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ITZY Members Profile: ITZY Facts
ITZY (있지) is JYP’s new girl group. The members consist of Yuna, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Lia and Yeji. They debuted on February 12, 2019.

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Facebook: ITZY
Twitter: @ITZYOfficial
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ITZY Members Profiles:

Stage Name: Yeji (예지)
Birth Name: Hwang Yeji (황예지)
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Birthday: May 26th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Yeji facts:
– She became a trainee in 2015, so she trained for 3 years.
– She made a cameo at “Twenty Again” EP8 (2015).
– Yeji is close to Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi.
– Yeji’s hometown is Jeonju.
– She appeared in Stray Kids‘ Survival Show EP1 (2017).
– She was a contestant on SBS The Fan (Eliminated in EP5) (2018).
– 2PM‘s Junho calls Yeji JYP’s Hidden Weapon (SBS The Fan Ep. 2)
– Fans say she looks like Stray KidsHyunjin and also (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi.
– Yeji auditioned to JYP with “Like Ooh-Ahh” by Twice.
– In the dorm, Yeji and Ryujin are roommates.


Stage Name: Lia (리아)
Birth Name: Choi Jisu (최지수)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: July 21st, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean

Lia facts:
– She was a trainee for more than 2 years.
– She attends an International School.
– Lia is the newest JYP trainee to debut.
– She is a former SM Ent. trainee.
– Fans say she looks like a mix of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Red Velvet‘s Irene.
– She used to attend Seoul’s School of Performing Arts (SOPA). She was in the department of Practical Music.
– She received vocal training at Dream Vocal Academy.
– Her nicknames are Honey Lia, Cinnamon Lia and Ariana Grande.
– Her role model is her mom.
– She feels most comfortable with Chaeryeong.
– Her stage name comes from ‘Julia’, her English name. Her aunt gave her that name.
– She used to live in Canada.
– She can speak English.
– In the dorm, Lia and Yuna are roommates.


Stage Name: Ryujin (류진)
Birth Name: Shin Ryujin (신류진)
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center
Birthday: April 17th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean

Ryujin facts:
– She starred in BTS‘ Love Yourself Highlight Reel (She was J-Hope and Jimin‘s pair).
– She was an actress in the movie “The King” (2017).
– She appeared on Stray Kids’ Survival Show EP1 (2017).
– She was a contestant on YG’s MIXNINE (Ranked #1).
– Yang Hyun Suk offered her to join YG, but she decided to stay at JYP.
– Ryujin is friends with Dreamcatcher’s Jiu and Elris’ Bella.
– Ryujin has 2 Kitties “Byullie & Dallie”.
– Ryujin’s favorite movie is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.
– She got casted by JYP at a GOT7 fanmeeting.
– Ryujin is kind of the “guy”, girl crush of the group.
– Ryujin is good friends with LOONA‘s Heejin and Hyunjin.
– She attends Hanlim Multi Art School. She’s in the department of Practical Dance.
– She was a trainee for 4 years.
– Ryujin’s role model is Lee Hyori (Fin.K.L)
– In the dorm, Ryujin and Yeji are roommates.


Stage Name: Chaeryeong (채령)
Birth Name: Lee Chaeryeong (이채령)
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: June 5th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean

Chaeryeong facts:
– Her hometown is Yongin, South Korea.
– She’s IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon‘s sister. She also has a younger sister named Chaemin.
– She became a trainee in 2014. She trained for 5 years.
– Her nickname is “Chocolate Holic”.
– Chaeryeong gets scared easily.
– Chaeryeong, along with her sister Chaeyeon, auditioned for Fantagio in 2012, but didn’t make it.
– She was a contestant on JYP’s SIXTEEN when she was 14 (Ranked #12).
– She was a contestant on Kpop Star 3 when she was 11.
– Her hobbies are watching dramas, sleeping and eating delicious food.
– Motto: “Let’s be a person who knows how to be satisfied”.
– She attends Hanlim Multi Art School. She’s in the department of Musical Theatre.
– Chaeryeong can compose music.
– Her favourite song is “Because of You” by Ne-Yo.
– Her favourite music genre is Ballad.
– Her habit is touching her hair.
– She is close friends with all the members of TWICE, Jeon Somi and Fromis_9‘s Jiwon.
– She’s also close to Wanna One‘s Lee Daehwi.
– She was a part of Kyw Dance school and uploaded some dance covers.
– In the dorm she has her own room.


Stage Name: Yuna (유나)
Birth Name: Shin Yuna (신유나)
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Birthday: December 9th, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Yuna facts:
– She appeared in BTS‘ Highlight Reels (She was Jungkook‘s pair) (2017).
– Yuna graduated from middle school in December 2018.
– Yuna used to wear braces.
– Yuna attends Hanlim Multi Art School, she’s in the department of Practical Dance.
– Fans say she looks like PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung.
– She trained for 3 years.
– In the dorm, Yuna and Lia are roommates.

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Latest Korean comeback:

Who is your ITZY bias (so far)? Do you know more facts about them? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

2PM’s Junho calls Yeji JYP’s Hidden Weapon (SBS The Fan Ep. 2)

And I saw a lot of comments under many videos that fans of Yeji think she looks a lot like Stray Kids Hyunjin, some would even consider Yeji as Hyunjin’s twin

Add Yuna please ❣

Oh and also add Lia❣❣

Lia is Choi Jisu/ Jisoo (최 지수)

please add the other 2 to the bias poll! thank u x

A better group pic


why does Ryujin and Lia have the least votes 🙁 they’re both so pretty

JYP chooses his leaders by training period do Chaeryeong’s probably the leader, not Yeji

Chaeryeong has a younger sister named Chaemin

That’s not right at all, because in TWICE’s case the members chose themselves who will be the Leader.

Got7 too they chose JB to be the leader

Jisu is a former SM trainee

Here is a little trivia for you this group is the only active JYP group with no foreigners. Because Got7 has Mark,Bambam, and Jackson. Twice has Momo,Sana,Mina and Tzuyu. Stray Kids has Felix and Chan and Day6 has Jae

Did they confirm Yeji as the leader?
Also, Chaeryong is a better dancer then both Yeji and Ryujin

All the girls except for Lia were in Stray Kids’ Survival Show EP1!

Who knows, maybe is Yeji the Leader because in Stray Kids Ep. 1 she had in my eyes the aura of a leader or else the members would choose her to be the leader

Ryujin is good friend with loona’s Heejin and Hyunjin mainly with Heejin

I think only Yeji should be Main Dancer with Ryujin as Lead Dancer since Chaeryeong is a better dancer than her. Chaeryeong is probably Lead Rapper too since she rapped in SIXTEEN and idk about Yuna being a Lead Dancer

1. No
2. Disagreed but everyone and their opinion

Technically Chan Felix and Jae aren’t foreigners because their ethnicity is Korean… they were just born on a different country

And Twice is the only JYP group to do so…

Actually her name is spelled Chaeryeong and not Chaeryoung

Lia looks like Irene

Lia/Jisu looks like Irene

wtf yuna is younger than I am

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yeji stans lets makes some noise

Isn’t Shin Yuna half Korean/Japanese and born United States?

Their official accounts :
▶Official Site:
▶Naver V:

its my girl Yuna now.

Is it a tradition for the maknaes to be visuals in JYPs girlgroups,

Well, in Wonder Girls was Sunmi the visual, and she wasn’t the youngest

As @kgirllove13_761 said, Got7 also chose thrir Leader which is JB

besides Lia, who`s gonna be the lead vocal ??

Stray Kids I.N isn’t the visual

their official vlive is

follow iTZYbITZY (YbItzy) on twitter
and itzybitzy.jype on instagram

Yeji seems to be capable

isn’t Lia the main vocal

Ryujin is friends with LOONA’s Heejin and Hyunjin

I was hoping Lia would be the Visual 😂

and stray kids isn’t a girl group

Chaeryoung fact:
•she’s the only eliminated SIXTEEN contestant to stay in JYP
•she appeared in the survival show Stray Kids(Ep 1)

All members(except for Lia) appeared in the 1st episode of the Survival show Stray Kids

In the original Wonder Girls line up Sohee was the Maknae and the visual

not Jisu, she was not in the first ep.

Ok thanks for clarifying that 😊

Okay, but does anyone knows about Oh Hanseol? Another JYP’s trainee which also appered in BTS Highlight Reel? How’s she doing right now if didn’t debut in this group?

itzy official links:

youtube channel:
(it was posted under the description of their prolouge video, so they should be correct. but if not, i apologize.)

I really think Chaeryeong is a main dancer, she can also rap

i am sure that chaeryeong is main dancer and ryujin lead dancer

I kinda agree I’d say the positions are more like
Yeji: Leader*, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Lia: Main Vocalist
Chaeryeong: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper
Ryujin: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Center, Face of the Group
Yuna: Maknae, Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
*though I’ve heard some rumors that Chaeryeong is the leader since JYP usually makes the leader the one who trained the longest

she left jyp

She was left jyp and joined yg. I hope that she will debut in yg new girl group

-She’s a former SM Rookie
-She attended SOPA to study music
-She also receive vocal instruction at the Dream Vocal Academy

-Chaeryeong has 2 sisters: Izone’s Chaeyeon (1 year older than her), which also took part in sixteen but sadly got eliminated. and Chaemin (5 years younger than her)
-She used to join kpop star 3 when she was only 11 years old with her sister Chaeyeon
-She also participated in JYP’s Survival show Sixteen and Stray KIds
-Chaeyeon and Chaeryoung auditioned for Fantagio in 2012
-She’s close to Fromis_9 Park Jiwon, Jeon Somi, and Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi

I just know that Sohee was Face of the Group and nnot Visual, you can look it it here here on oheir profile

Lol wonyoung(iz*one) is younger than yuna hahaha.

Agree. With those dancing talent, how can she just be a lead dancer?

I think chaeryeong is better than yeji and ryujin in terms of dancing.




Yeji, Jisu, Yuna
i love them ♡_♡

they’ll probably be a group that has 3 main dancers lol AHAHAHHAH IM SO HYPEEEED

I hope nobody compares theme to rv or bp, They don’t deserve antis.

I think the main dancer are yeji and chaeryeong. Ryujin is lead dance

I share the same birthday as yeji yayyyyy

ITZY Official Accounts


aahh! chaeyoung is my bias in IZ*ONE and i heard that her younger sister also wanted to be an idol! im so happy for her :))

Itzy YouTube Channel:

Itzy Facebook Account:

im pretty sure that they wanted to be idols at the same time since they both were on Twice survival show “sixteen”

Yeah, i’ve already seen comments comparing them to BlackPink, like “JYP is trying to create his own version of BlackPink” and stuff like that. Like wtf, they haven’t even debuted yet

Aaand 3 rappers too <33

Yeaa…cuz they kinda have the same concept as bp – hip hop; I really hope they don’t continue ugh

Yeji is the leader

if yuna is jungkook’s partner in highlight reel, then isnt she also the child in got7’s just right?

Cmiiw as far as i know the child’s name in got7’s just right is lee ja in

Oh yeah, youre right. I think i just read from somewhere or heard from someone that the girl from just right and jungkook’s “pair” in highlight reel is the same

I wish you would include Playback’s Hayoung as Ryujin’s friends because they are quite close in MIXNINE

Same, and I feel untalented. What am I doing in my life. 🙁

I’d make only Yeji main dancer and take away lead dancer from Yuna

Edit Lia’s fact. Fans says she looks like both RV Irene and BP Jisoo.

