink shines blackpink.

Ya’ll know what? If you’re really a blink you would know that there’s no such ‘face of the group nor center’ in blackpink bc all of them are face of the group and the center it self. Jfyi, face of the group means representing your group in shows or any public socialization. Jennie represented blackpink in Michuri. Lisa represented blackpink in Real Men 300. Jisoo represented blackpink in Ingikayo as MC and Rosie Represented blackpink in Singing Shows/Contests such as King of the Masked Singer and Fantastic Duo and as for collab stages – SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 and 2017. As for Fashion shows or fashion ambassadors, Jennie for Chanel, Lisa for Mulberry, Celine and Nonagon, Rosie in Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, Vogue to Coach and China, and Photocall for Tod’s x Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Jisoo at Coach Fashion show Vogue and China. Center? Probably Jennie and Rosie but as for they have ‘main’ positions, they stand out in their own way. Lisa and Rosie for dance. Lisa and Jennie for rap. and Rosie and Jisoo for vocals. Plus blackpink for visuals. :)) So, stop mentioning who is fotg or center bc it was not stated in the very first place for this reasons. Blackpink shines blackpink.

“The band debuted on August 8th, 2016” where is it wrong?

you are sooooooo right!!!

an explanation on point!

There is no center or fotg please use facts.Stop being ignorant

Jennie is just a vocalist it’s been said numerous times on numerous sites do not spread false information.

Annoying Jennie Stan that’s why I’m really starting to dislike jennie

i love you

and you is it because she had a solo, she is now the most famous no way! after the lazy dancing incident and kai relationship i don’t think she is going on any more promotions because of that and i like jennie it’s just that pride gets into her head because she got a solo, she starts to do what she wants as lisa stan

lol how would a person with such a strict dating contract allow someone to date after 3 years of debut

Sis, BLACKPINK confirmed that themselves. That’s it, they can date, they just have to ask YG.

you are so right

@yvesnings did you think yg is carefree, everybody in the company is watched with cameras even the practice rooms i am sure jennie broke that contract i agree they are free to date because they are humans but i think jennie went a little too far after lazy dancing it now popped up that she is dating kai just too much by the way who do you stan, i stan rose and lisa

ZHZKSJSDJ SIS THEY LITERALLY SAID THAT IN A SHOW, it’s not me that’s coming up with this. do you think you know better than blackpink themselves? lol

most recent pics of them ps update



The reason Jennie is main rapper is because when she raps all she does is scream into the mic. She becomes lazy with the dance routines when the rest of BP is trying their hardest. (My opinion) Rosé’s voice sounds forced compared to 2016. I get that’s its her way of singing but like it just seems so forced in ddu du ddu du then in stay or playing with fire. (Again my opio ion) i get that you all are BLINKS but like you also have to realize the opinions of people and see for yourself. Lisa is good at dancing singing and rapping but her rapping is the same as Jennie’s. The reason she’s lead rapper is she because she RAPS into the mic not yells. The reason Rosè is main vocalist is because her voice is soothing and usually never cracks. Jisoo is main vocalist because her voice is deep so when rose or jennie or Lisa sing, Jisoo is the background voice. Etc… either way the girls are great and have made it this far. (These are my opinions so don’t say”your opinion is wrong” because this is what I think not what you all think)

Rose’s birthplace is in Australia not in New Zealand

G Idle Miyeon is the former member of blackpink right before they debuted which it was supposed to be ot5

They all look pretty <3

how the hell can be a center if they are only 4 members?????? wtf guys. And there isn’t face of the group.

Rosé was born in New Zealand, but she moved to Australia.

@disqus_fza6MxThXx:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their updated photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

Actually,(G)-Idle Miyeon is supposed to debut with Blackpink but right before they debuted miyeon left,
Ot5 Means that Miyeon was aleady in the group but she left,she wasn’t even in the group so it is ot4

wait, i thought 1995 is year of the pig which is jisoo’s birth year and 1996 is year of the rat which is jennie’s birth year??

Nah, Rose is the main vocalist. Yeah, she might not be stable in BP performances, but just watch her performance on King of the Masked Singer. She is definitely a gifted vocalist, but YG messed up her voice by adopting Bom’s vocal techniques in her.

I think Jennie shouldn’t be the main rapper, considering that her live raps for the most part have been very lackluster. She is indeed shouting in the mic, rather than comfortably rapping with flow. People argue that she is just being passionate and soulful…but the flow is gone because of the amount of noise she is projecting with her voice.

Jennie is a 96 liner

I mean, I don’t think BLACKPINK has a FOTG, but I think that Jennie is kind of the center? Yes, I know a 4-member group doesn’t really have an actual center, but…

She usually gets the first main verse in their songs (like Nayeon in TWICE), a lot of lines overall for a sub-vocalist and often wears more sophisticated clothes than the other members, specifically Lisa and Rose.

Not to say Jennie is the actual center of BLACKPINK, but if the position had to be assigned to a member, it would go to her.
But I will say with my unbiased opinion that BLACKPINK currently doesn’t have a center because all of them shine equally in choreography at least.

Jennie is not officially a lead vocalist, even though she got the chorus with Rose in AIIYL and Square Up bsides.
BP has no FOTG, all of them represent the group on the same scale.

Sorry but do you even what the technique of a good “rapper” is. Jennie is the main rapper, because she’s more experienced. Lisa was made a rapper, because that’s how she could suit the concept of blackpink. A good rapper doesn’t need to learn it, but it comes natural. You must be really blind to think that jisoo is a main vocalist. I respect your opinion, but these arguments makes you sound very dumb.

Not necessarily, remember also in YG, Daesung is actually a better vocalist than Taeyang who is the main vocalist, but he’s a lead vocalist because he has restrictions with his voice iirc, and well, Taeyang has more stability.
I don’t know who is the better rapper between Jennie and Lisa, but I will say this. Jennie’s live raps are consistently horrible. She’s not rapping, she’s shouting in the mic as if she’s on her last breath. Lisa raps far more comfortably live. That’s why I think Lisa is more appropriate for the main rapper position, but that’s just me. Jennie has always had impressive raps in the studio versions of songs, but never seems to deliver when it comes to actual performances.

Like I said it’s my opinion💀 if you don’t like it don’t reply

I agree

As i already said “i respect your opinion” but your mostly just talking down on others just to praise your “faves”. That’s just disgusting and childish.

I saw them in person 2 days ago during their concert here in the Philippines & they look even more gorgeous in real life!!! Especially Lalisa waaaah I’m in love 😭😍

Daesung is more stable than Taeyang. Taeyang’s voice is just more unique

I can’t believe i’m 2 months younger than Jennie but she looks way younger than me 😭😢 i look like a wrinkly millenial 🤣😂


Yeah, they should be 5 right now. Miyeon from (G)-idle got a relationship to the other tranee that supposed to debut in Pentagon, that’s why she left…♡

OMG, that feeling when at the end of this article they ask, who’s your bias. And you can only choose 3 members. But I don’t know who to choose, I love all of them 😭😭

Jennie didn’t do anything so don’t hate her it’s all cause of the fandom.

You guys literally need to stop hating on the girls. This fandom is getting worse and worse. Let me tell you something without being biased Jennie is the main rapper for a reason and Lisa is amazing too. But rapping means (I am telling you guys in my wordings) fast talking with the beat. They both are equally as good but why Jennie is the main rapper is cause she raps faster than Lisa (No offense). Lisa is from Thai and it’s amazing how she raps amazing in Korean but Jennie is Korean so she raps faster and in English both are good but Jennie raps faster other than that both perform amazingly on stage. #OT4STAN

Totally wrong. Jennie is the Main Rapper and a better rapper than Lisa because she can rap in many flows, she has a better technique since she doesn’t change her voice, she has an amazing breath control and also her speed, she is the fastest female idol rapper (confirmed). But rap isn’t only about speed, remember that. Lisa has only one flow in that she raps, her technique isn’t as good since she made her voice higher & swaggier for a long time. Now in DDDD she has a good technique. She sadly can’t control her breath that well since she is out of breath very fast, also she doesn’t make that many breaks what makes her lose her breath on the end. Her speed is okay actually, she is a foreigner but can rap good in english. Jennie is an amazing rapper and she has nothing on her, she should just stay that way. Lisa should try to control her breath and let her voice be her natural voice. She is an average rapper.
That comes from an ot4 stan, you can see I said good things about Lisa too so calling me a solo stan or a Lisa hater is irrelevant. I have a two years experience in rap (& vocal btw) so I know what I’m talking about. Just explaining, not being toxic.

sure there is. Just unofficial. But we can clearly tell who the center & FOTG is when we look at photoshoots, variety shows, brand reputation, popularity etc.

