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GIRL CRUSH Members Profile: GIRL CRUSH Facts

GIRL CRUSH (걸크러쉬) is a K-pop group that consists of 4 members: Bomi, Taeri, Yona, and Zia. The group debuted on April 8th, 2019, under DAM Entertainment, with the song ‘MEMORIES’.

GIRL CRUSH Fandom Name:
GIRL CRUSH Official Fan Color(s):

GIRL CRUSH Offical Accounts:
Instagram: @real_girlcrush

GIRL CRUSH Members Profile:

Stage Name: Taeri (태리)
Birth Name:
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: March 29, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 170cm
Blood Type:
Instagram: @girlcrush_tr

Taeri Facts:
-Taeri’s specialties are computer programing and acting
-Taeri’s hobbies contain  Watching drama & Listening Electric Music


Stage Name: Zia (지아)
Birth Name:
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: June 9, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 166cm
Weight: 44kg
Blood Type: A
Instagram:  @zia0_0v

Zia Facts:
-Zia’s specialties are singing and doing makeup.
-Zia’s hobbies are to travel and play games.

Stage Name: Bomi (보미)
Birth Name:
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: May 12, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 165cm/5’5″
Weight: 45kg/99lbs
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @bomistry

Bomi Facts:
-Bomi’s specialty is dancing
-Bomi’s hobbies are listening to music
-In 2018, Bomi became a model for an auto salon called “Nano Beam” in Seoul, South Korea.


Stage Name: Yo-na (요나)
Birth Name:
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: February 12, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 164cm
Blood Type:
Instagram: @____yonayona

Yona Facts:
-Her specialty is to Latin Dance.
-Yona’s hobbies are watching Japanese animes and listening to music

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taeri is the oldest??? omg a while ago i was told she was the youngest.. i was lied to..

From what I’ve saw, she was the oldest.

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