Hwang Yeji attend Jeonju Commercial Information High School taking up in Department of Financial Information, expected to Graduate this February.
© jypsecretweapon•ITZY_GLOBAL

Lia is short for Julia, Jisu’s English name from when she lived in Canada

The leader is Yeji

yuna also looks similar to lee seyoung! the actress from hwayugi: a korean odyssey.

Lia lived in Canada, her English name is Julia (Choi).

I think Lia can also be Visual.

please give credit about Ryujin being friends with LOONA’s Heejin and Hyunjin

Just please do NOT ship them to Stray Kids cuz SKZ are for STAYs (or maybe for each other) and ITZY are for their fans as well.

It’s fake. It follows lots of fanpages


I don’t think Chaeryeong is a lead rapper

I think Lee Chaeryeong and Ryu Jin will be Main Dancer and Yeji will be lead dancer.

in my opinion, Yuna looks more like Nagyung (Fromis_9) than Kyulkyung, she looks like a combination of them two

ryujin looks like xinxin asmr

ITZYXTWICE where u @?

The maknae same age as me wow

I think their fandom name is Fizzy or anything else or maybe Fritzy (its my opinion)

I can see that. The nose especially

Yeji’s too good to be a lead dancer… she’s a whole dance machine

Isn’t Chaeryeong born in 2002?

no, this is correct. June 5th, 2001

to be fair, Kyulkyung and Nakyung also share a resemblance at times

my own opinion, but I think Ryujin is more lead material than main, especially when compared to Yeji and Chaeryeong. that’s just me tho

same. if anything, she’ll be just a rapper

they also auditioned for Fantagio, and were on Kpop Star 3 together <3

ive also seen some comments comparing them to Red Velvet because they’re a five member group (following the hate Twice got for being a nine member group), but their concepts are so different… Red Velvet will be queens and slay as part of third gen, while ITZY will slay as part of fourth gen

so ive seen their “official positions” on their international fanpage on Twitter, but am I the only one who thinks Chaeryeong is more main dancer material than Ryujin? not that I hate her or anything, and she’s plenty talented, but I think Chaeryeong and Yeji should be the mains instead of Ryujin and Yeji… that’s just me tho

Nah I ship Hyunjin and Yeji. It’s all fun tho. Can’t wait for interactions. It’s when people take shipping too far anyways.

They’re not even the same as red velvet people are so dumb. Blinks act like blackpink is the only group with a girlcrush concept, even when there are other groups.

official heights!
yeji – 170 cm (5’6”)
lia – 168 cm (5’5”)
ryujin – 163 cm (5’3”)
chaeryeong – 168 cm (5’5”)
yuna – 170 cm (5’6”)

163 cm is 5’4 I’m pretty sure








go! Hwang Yeji.

yes! i taught it was yeji

Not Scratzy…?

Okay… I’m sorry, I’ll walk my self out😂

Chaeryeong isn’t the leader, Yeji is. Her name came first in the teaser, if Chaer was the leader her name would have come before Yeji

Yes, 163 cm is 5’4”
Also, 170 cm is 5’7” and 168 cm is a little over 5’6”, but still under 5’7”

They’re pretty tall indeed.

Yeji: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Lia: Main Vocalist, Visual

Ryunjin: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Chaeryoung: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Yuna: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Yeji and I have the same birthday I’m just 1 year older

Fans say she looks like a mix of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Red Velvet‘s Irene
Fans say she(choi jisu) looks like BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Red Velvet‘s Irene

Ya, just 4 months and 4 days older than me. It’s really inspiring.

Yea i saw kyulkyung in yuna !

They are looking pretty much BLACKPINK under jyp label. As such I am kinda lookiil forward. Especially ryujin since she gives off a Lalisa aura, just a little. Still.


sjfks, they’re all pretty 🙁 and i bet Ryujin just has a lot of votes because they appeared with bts, i mean she’s really pretty and is very talented tho but just saying :/ and honestly i don’t really have a bias

just praying the girls dont get hate from armys for being in the highlight reels 🙁

why would they even?

Chaeryeong is the leader, she is the longest trainee. She trained 5 years and yeji trained 3 years only.

Jyp artists leader are based on Longest trainee period like

Twice jihyo trained for 10 years
Bang chan trained for 7 years







Their song gonna be lit…. I think they will have like a hiphop style… and they will be different from twice because twice is more girly and itzy song will be like hiphop just see their pic I can imagine it ( NO HATE I LOVE BOTH OF THE GROUP)

guess who my bias is-

Is this Red Velvet (SM) but in JYP ver.?

You should also add that fans think Yeji looks similar to CLC’s Yujin as well 🙂 I saw many people saying she looks like a mix of Yuqi and Yujin

Yeji: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Lia: Main Vocalist, Visual

Ryujin: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Chaeryoung: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Yuna: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

just because they’re gonna have more of a girl crush concept doesnt mean they’re “pretty much blackpink under jyp label” lmao when will you people stop comparing new gens with their seniors? that’s a toxic mentality there

blackpink under jyp STFU
related to bts STFU
They Are More Than That!

Can’t wait for them to debut. I can already tell they’re gonna put out some quality bops.


JYP haven’t announced anything officially tho :/ isn’t it too early to predict who’s gonna be the leader?? Yeji had leader vibe..well let’s see what happens

What happened to their twitter?
It doesn’t show when I click on it.

No, Rv debuted with 4 members and ITZY will debut with 5 members. So they are not the same :).


@williancordero:disqus The link has been fixed! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

Pls stop with ________ is under JYP its frickin’ annoying af

ok so they’re tall and i’m: not

don’t worry BigHit and JYP are close friends

Jer english name is Julia. It was given by her aunt<b>

WHO Is the leader?
Chaeryoung Or Yeji??

i think lia should be a visual too. just by saying shes a mix of jisoo and irene (most known for their visuals) makes her a visual too. that doesn’t mean the rest of them aren’t capable of being visuals. but to me, after yuna, lia radiates the biggest visual.

Lia look like Chaeyoung from Fromis_9 from that angle.

They seem to aim for girl crush concept, hope Twice still get another chance for girl crush come back.

Where will Chaeyoung be after IZone? hopefully Itzy would take her, siblings comeback!

Yeji: leader, vocalist, lead rapper, lead dancer
Jisu: main vocalist
Ryujin: Main rapper, lead dancer, center, fotg
Chaeryeong: lead vocalist, main dancer
Yuna: vocalist, visual, maknae

There so young . I’m they unnie 😂😂😂 I feel old

Where did u get these positions?

Lia is a short version of Jisu’s English name Julia

u mean Chaeyeon? But her current label is WM Ent. If ever IZ*ONE d**b****, she might be a solo (since she’s a whole package of talent and quite popular) or maybe would join WM’s gg. Idk if Chaeyeon would comeback to JYP since she left JYP in order for her sister to debut.

In JYP, the one who trained longer got the leader position. And Chaeryeong trained for 5 years. But Yeji is also a great candidate as a leader. We should wait for the official announcement i guess.

Same, and I feel untalented. What the heck I am doing with my life?

I’m older than Yuna but only by 5 months and it’s making me feel like I’m doing nothing with my life 😅

Yeah Chaeyeon, o forgot that she left JYP, but is that true? she left to let her sister debut? or rumor?

True, JYP won’t let siblings debut together.

gosh , the youngest is only 2 years older than me. yet here i am , watching netflix and crying over the fact that i’ll never live up to the standards these girls do.

Correct me if I’m wrong but yougest to oldest is Yuna-Chae-Ryu-Lia-Yeji?

Birthday months April May June July n December lol

the fact that yuna and i are about the same age 😂 plus they are rEALLY tall yuna looks so much like Lee se young in the picture


HWANG YEJI’s teaser images

the group’s quote is “I don’t care what they say. I am just who I am.”

here’s the link for HD images

ITZY members hometowns:
Yeji: Jeonju, North Jeolla Province
Lia: Incheon, Gyeonggi Province
Ryujin: Seoul
Chaeryeong: Yongin, Gyeonggi Province
Yuna: Suwon, Gyeonggi Province

They are debuting on February 11th. They said it on Twitter

Where did you read that? I can’t find it. I just heard they would have their debut on February 18th…

Yeah it’s true.

I’m literally the same age as Yuna!💙, she is 18 days older than me. I’ve literally done nothing with my life and then here she is doing all this!

I’m literally the same age as Yuna!,she is 18 days older than me and has already accomplished so much, where can I get her talent!?

Lia (I’m sure u just want the blue version):

they are debuting feb 11th

As I know, Hwang Yeji is the leader of the group.

i thought it was her then

yuna is younger than me by 2 months i feel so untalented,plus there’s alot of 2003 idols debuting this year i feel extra untalented

yes, but since they put chae as the leader, the leader would always go first in the order and then it starts going from oldest to youngest in the following members. 🙂

LiA lived in Canada for 2 years.
Yeji has a sibling named Hwang yeju.
LiA auditioned in SM ent. But never signed a Contract.

I guess it’z feb. 11

Nope, Trainee with longest period of training in jype is the leader of the group. Chaeryeong has the longest trainee period so she is the leader.

Ryujin is my bias, bc she is from that BTS Love Yourself Highlight Reel. I hope she does well when they debut.


no, that’s not why people are leaders. usually it’s either the one who is the oldest or is voted in. I assume they’ll reveal the leader in the debut

isn’t ryujin a main dancer? 🤔

In JYP, the trainee with the most training experience is usually the leader. For example, Jihyo of Twice, fifth from the oldest (Nayeon), but trained for a decade, therefore becoming the leader.
But, we should wait for the official announcement about whether or not Chaeryeong will be the leader of ITZY.


Ryujin is going to be absolutely amazing and full of swag i can already tell

Yuna looks like IZ*ONE’s Minjoo to me

Twice members voted Jihyo so Jihyo is leader not for her long training

Jihyo was voted to be the leader by the TWICE members

Their leader is Hwang Yeji. Read this article

Honestly Lia looks like Lia, I did say before that she looked like Jisoo but that was because there was a striking resemblance in their introduction video…
But turns out that from other angles and photos, she doesn’t similar to Jisoo/Irene/Jennie etc. The nose especially.
Same with Yuna. She doesn’t look like Kyulkung. Only in their introduction video she looked similar.

I think it was the makeup style too.

i like Yeji so far i watched junho 2pm introduce her as jyp secret weapon. I love her dance, raps and her vocals. i thought she is the leader. and Yuna is the lead vocalist.


really BP Rosé’s BDAY???


holy, i’m one day older than yuna. she looks like she’s like… three years older than me. phaha

Lia’s vocals got me dead

They’re all so awesome!! I’ll have to pick a bias when I hear them sing.

Yuna looks like Kyulkyung.

I don’t think so… Although she is very skilled in dancing! If you see SIXTEEN, Chaeryeong was very good at dancing, and possibly would’ve improved her skills and Yeji was praised a lot for her dancing. And they couldn’t just let so many people become main dancers. Probably very hard to choose

yeah. On the teaser Dalla Dalla, it’s gonna be released on Feb 11th

I thought it was Yeji? NOT Chae?

it’s not like I would mine, but I think it would be better if iTZY would just stay that way. I mean something like what if BTS had another member? I would NOT want that to happen. You see them… 7 members now 8. It’s weird. Also it may be bad for the group, like how Yeri got in Red Velvet and stuff like that.