Totally wrong. Jennie is the Main Rapper and a better rapper than
Lisa because she can rap in many flows, she has a better technique since
she doesn’t change her voice, she has an amazing breath control and
also her speed, she is the fastest female idol rapper (confirmed). But
rap isn’t only about speed, remember that. Lisa has only one flow in
that she raps, her technique isn’t as good since she made her voice
higher & swaggier for a long time. Now in DDDD she has a good
technique. She sadly can’t control her breath that well since she is out
of breath very fast, also she doesn’t make that many breaks what makes
her lose her breath on the end. Her speed is okay actually, she is a
foreigner but can rap good in english. Jennie is an amazing rapper and
she has nothing on her, she should just stay that way. Lisa should try
to control her breath and let her voice be her natural voice. She is an
average rapper.That comes from an ot4 stan, you can see I said
good things about Lisa too so calling me a solo stan or a Lisa hater is
irrelevant. I have a two years experience in rap (& vocal btw) so I
know what I’m talking about. 😉

Also, how is Jennie lazy? That’s the past lmao, hater always bringing up this one thing without being updated lmao. They have only this excuse. Also, how is Rosé forced? It’s her voice color now that she always had, get used to it. Also Lisa is never on Jennie’s level in rapping or in singing. See my previous comment. Rosé is the Main Vocalist for a reason. I agree, Jisoo has a better technique and is more stable, same two goes with Jennie, but that’s it. Jennie is lso more powerful. Rosé is higher in other categories than Jisoo & Jennie.

AHAHAH. Funny. Read my previous comment.

Jisoo & Jennie for visuals btw. When you already say ”Lisa & Rosie for dance”, I mean, all of them are dancers like all of them are visuals, so when you already are about dance, then you can say that the 1st & 2nd visuals are for visual. Just saying. More fair.

Totally wrong. Jennie is the Main Rapper and a better rapper than
Lisa because she can rap in many flows, she has a better technique since
she doesn’t change her voice, she has an amazing breath control and
also her speed, she is the fastest female idol rapper (confirmed). But
rap isn’t only about speed, remember that. Lisa has only one flow in
that she raps, her technique isn’t as good since she made her voice
higher & swaggier for a long time. Now in DDDD she has a good
technique. She sadly can’t control her breath that well since she is out
of breath very fast, also she doesn’t make that many breaks what makes
her lose her breath on the end. Her speed is okay actually, she is a
foreigner but can rap good in english. Jennie is an amazing rapper and
she has nothing on her, she should just stay that way. Lisa should try
to control her breath and let her voice be her natural voice. She is an
average rapper.That comes from an ot4 stan, you can see I said
good things about Lisa too so calling me a solo stan or a Lisa hater is
irrelevant. I have a two years experience in rap (& vocal btw) so I
know what I’m talking about.

read my previous comments.

btw I guess you haven’t seen Jennie’s performances when they went on tour. People were literally the most hyped on her parts and she had the less boring part in DDDD in the performance.

Totally wrong. Jennie is the Main Rapper and a better rapper than
Lisa because she can rap in many flows, she has a better technique since
she doesn’t change her voice, she has an amazing breath control and
also her speed, she is the fastest female idol rapper (confirmed). But
rap isn’t only about speed, remember that. Lisa has only one flow in
that she raps, her technique isn’t as good since she made her voice
higher & swaggier for a long time. Now in DDDD she has a good
technique. She sadly can’t control her breath that well since she is out
of breath very fast, also she doesn’t make that many breaks what makes
her lose her breath on the end. Her speed is okay actually, she is a
foreigner but can rap good in english. Jennie is an amazing rapper and
she has nothing on her, she should just stay that way. Lisa should try
to control her breath and let her voice be her natural voice. She is an
average rapper.That comes from an ot4 stan, you can see I said
good things about Lisa too so calling me a solo stan or a Lisa hater is

lol but the writer of the main comment isn’t ignorant when he calls Lisa the Main Rapper while it’s Jennie?

actually she can. Look at other groups with 4 members.

Jennie stans? Well, Lisa stans are usually called the worst.

HAHAHA so funny. You’re a Lisa stan I guess? Poor Lisa. For Lisa stans everything is hate hahah. No one can have their opinion huh.

That’s why you’re not a blink.

You can take him as an example dude. Also it’s not about kprofiles, it’s about Youtube and Instagram where I meant that Lisa stans are the worst. Actually I see more Jennie stans in this comment section, but on other social media it definitely goes with Lisa stans.

she doesn’t get more promotions? Well, she still will be one of the main casts in Michuri again 🙂 Also she still has her contracts with Chanel, Sprite & CASS beer. The only promotions from YG for Jennie was her solo and besides that nothing. She helps herself up, she doesn’t even need YG now 🙂

AHAHAH yeah right, you’re another hater who is jealous of her I guess? No normal person would say your words, you’re just sooo jealous of her hahah

I thought you would like Jennie, but now you support someone who blamed her, shaded her & put her down like the last shit? Welcome to the world of fake stans.

True, like I also honestly feel bad for Rosè because she has a really nice unique voice, but the forced concept some people may be hearing may not be her fault at all. A reminder that she works under YG, and he has a thing for “tweaking” singers voice techniques like he did for Park Bom. I think Rosè is still trying to get used to it or adjust to it because it’s not her normal way or singing, and it’s not her choice at all either. But regardless, it’s no doubt that her voice it unique and powerful. <3

i mean, I think the main reason she joined the entertainment was for dancing. But what happens is, trainees don’t have much of a choice where they’ll be categorized, so I would still give Lisa credit for having to go through tough times to learn something from scratch when she came to become a dancer. She’s come so far, all them have to be honest. I mean, yeah she might not be the best rapper, but just take that into consideration. She could’ve been an explicit dancer or a background dancer but no, YG saw something in her and decided to put her into a group to perform. It’s similar to BTS jimin’s situation where he was a top dancer who auditioned for the mere purpose of becoming a dancer, but he was put into a group and had to go through tough times learning how to sing when he was one of the worst singers at first, now look where he’s at.

Why were Lisa and Jennie only nominated for 100 most beautiful faces in the world. What happened to Chaesoo TT

I don’t agree with that statement. I have been practicing my vocals and rapping for a long time. I know rapping doesn’t only means fast talking but a lot of people prefer Lisa’s rap and other Jennie’s rap and both of them have an amazing breath control. Lisa don’t get fast rapping so you can’t judge her and Jennie is one of my favorite female rapper. It depends on the beat. They both rap according to the beat and I think Lisa’s voice fit perfectly. And they both are JUST AS good. I actually take that a bit offensive of you to call Lisa an average rapper. Lisa is amazing and this is coming from a Jennie bias. I don’t think you said good things about Lisa. Every idol loses their breath and Jennie lost her breath too but that doesn’t means that she isn’t a better rapper or she is an average rapper.

Lisa are so famous

Jisoo is the best member. Period.

Because She Is A Korean And Korean s are babies cute tiny babys

Actually Blackpink was going to be a nine member group that was going to debut in 2013 or 2014 but the 5 of the members left YG.

How about ya’ll try and practice some NEUTRALITY.. I mean come on, if ya’ll a blink, then stop taking sides, and accept the unaccepted.. I mean try congratulating Rose, rather then discriminating her or Jennie, especially your individual bias.. I mean come one, we stand together blink, we lift them up instead of dragging them down.. It will not always be Jennie or Lisa.. Jiso and Rose will get their chance

Yes, that’s what the internet state, and internet can always state the bullshit. Even lisa herself state that she’s 5″7

Can people stop saying Jennie is a Lead Vocalist… No matter how many times you say it, it will NEVER be changed it’s confirmed that she’s a MAIN RAPPER and VOCALIST

-Jennie might deserve the position but we need to respect YG’s decision-

our girl jisoo!!!

It’s main>Lead>Sub
That means that the main is the best, the lead the second best and sub the third best

Jisoo is the second best vocalist
Jennie is the best rapper and third best vocalist
Rosé is the best vocalist and the second best dancer
And Lisa is the best dancer, second best rapper and third best vocalist

Hope this helps! 🙂

thank you. livery honestly is a crazy person jennie always cant control her breath and slightly goes off key

u are my type of person

i think u just want jennie to be shining well i think that ur jennie is as lazy as af #beffiting reply

i hate u

ok i have lost my temper now lets invite swearing into my language

@livrey:disqus i think you are a psyco she might as well leave the band and not have career s

i dislike jennie’s behavior

Rose favorite song is eyes closed by Halsey .. she write it in her Instagram

Rose favorite song is eyes closed by Halsey.. she write it in her Instagram

And by who says that this will happen?

are u mad

for me jennie deserve to be a lead vocalist, not only vocalist (and 2nd visual for me but maybe only for me) and lisa be a vocalist, not only sub-vocalist. but this only my opinion.

i think @livrey:disqus account needs to get deleted any body here

Blackpink just debuted in the US!!!!

Jennie is the lead vocalist


Seriously u didn’t say anything about jennie being just a lead vocalist that’s a false information too

true jisoois queen

Your a toxic stan okay. Jennie isn’t all that and she will never be all that with her cocky attitude.

Damn seems like you’re just copying and pasting your arguments. Everyone has different opinions, stop forcing everyone to believe Jennie is the best rapper.

Blaming other stans are the true definition of toxic. Why do I see you everywhere in the comment section?

