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Im Chang-jung Profile: Im Chang-jung Facts
Im Chang-jung
Im Chang-jung (임창정) is a South Korean actor, ballad singer-songwriter, and composer. He made his acting debut in 1990 and his singing debut in 1995.

Birth Name: Im Chang-jung (임창정)
Birthday: November 30, 1973
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @ImChangJung

Im Chang-jung Facts:
– He is often referred by Koreans as “the original multi-entertainer” for being active in film, music, and entertainment.
– He went to Chung-Ang University and Studied Theater & Film.
– He become popular for his songs that are vocally challenging to sing.
– He has released 14 full-length albums.
– He is under NH EMG.
– He married professional golfer Kim Hyun-joo in 2006.
– They had three sons together and divorced in 2013.
– In 2017 he married a woman named Seo Ha-yan and had a child together.
– He was born in Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si, South Korea
– Siblings: Im Chang-mi, Im Mi-gyeong, Im Chang-hae

Im Chang-jung Movies
National Duty: The Secret of the Ginoyuri Mission (국가 의무 : Ginoyuri 임무의 비밀) | 2019 – Dae Woong
Gate (문) | 2018 – Jeong Jin
Roman Holiday (로마 휴일) | 2017 – In Han
Untouchable Lawmen (최강의 법률가) | 2015 – Jung-Jin
The Con Artists (콘 아티스트) | 2014 – Chef
Tumbleweed (쑥쑥) | 2013 – Chang-soo
The Traffickers (인신 매매업자) | 2012 – Young Gyu
Like Rain Like Music (비처럼 음악처럼) | 2012 – Soo Hyun
Shotgun Love (산탄 총 사랑) | 2011 – Sang Yeol
Romantic Debtors (낭만적 인 채무자) | 2010 – Det. Bang Keuk Hyun
Twilight Gangsters (황혼의 갱스터) | 2010 – Bang Joon Suk
Fortune Salon (포춘 살롱) | 2009 – Seung-Won
Sex Is Zero 2 (색즉시공 시즌 2) | 2007 – Jang Eun-Shik
Scout (스카우트) | 2007 – Main Role
Underground Rendezvous (지하 랑데뷰) |
2007 – Gong Yeong Tan
Miracle On 1st Street (1 번가에서 기적) | 2007 – Pil Je
My Lovely Week (내 사랑스러운 주) | 2005 – Kim Chang Hoo
Cracked Eggs and Noodles (금이 간 계란과 국수) | 2005 – Lee Dae Gyu
Sisily 2km (시실리 2km) | 2004 – Yang Yi
The Greatest Expectation (위대한 기대) | 2003 – Chang Sik
Sex Is Zero (섹스는 제로) | 2002 – Jang Eun Shik
Bet On My Disco (내 디스코에 내기) | 2002 – Bong Pal
Jakarta (자카르타) | 2000 – Blue
Happy Funeral Director (해피 장례식 감독) | 2000 – Jae Hyeon
If The Sun Rises In The West (태양이 서쪽에서 상승한다면) | 1998 – Beom Soo
The Extra (엑스트라) | 1998 – Park Bong Su
The Extra (엑스트라) | 1998 – Park Bong Su
Beat (박자) | 1997 – Hwan Kyu

Im Chang-jung Dramas:
The Light In Your Eyes (당신의 눈의 빛) | 2019 – [CEO of Voice phishing company] Guest Role
Witch’s Court (마녀의 법정) | 2017 – [Man Being Investigated] Guest Role
Ji Woon Soo’s Stroke Of Luck (지환수의 행운)2012 – Ji Woon Soo
The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (아직도 결혼하고 싶어하는 여자) | 2010 – Jerry Oh
Three Guys And Three Girls (세 남자와 세 여자) | 1996 – Guest Role
Days Of Sunshine (선샤인 데이즈) | 1992 – Guest Role
Eyes Of Dawn (새벽의 눈) | 1991 – Gil Soo

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