Lia or Jisu, whatever you call her by

it’s girl crush. Or at least it’s been spreading that it is girl crush… It doesn’t look that hip-hoppy…. (I am saying the teaser doesn’t look so hip-hoppy btw)

yeah, but just because they are friends, doesn’t mean there won’t be controversy with the fans

shouldn’t they love them? Like I love Ryujin partly because she was in Highlight Reels, mostly because of how talented she is

how are you sure??? They didn’t announce it yet. And JYP does who trained longest. But it might change. You can never be so sure

nope she is born in 2001 since in the reality show, ‘Stray Kids’ Chaeryeong said she was 17 (which was said on Dec 2017) Which means she is 18 now. And fun fact, case you don’t know, Korean is 1 year old when they are born, because they count the days when you are still a fetus. Pretty reasonable.


The position are a bit of.

Yeji – Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper
Lia – Main Vocal
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Chaeryeong – Main Dancer, Lead Vocal
Yuna – Lead Vocal, Visual, Maknae
or Yuna – Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Because Yuna was said to be a bad dancer compared to the other trainees in the JYP showcase 2018. But she is rumoured to be better and vocals than Yeji, which would make her a lead vocal.

A fact about Yuna:
When Yuna preformed in the JYP trainee showcase 2018 many people who attended thought Yuna was eye-catching and had good facial expressions.

There are no confirmed dance positions.
All we know is:

Yeji is the leader.
Lia is the main vocalist.
Ryujin is the main rapper & center
Chaeryeong is the lead vocalist.
Yuna is the visual.
We can infer that Yeji will probably be a lead rapper.

The dance line is likely Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yeji, but that doesn’t mean there is a distinct main dancer. We haven’t seen Chaeryeong dancing recently. I wouldn’t dub her as a main dancer at all because of this. If anything the main dancer will likely be Ryujin or Yeji, since Chaeryeong is listed as a lead vocal, and often main/lead vocals aren’t the main dancer in a dance line because of stability. Yeah there are exceptions like Seulgi but she’s just unreal.

hha yeah i get you, but i didnt know that the big sister already left JYP so it won’t happen.
I’m not sure about Yeri too tbh, she didn’t strike me as an idol, but RV got luckier indeed once she joined in.

Did chaeyeo. Mother birthday the same child a year later like wow anyway they say geminis are like two people so i guess that helps

oh thanks for the answer, i was confused because i saw ryujin on mixnine and her dance is 🔥 but ill search for yeji and chaeryeong dancing videos

It is possible for Chaeryeong to be a Main Dancer too even if she’ll be a lead vocal. I think she already had a proper training. As you can see in Sixteen, she’s pretty stable in singing and can even rap while dancing. She also showcased her talent in STRYKDS. (Plus, even her sister, Chaeyeon is a Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist and a Lead Rapper at the same time.) So I think multiple major positions are possible.

No one said Yeji is the leader. It’s more likely that Chaeryeong is the leader because JYP usually picks leaders by training periods

Namu wiki is about as reliable is Wikipedia

Can you please update the pictures:





This picture is for their debut song ‘dalla dalla’

You mixed up Ryujin and Lia

That’s not true… BlackPink Rose is main vocal and lead dancer, Bigbang Taeyang is main dancer and main vocal, fromis_9 Hayoung is main dancer and main vocal, Seulgi isnt an exception lol

The positions are really off to me.. positions that are 100% sure :

Lia is a Main Vocalist
Chaeryeong is a Lead Vocalist
Yuna is a Visual
Ryujin is a Center and Main Rapper

It will be hard to pick a main dancer because this group has strong dancers ( Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Yeji and we never saw Lia )
They probably improved with time as well ( IZ*ONE Chaeyeon for example improved A LOT since Sixteen ) so it’ll be hard to pick

I dont think Yuna is lead dancer people said she wasn’t that good on that JYP show..
Her vocals are rumored to be better than Yeji though. And Yeji seems to be a vocalist only not lead.

Also about the leader position it’s not whoever trained the most. Twice voted their leader and Jihyo had the most votes, Jeongyeon was second.

My guess for the positions

Lia – Main Vocal

Chaeryeong – Lead Vocalist, Main/Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper

Ryujin – Center, Main Rapper, Main/Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Yeji – Main/Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Yuna – Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Yuna attends multi art school and she was on practical dance. So she Improved. And based on Trainee Showcase. Yuna’s voice is good but not that high.

Lee Chaeryeong is a confirmed leader

apparently lia was never a sm trainee because the name was spelled jeesu back then, not jisu unless that was a real typo; well anyone can tell if this person and lia are the same it would be great

either yeji or chaeryeong is going to be the main dancer, 5 member groups only have one

Where was that confirmed?

I hope our Yeji is the leader. She has a fierce vibe. Plus she’s the oldest.

Jisu and Jeesu (Jisoo as well) are the same thing. In Korean they’re both 지수 🙂

Charyeong was confirmed as the leader 🙂

Not necessarily, in some cases when 2 or more girls are around the same level there could be more than 1 even if the group is small. Kinda like how 9muses have 2 main vocals but they are only 4

That’s only because 9muses lost loads of members, usually after member losses they don’t demote positions, only add positions. Like let’s say the only main dancer leaves the group, they would allocate a new main dancer. But current positions usually go unchanged. I mean CBX has two main vocalists even though there’s only 3 members. Instead the CBX members retained their EXO positions with Xiu getting main positions in rap and dance, and Baek getting lead positions in rap and dance.

Um check the namu profile?

Also Jihyo was voted to be leader in TWICE, could have happened with ITZY too

To be fair, Taeyang isn’t even the best vocalist in bb.
And fromis_9 is a big group.
That BP comparison isn’t relevant either, since we’re talking about main dancers not lead. Lead dancer + main vocal is not that uncommon. But main dancer + lead or main is, specifically in small groups like these.

JYP leaders are always the ones that trained the longest:
Bangchan (Stray Kids) – 7 years
Jihyo (Twice) – 10 years
JB (Got7) – 4 years
Sunye (Former wonder girls member) – who was JYP’s longest serving trainee at the time.
Jay park (Former 2pm member) – 4 Years

so in this case it’s has to be Chaeryeong since she trained for 5 years

JYP leaders are always the ones that trained the longest:
Bangchan (Stray Kids) – 7 years
Jihyo (Twice) – 10 years
JB (Got7) – 4 years
Sunye (Former wonder girls member) – who was JYP’s longest serving trainee at the time.
Jay park (Former 2pm member) – 4 Years

so in this case it’s has to be Chaeryeong since she trained for 5 years

wikipedia and Namu aren’t official sources. there anyone can edit so it’s not reliable…
there can be troll edits…

if you look at Namu they even have a disclaimer in the footer that the info there may be ‘unverified, bias or incorrect’

based on jyp’s system chaeryeong is going to be the leader and it will probably be confirmed on their first vlive

but that’s Wikipedia, it can be edited by anyone and is not a reliable source

Their concept looks like BTS concept photo

No offence but you sound like my proffessor

Lia; main vocal, SM trainee (former), lived in Canada…. Sounds like someone I really love.

Chaeryoung is known to be look a like of IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

because theyre sisters lmfao


Lia is the Main vocal and Visual and she is in the bottom? wow no way i bet when they will start to release stuff she will be way higher

Jinyoung and JB got accepted into JYP on the same day.

Chaeryeong ex sixteen trainess my bias

lol they are CHAE SISTER

only JYP can do this…………………

not all group base on exp.

i see the Profile dont talk so much…………

try to read the propile if you dont bilieve lol

Lia is not the visual. These positions arent accurate Yuna is the only confirmed visual

Jisu only auditioned in SME but never signed a contract because her grandpa was against to it because she was really young that time.

Yeah I only noticed after posting this. Apparently someone edited this later on and put Jeon Somi as the leader😂 but I still think Chaeryeong is most likely the leader

Maybe 9muses weren’t the best example but I still stand by my statement, if 2 or more of the members are around the same level there could be more than one main position even if the group is small

Jihyo was voted leader by the other members.

Ryujin is friends with Dreamcatcher’s JiU(Kim Minji)

Ryujin is friends with ELRIS Belle(Choi Yoon-ah)

Hey! Can you change the photos into these? Thank you!

Their debut song is up


Latest Korean comeback

wow they’re tall..

stray kids can’t relate

Itzy’s debut music video!

They debuted with Dalla Dalla

Their mv came out

OMG! they’r super AMAZING!!!! i didn’t expect that they would be that good! and Yeji is really a “Hidden Weapon”. And Yuna really suprised me! she’s Awesome!!

Ryujin literally had no lines and didnt rap. Yeji got many screentime, lines and rap.
Yuna was unexpected. She got to sing and rap. I think she is the Main Rapper.
Chaeryoung was okay. She did sing and rap too.
Lia was wasted as a Main Vocalist. No high notes and most line in the Chorus. Hopefully Ryujin and Lia can shine in next Comeback. This debut is amazing.

aRe U KiDding? hahaha

This is their debut song

Ryujin appeared a lot and sang a good amount of lines

nice try

i think Yuna is Main Rapper and Ryujin just Vocalist

I’m happy that my bias chaeryoung is the leader cuz I didn’t expect it at all

yuna (my bias) got so many vocal and rap lines which i wasn’t expecting at first, but we stan a multitalented visual and maknae. yeji got a ton of screentime and lines that she deserve. they clearly weren’t lying when they labelled her as a “secret weapon”. wasn’t expecting rapper chaeryong to go off like that after the first chorus. tbh i was a little upset that my 2nd bias ryujin got very little lines and basically no rap lines, despite being the group’s main rapper. at least she got center position and somewhat decent screentime. same goes towards lia. girl didn’t get the justice she deserved as a main vocal.

hopefully in the future ryujin and lia can get to shine as the main rapper and the main vocal that they are. nonetheless ”dalla dalla” was an incredibly strong debut and i wish them nothing but all the love and success for the future.

official debut

I don’t know about rap positions bc this is just one song but

I don’t think Yuna is a lead vocal
I also don’t think Ryujin is a main dancer

I think the main dancer is only Yeji, I don’t know about the lead dancer positions (like Chaeryeong is looking like a good dancer but I only saw her in the center during her rap part). Yuna looks very charismatic when dancing and I think she may also be a lead dancer. Ryujin is a tough one. She looked a little less charismatic in the dances compared to the other members, but maybe it was because of her heels? Hmm.

The rap positions are indecisive. I don’t get why main rapper Ryujin didn’t get Yuna’s rap? Unless Yuna is the main rapper?!

The only positions that are clear to me are the vocal positions. Lia – Main, Lead – Yeji, Chaeryeong.