Why u always hating on Lisa?

i agree

shut up

Yea ok you have experience in rap. Its not fair that Jennie gets all the attention and they spoil her. I’m not trying to be rude but tbh Jennie cant rap. They are always leaving Lisa behind. Her rapping is amazing not “AVERAGE” LIke yea ok girl so like I said before not trying to be rude but Jennie really cant rap. SMH xoxo – shutupkaren

Aren’t you being a toxic stan by calling jennie cocky

I think Jenny should be lead vocalist and jisoo can also be lead vocalist…. and I also think Lisa can be a vocal…. well, I will have to wait for their mini comeback hope Lisa get to sing and have more line❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you all BLACKPINK 🖤🖤💓💓

This is based on popquiz

Lisa speak the most language in BLACKPINK (Thai, Korea, English, and Japanese)

Rose never responded to text

Lisa love fast food the most in BLACKPINK

Rose change her hair colors the most in BLACKPINK

Jisoo is the most responsible in BLACKPINK

WTF is wrong with u
the role of the lead vocalist is to support the other members
Jisoo deserves her role as lead vocal
she is the most stable in the group
She is the best at harmonizing
She has the most unique voice in the group.
Try hearing hidden vocals
Jisoo is mostly responsible for the clean up
Jennie can’t
Jennie voice is too overpowering
Is unable to blend with a lot of the members
When combined u could only hear her voice .

just came by to see some facts about bp and i’ve literally never seen a more toxic comment section. Aren’t you all fans of the same group? Aren’t you tired of pushing this wild rhetoric that jennie is a lazy person, that rose is a weak singer, that rose is underrated?? You should be a united fandom in order to work well for the group as a whole. Also wtf is this beef about positions??? Those are their positions with complete reasoning behind it.

lisa isn’t a vocalist because she doesn’t have as good singing technique as the others, and jennie isn’t a lead vocal because yg likes to focus more on her rapping.

Only in your dreams XDD

most of their music ‘Jennie is a Lead vocalist’ and Jisoo is a just a vocalist (DDD ,as if it’s you’r last….)
who’s agree?

-says the @livrey:disqus is a toxic fan
-trash talks a member

Wtf is wrong with yall blinks? Blackpink’s success is a very rare case where the fans DID NOT have a hand in making them successful. Disgusting.

You shut up.

Shut the fck up

Omfg can u just shut tf up?! U should be proud that jennie is already a vocalist what do U want more? Jisoo isn’t only just the visual in BP shes also the lead vocalist! So get out of here!

AGAIN, it’s an opinion!!! I just stated my opinion! so no it’s not “totally wrong”

Ok what???? I don’t even have a “fav” I’m just simply stating my opinion because it’s what I think but I dont think you understand what an opinion means if you’re just gunna tell me why they were picked. I know why their picked I’m just simply saying that the way they sounded at the beginning is different from now. By you calling me “dumb”, “childish” and “disgusting” because I said what I think is just saying that I was talking “down” on your favs

Jisoo is lead vocalist but doesn’t get treated like one .😤

sorry but no Jennie
Jisoo is a better lead vocalist then Jennie tbh
Just stating facts
ANd for lisa
Sub vocalist is enough for her
She was trained o be a rapper and thats that

Jisoo can be a visual and a vocalist, in my opinion, i find her voice nicer than rosè’s. And also, Jennie is not a lead vocalist simply because she focuses more on her raps in their songs

This is honestly such a toxic comments section. Can we please stop talking/arguing about the member’s positions and the poll rankings? Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa aren’t just four idols, they’re four best friends. But you guys seem to make a competition with all the beefing about member positions, poll rankings, etc. We Blinks are giving ourselves a bad name. But we have the power to change that. Can we please make an effort? I don’t want to see another comment after mine talking about positions or rankings or anything else that will lead to toxicity within this fandom. Even if you only like one member, there’s no need to drag or hate the other members. But it’ll be for the best if we praise and support all of them. Okay, please spread the word! Stop the toxicity within our fandom (and especially this particular comment section).

I agree what you are saying and i respect that, but i have to say one thing. Have you noticed that as years went by, their singing lines has been getting higher and higher as an ranges. Rose has to be able to hit the high notes and basically all of her lines in DDDD and in the side tracks. Back in 2016, she used her low and high voice which sounded better. If she keeps repeating the same lines and the way she sings it day by day, her voice becomes strained, and awful. im not saying she sounds bad, but i need YG to not give her the high notes all the time. Its good to do that at some points of the song, but just doing that to her throughout the song, she will begin lose her perfect singing ability.

As for Jennie, she has a low tone. When she sings high it sounds like she is shouting, but we cant argue that her singing voice isn’t bad. Its just a backup for Rose since she is in charge of the high notes, they need that someone to do it also to save her basically. For me, i think Jisoo should take part in those high notes since she is the lead vocalist. Jennie could too, but i need my baby Jisoo to get more lines.

Hopefully, this comeback in March will satisfy everyone. More of Lisa and Jennie rapping, Rose’s high notes, and more lines for Jisoo c:

Dude why are yall arguing over positions tho? Its not like you guys can change it or some shit…THEY WERE PUT LIKE THAT FOR A REASON. If Lisa was better than Jennie in rapping, do you think YG would’ve put Lisa as main rapper and dancer? Yes, but he saw something in Jennie. He knows how things work and he has been seeing her for 6 years. He knows more than anyone in this comment section including you. All you can see is the songs they only made. YG has seen her train constantly, watched her grow, seen her rap to different styles, so he knows what she is capable of. Though Lisa is a good rapper, he puts her as Lead rapper bc he knows Jennie is a little better than her. Its disgusting seeing yall argue over people and just being rude. I am a blink, but it hurts me to see how divided we are. In other people’s eyes, they think we are the worst fandom bc of you guys arguing about different members IN THE SAME GROUP. We are supposed to be united and encourage the girls. Not to fight about who is better than who when they are both best friends and in the same group. If they was to see this, they would be embarrassed by their own fandom. YOU SOUND LIKE A 9 YEAR OLD FIGHTING OVER CANDY. Its not cutee..;-;


Lmao right!! Ive been seeing the same exact comment everywhere from her!

But she isnt…They all shine, so there is NO FOTG and NO CENTER. You are really disgusting me… ;-;

Lisa is just an ugly Thai girl, she should be kicked out of bp

and you’re being racist. stop putting lisa down, she’s beautiful and unique and an amazing dancer with a great personality.

If you are going to hate, take Jungkook out of your profile picture. Hating on different idols is not what BTS teaches us! Jungkook is bestfriends with BamBam from GOT7. BamBam is childhood friends with Lisa, so I’m pretty sure they both would not like it if you’re hating on Lisa. You’re going to make Blinks hate ARMY’s because of your comment. Because you have Jungkook on your profile picture. If you were really an ARMY and love BTS, you wouldn’t hate on other Idols. Like RM said stay in your lane.

If you hate a member from BP you aren’t a stan! BLACKPINK DOESN’T NEED THESE TOXIC FANS BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIENDLY AND BEAUTFUL ALL WAYS! There is no best group in Kpop so stop talking trash about other groups .

Watch their Mr Removed because Jisoo is stable. Jennie already has Main Rapper. Stop being toxic and show BP some love ♡♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♡
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ 😀

YES! People fight back to toxic “BLINKS” but that just adds more
fuel to the fire

@livrey clearly you dislike lisa because you keep downgrading her skills. if you don’t have anything good to say dont say it at all.

this comment section is so ugly

Last time I was here the girls weighed closer to 80lbs and now they gained some weight, which is good. I’m happy that they did. Also what?! They signed to a U.S. company?! I never knew this. That’s so cool.

But she sings in almost every song .-.

Jennie is NOT lead vocalist but she is treated like one,
I don’t get why YG didn’t give her the position but oh well.. we have to respect the positions.

Jisoo on the other hand is a lead vocal but she only was treated as such in Boombayah, Whistle and DDDD..

But since Jisoo started getting more lines in DDDD maybe she will be finally treated as a lead vocalist now?

Lol she’s literally the main stan attractor in Blackpink
Kick Lisa out and you can say goodbye to a big part of the fandom

Funny how some people want Lisa out of the group -_-

She’s literally the most popular female idol internationally,
She is Blackpink main stan attractor,
Most popular member in Japan, China,
Super popular in SEA
No Lisa, goodbye a big ass part of the fandom
It’s like kicking Jennie out of the group when she’s main stan attractor in Korea..

Even in terms of talent,
She is the weakest vocalist but she is the second best rapper, and one of the best dancers of 3rd gen ( IF NOT THE BEST )
The dance line would be weak.. Rose is amazing and main dancer level but that would make Jennie the lead dancer and there’s a big gap between these two

Lisa deserves to be a member,
She deserves her place,
Be OT4 or nothing. Wanting one member out ( Lisa or literally anyone idc ) is not being an actual fan

And EVERYONE is needed

Jennie is the main stan attractor in Korea, losing her would make them lose a lot of fans. She’s also main rapper for a reason, she’s really good.

Jisoo is one of the most popular visuals in SK and internationally, she is the second most popular in SK, she is the second best vocalist and her tone is unique,

Rose tone is so good too, she is the best vocalist and you can’t deny she’s an amazing dancer as well,

ALL the girls are needed

Jisoo is the prettiest one but how on earth is she the best member when Lisa exists?? Even Rosé has better stage presence than Jisoo.

i don’t see how so many peolpe like that Thai girl

i have opinions, you can’t stop me from having them

im not being racist its an opinion

i don’t entirely agree with your statement. Plus, beauty is subjective

I dont see why you hate her so much what did she even do?

I don’t see why you like her so much, whats so interesting about her?

lisa is my least favourite member. but there’s no way to treat her like that. among all my friends who stan blackpink lisa top them. she’s overrated but she still play the main role of blackpink fame and kicking her out would only means problem to blackpink. we don’t have to like her but we do not hate her and said that she does not deserve to be here. if you don’t like her others do so respect their opinion. if she’s not interesting others find her interesting, we’re all different and we sees thing different

jennie’s solo debut was soo successful (is the first female kpop soloist to reach 200 mill on her mv) , has the 2nd most ig followers AND she’s been top 10 female brand ranking (#1 for two months in a row now) for 5 months soooooooo.. she honestly remains unbothered AND rich. literally who cares about the poll? its not that serious OR deep, theyre allll popular, theyre literally members of blackpink💀💀

Bro… quit acting like a kid…. your just embarrassing yourself…. I can’t believe you can say something like this in a BLACKPINK profile…. I don’t know if your a profound person or what…. But what you did is so immature and wrong…. Damn, people now a days are so ATTENTION SEEKERS

Yeah you do have an opinion but it’s very wrong… calling someone ugly! You think that’s appropriate to say or you just didn’t go to school to know what proper manners are?! Would you even know what Lisa would feel in case she sees something like this?!

ok shes your favorite member, why do i care

Ok well Lisa is unattractive

are you blind can you read?? i said LEAST FAVOURITE MEMBER

mk, shes your least favorite member, why do i care

you should care cause what you said to the public has caused many problems

well i don’t



triggered much?

And it of not off. Not my fault you didn’t keep your cool

Respecting people isn’t a law

not really :3 this is for the public i guess
i always wanted lisa to stop being famous but i kept it to myself. i won’t go around sprouting hates we don’t just do that

why bother defending yourself with lame excuses
we all know your not getting whatever you want so yeah :3 sucks to be you

Meh, stop trying to defend lisa

I couldn’t care less about what you do

you know i met so many people like you
EXO had this problem once
where you babble non stop
i will just end up in the same situation an endless pointless conversation so i rather choose to ignore you and let the others do it cause i’m wasting my precious time on people the likes of you bai Mina

Yep, good idea. Go stream your faves in the mean time

yeah okay, go stan your faves in the meantime

Okay but Lisa’s eyes are ridiculously pretty

It’s just weird how you said, “I don’t see why people care for that Thai girl.” As if her race has something to do about people liking her, and then you wonder why people respond? She has been bashed over and over for being Thai, even though she’s done nothing wrong. Lisa doesn’t have to be your fav, but I’m sure people would say that about one of your favs and you would explain to them why you like them. She’s sweet, respectful and talented. That’s literally it, she’s so unproblematic yet people like to make it a problem

Why this “Who’s The Better Rapper” argument is stupid.
Neither Lisa nor Jennie are rappers in the traditional sense. They don’t write their own lyrics, merely mimic the flow and style of traditional Black American rappers. And that’s just a fact, not hating at all. I’m a true BLINK since day one and I think both of them are really talented, pretty and rap well when it comes down to flow. (I will say Lisa has more charisma than other members, but dancers of groups usually do.)

But to sit here and argue about it is ridiculous, they all work so hard and do so well. If you prefer one member over the other, fine, but please support them as a whole, because they are in one group.

This says “Comments” section not “Hate and bashing” section. Please, work this out on twitter or amino but not here. This is for suggestions. If you don’t like Lisa, fine – keep that to yourself. If you think Jennie is lazy, ok fine. If you think Rose’s voice is irritating, I get it. If you think Jisoo should be only a vocalist, WHATEvEr. For God’s sake, just keep this a comments/suggestions page not a war zone.

not being racist? you literally said “lisa is just an ugly THAI girl” why did you include thai in that sentence, are you saying everyone that is thai is ugly. Could’ve have just said ugly girl instead of ugly thai girl. Plus why are you even on this website go support your “oppARS” toxic army -.-

ugly my ass lmao

okay so you’re saying beauty matters? lmao what in the fuck

we get that you hate Lisa, we don’t need you to explain how much you hate her. We heard you multiple times now. You hate her, we get it, but respect Lisa.

LMaooOOo i DOnt sEE hoW so MaNY PEOLPe** likE bTS

damn right she is ugly, ugly in a good damn way.

Jungkook is just an ugly korean boy, he should be kicked out of bts

I’m seriously baffled. I’m no Blackpink stan but why do you need to attack people and make fun of their appearances? This is what i meant by attacking people, hypocrite. Maybe you should find a hobby instead of spreading negativity. By the way, what does her being Thai have anything to do with this? And just for an advice, if you don’t want people to response, maybe you shouldn’t comment anything in the first place. This is Blackpink profile so it’s obvious people will get offended, don’t you think? No but seriously, you should be banned from this site since all you do is cause unnecessary fights. Troll.

you guys are so triggered and so defensive. you’re funny. it’s his opinion. you can’t change his.

Update Jennie’s Profile:
– Her most confident body part: her eyes. [Cosmopolitan magazine]
– Her mom said that she was born with no physical energy. [B-LOG]
– Her favorite BLACKPINK song: Whistle. [Cosmopolitan magazine]
– Emoticon she usually uses: 🙂 [Cosmopolitan magazine]

Update Jennie’s Profile:
– She’s in top 5 “Human Insta” celebrities. [Insight]
– She’s called “Queen of all records”. [Melon Magazine]

Jennie’s Chinese Zodiac Sign is RAT not Pig and Jisoo’s Chinese Zodiac Sign is PIG not Dog. Editor please change. If you dont believe me you can search on google by using their birth year.

damn you didnt have to go off like that, lmao ur just as toxic

what other groups? Sorry to hurt you but Jennie’s is just main rapper and vocalist and your butthurt self can’t do anything about it 🙂 you’re just a dumb bell no common sense can get through to your brain.

Jennie’s fans are hands down more toxic than Lisa stans they piss the living fuck out of me they make Jennie look bad.Poor her honestly the more they keep on,the more hate Jennie gets.

Idiot! Jisoo’s Chinese Zodiac is Dog, Jennie’s CZ is Pig were right because editor used the lunar calendar, that thing you just search was just the solar calendar.

Bottom line, use the lunar calendar!

Rosé legend, Jisoo legend, Jennie legend, Lisa legend, I stan 4 legends and I feel bad for people who don’t stan them all (I heard OT3, OT2, OT1 stans are ugly trolls and I think it might be true) 🙂

What’s both of your problems?? 😡

Well to me she is the best. There’s a thing called ‘personal preferences’. When it comes to the rest of the girls she is awfully underrated. She is not special just because of her visuals but her singing voice is also exceptionally beautiful -even better than Rosé’s for me- sorry not sorry BUT Jisoo’s voice is more unique than Rosé’s (for me!). I am not saying Rosé is a bad singer, that’s a whole different thing. I’ve heard YG makes Rosé use a ‘fake voice’ to make it come out forcefully ‘unique’. That’s a bad idea and a very, very unnatural technique. That’s YG’s fault of course! (IF that rumor is TRUE!)
Lisa is also great. Nobody said she wasn’t good, she can do so many things like rap and dance and sing. She is something else.
Jisoo’s weakest point is her dancing which affects her stage presence but she practices and she has obviously improved through the years and she deserves credit for that. But I don’t see many people talking about that.
I have already ranted enough about this and I’m not trying to start a “who’s better” argument but Jisoo just deserves more and it shows everywhere how underappreciated she is compared to the other members. She is more than just a visual…

You BLINKs stop complaining about Chinese Zodiac. I know that almost all of us didn’t notice that editor used the lunar calendar instead of the solar calendar. The reason why Jisoo’s CZ is Dog instead of Pig, and Jennie’s CZ is Pig instead of Rat is obvious. Take 1995 for example, If you are considered as Pig, your birthday MUST be after Lunar New Year’s Eve, NOT Western New Year’s Eve.
For the last time, use the lunar calendar because it’s more realistic.

Can’t wait for their tour in australia!!!!!
Shame they aren’t coming to perth:(!!

Most recent pics





Shouldn’t their official fan colors be black and pink? I mean those are their light stick colors also after all (?)


I think it’s kinda cute

your’re not a sinner 🙂


this is confusing 🙁


i think rose weighs less than that tbh, maybe about 44kg? we have the same height and the same body size. but sadly not the face and talent lol

Jennie is the Lead Vocalist and the center. Lisa is Face Of The Group.

They will say anything about the other members just to put jennie up. I don’t know if its because Jennie has been getting a lot of hate lately from both “blinks” (not really a blink if you hate on a member) and non blinks. But jennie stans keep getting more and more toxic (not all of them). I honestly wouldn’t mind if they praised their bias and left the other alone but its like they HAVE to ARGUE that Jennie is the Lead vocalist and better singer than Jisoo or that Jennie is a better rapper than lisa etc.. People have preferences.