Ryujin as Main rapper yet get no rap lines🤔 Chaeryeong and Yuna get more rap lines than her 🥴

Ryujin barely got any lines or screentime but she still captures my eye. She’s also literally the shortest of the group omg

Yuna deserves to be the main rapper

agree. Yuna rapped a lot while Ryujin didnt rap.

im so glad lia got many lines (not as much as yeji though) for a main vocalist. and finally life did me justice. i told yall lia is a visual too. im feeling great

Here’s their debut song :

All i can say is Yuna( my bias♡) is definitely not just a Rapper. She is either Main or Lead. My guess based on DALLA DALLA: Visual, Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Maknae, Sub Vocal

Yeji is so multitalented. Like girl can sing, dance and rap. My guess based on DD: Main Dancer, Lead Vocal, Rapper

Chaeryoung did not leave a strong impression to me but I like her voice and her rap was gooood. Not a monotonous standard “Kpop rap” voice. My guess: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocal, Lead Rapper, Leader (She literally leads)

Lia had little lines for a Main Vocal. All I could get was that she had a nice tone and I like her voice. She is also really pretty. Sad that she got no high notes. My guess: Main Vocalist, Visual

People say Ryujin is a centre and apparently its been confirmed by sources. I remember her being really talented in Mixnine. I dont understand why she got no rap and she has few lines. Yeji is kinda like a Centre now. My guess: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Centre(?)

Dalla Dalla was a strong debut song that managed to showcase certain members really strong points. Its not catchy and the flow is messy with the verse, chorus and rap. It takes a few listens but it definitely is a strong debut. ITZY FIGHTING!

Chaeryeong has been a trainee longer than everyone in the group and she’s also been part of the survival show Sixteen. I believe she’s a good enough dancer to be a Main

Yuna is a Lead Rapper but I don’t think she’s a lead Vocalist. Although, yuna got so many lines than chaeryeong but doesn’t mean she’s a lead vocal.

The way it should be & hopefully the way it will be regarding their positions.

• Yeji: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group
• Lia: Main Vocalist
• Ryujin: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center
• Chaeryeong: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub-Rapper
• Yuna: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae


Check my opinion and tell me what you think! I also don’t know is Ryujin is still considered a “main rapper”, but it’s only their debut song so maybe things’ll change.

You’re right, but the way she executes her dance moves aren’t as broad or expressive as Yeji’s. But I’m sure she’s arguably the second dancer in the group, followed by Ryujin.

for me their position is :

Chaeryeong : Leader (she`s train for the longest time at JYP). Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper.
Yeji : Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual.
Lia : Main Vocalist
Ryujin : Main Dancer, Vocalist, Center
Yuna : Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

What I think their positions are:

Leader: Yeji (had the most lines in their debut, like most JYPE leaders do. Also I feel like Chaeryeong would be featured more if she was really the leader)

Main Vocalist: Lia (she sang the chorus and the “high note” in the bridge)
Lead Vocalist: Yeji (she sang the chorus with Lia)

Main Dancer: Yeji (her dance moves were the focus of the teaser and she had the hardest dance moves throughout the song)
Lead Dancer: Ryujin (she was center during the “dance break” of the MV), Chaeryeong (she was known for her dance during “SIXTEEN”; also in a five member group it is likely everyone has a Main / Lead position, for Chaeryeong this is probably dance)

Main Rapper: Yuna (she had the most rap parts)
Lead Rapper: Ryujin (she had the second most rap parts after Yuna)
Rappers: Yeji, Chaeryeong

Visual: Yuna (wore the outfit with the Russian word “Style”, seems to have a lot of screen time, known for visuals pre-debut)

Center: Ryujin (confirmed by JYPE)
Face of the Group: Yeji (went on many shows pre-debut to promote ITZY)
Maknae: Yuna (confirmed by their official birthdays)

Yeji – Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group
Lia – Main Vocalist
Ryujin – Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Center
Chaeryeong: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Yuna: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

these photos have been used as their profile photos before the ones listed now….

Chaeryoung deserve to be Main Dancer :(( she so good at dancing

chaeryoung was in stray kids’ survival show too, right?

she is a rapper tho also main does not always mean the most lines

You write the hole thing in my mind about their position! so thank you! 😀

i personally prefer Ryujins dance

?? How are Yeji’s lines related to her leader position??

why are people saying yuna should be a main rapper? wtf lol, first of all she only rapped once. all her parts aren’t raps, except the part after the first chorus. THAT is a rap, and ryujin got a rap line too. the first two lines (rapped by ryujin and yeji) are raps. also the amount of lines doesn’t determine their positions. skill wise, ryujin is better. even yeji and chaeryeong are better than yuna at rap, she can surely be a lead rapper, but i think we should wait for ‘want it’, their side track focused on rap, to say who’s the main rapper, even though it’s probably ryujin.

what lol, read my latest comment. also, lia did a high note??? in the bridge???? and it’s a hip hop song, i guess she’d shine more in a ballad

I actually think Chaeryeong is the leader cuz in JYP groups, the leader is usually the traine that has trained for the longest. Just as TWICE Jihyo, and GOT7 JB, and I think Stray Kids Bang Chan (leader for 2 reasons) (1: made the line-up for group. 2: trained the longest(I think))

Jeongyeon nearly became Twice’s leader though, and she didn’t train the longest

I wrote a similar comment earlier as a guest, but idk if it went through. Anyways here it is again:
In “Irony”, Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye got the most lines
In “10 Out of 10”, 2PM’s leader Jay Park got the most lines
Miss A doesn’t have leader
In “Girls Girls Girls”, Youngjae got the most lines but it is obvious that JB was the “center”
In “Like Ooh Ahh”, Jihyo got the most lines
In “District 9”, Bang Chan got the most lines

It appears that in JYPE groups, the leader gets the most lines during debut

Chaeryeong is MAIN dancer bro

Chaeryoung is a Main Dancer and Yuna is just a Vocalist

yuna should be lead dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist

Yeji is the sexy and charismatic one of the group.

To me Lia looks like Rothy, or Subin from Victon

Maybe yuna got more rap lines than ryujin bcos yuna fit the concept more… ryujin is a really good rapper and never failed to impress anyone on mixnine. dalla dalla had a girl crush & girly concept and any ryujin fan would know that she fits the more mature concepts better. like stated by others, position is based on skill, not on amount of lines.

Chaeryeong is a Main Dancer tho

I’m pretty sure Chaeryeong is a Main Dancer along with Yeji, I’m not sure it’s hard to predict since Chaeryeong, Yeji and Ryujin are great dancers.

Finally…Super True…

This Yeji chick is hot af and killin it so far. She is my first bias lmao. Btw Yuna kinda resembles Jisoo in a way especially when she’s smiling

which jisoo?

and a bit like sejeong

Kim Jisoo (Blackpink’s visual)

Probrible Positions:

Yeji: main dancer, lead vocalist,
lead rapper

Lia: main vocalist, visual

Ryujin: main rapper, lead dancer,
vocalist, center

Chaeryoung: leader, lead vocalist,
lead dancer, rapper

Yuna: lead dancer, lead rapper,
vocalist, visual, maknae

Just remembered right now actually, but they choose Jihyo thru voting

wow Yuna looks like a mix between WJSN Bona and Pristin Jieqiong, so pretty

Why is Yuna a Lead Vocalist?! She hardly even had vocal parts!

a new girl group huh?? i wish for their upcoming success, but i don’t really like you all.. you’re all beautiful and talented, i just don’t like your group name, itzy sound like itchy and bitchy

i think so too

probable positions:

yeji – leader, main dancer, main rapper, lead vocalist & fotg
lia – main vocalist
ryujin – lead dancer, lead rapper, vocalist & center
chaeryoung – lead vocalist, lead dancer & rapper
yuna – lead rapper, vocalist, visual & maknae

honestly fotg is between yeji, ryujin & chaeryoung


rap is not always by speed. rm is main rapper in bts while suga is lead but suga raps faster. it’s the quality of the rap

i cant really see it

That girl Chaeryeong really looks like Chaeyeon from IZ*ONE. I wonder she’s her sister?

Chaeryoung must be the Main dancer, she’s versatile and flex! Lets await for official post

She IS her sister 😂

Bona and Jieqiong are my bias

Why is Lia visual…? the only visual confirmed is Yuna
Why is Yuna lead vocalist and dancer???? Its clearly not her for both o.o

Lead vocal should be Chaeryeong or Yeji.
Dance line is Yeji Ryujin Chaeryeong

Lia is Yeji’s Clone. A robot based on Yeji’s genes. She doesn’t have much expressions yet. It can be seen in the MV that she is Yeji’s complementary copy.


Wow Ryujin is so cute, she is my bias in ITZY :3

They haven’t confirmed that Chaeryeong is the leader of the group.

So Lia are not the visual?

my own fixed position to them

-Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
(She has a deep and unique voice type that can be suitable in singing and rapping and has an aura of being a leader of the group.)

-Main Vocalist
(I know she is pretty but she was not speculated as visual, its only yuna and lia will focus on being the main vocal of the group.)

-Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Center
(As for my observation, ryujin is the center and leading on the dance break after the bridge part and she is still the main rapper, her rapping style is unique but doesn’t fit the concept.)

-Lead Vocalist, Main/Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper
(Her rapping style is slightly in same level of yeji’s rapping style.)

-Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae
(She has a vibrant and a bit high pitch voice which reminds me of cherry bullet kokoro but maybe she is just a vocalist, same also in her dancing and rapping skill…all I can say that again she has vibrant and energetic vibe which help her talent to burst lolz.

The prettiest member are Yuna

i think the only main dancer is yeji

Lia kinda looks like Johnny from NCT

Chaeryoung is good at rapping than Yuna

In english, the name is pronounced with a z. In korean, it’s actually pronounced similarly to itchy. The name is a combination of the words 있다 and 지, so the group name translates to “you know?”

Is Yuji the leader of Chaeryeong the leader? I AM CONFUSION!

Yuna and Yeji are my favorites omgg

Honestly, I’m questioning everything right now. I mean these girls are hella talented and in my age range (and have worked with Bts & Stray Kids). If JYP play their cards right, they can be just as famous as Twice

Thought to myself “Lia reminds me of BP Jisoo, she even had the same name!”. Turns out I’m not the only one who thought this! She’s already my bias wrecker! Second only to Yeji.

It’s weird that Yuna & I are the same age ‘-‘ But I’m 2 months older than her so

AGREE. They must have not seen her dance from the past survival shows. Let’s wait for Chaeryeong to show us/them what she’ve got 😉

Lia is not a visual
Yuna is the only confirmed visual yall

Why is Lia listed a visual..? Yuna is the only confirmed one

Yeji is not even a center, she is not even a visual, she is not even a main vocal, she is not even a main rapper, but she slay it.

I think Yeji is JYP’s fav member, just like Twice Nayeon

did they lie their height they dont look that tall

don’t be so quick to judge. they just debuted. debuts are usually songs people tend to dislike because the voices are new. but we will get to hear the girls more in the future 🙂

Some companies fake their heights so their profolio looks better.

How did they confirm it?

yeji is the leader. it is confirmed in their debut showcase

The showcase confirmed that Yeji is the leader and Yuna is the only visual

confirmed position for ITZY

yeji ㅡ leader, lead vocal, dance, rap
lia ㅡ main vocal
ryujin ㅡ main rapper, dance, center
chaeryeong ㅡ dance, lead vocal, rap
yuna ㅡ maknae, dance, vocalist, rap, visual

YEJI – Dance + leader
LIA – Vocal
RYUJIN – Rapper
YUNA – Visual dance

I dont think Yuna is a lead Dancer and Vocalist tbh

The strongest dancers are Chaeryeong, Ryujin and Yeji so one of them is a main dancer and the two others are lead for sure
Yuna was on that Stray Kids show and people said she wasn’t that good at dancing
I know she took a dance class but Yeji Chaeryeong and Ryujin are definitely stronger

As for lead vocal its between Chaer and Yeji

Also the ” leader is the oldest trainee ” thing is not true. Twice said they picked their leader with a voting thing.