Lisa Is Main Dancer

Ohh My Goshh?

lisa isn’t the face of the group. she has been on the least shows and yg doesn’t push her in korea. im pretty sure the face of the group is jisoo or jennie.

That’s so true.

lisa isn’t the face because she doesn’t have any popularity in korea. It’s either jennie or jisoo, but im assuming jennie

Rosie’s my bias and turns out she’s my birthday twinie. ❤️😭

It’s Jisoo

omg we get it. yall dont like jennie & her stans. move on its getting boring come up with literally anything else to complain about. why every time a jennie stan has opinion about the postions everyone gets so mad and we’re ‘arguing’ with everyone but when other members stans do it, its fine and everyone even pulls a ‘i agree’. lmao. yall are so obvious. like ofc we’re more aggressive when it comes to our bias compared to everyone else bc shes the one who gets the most hate from the fandom and OUTSIDE the fandom.

Actually Jennie is the most popular and promoted in Korea


First, there’s NO center and Face of the group. Second, Jennie is NOT a Lead Vocalist.. She’s Just a Vocalist. And for all of you who are saying Lisa is not popular,, the poll alone will give you the answer.

First of all the issue about Lisa being the Main Rapper… people hardly even agreed with that opinion and it lasted like just like days but every 2 days or at least every week there would always be a new comment about Jennie being a Lead Vocalist or being a Center or being the FOTG and it already is annoying TBH…

This is not only for the Jennie stans who thinks she should be a Lead Vocalist, Center, or FTOG this for all the stans who thinks their bias deserves a position they don’t have… We get it that you bias deserves that position but we have to accept the positions YG gave… we have to respect what BLACKPINK said… and TBH the positions are already given fairly… Jennie with her Rap…. Rose with her Vocals…. Lisa with her Dance…. and Jisoo with her Visuals(Not a talent so probably the reason why the Lead Vocalist position was given to her and she’s just an amazing singer)


Me and Jisoo are 95er’s! Awesome!💙💙💙💙

Jennie does have siblings!! She has a younger sister Ella, idk if he has anymore

Actually, I’m definite Jennie has a younger sister. Even my friend said so. Her sister’s Instagram is @ellagross. I only think this because she looks so much like a small Jennie and at how close Ella is with the members. It’s all on the account!

If you’re talking about Ella Gross it’s not her sister, they aren’t siblings. They do know and call eachother sisters but they aren’t

its LITERALLY a comment section to discuss bp and their profiles. ur trying getting mad over jennie stans having OPINIONS in a COMMENT SECTION and trying to police what we should and shouldnt comment about. ur acting like we’re the only one with opinions on the positions? why do specifically OUR opinions bother u so much. its not that deep lol. atleast pretend to keep the same energy when the other members stans comment opinions too and not just jennie ones bc ive seen other opinions from other people who arent jennie biased so go write a long paragraph to them too

Ella Gross is just someone the members are close with. She and Jennie are not sisters.

It’s weird how Lisa’s birthday is on March 27 and my birthday is on April 27

Why are you guys so toxic? Even though Jennie is my ultimate bias in BLACKPINK, I think she’s lazy. But, she’s getting better. By the way, there’s a comeback this month! You guys just need to focus more on comebacks and promotions and stuff like that. Stop trying to get into BLACKPINK’S personal life. You have no clue what is going on with them so, stay out of it.

jisoo can understand english but can’t speak it apparently.

it should be like this :

Jisoo – Lead vocalist, Visual
Jennie – Main rapper, Lead vocalist, Face
Rosé – Main vocalist, Lead dancer
Lisa – Main dancer, Lead rapper, Maknae

Jennie is born in the netherlands

Lisa is also close with twice mina and gfriend eunha

jennie wasn’t born in the netherlands she went there to study abroad


but why are yall talking about bts here

i swear to god ive seen this comment like 5 times lmfao

yall maybe shes just saying her opinion cuz the actual answers are clearly written above

lisa is a sub vocalist since she sings sometimes and jennie isn’t lead. Deal with it.

you sure?? She looks so confused whenever the other members start speaking english. i remember watching this old vlive of theirs (when lisa had yellow her) and everytime lisa would say something in english jisoo would hit her with her shoulder.

She was born and raised in korea. She studied in netherland for a few years before returning to korea. The only members born outside of korea are lisa and Rosé.

lisa was literally trained as a lead vocalist pre debut days.

Why are you so proud of having a lazy, stuck up brat as your ultimate bias?? Maybe its because of her average visual but still though that’s not something to be proud about. At least your not delusional like 99% of jennie stans and say its because she has motion sickness bc that didn’t only get her dragged but also the other members.

jennie is the only female idol to have been 1st on brand reputation for 5 months, making her the female idol with the most #1. she also ranked the highest in positivity with the public, with 80.97%

no, she was born in korea and studied in new Zealand.

Bro why are you so pressed? Leave Jennie alone. She has strong visuals and is a hard worker. IDK why you’re being so toxic. Jennie is not lazy. Just because y’all saw a performance (AND SHE HAD AN ANKLE INJURY) does not make Jennie as a whole, lazy. You don’t have to like Jennie, but hating her is a choice which also says a lot. Stop being so obsessed with hating on her.

jennie’s been just fine since before her solo debut, every other performance since then has been amazing but yall who keeps wanting to keep her ‘lazy’ label on her. she got her shit together. yall really act like she isnt human and has to be a ROBOT. she got better, deal with it.

jennie also has excellent skills of deduction, as mentioned in Village Survival, the Eight. (episode 3)She mentioned that she higher mental faculties than normal and she was the first individual to figure out the majority of the clues.
Jennie studies famous quotes(Village Survival, the 8)
Jennie likes and is good friends with Yang Se Hyeong as he makes her laugh, she mentioned she likes comedians in general( We Will Channel You, episode 5)

jisoo cried when jennie debuted as a solo artist as she said she and her were so close that she felt pride in jennie’s achievements and vice versa (We Will Channel You, episode 5)

she has the most singing lines after rosie.yes she’s a lead deal with it

why do you care who we bias and are we proud or not?

Lol Jennie is a lead and Lisa is a sub vocalist. DEAL WITH IT.

ehm, no , Face should be Lisa

Ella is signed in YG Ent.sub-label, The Black Label

lisa was ranked first in tccandler’s 100 most beautiful asian faces! (jennie won #19, jisoo won #25 and rosé won #35)

jennie is a vocalist. jisoo is the lead vocalist. lisa is a sub-vocalist. rosé is the main vocalist.

lisa was ranked first in tccandler’s 100 most beautiful asian faces! (jennie won #19, jisoo won #25 and rosé won #35)

why did lisas weight change?

Just because she has more lines than jisoo (THE REAL LEAD VOCALIST WHICH BLINKS DON’T RESPECT) doesnt mean shes lead. Jisoo was the only member introduced as a lead deal with it. We deal with yg being biased towards jennie so you can at least stop being greedy and delusional for once and accept the truth.

TC is really biased lmao

I believe she was NEVER in the netherlands and I don’t know where people got this shit from.

face is the most famous & popular in Korea, the most representative for the group and probably the one who has the highest brand reputation all the time. When there would be a FOTG, it would be Jennie. But it’s not official.

there can be two lead vocalists in a group, you know? Lmao people really think there can be just one of each hahah.

actually, the members were introduced like:

JISOO ~ vocal
JENNIE ~ rap, vocal
ROSÉ ~ vocal
LISA ~ rap

also, YG is the one making the positions so the ‘YG is biased towards Jennie’ thing is irrelevant.

lmao that was MOTHS ago before SOLO came out and you are still talking like ‘I think she’s lazy’. Bish get your facts straight and stop lying about your bias since she definitely isn’t yours. I would never say such a shit about Chaeng but Jennie stans are literally getting Jennei haters.

I see that jealousy, be pressed.

Ella is not her sister. She is just half korean btw.

lmao I love this comment

I want too 🙁 <3

she always was on this side. Can you read?

FOTG is the most representative for the group having the most jobs & the best brand reputation, probably being invited to shows & CFs too. Also it’s the most famous & popular in Korea. It would be Jennie. But the Center & FOTG are unofficial.

Jisoo is far away from Jennie’s popularity, brand reputation and korea’s love tho. People just called her the FOTG because they thought that it’s the same as visual. It isn’t. Jisoo is a whole prettiest visual but not the FOTG.

good to hear a mature Lisa stan for once. It doesn’t happen often that Lisa stans don’t agree with more positions for her hahah, I’m glad to see a good Lisa stan. Support Lisa like you do please. <3

I think too, these are their debut weights (Lisa’s weight is official for now because of Real Men). Rosé, Jennie & Jisoo are all skinnier than at their debut tho. All of them look like they lost 2kgs.

yasss, they are so gorgeus 😍 but I think they only take comeback pics :/

PREACH lmao it’s so ridiculous how everyone is fighting about that but without knowing a shit hahah.

lemme hug you

you have never seen Youtube, Instagram & Twiiter then. Jennie stans are only about positions here but you have to go to Youtube or so for Lisa stans 😉 Also Jennie gets hate because she was already famous at a very young age and people are jealous, simple as that.

sorry, but you can’t lie about skills. Skills are not opinions, there are facts. But people that aren’t experienced in vocal & rap can’t know, they will always choose their bias because they are ”cooler” 🙂

give up, this page is kinda biased, they will put this here again in her individual profile while for the other members they will put even the most irrelevant things in this profile. Sad but true.