— itzy official positions !
HWANG YEJI : leader, lead vocal, main dancer, rapper.
CHOI JISU : main vocal.
SHIN RYUJIN : main rapper, lead dancer, center.
LEE CHAERYEONG : lead dancer, lead vocalist, rapper.
SHIN YUNA : maknae, lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual. according this IG account.. Yeji is the leader

wow, i`m little suprise about Yeji being a leader…^^ usually at JYP the longest trainee in the group used to be a leader… not the oldest… ^^

Ryujin is friends with Dreamcatcher’s Jiu and Elris’ ‘Belle.’ her stage name is not belle but bella, and her real name is choi yoonah

confirmed positions
Yeji: dance + leader
Lia: vocal
Ryujin: rapper + center
Chaeryeong: dance
Yuna: visual dance

Yuna dyed her hair Red

confirmed position for #ITZY

yeji ㅡ leader, lead vocal, dance, rap
lia ㅡ main vocal
ryujin ㅡ main rapper, dance, center
chaeryeong ㅡ dance, lead vocal, rap
yuna ㅡ maknae, dance, vocalist, rap, visual

Itzy’s positions just got confirmed
Yeji – Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Lia – Main Vocalist
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Vocalist, Center
Chaeryeong – Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Yuna – Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

Actually it doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been trained.. it matters how you can manage the group, how much smart you are to be a leader, how much responsible, passionate, patient you are and you’re leadership.. also you need to be good listener. This what makes a person leader.. I watched stray kids survival show I’ve seen yeji’s leadership.. so it was obvious for picking her as the leader.. chaeryeong doesn’t have the leader vibe

In Got7’s and Twice’s case, they chose their Leader. JB AND Jinyoung were the longest trainees, and Jeongyeon almost got to be the leader…and sorry for my English, it’s not my first language 😅





confirmed position for #ITZY

yeji ㅡ leader, lead vocal, dance, rap
lia ㅡ main vocal
ryujin ㅡ main rapper, dance, center
chaeryeong ㅡ dance, lead vocal, rap
yuna ㅡ maknae, dance, vocalist, rap, visual



Yeji is the leader. No offense.

here the official positions.


confirmed position for #ITZY

yeji ㅡ leader, lead vocal, dance, rap
lia ㅡ main vocal
ryujin ㅡ main rapper, dance, center
chaeryeong ㅡ dance, lead vocal, rap
yuna ㅡ maknae, dance, vocalist, rap, visual

doesn’t matter. that’s what the official position says lol

it’s not about the name. and their name was romanized because they’re korean, obvs.

Our girl Yeji is leader!! Your mind!!

Many Has Thought That The Strong Chaeryeong Will Be The Leader, But The Profile Says Different.
On the afternoon of Feb 12th, rookie girlgroup ITZY arranged a press conference to share the details about their debut and promote plan in the future.

What worth noticing is that ITZY revealed their official leader is member Hwang Yeji, not Chaeryeong like how netizens had predicted. The reason why many thinks that Chaeryeong will be the leader is because this female idol had been a trainee at JYP for the longest time (about 5 years). And according to the long-time tradition, Chaeryeong is supposed to be the leader.

Below is the official profile of each ITZY’s member. All of their nationalities are Korean:

Yeji–(26/05/2000)–Leader, main dancer, lead vocal, sub rapper
Lia (21/7/2000): Main vocal
Ryujin (17/4/2001): Center, main rapper, sub vocal
Chaeryeong (5/6/2001): Main dancer, sub rapper, sub vocal
Yuna (9/12/2003): Maknae (the youngest), sub vocal, visual

Some photos of ITZY at the press conference:

Srce: K-Buzz

Yeji – Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper.
Lia – Main Vocalist.
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center.
Chaeryeong – Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper.
Yuna – Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae.

Yeji – Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper.
Lia – Main Vocalist.
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center.
Chaeryeong – Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper.
Yuna – Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae.

On their showcase it was stated that Yeji is the leader and Chaeryeong is the only main dancer (source : official position)

yeah you probably right.. but it` just JYP thing long time ago… WG leader and 2AM leader chosen by how long the trainee train at JYP… ^^

but persnally i like Yeji being a leader.. ^^


– Yeji is the official Leader.
– Both Yeji and Chaeryeong are in charge of dance so they are both Main Dancer.

Positions will end-up like:
Yeji: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Lia: Main Vocalist
Ryujin: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center
Chaeryeong: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Yuna: Lead dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

Itzy official position


ITZY’s official positions have been confirmed at the showcase!! ^^ The above source given is in Korean, but basically here is what it entails:

Yeji – Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Lia – Main Vocalist
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Vocalist, Center
Chaeryeong – Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Yuna – Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

Big surprises:
– Ryujin isn’t part of the dance line. She’s the Main Rapper and Center though
– Yeji is the leader, not Chaeryeong
– Yuna isn’t a Main / Lead Rapper like we all thought she was
– Both Yeji and Chaeryeong are Main Dancers, Yuna is the Lead Dancer

Ah so Chaeryeong is the official main dancer indeed 💓
She introduced herself as the one who’s in charge of dance in Itzy.💓

Where did you get that from plz??

Where is this from? I don’t think it’s reliable there’s no lead dancers or rappers

Look here is the link

From here

HolyShit Guys!!! did you see the views?!! they got 13.9 millions in first 24h, and the seconds 24h got 19.9millions!!! nearlly 20millions which is really hard for a kpop group song to do so in the 2nd 24h, evenfor BTS’ Idol and Blackpink’ DDD!! they got 33.8 in 2 days which is really super AMAZING!!

their official profile was published and it says that yeji is the leader pls change it ❤️

what does itzy mean?


Itzy debut showcase
1) yeji ~ leader, lead dance, lead vocal, lead rapper
2) ryujin ~ main rapper, lead dance, vocal center
3) chaeryeong ~ main dance, lead rapper, lead vocal
4) lia ~ main vocal, rapper (rap in want it)
5) yuna ~ lead dance, lead vocal, lead rapper, maknae, visual.

Lia is rapper too ( rap in want it)

Lia rapper to

Lia rapper too ( rap in want it)

Lia rapper too

there was a press conference for ITZY so basically their (official) positions are:

yeji – leader, main dancer, lead vocalist, sub rapper
lia – main vocalist
ryujin – main rapper, lead dancer, sub vocalist
chaeryoung – main dancer, sub rapper, sub vocalist
yuna – sub vocalist, visual, makane

tbh i’m kinda suprised that chaeryoung isn’t a lead vocalist cause i think she can sing pretty good and i saw somewhere someone say that she is even better in singing than her sister (chaeyeon) or it was dancing?? well idk

here is the link that say’s the official position of ITZY

Yeji – Leader
Lia – Main Vocal
Ryujin – Main Rapper
Chaeryong – Main Dancer
Yuna – Visual

Well.. Chaeryoung never said she’s just a Sub-Vocalist. She just said she’s in charge of dancing judging the parts she got she must be a Lead Vocalist along with Yeji


Yeji: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
Lia: Main Vocalist
Ryujin: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Chaeryoung: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Yuna: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

(As what other groups do they didn’t exactly say what their positions are… they only said the position they are most confident in or their main position… like Chaeryoung saying she is in charge of dancing meaning she’s the Main Dancer… Ryujin saying she’s the rapper of the group meaning she’s the Main Rapper but judging the parts they were given this are the positions that they most likely will have)

You made a typo when speaking of Ryujin’s friends. She is friends with Elris’ Bella not Belle

But BTS Idol nearly achivee 50 mil views in a a day and BP DDDD got 50 mil in 2 days

she isn’t.

BTS got fake views. It wasn’t 50M actually. Some Armys are using fucking bots to cheat lmao.

Ikr she’s sooo hot too. I think she’s the leader tho

i’m talking about the second 24hours not the first! DDD got 15.4millions in 2nd 24h and IDOL got 17.8millions! did u understand what i mean??

Stop lying lol
YouTube said +45M which isnt even an accurate number
Stay pressed

Lmao ur the one who seems to be pressed here bruh. I’m just stating facts. Search it up on google. Don’t damage your fandom’s reputation even more. It’s already tarnished enough kiddo. How tragic

Woosh 😂

Ryujin’s birthday is February 12th please change the date and month! ITZY just posted a birthday post for Ryujin!

Yeji was confirmed to be the Leader

The song Want it is full rap, there’s no vocal. But she can be like Wendy(RV), sub-rapper. Yes she did rap in want it, but it donn’t mean she is one of the best rappers. But I don’t know if she will be rapper or not, Let’s wait to see it

It must be spam, because the likes aren’t changing as fast as the views are. I mean ITZY had like 15m and 900k likes, now they’re at 35m views and 1m likes? Something isn’t right and JYP is probably responsible for it

Yeji 😍

yeji auditioned to jyp with like ooh-ahh by twice
source: debut showcase

Yes youtube said +45M , 56M we saw was FAKE!
AND for the LAST TIME i’m talking about “the second 24hours”!!!
and for the one who said that the likes don’t grow fast as the views do, it’s a normal thing for a jyp group! as always TWICE and GOT7 do, they dont get a lot of likes in the first 24h as SMtown and YG and bighit group do, and same for the second day and the third…..!

This is what I think their positions are based on what I’ve seen in their DALLA DALLA music video:

Yeji: leader, main dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper

Lia: main vocalist

Ryujin: main rapper, lead dancer, sub-vocalist, center

Chaeryeong: main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper

Yuna: lead vocalist, rapper, visual, maknae

Yes they said some of the positions in debut showcase but Chae is Maim Dancer since she said she was incharge of Dance

Isn’t Ryujin main dancer? I think she should be the main dancer.

In the debut showcase, Chaeryeong said shes in charge of dancing, therefore shes Main Dancer. Plus shes the member with the most experience especially in dance.

Yeji – Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper.
Lia – Main Vocalist.
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Center.
Chaeryeong – Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper.
Yuna – Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae.


You can’t decide the position like that especially for rookie. He/she should tell their position her/him self or based on their company’s statement

wow. they have two main dancers and no lead dancer


Yeji – Leader, Vocal, Lead Dancer
Lia – Main Vocal
Ryujin – Main Rapper
Chaeryeong – Lead Vocal, Main Dancer
Yuna – Vocal, Visual, Lead Dancer, Maknae

That doesn’t mean she’s the main dancer that just means her position is dance

omg why do y’all have to trash everyone. if this was BTS y’all would say “omg oppa’s you did amazing! legends! icons!” but now that there is a rookie group getting attention y’all saying it’s rigged. i want you to know, a lot of people don’t like youtube videos, including myself so, don’t just jump to conclusions

Yeji her dancing >>>> other members
As a professional dancer I have been scanning their moves and I noticed Yeji is the best dancer out of them all

Their lead dancer is Ryujin

Why is Yuna still a Lead Vocalist?! Is it just me or the one who made this is really Yuna biased??

yeji is main dancer.