Oh yes, but i think lisa is abt 43kg, bcos she was wearing a sweater and thick jeans when she weighed herself in real man.
I just dislike how some ppl think bp starved themselves to be skinny, esp when rose does eat alot

I don’t get it while people have to be so jealous of all the members that they even have to write it into the comments and not keep it for themselves lol. Searching for attention I guess. But no matter how many hate the members get, they will always be savage and grow more hahah.

Rap is skillwise flow, technique, tone, speed & the emotions in it, I think it’s clear which member is the better rapper.

Also the member who actually is a better rapper, wrote Stay, SOLO & the Sure Thing rap part as a trainee. But I don’t mind you anyways, some people just can’t accept the fact that someone is better than their bias or more popular then them. Lisa & Jennie are both idol rappers to be jealous about so I won’t wonder anymore.

I’ve never seen someone saying that they want Lisa out of the group.

thank you for saying ‘A’ lead vocal. People think that there could be only one lead vocalist in a group and say ‘THE’ lmao.

yes, they already had their US debut and their first US tv show 🙂


so damn true

no, she was trained as a vocalist. But then they gave up and made her a rapper. Like, haven’t you seen her singing after debut or why are you denying it lmao?

love you for not being biased like some others. Also I see you have probably some experience? 🙂

like a sub-vocal does 🙂

eww, get out please.

I don’t see a reason why being such a toxic blonk? Just say ”no, she isn’t” instead of being a blonk hating on a blink.

it seems like you would hate Jennie, get out then, blonk. You could easily deny it instead of acting like a child.

loll I’m not saying Jennie’s not a vocalist, I’m just saying that jisoo is the lead vocalist. depending on the size of the group, there can be more than one lead, but since bp only had four members, it seems reasonable that there’s only one main and one lead vocal otherwise all the vocalists would be lead? jennie’s more part of the rap line (in my opinion) but that doesn’t mean she’s not a vocalist lmao

lol ok so your point is?

only ones that are delusional are those who say she’s not a lead,skills wise they’re close to each other and are leads,jennie being lead along with jisoo doesn’t mean disrespecting her or her position.and how her having many singing lines doesn’t make her a lead when skill and talent is what gave her those lines?

Why Jennie’s weight change too?

she’s gaining weight recently

according to your analysis, lisa should be fotg internationally then

you seem to be the one most immature from what i’ve noticed here. you’re commeting on every lisa comments giving your unwanted opinions that noone asked for. look yourself in the mirror before giving your verdict on lisa stans

Lisa is the most popular female idol worldwide

But the positions on get it beauty introduced jennie as main rapper

correction: Most popular kpop female idol worldwide

And mine is on July 27

blackpink will be having a new comeback/MV this april 5
“kill this love”

I just assumed it was her because of how often she is hired for CFs and MVs (Sorry if I offended you xo)

She is most famous because the mostly fans are the Southeast Asia I thinked. But where you from? Just curiosity

I am surprise rosé in this site is most famous than Jennie and sad like Jisoo always is in last and Lisa has a lot more fans than another or fake blinks

Comeback pics I’ll upload the rest as they are upload by YG



(These bitches want to kill me like JENNIE KIM,LALISA MANOBAN WHAT THE FUCK)


i’m suspecting that jisoo’s will come next followed by rosé’s. CANT WAIT TO SEE THEIR HAIR COLORS.

Mine it’s Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa XD

Jisoo i think have red hair. And I hope that Rose have black hair ^^

Everybody knows Jennie is a lead vocalist

I CAN’T WAIT FOR BLACKPINK’S COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

her weight used to be 101 like rose so shes losing weight

Omg same!


(This is it Kim Jisoo will rise this comeback y’all better stop sleeping on her she’s to good for us)

You’re predictions were right they tryna kill us like seriously but before they kill me I’ll kill YG so that he gives them more comeCome they deserve better than just on comeback

Jisoo’s teaser picture has been released



Here’s Rose’s teaser picture


at the end of the day jennie stans become the most toxic stans in the fandom. Yall beat lisa stans by a mile.From that c-Jennie stan cursing lisa out to her face back in that radio station in 2018 to them making death hashtags and wishing her head on a stick for christmas on weibo. You guys are not only toxic but crazy.

i dont think so. Her vocal is weak

Lisa popularity is not joke. She is so popular internationality, many know her for her dance and her charisma. A queen

I’m glad Lisa has friends like Ten, Bambam and now Jackson. I love that she has interactions with male idols and the fans don’t hate her for that


@disqus_fza6MxThXx:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

@disqus_mwwzKhaq9p:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

@whynotrosy:disqus Thanks a lot for providing their comeback photos along with their names, it’s very much appreciated! 🙂

Last time I checked their posjtions, jisoo was a face of the group? What happened?

her vocals are far from weak. she might even be the strongest vocalist in blackpink. watch blackpink’s performance of as if it’s your last on jyp party people or just any performance of playing with fire and you’ll get what i mean

I said she was getting better. Sorry you don’t agree with my statement.

The Saga is complete

Where did u find this pic?? I find it in blackpink officials Instagram but they don’t show their whole legs

their group photo

Most famous in Korea its Jisoo

Wait.. I thought that Rosé and Lisa are more taller because both of them looks tall on the screen or maybe because of their long legs .. IDK

Thank you for providing the updated group photo, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@HaTxTo:disqus Thank you for providing the updated group photo, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@disqus_sjuH5Lktzw:disqus Thank you for providing the updated group photo, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

who is the leader?

Lisa Stans are called the worst because if Lisa Stans are commenting “Lisa is my Queen” then they are toxic fans but if other Stans are commenting about their bias there’s no problem and it considered support 🙄 So many Stans are jealous, because Lisanation is the largest, craziest and strongest fanbase, not their bias 🤦 I’m sorry for my English, my bias is Jisoo😘

So if Rosé, Jisoo or Jennie were #1 then TC is not biased, LOL 😂

Watch THIS on YouTube
I know it’s long but it’s worth it to watch the WHOLE video 👌🏾

If you hate Lisa or not, it doesn’t change the FACT that she’s the most popular internationally with the largest, craziest and strongest fanbase (LISANATION 🌐)

Lisa is the most popular worldwide but is she the FOTG? No. BLACKPINK has no FOTG or Center or Leader

Jennie is hera’s muse and chanel’s house ambassador

but fotg is a korean concept
Theyre a korean group
Jennies the most popular in korea so she represents the group
Also jennies the most popular in sk

Its because Jisoo and Jennie are wearing thick soles for them to look taller

There is no official leader for Blackpink, but if there was a leader I would probably bet it on Jisoo as the leader is usually the oldest (but sometimes a leader can be someone who trains for the longest)

they haven’t got leader

omggggggg who else is exited as me for blackpink’s comeback Kill this love???? I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!

you can use this photo for them too

no she is not jisoo is i think that one person cant be main rapper and lead vocalist at the same time

In BLACKPINK, it’s more like Jennie is the leader.

Jennie is known as”The Human Chanel”

No . 🙃

Tc damn bias as fk lol

I feel like this comeback will be Jennie and friends again

lisas hair look like the Area whistle

Then u must be dumb. This is a Blackpink comeback. Jennie is part of the group. She is the rapper. Period.

Lisa is also friends with GOT7’s Jackson

Lisa is not only popular in southeast asia lol. Even though majority of blinks are from there. Most of lisas fanbase is outside of asia and thats why shes the 2nd most followed kpop idol.

I’m from America.

Why are you so pressed. Jasmine just stated a fact.

no leader?

Calm down
I just stated what I felt if you don’t like it then ignore it

No they’re train same year

Rosé makes me so gay and it annoys me

LOL you are boring. Just shut up and support Blackpink

I know there is no leader because they’ve all trained for the same amount of time but if there was to be one id say it would either be jisoo ( she is the oldest and takes care of the girls well ) or rose ( she is very well spoken and has a great leader vibe ) I love all the girls equally and I cannot wait for this badass comeback !!




I hope JISOO gets more lines in their comeback Kill This Love T_T

Okay but i’m in love with Jisoo this cb

jisoo represents korea
lisa represents thailand
rose represents international
and jennie ily <3

people get jelly because they think that jennie is also the fotg

what is this? Why is Rose height is taller Than Lisa? Some one explain me this…

But i love Rose and Jennie

I think Jisoo because she is good speaking too and she is so unpopular (Rosé is too, but she is a little more than Jisoo popular) and Jisoo deserves more atention

She is not they have no official positions but YG treat she better than anothers

And because Lisa stans are boring

Yes, me too T_T😔

i think lisa is the leader
but i´m not sure

Popularity does not and should not have anything to do with being the leader

Because Chaeyoung is taller that Lisa

There is no leader.

Everybody knows Jennie is a vocalist.

BLACKPINK latest comeback-

New comeback is out (Kill This Love)


Why you so rude? I didn’t do anything. Stop tryna stir up drama.

It’s such a shame to see Jennie’s blonde hair was a wig ;(

their latest comeback
they have released a new song THEİR NEW KOREAN COMEBACK

New latest comeback:

Last korean comeback: Kill this love

Latest comeback

LAst comeback is awefull, why the hell they imitate DDDD , i’m really sad bcz i was waiting for something more excited, the visuals are amazing, but the song is not with all my respect!

Blackpink’s New Korean Comback


BLACKPINK “Kill This Love”

what do you mean they imitated DDD???

The girls kinda confirmed that Jisoo is their unofficial leader because they said that they always look up to her whenever they are having meetings and all of that serious business stuff.

Lastest Korean Comeback Kill This Love.

Please change their latest korean comeback

Latest Korean Comeback ‘KILL THIS LOVE’

new comeback <3

Kill This Love has a more western vibe rather than a South Korean kpop vibe.

Blackpink members according to height:

1. Rose
2. Lisa
3. Jennie
4. Jisoo

Yeah it was pretty far from DDDD in my opinion. It’s a lot stronger, more anthem like.

Lisa is shorter. She only appears taller than Rose because Rose has a longer face and torso than Lisa’s, making Lisa’s legs seem longer in comparison and therefore taller.

Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

I feel like Lisa should be a Vocalist now not sub just an opinion

i’m so disappointed because when you select a blackpink member jisoo is always underated and i just hate that. BLINKS YOU SHOULD LOVE JISOO TOO!

Their stylist says ”Jennie is 161” but I’m not sure bcs my friend say that to me


Jennie is now the leader of the group.❤


Nope all of them are the leader

gamjatang is actually potato stew..


How she is underrated? She is popular too

Well, they actually didn’t…

That was obvious and it’s normal but we didn’t even saw her in mv like that…

Yeah but they said many times that they are completing each other too

If you make an analyze, you will see that it was never like that

At YG it’s not about who is the oldest and it shouldn’t be in general. They don’t have a leader but Jennie would have been picked, she fits with YG’s standards.

She never was, people just didn’t know the definition of that position.

Well, she is

You have to be joking… Check your ears, she is the the second after Rose.

This fandom is uniquely horrible

that they are countdown on vlive of kill this love.

Jennie has stated many times that she wasn’t going to dye her hair bc it gets damaged really easily and she just prefers her hair natural colored.

I don’t what you mean by that statement?? We stan lisa bc of her personality, stage presence and talent. I don’t know how that makes us boring? Anyways lisa will continue to gain more fans in and outside of asia without being pushed by yg ent. this link

Guys watch Kill this Love watch it and take a time and watch it again and see it it’s increasing i watch to 79m to 72m Youtube is a Damn!!! Our Goal not achieved cauz Youtube is a FAKE!!!

excue me we cannot just love Jisoo just her? are you crazy we are a blink and we have a personal options

Being underrated doesn’t mean your not popular it just mean having potentials as well in a group and not getting enough attention

I guess her reason of being underrated is not knowing english (was my friend assumption and i felt like it as well) and yes JISOO IS MY BIAS!!

jisoo is main vocal not lead vocal

I’m still confuse who is the leader! Between jisoo and Jennie because I saw in vlive countdown *kill this love* Jennie was introduced say *Let’s say hi to viewers! 1,2,3.* and Jisoo was introduce in Inikagayo I’m still confuse. Sorry for giving updates yesterday.😢 I hope no harsh comments.😢

Vocalist and Sub-Vocalist are the same

Blackpink doesn’t have any leaders

They don’t have a leader, but since Jisoo is the oldest she usually introduces them when they are in Korea. But since Jennie is the oldest that are fluent in English, she usually introduces them in America (for example an interview)

All the members are friends with (G)I-DLE Miyeon. They used to train together, since Miyeon were under YG and supposed do debute with BLACKPINK.

ça va?

Theres no leader in Blackpink, but if YG asked the fans to choose, I would choose Jisoo because she is the most appropriate for that position, and the girls have already said that they always lean on the oldest member.

am I the only one who liked DDDD more than KTL?

not really. sub-vocalist is like a back vocalist that sings sometimes but a vocalist has a pretty strong presence.

most people do actually

Isn’t Ella Gross Jennie’s little sister?

actually rosé does

I like KTL but… 4D it was much better

nope. they just happen to look similar. ella is mixed, while jennie is not.

On a Vlive a fan asked Jennie her birth name.
She said it was registered officially as JENNIE since birth making that unique.
I also heard a rumor on youtube saying that she was born in Netherlands, but it was false.

I think we can all agree that Jennie is a Lead Vocalist and Lisa is not a Sub-Vocalist but a whole Vocalist she shined so much vocally and Jennies vocals improved so much.

First of all, Sub-Vocalist and Vocalist are just the same. Second, Most fans including me disagree the idea of Jennie being a Lead Vocalist she may deserve it but again let’s respect YG’s decision for the positions or let’s just wait until he announces it officially.

Nope… they’re just the same

It’s Jennie that introduces them, then usually Rosé talks after that. But it’s usually Jennie that’s saying “hello, we are Blackpink”

Agree with all except that sub-vocalist and vocalist are the same. A vocalist holds more stable lines than a sub-vocalist.

vocalist is just the shorter version of sub-vocalist. i believe there are explanations in google about kpop positions so you can see there.

if jennie is a vocal, then lisa has to be a sub vocal since shes weaker than her

Since when did you get “Kim” as Lisa’s Korean last name? Show me some source/information how you got it.

I don’t think they are friend with Miyeon now. Because if you watch some videos about Miyeon & Blackpink. Seem they hate eachother. I love (G)I-DLE they are my third fave gg in K-pop But I think Miyeon hate Blackpink and Blackpink hate Miyeon

jennie shouts when she sings and lacks breath control so i don’t really see why she should be a lead vocalist. as for jisoo, she might hold the lead vocal position but she’s not that really good of a singer either (her voice cracked so much in clarity, cracking means lack of control and lack of support) but she’s still better than jennie

lisa is fluent too xD

What? Rosé is the main vocal. Jisoo is the lead

Here let me fix this for you.
Rosé is the main vocalist, lead vocalist, vocalist, sub-vocalist, main rapper, lead rapper, rapper, sub-rapper,main dancer, lead dancer, main visual, face of the group, center, leader, the oldest and maknae.

I agree, most of the time Jennie can’t sing live. She tends to shout and sounds out of tune throughout the whole performance. There are still times where Jennie sounds fine and can carry out her raps reasonbly steady, but i expect more from someone who has trained for over 5 years. All idols have struggles on stage, its hard to dance and sing live. But like i said she shouldn’t be lacking this much with the years of training shes had.

I know, but that’s not my point, my point was that since Jennie is the oldest that is fluent in English, she usually does it.

Why Rośe’s name was prounounced as Rose before?

Yeah, it means that too in a way, she is getting attention too

I love your name and then this comment xD

Jennie shouts and lacks breath control? lol, excuse me, what? She has the best breath control in the group and is also the most stable because of that hahah? And sorry, shouting? When you want to see what shouting is then watch any CL performance. The shouting thing was like two years ago when they debuted and during PWF era. Lol, just give up and already tell that you know a shit about vocals. I have experience and what you say is completely shit.

good that she almost never lacks. 😉 She gets complements for her singing live, I guess you’re some of a hater who wants their bias to shine more. It is true that Jennie’s vocals are improving with every comeback and I can hear it. Damn, it’s funny to see people criticizing someone as if they were pro’s while they know a shit.

wrong, honey. A sub-vocalist doesn’t have to sing while a vocalist always sings. Sub-vocal is simply to help with some small parts.

lmao she had never anything to do with the Netherlands, some people just really don’t know about geography and I guess they changed NZ with the Netherlands. Stupid actually.

Ella is half caucasian.

as a comeback I honestly do, but from the quality I really like KTL. But honestly, DDDD was better. The positions were taken more seriously (I think you know what I mean) and also the whole album was better when it comes to appreciating the positons. 😉

Blackpink doesn’t have leaders but Jennie or Rosé are perfect leader material actually. They are both the most mature ones and the more serious ones. I still don’t know why people want Jisoo to be the leader when she is the fake maknae and also the biggest crackhead in the group. I have never seen such a crazy leader.

Main is 1st tho, Rosé is the main vocal 🙂

Youtube is shit

gamjatang is pork bone stew 🙂 You can google it.

Jisoo isn’t underrated by real blinks. She is just underrated by non-kpop stans, but tho, people should stan whoever they want to. I guess many people just don’t know Jisoo because she is mostly promoted in Korea only and she doesn’t get invited to lots of photoshoots, sadly. I also hope that she could get english lessons because I think that’s one reason too, then she could communicate with people in international shows tho, that makes a big difference in your popularity.

exactly. Sub-vocalist doesn’t have to sing.

when Lisa is a vocalist then Jennie should be a Lead. Just saying. I’m not saying she is but that’s how it goes.