For me: I think there position are:

Yeji : Leader, Main dancer, lead vocal, lead rapper

Lia: main vocal

Ryujin: Main rapper, Vocal , lead dancer, center

Chaeryoung: main dancer, lead vocal, lead rapper

Yuna: lead dancer, vocal, visual, rapper

On their TWITTER the girls actually confirmed the official Itzy debut date to be February 12TH by posting happy birthday Itzy selcas on that date even though the debut m/v dropped February 11th so be sure to revise the debut date! <3


Yeji – Leader, Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer, Lead rapper
Lia – Main Vocal
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Lead dancer, vocalist, centre
Chaeryeong – Main Dancer, Lead Vocal, rapper
Yuna – Vocalist, Visual, rapper, Maknae

they’re so young ;; I mean their maknae is just 15 years old! I didn’t even notice when I first saw their teasers cause they look so mature. Idk maybe it’s just me but I think they are waaaaaay too young to debut and for this concept. Not bc they aren’t talented or whatever it’s just omg they’re babies :((

In my opinion Lia looks so much like SNSD’s Hyoyeon👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

You blind, they don’t have an official instagram acount!

fam it’s kprofiles who made the profile, and they’re always impartial. maybe they just left it by mistake, don’t be so rude

Dude calm down, I made a mistake by saying IG when I meant their official Twitter. I edited the comment, my main point was the date, which did get properly edited here. You can check for yourself, each member posted

they do have an official integral account, it’s @official.itzy

CHAERYEONG said that she’s in charge of dance so she must be a main dancer together with YEJI, so yeah. Why do you love labeling her as a lead dancer?☝


YOU blind. She said Twitter and not Instagram seriously.

Don’t focus on their position, focus on the group as a whole!!!!!!

So you did not watch her in Kpop Star, Sixteen and straykids dance, she’s actually the same level of Yeji and Ryujin, tho she and Yeji are the Main Dancers.

Please edit the debut date, because in korean time they debuted febuary 11, 2019 and since they are a korean girl group, you should stick to the korean time k

Chaeryeong and Yeji are the MAIN DANCERS, so kindly please put Main in Chaeryeong too since she officially said it in their showcase that she’s in charge of DANCE and that makes her the Main, so that people or the new fans can know that SHE and YEJI are the MAIN DANCER. thank you.

can u please just change that yuna isn’t a lead dancer alerady it was confirmed that she isn’t a dancer also her skills aren’t as half as good as ryujin’s and chaeryoung’s like they are so good they could beat some main dancers in groups. giving them the same positions is just not right.

also where did u get the fact that yuna is a lead dancer in the first place? like it was just the fans that thought this positon would fit her.

She is better at singing than Chaeyeon her sis, and Chaeyeon is much better at Dancing. So Chaeryeong is the MAIN DANCER and LEAD VOCAL, sub rapper.

but they also labelled her as a lead dancer when she’s obviously not half as good as ryujin and chaeryoung. no offence.

they made her a lead dancer because she confirmed she’s in the dance line. since she’s not as good as yeji, ryujin or chaeryeong, she obviously can’t be a main dancer, so she’s just a lead. get your facts straight, yuna confirmed she’s the visual, dancer and rapper of itzy

Don’t focus on their position, focus on the group as a whole!!!!!!

Don’t focus on their position, focus on the group as a whole!!!!!

I think ryujin and yeji are my bias

you can only like a video once, but watch it multiple times to give it more views. their fans are streaming it a LOT. I myself have liked it (so +1 like) but watched it at least 5 times (so +5 views), see how that works?

She changed the comment!

She changed the comment

definitely mine as well

Are you new to kpop?

It’s like people don’t watch the group’s showcase and stuff lol Happens all the dang time.

Lia is my freaking queen. Brings out my inner gay.

I’m a bit confused. I thought with JYP the leader is always the person with the longest training period. That would be Chaeryeong right?

Not always. Person who is most mature, but that is usually the person who trained the longest.

I know that. This is just my opinion though, I’m not saying that these are the official positions and I know that I’m not correct. This is, like I said, ONLY based on what I saw in the music video. Also I’m just doing this for fun btw, I like guessing positions in Kpop groups.

Yeji is the girl crush, not Ryujin. Ryujin is the boyish one of the group.

Poor Lia … everyone is a Main or Lead Dancer but her

I have the same birthday as Yuna but I’m 2 yrs older than her

No i’m not new i’m pretty sure i’ve been a fan longer than you. They just debuted so lay of the owner of this websites back!! Geez!

i think you should put english name for lia. it’s obviously julia choi

yeah but kprofiles is literally about their positions…

I know but whoever owns this website doesn’t need 1,000 people to repeat the same thing over and over again. I’m pretty sure thing person has a life to obtain.

Hwang Yeji have more time of center.

Chaeryeong looks so much like her sister! And she is also a dance machine.

In their debut showcase, both Yeji and Chaeryeong said that they are in charge of dance in the group. So, they are more likely both the main dancers of the group.

Here are the positions revealed in their debut showcase.

Yeji: Leader, in charge of dance
Lia: Main vocalist
Ryujin: in charge of rap
Chaeryeong: in charge of dance
Yuna: Maknae

I just noticed that leaders of JYP groups are made by their PD-nim as main vocalist, or if not, a supporting main vocalist.

I wonder why they change position thou

instagram is official.itzy

ikr. Not just in dance but also in rap.
YEJI: triple position
RYUJIN: double (main rap lead dance)
CHAERYEONG: triple position
YUNA: double (lead dance lead rap)

Well at least main vocal is a really heavy role and JYP tends to make his main vocals focus on vocal.

Obviously Lia is a lead dancer and a lead rapper too. She’s at the center of the chorus part of DALLA DALLA and she rapped in WANT IT?.

she confirmed she’s only a main vocalist

that account is a fan acc. if you check their following list, they even follow fanpages

that is a fanpage

singing at the center during chorus part doesnt make her a dance line member. she was singing, while dancing during chorus part because she’s main vocal. every groups do this too.
lets take twice’s jihyo as example. she always singing & dancing at the center during chorus part. because thats their dance formation to make main vocal shine the most during chorus part. she was confirmed as leader & main vocal. not as dance line member

Geez I am focusing the group as a whole but to think that Kpop Fans or a newbie fans might search the girls profile and to think that Kprofile is the famous profile site, and put Lead to Chaeryeong when in fact the TWO of them are the main, it might lead to misunderstanding. So yeah.


I don’t think that it’s pitiful at all. I mean being a main vocalist means that you’re the most capable and the most skilled in singing and not only that, she’s a capable dancer as well, being able to be stable while dancing, similar to Jihyo who is TWICE’s main vocalist and not part of the dance line but is praised for her energy and charisma while dancing.

chaeryoung is same position on her big sister Chaeyeon

I think yeji is the leader 🤔

She is

Both Chaeryeong and Yuna appeared in Stray Kids’ survival show ep. 1 (along with yeji and ryujin)

yass geminis

Chaeryeong isnt a Lead Vocalist?

The boyish one tends to be the girl crush too

Prettier version of Hyoyeon tbh

Everyone in GOT7 is a lead dancer (Yugyeom is a main though) except for Youngjae who’s the only one not part of the dance line and only has the Main Vocalist position same with Woojin of Stray Kids and Twice’s Jihyo. It doesn’t make her less better than the rest!

Chaeryeong is a lead vocalist, not sure if Yuna is a lead vocalist.

All of them are rappers, they all rapped in “WANT IT?”

Lia sang the hook alongside dancers Yeji and Ryujin in “DALLA DALLA”, so I really think she is also a Lead Dancer. It would be weird for her to be the only non-dancer in the group, anyways. There’s also a JYPE precedent to all dancers – GOT7

Thanks for diligently updating the profiles these past few days 😀

Itzy Instagram


Yeji- main dancer, lead rapper, lead vocalist
Lia- main vocalist
Ryujin- main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Chaeryeong- main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper
Yuna- lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, Maknae

lia’s english name is julia

right people need to stop sleeping on her visuals and talent.

Chaeryeong’s nick-name is Cherry (Given to her by foreign fans who found her name hard to pronounce, but I’ve also seen it because her personality is refreshing like a handpicked charry but bright like their color)

that acc is a fanstagram its in the bio :))

as far as i’ve seen itzy doesnt have an official insta yet


Lia graduated from Seoul School Of Performing Arts

I like lia. She seems edgy

I agree. All of them is good of dance

same xd yeji chaeryeonggggg <3

last tuesday i checked this site the leader is chaeryeong

no yeji is the leader ..

i love yeji because shes so charasmatic, yuna because she looks so bright and chaeryeong because she is so skilled <3

everyone mistaken chaeryeong as the leader before because she’s the longest trainee. if im not wrong, all leaders in jyp groups are the members who trained the longest (except for jihyo bc twice members voted her as a leader).
in their debut showcase a few days ago, yeji introduced herself as itzy’s leader. so, she’s the official leader of itzy

they dont have official ig acc yet

Yuna is known as WJSN’s Bona lookalike/twin

Chaeryeong should be lead vocal. if she is, she would be the same position as her sister. <33

I feel like yeji is more of a vocalist and dancer than being a rapper because a rap isn’t smooth. Not hating on jyp but i feel like he has forgotten about chaereong’s talents like her dancing, singing and rapping. No wonder he let Chaeyeon get eliminated first in sixteen.

Actually Jihyo also trained the longest in Twice (10 years!!), so she’s continuing the tradition but also Twice members voted her as a leader.

Yuna and Ryunjin so cute so adorable!! <3

Yuna gives off this cheerful charismatic vibe which i really likeeee

Yeji- main dancer, lead rapper, lead vocalist
Lia- main vocalist
Ryujin- main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Chaeryeong- main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper
Yuna- lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, Maknae


Yuna beats Chaeryeon in the votes

On the list of all girl groups, it still says that ITZY is pre-debut. Could you fix this? Thanks!

In the Showcase Yeji said something about the fans being called ITZYzone (idk if it’s official)

She also said that their color was Luminescent color

Finally, KissOnTheLip found the true positions:

Yeji : Leader, lead vocal, sub-rapper, main dancer.
Lia : Main vocal.
Ryujin : Main rapper, Sub Vocal, and centre.
Chaeryeon : sub-rapper, sub-vocal, main dancer.
Yuna : sub vocal, and visual.

you can check it here (from wikipedia) :

Means there is no lead dancer or rapper, i guess!

I have a huge crush on Yeji

Judging by the song I think Chaeryeong is lead vocal! She can definitely sing.

Since they are ITZY, then the fans should be called BITZY

I can also say that Chaeryeong is a lead vocalist.

Yeah her singing was incredible back when she was a teenager like 13 or something. idk what the real roles are though

tbh, wikipedia is not a trusted sources. because everyone can edit it.

lol don’t rely on wikipedia its not a legit source

LOL so we can have official song


yes, i know. i was talking about how the leaders have being picked in jyp groups. i know she’s the longest trainee, but i said she was voted to be the leader, not because her longest training period. thats my point 😊


some of y’all don’t like Lia and it shows

Chaeryeong is a lead vocalist!

isn’t ryujin kinda look like with naeun apink ?
well, maybe that just my feeling

Chaeryoung is Lead Vocalist!!

Sad that yuna didnt get much attention as ryujin… cuz they both were in highlight reel. JYP better make sure yuna and lia shine big >.>

first youngjae, then jihyo, then woojin, now lia (main vocals being low on the bias ranking)

Jihyo is really popular though.