KTL is much stronger & more dynamic than DDDD. DDDD was more rap & R&B vibes.

at least when we would see her in the MV like that, meh.. She could even wear colorful extensions so she has like a different colored part as the last layer of her hair. You know what I mean?

Lisa has longer legs so it looks like she is taller. 🙂

I heard the same. I also think Jennie is smaller or at least the same height as Jisoo. She always appears smaller and I’ve never seen her being taller than Jisoo lol.

feel ya

stare in my icon so it can turn you even more gay

what the heck lol

they have no leader. but lol I had to laugh on that Lisa comment. Lisa is a real maknae, she is the most shy out of them all and she behave like a maknae. She is also one of the crackheads and she is kinda immature (not in a bad way). Damn, that was funny hahah xD


wasn’t it obvious it would come from a butthurt Jisoo stan lmao? It was never like that fyi.

..she is? she is simply a global ambassador of Chanel tho

or ‘house ambassador’ if you want to call it in the pro way lol

It’s not just because you’re a fan that you just have to compliment your idol. Arguing constructively also shows that you care about this idol and want the best for it. Look, I said CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, which is different from slander and difame. If someone is bashing with offense, its wrong, but just say your opinion about something and not bashing with offense, I think its okay. You dont have to say those guys are haters. Theres a difference.

In my opinion, Jennie is very good at singing, but not enough to be a lead vocalist. But I also think she is gonna be a lead vocalist in the future.

Rosé is a multitasking queen <3

Actually she do have a point, check out the latest Coachella performances for example Jennie was the weakest out of all 4, I even read a review saying Jennie seems to be out of sorts

im 13 and taller hah beat that 😎😎😎




No, a vocalist doesn’t “always” have to sing. That’s the job of the main vocalist and sub-vocalist. But, yes, I agree that a sub-vocal’s role is to support with small parts.

Because Jisoo is wise enough to be able to lead them. 🙂 It’s mostly the oldest who is the leader in the a kpop group. But then again, they don’t have a leader.

There can be more than one vocal in a group y’know.

Jisoo is totally bias-wrecking me this era!! This era is definitely hers. I just love her confidence now a days.

Yes, because I think they’re targeting the US Market/audience for this era.

I knowww. I love blonde jennie too!!

Lisa just have longer legs, but Chaeyoung is taller. Although, sometimes you can’t even differentiate their height difference.


Lisa can be a leader too. She can step up when the members need her to be, but yes, she’s definitely a crackheads, and she is very shy. 🙂

No leader.

Nobody is. They don’t have a leader, a fotg and a center, because they all shine in their own ways 🙂


How can Lisa or Lisa stans be boring………

Why would TC lose their credibility in ranking just because they favored another person?

There’s no face of the group in Blackpink 🙂

She just stated a fact? She just commented on Lisa being a main dancer. You have to chill.

There’s no Center, Leader and Face of the Group in Blackpink 🙂 And until, YG announces that Jennie is a Lead Vocalist, then she’s still a Vocalist. However, she can really qualify as a lead vocalist already 🙂

A lot of people from sokor doesn’t want Lisa just because she’s not Korean.


There hasn’t been an official announcement from YG yet, so Jennie still remains as a vocalist. 🙂

This statement doesn’t look like coming from a OT4 stan. This looks like comming from a Jennie stan, who just happens to still like all members.

There isn’t until YG announces himself who is who. 🙂

But there’s no official announcement for a 2nd visual.

I agree they shine equally. Maybe that’s the reason why YG doesn’t assigned a member for Center, Face of the Group and Leader.

I know right

There’s no official announcement from YG that the position have changed. 🙂

So funny lol I agree

I think it’s the other way around……

There’s no official announcement for the fotg though 🙂

Nope. Plastic Surgery is banned in YG Ent.

Jisoo was given the lead vocal position for a reason.

I know right! Can’t people be happy now for their bias?

She’s happy for her bias, can’t you like, respect that as a so-called OT4 stan?

Overrated? Jennie akgaes like you are the worst. You always create unnecessary drama. Don’t ever call yourself an OT4 stan if you push your bias while dragging down the others.

she really can’t though- i’m not gonna be that person but her mr removes always prove that she shouts instead of sings. Jennie lacks a lot and it’s the sad truth. my ears shouldn’t bleed when listening to someone ‘singing’. i have nothing against Jennie, she’s a great rapper but her singing really lacks. it won’t make you a bad person to admit it. Just listen to few of her mr removes on youtube and you’ll hear how ‘great’ of a singer she is. at this point Jennie should be better. yes, she sounds amazing on the track but her live singing is awful for someone who trained 5 + years. we truly hope she’s improving but for now, she’s lacking. instead of blindly defending your fave, you could just be honest. no one here is trying to criticize her and act like a pro. just you to say that she’s most stable in the group, is enough to me to think that you’re completely deaf.

Jisoo stans have been the most people out of every stans in here. Just admit that you’re a Jennie akgae. I don’t see you defending Chaeyoung more than you defend Jennie.

Jisoo was given the lead vocal position for a reason. Deal with it, Jennie akgae.

Each member shines their own ways. Nobody’s beating anybody.

You are literally copying your other comments……

I thought your bias is Chaeyoung, then you’re literally dragging her down? Lmao. Admit that you’re a Jennie akgae.

And Jennie stans are the ones that hate on Lisa and Chaeyoung the most. Admit you’re a Jennie akgae, stop calling yourself a OT4 stan or a Chaeyoung biased.

YG banned plastic surgery in all of his idols.

Can you provide the article/statement where YG didn’t promised solo songs for Jisoo and Lisa? 🙂

Omg why are hating on the little girl? That’s so low. Singing, dancing and acting can be learned. No need to degrade a child.

Jennie akgae. Can’t even accept the fact that Jisoo was FOTG.

Then Jennie and Jisoo is not the Face of the Group

It’s honestly exhausting to see her comments. She claims she’s an OT4 and her bias is Chaeyoung when she’s an obvious Jennie stan. Lmao.

She’s just saying it, can you chill?

Okay what’s your point? Then if you can do it too, congratulations to you. Stop degrading other members, Jisoo called Lisa the genius of the group.

You’re right.

Then don’t push Jennie as the FOTG and Center since as you said, “It’s not confirmed”. You kept saying Jisoo is your bias wrecker yet you degrade her. Fake OT4

All of them have bad techniques in singing, Jennie is definitely a good singer, she is not the weakest(you have to be delusional to say that), she could be even better with some training. The fact that you read a review it doesn’t mean nothing.

Rose’s technique is not that good either so what it’s your point? Jisoo is not better than Jennie btw. They don’t have good techniques, that it’s clear but they have talent, Jennie can be a really good singer, she doesn’t shout in all her performances, considering the group, she is a lead vocalist. And actually, she seemed better in this comeback, her control was better.

All of them have bad techniques, it’s interesting that you pointed out just Jennie’s… And some of the mr videos are made it… You don’t need them usually tho, you can clearly hear them in their performances. If your ears are bleeding, stop listening her. The training at YG for vocalists is not the best, that it’s a truth. Jennie has a good potential to be a really good singer. She is not the most stable, these days all of them are pretty much at the same level.

Not really, she is good tho

I didn’t said nothing about leader(it was clearly said it from beginning) and center(there are just 4 members) but if you know the meaning of fotg, you know that Jennie has that position. I didn’t said nothing about them not shining either…

@Roséiseverything actually she can’t rap, but she is able to do most of this stuff

I pointed it out because the original comment said that Jennie is the most stable in the group. I also know that all of them have bad technique, but Jennie has by far the worst among all of them (maybe pair with Rose) Now Jisoo is definitely the most stable member live. I don’t listen to blackpink but the few times i did, Jennie didn’t sound too good. And what is even the point of this comment? The original comment was biased as heck? I’m not saying mr removes are 100% correct but what i know is that Jennie clearly yells into the mic. Now, if she’s gonna improve, then good for her. BUT for now she’s lacking and NOT the most stable in the group. Not when Jisoo’s there.

And just to add, it doesn’t make you a hater to admit when someone is not a good singer. Jennie does have potential to be a good singer, if she practises really hard, but it honestly seems like she doesn’t. Her singing Solo live was a complete mess. She got no compliments for her singing at all. It honestly surprised me how weak her live singing was. Especially since the choreography wasn’t anything hard.

It’s obvious that you have no knowledge in vocal technique. Your statement could’ve been correct two years ago. Jennie used to be a better singer back when they first debuted. However she clearly regressed. Jennie doesn’t shout when she sings ? Are we even talking about the same person here ? It’s obvious that she does and if you have ever heard any of her live singing, you would know that. She sounds so shouty and flat in so many of the performances. None of the girls have a good technique but Jisoo has by far the most control in her voice and she’s more stable as well. Jisoo is not an amazing vocalist, no one in BP is, but as i said, she’s better than the others. Just by looking at the amount of likes the comment got, you can see how many people agree with it. and, if Jennie is improving, then good for her but it’s clear that she’s not the best vocalist in BP rn. You can prefer her voice over Jisoo’s but hey, who actually thinks Jennie is stable? Literally no one.

Why do you have to bring Rose in though? This is between the “Lead Vocalist” meaning its just between Jisoo and Jennie no need to drag her in.

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