It wasn’t really a rap, just talking with flow to the beat. The only rap we’ve heard is Chaeryeong’s in DALLA DALLA

i also thought that when i first saw her!!

chaeryeong is a lead vocalist

its more like ‘lia wasnt given the same amount of time to shine as other members of the group and therefore less people bias her because she didnt catch their interest and it shows’

well shes third on my fav member but being the last doesnt mean everyone dont like her.. just wait until their variety show so chill

I think Chaeryeong has another younger sister called Chaeeun as IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon mentioned Chaeryeong, Chaemin and Chaeeun in the last episode of Produce 48

Yeji is so freakin’ talented and she’s a triple threat too! I absolutely love her dancing and Chaeryeong’s dancing too! The Lee sisters r ruining me 😭

Wikipedia is about as reliable as a talking carrot it
hanlim Entertainment arts high School on Yuna is Hallym Entertainment arts highschool
since there’s no Cholyung in the band and no Lee Chaesong in the band either only a Chaeryeong a Lee chaeryeong
let’s just wait til they say the positions themselves or JYP says the positions since i think Yuna got to many lines to be a Sub-vocal and got to much rap parts to not be a rapper

Change chaeryeong position to lead vocalist back! Have you seen their mr removed video? Chaeryeong is the most stable one!

And why doesn’t Yeji have a profile there she’s a member
and i don’t think there’s a role in the band called sub-wrapper since it’s a Kpop Group so this is clearly not a reliable Source

She doesn’t need to be a Lead vocalist just because she’s the most stable one


Stability has nothing to do with vocal abilities

Do you mind removing the ‘predebut’ since they already debuted?

She does.

yuna isnt lead rapper and ryujin isnt lead dancer
yuna is just a rapper and vocalist, her main position is visual
and yeji is already the lead dancer
if its like this lia is a rapper too because she rapped in theo song want it


thats why he/she said change it back to lead vocalist instead of main vocalist. there’s no point to have vocal abilities without stability because it means your ability is not that good.

It has everything to do with it lmao huh


lol no it doesn’t, your “stability” while dancing has absolutely nothing to do with the actual vocal technique employed in your singing, and that technique is what decides a group’s vocalists (usually).

No she’s not; she’s the least popular member. It’s just that Twice as a whole are quite known and she’s the leader so people know of her. But most people are not Jihyo biased.

No it doesn’t. Jeongyeon is the most stable in the Mr removed but she’s not the main vocalist. Mr removes just measure stamina and some of them are actually pretty recorded

omg i need to stan them!!!

lmao dw yuna has actually gotten the most attention after they actually debuted, she’s steadily rising above many of the members in terms of popularity. she’s already taken the hearts of most knetz, like legit she’s literally all they talk about bc she’s extremely talented, charming, and pretty at the same time. she’s also gaining an international fan base as well. while ryujin is/was the most popular member, the other members are actually gaining more attention and fans than she is if that’s of any help. 🙂


Dont worry lol
Yuna is n.1 in Korea, Japan and China
Koreans keep talking about her, she has the most fansites, she trends the most, many articles about her..
Internationally she’s big too now. She has the 2nd most viewed fancam after Yeji and she went up a lot in this poll ( she used to be last )

Ryujin used to be n.1 internationally and in Korea
now its Yeji internationally
Yuna for Korea

I told them many times -_-“

There is many wrong words in this articl because it’s translated by google, the original is in hangeul (korean)

just stop you’re making yourself like dumb and ignorant.

just stop

just stop you’re being ignorant

but like whhhhyyyyy is Ryujin not the main dancer

OMG STOP, yeji is Main dancer.

STOP pliss, ryujin is lead dancer and yuna lead rupper. vote for itzy!

Blink pls shut up

Chaeryeong is Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

any other lia stans ?


*Eagerly raises hand*

Lia was supposedly an SM trainee before she came to JYP

IM DISAPPOINTED IN JYP’S CHOICE OF LEADER. I really hoped it would have been Chaeryeon.

lmao yeji is the leader because she has the best leadership skills among itzy, dont be a big baby about it

What if she didn’t even want to be the leader?

Is it me or does Yeji look and remind you of Chungha

Lia for life, Marriage material

Chaeryeong is a lead vocalist.

Chaeryoung is a Lead Vocalist

There’s two main dancer?

Any ryujin stans

Any other ryujin stans?

actually lia is a complete package when in comes to singing and dancing, she sometimes look like 2 members from rv and 2 members from bp, 4 faces mixed 2gether in 1, a very rare beauty messing with my eyes, or should i say blessing in my eyes.



I still can’t believe Yuna is 15


i think ryujin as the leader

These positions are confirmed and Yeji is the official leadee of Itzy.

apparently itzy fans are toxic because of positions we didn’t choose. seems fake but okay.

yuna has the prettiest smile ever omg

I love Yuna but why does she always end up with positions she doesnt have o.o I dont think shes lead dancer.. just Ryujin

It doesnt work like this.
You dont get it. Stability is thanks to stamina. Not vocal technique.
In Blackpink, Rose is the main vocalist but she is the LEAST stable. It’s because she has the best vocal abilities.

i think she is lead rapper cause the songs released clearly show off her rapping ability

that’s rude. stop the negativity!!

she’s just a vocalist!

yeji introduced herself as itzy’s leader in their debut showcase


no problem! sorry if that seem harsh

Cause Chaeryeong and Yeji are the main dancers


excuse me yuna is older than me with 18 days and i am shook
what did i do in my life rip

They are all main visuals/dancer/rapper/vocalist tbh

Yeji is just a rappper
Ryujin is not a lead dancer
Yuna is justa rapper and she’s not a lead dancer

Yeji as lead rapper and ryujin lead dancer, You have to know itzys before talking.

Yeji has been showing good leadership skills ever since they were trainees. Have you watched their Straykids survival show? She is FIT to be the leader and the oldest in the group. 🙂 I can only agree to Chaeryeong as the Main Dancer.

nobody wants your opinion tbh 🙁 support them as a whole tf??

edi palitan mo nalang si Yeji. adik kaba.

omfg yuna is my age but she looks 100x better than me

Chaeryong and ryujin are the same age as me but i look like trash compared to them 😂😂

Shin Yuna was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Her Nickname is “Syushin”.
Fans say she looks like Bona Cosmic Girl‘s (WJSN).

Yeji is legit the full package, I love her.

Itzy debuted so please changed yheir description that “ITZY is jyp’s new girl group”

why do I feel like their heights are exaggerated a little…

same, she’s exactly a day and a year older than me

Wow, and you’r the one who know them well! wow! wow!


why is everyone saying ryujin shouldn’t be a lead dancer? that literally makes no sense, if anything she should’ve been a main dancer.

yall acting as if ryujins specialty isn’t dancing shut up

i can’t believe their heights..

such a shame

but have you seen ryujins pre debut dancing??

Yeji’s birthday is 10 days after mine, 4 years ahead. And we’re rhe same height. Yuna was really close to being born in 2004….

did jyp announce thier OFFICIAL positions?

Ikr. What r we doing wrong

I thought the same. I mean its not unusual but for Asian females that young but its kinda rare for them to ALL be that tall unless jyp picked tall girls. I mean chaeryeong is 5’4 but the others seem kinda exaggerated.

I love that there’s an English speaker.

it was their actual height tho.. they were tall except for ryujin..

You guys notice that groups that are more dance heavy have taller members? For example, GFriend are amazing dancers and all the members are so tall. And Itzy is obviously dance heavy and litterally all of them are like 5’6″ with the exception of Ryujin was 5’4″ (which is still pretty tall for Korean standards). It’s just something that I noticed.

why is yeji suddenly written as the leader, everytime I checked it was chaeryeong

Yuna is so pretty omg
👑 yeji 👑 lia 👑 ryujin 👑 chaeryeong 👑 yuna 👑

Yeji so pretty 💖 I love ITZY ( yeji, lia, yuna, ryujin, chaeryeong)

Yuna is sooo beautiful 😍🤤
She’s my bias. My bias wreckers are Yeji & Ryujin


idc if it is not normal for a five membered group to have 3 main dancers – Ryujin is far too good to only be considered a lead dancer


I’m older by months and I’m just a potato

Really?! Well it’s nice that they’re actually tall instead of it being over exaggerated.

That’s interesting, I actually never noticed that.

Ryujin height is 165cm

Jeongyeon isn’t the most stable and tbh I wish people would stop saying that. Jeongyeon doesn’t have the best technique and strains when doing high notes. She’s a good vocalist and I love her but she is given lines that are in her range and that’s why she seems most stable

Lia looks like Hyoyeon

lia is so prettyy

everyone suspected chaeryoung to be the leader since she has been in the company for so long
yeji is the leader cause she first introduced herself as itzy’s leader at their debut showcase which is on vlive

Im getting old 😭😭😭 all of em r younger than me


watch their dance practice

they introduced their positions themselves

what’s the big deal tf





yeji is missing

I thought their position was..

Yeji – Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist,
Rapper, Center.
Lia – Main Vocalist
Ryujin – Main Rapper, Main Dancer,
Chaeryoung – Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper
Yuna – Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Chaeryeong is a lead vocalist.

i think Lia is Main Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper

everyone mistaken chaeryeong as the leader since most of jyp groups’ leaders are the longest trainees. but yeji is actually the official leader. she introduced herself as itzy’s leader in their debut showcase

why others say Yuna is the little girl in GOT7’s just right mv? lol

Ryujin is considered tall in Korea.

Lol where did you get these info??


Lol is this based on you opinions? Will you please shut up? You’re one hella toxic. You keep on pointing out the wrong positions. Just shut up and leave if you don’t like it. It’ll stay as it is event though you nag about it.

Ryujin deserves to be in center i think so!!!! and Yuna obiously is visual or Lia as well

Maybe Ryujin is not the main dancer ’cause there are already two main dancers.

same tho :)))

I thought the same too

It is said that Itzy‘s fandom name is Itzu

Can Yuna be more perfect than she already is?? 🤩🤤

Yuna, spit on me with your visual pls

Group Name = ITZY
Fandom = BITZY
Antis = Spider

yuna and i are the same age! we even have the same birthday. so cool.

chaeryeong and yuna appeared on stray kids as well.

Fans: itzu
Antis: bitchy

frontview irene jisoo sideview seulgi jennie = lia

ugh yeji and lia just snatched my wig without my consent

ship names i found on wattpad XD

Yeji + Lia = Yelia/Liaji
Yeji + Ryujin = Ryuji/Yejin
Yeji + Chaeryeong = Yechae/Chaeji
Yeji + Yuna = Yena

Lia + Ryujin = Ryulia/Liaryu
Lia + Chaeryeong = ChaeLia
Lia + Yuna = YuLia/Liana

Ryujin + Chaeryeong = RyuChae/ChaeRyu
Ryujin + Yuna = 2Shin

Chaeryeong + Yuna = Chaena/YuChae

and you thought wrong

Is Lia really 168cm tall? She looks shorter than Ryujin

Lol are u saying Chaeryeong is not worthy as a Dancer? Well Chaeryeong confirmed she’s in charge of ITZY dance and if u watch the dance practice her dancing is far beyond tthe best

Yuna used to wear braces, you can see that in the video of the female trainees on Stray Kids

Correct me if I’m wrong but I read an article that Lia just graduted from SOPA?

Chaeryeong is Lead Vocalist

Lia looks like Jennie

yeji lia & yuna be like yelia yulia liaji liana yuji yena

Chaeryeong is a lead Vocalist. JYP confirm it. And Yeji is the center.


Profile introduction should be changed from “ITZY is going to be JYP’s new girl group” to “ITZY is JYP’s new girl group” since they’ve already debuted.

Hahahaha. Clever!

yes she is

no, Ryujin is the shortest

Yuna is the prettiest 😻

Yuna looks like Jisoo when she’s smiling & Lia kinda looks like Jennie. Yeji is also very charismatic. I kinda see CL in her because of her aura. My bias is the maknae 💖

yuna eye smile like jurina san.

Ryujin and Chaeryeong very stable, Yeji and Yuna were great too and Lia will improve! ♡♡♡

When reality suddenly hits you and makes you realize you’re old already…

… Mein Gott! They’re younger! LOL xD

Yuna is so pretty😍 She is at the same age as my younger brother. Feel old ㅋㅋㅋ

Itzy debuted in February 10,2019 not 12*

yep that’s what I saw in the YT MV also ;)!

ladies and gentlemen, we got him

Thanks! The facts for Lia should be changed. It makes its sound like she tranferred from SOPA to an International school. 😛

The MV was released at 12AM Feb 11 KST (which appears on YT as Feb 10 since of different timezones) but that was not their official debut. Feb 12 is their official debut date as that was when they first performed for the public.

Lia is also visual

Lia is beautiful and she is lookalike of Irene and Jisoo, Jisoo is visual BP and Irene is Redvelvet so i think lia is visual

who is now the leader i know its chaeryeong

Yeji official leader, confirm showcase vlive.

According to JYP, ITZY’s official debut date is February 12,2019

What is their concept? Girl crush or something else?

Lia is not SME trainee. It’s confirm by her in her askfrm she passed the audition but she was young that time that’s why her parents dont like her to be a trainee.

No it’s only Yuna

Chaeryeong’s position is wrong. She has way more singing lines than rap lines in Dalla Dalla, so she should be listed as Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, and Rapper

What concept do they have?

Chaeryeong is a lead vocalist.

Wow you are a very weird Dude.

they’ve confirmed their blood types

Yeji – A
Yuna – AB
Lia – A
Chaeryoung – B
Ryujin – B

yeji blood type is A and Lia is AB! credit to their first VLIVE:

they confirmed their roommates too
Chaeryeong is by herself
Yeji and Ryujin are roommates
Yuna and Lia are roommates

Yeji & Yuna blood type is A
Ryujin & chaeryeong blood type is B
Lia blood type is AB
they confirmed it on their V Live

Yeji and Yuna’s blood type is A
Ryujin and Chaeryoung’s blood type is B
Lia’s blood type is AB

(info from ITZY 1st VLIVE)

GOT7 debut song Girls Girls Girls Jackson don’t rap, he mostly sing.

Ryujin and Yeji share a room
Yuna and Lia share a room
Chaeryoung has her own room (she was really happy that she almost cried)

actually lia is AB and Yuna is A

The members said that Lia is actually the shortest member but they didn’t mention her height

Are you german too? I mean you just wrote “Mein Gott” xD

yeji is the official leader. she introduced herself as itzy’s leader during their debut showcase

yeji and ryujin are roommates.
lia and yuna are roommates.
chaeryeong has the single room by herself.

teen crush

lia is shortest than ryujin so why does it say she’s 5’6″ whilst ryujin is 5’4″

Hhhhhh same! i didn’t get it too.

I want to know lol cuz the pictures seems to tell me a different answer

To anyone that says chae is ugly and not attractive the hell is wrong with you to be i find her looks to be unique and charming the hell i love looks out most of the members she should have been the visual.

Yuna is quite hot…FBI open up!

i feel like chaeryeong can speak english really well

Yeji so pretty 💖

We know the height order now. It’s Yuna>Yeji>Chaeryeong>Ryujin>Lia.

Yuna is such a cutie

I agree however she’s only 15 lmao

Yeji so pretty, love all member !! ITZY 💕

yeji gonna take over the universe

Yeji and Yuna’s blood type is A (from the vlive) , correct me if I’m wrong

Lia’s is AB, Ryujin and Chaeryeong’s is B

Also Chaeryeong has the room to herself

Lia’s height is 5’4″ and Ryujin’s height is 5’5″

Yuna’s height is 5’9″

It’s confusing though because most of the debut song that I know is the same with the date that the mv was released. I’m not hating on them though.

Isnt she going to turn 18 this year since shes born in 2001?

Ryujin is taller than LiA

queen yeji taking over

Yes Lia is beautiful but Yuna is the visual. She deserves the position

Yeji on top

Is anyone else older than Yuna and think he/she is really old and never reached anything or is it just me?

Well, I heard a rumour beetween Yuna and skz’s Hyunjin (I thought he had crush on Chaer as I watch in skz’s survival show) And also I heard that Yeji and skz’s Felix are pretty close during the trainee days. Can someone explained to me about these?I would like to know:)

Yeji is daughter of Woozi and Hoshi (SVT)


I think Ryunjin is not the center but Yeji
In the center distribution she has more than Ryunjin

I think the reason why Yeji got more center distribution is because she is the leader

chaeryeong used to wear braces
source: kpop star 3

Ryujin is the center

Yeji is close friends too with Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi.

Fans say that Yuna looks like WJSN Bona

I think her sister Chaeyeon was the one with braces not Chaeryeong

where did she confirm that, do you have a link or something that supports your claim?

From JYPnation official Weibo account:

ITZY’s Members’ Chinese Name

1. Yeji
Korean: 예지
Traditional Chinese: 禮志
Simplified Chinese: 礼志

2. Lia
Korean: 리아 
Chinese: Lia(Capital letter L)

3. Ryujin
Korean: 류진 
Traditional Chinese: 留眞
Simplified Chinese: 留真

4. Chaeryeong
Korean: 채령
Traditional Chinese: 彩領
Simplified Chinese: 彩领

5. Yuna
Korean: 유나 
Traditional Chinese: 有娜
Simplified Chinese: 有娜

being a center doesn’t mean they have a lot of center times. For example, Seulgi from Red Velvet is center but at the same time, Irene is the center. Its all based of their line distribution and era.

sorry for bad english aff.


I like Chaeryeong most. She has an angelic face. Ang she’s cute!

I’m older than Yuna kk

Yeji’s hometown is Jeonju!

Yeji’s close to Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi too. They trained together.

Same here

Yeji Stan

Is Tuna really 172cm?

Lol. It’s Yuna

chaeyeon had braces not chaeryeong


I think she’s calling her a nickname.

wow, thanks for the effort!

what? of course not! how does being the leader earn you more center distribution time? yeji was center a lot because she is fit for that part of the song.

Yeji close to Wanna one Lee Daehwi

I’m older than all of them but I’m just a human garbage 😂

woahh… yeji

I think it’s a typo since t and y are next to each other on the qwerty keyboard

Lis’s height is incorrect here.She is actually 168 cm.

Yuna’s outfit is always simple. Put it there since its a fact.

>Hwang Yeji!!!

not true
the girls said that Lia is the shortest member. Ryujin has 165cm and Lia is shorter, so she can’t be 168 cm
initially fans thought she is 168 cm that’s why many profiles still list her as 168 cm but that is wrong (according to ITZY themselves)



Her visual gives it justice anyway. She can literally wear a garbage bag and still look stunning

my current ult group.

Aye Yuna has the same Birthday as me but i’m older than her by 2 years

Why always Yeji? 😒

i started stanning them today!!

true that!

because she’s perfect 😋

I’m in love with Ryujin <3

In this group is not only Yeji.😑

lol Why so rude to yeji ?

child don’t be jealous.

i’m sorry but, are you jealous? Because she is so talented and you probably don’t have any talent 😝


They’re sill marked as pre-debut on the girl group list but hey debuted in Febuary

Argh why am I 1 day older than Yuna .__.
Dammit why couldn’t be one day younger

Omg, what do you mean jealous. Hahah

how did this out of context anti comment get approved?

I can’t pick a bias.. they’re all so perfect

Yuna broke their 4th trophy win in “SBS Inkigayo Encore Stage” because she has a little bit of clumsiness

Chaeryeong was Lee Seung Gi’s fan just until 2011 because she mostly admired Kim Soo Hyun after the drama “Moon Embracing the Sun” have been released

is it lee chaer young or lee chae ryoung ?

I knew it yuna was taller because have you seen her live and compare to yeji and i knew she was a bit taller

“chocolate-holic” isn’t chaeryeong’s nickname, it was a title given to her on Sixteen, all the girls had them. (ie chaeyeon’s was “fashion-holic”).
also, wasn’t she confirmed to be the leader pretty early on? could i get a source on it being yeji?
lia was considering going to the usa or uk for college but she ended up going to jyp instead (after she left SM) (source: pannnative)
ryujin’s role model is lee hyori (source: jazmine media)

is not important thing i guest,,,,,

that was a rumor, these positions are by jyp aka they’re official

lee chae ryeong

YES! in this group Lia Ryujin Chaeryeong and Yuna are also perfect not just Yeji, antis can choke now ;’D

i am 1 month older than yuna

So what

It’s ok, I’m 7 years older than Yuna T_T

Lee Chaeryeong looks like Twice Sana. 🙂


i just call her chae why ryujin “ryu”

Yeji’s Favourite Colour is Black (Itzy? Itzy! Ep 8)

Because she ain’t prettier than Yuna

I am also born in Dec 9 !! But she’s a year younger than I am !! But she looks much older then me lol :0

I’m 5 months younger than Yuna :vvv

they are really young I must say
2003? well i can imagine them becoming big in the future, they are already popular

chae ryoung OR chae ryeong

Yuna is clearly the prettiest so y’all should better stop complaining about their positions

Don’t ever disrespect Sana like that

if you don’t like chaeryeong, please get out, thanks

nobody say that yeji is the only

she has more because she is main dancer


It seems fairly obvious that the Itzy fandom should be called the “Bitsies”, but the fandom could be further divided between “Itzy-Bitsies” for females and “Itzy-spiders” (as in “the itzy-bitsie spider” song) for males.

Yeji does the best “bitch face”, as any queen bee should.

chaeryeong get’s scared easily

structure of the face and head yes, look alike no.

no one disrespected Sana you mong, also if you think chaeryeong is unattractive that’s you it’s your opinion i can respect that, but don’t throw a lowkey insult be mature.

rather be called rumored “itzu” sounds like “it’s you”, leave bitzy to antis cuz they’re always bitching about itzy success, you know kinda like once>thrice blinks>blonks 🙂

tbh I thought Yuna was foreigner at first cuz those eyes man <3

Yo, why are you putting down a member by her looks? They are all gorgeous.

I never said Ryujin was ugly. She’s hella pretty, but what I said is just facts. Yuna is the visual for a reason

I neither like her nor hate her but Sana is on another level. That’s like an insult on her part tbh. Stay pressed lmao as if Chaeryeong knows about your existence 🤣🤣🤣

Yuna kind of looks like Jine (Oh My Girl)

I didn’t say Chaeryeong is unattractive. Don’t twist my words, moron. I’m just saying that Sana is on another level and being compared to a rookie is like an insult on her part. Stay pressed, loser👎🤣

Lia has nervous habit

Sis i said “A VISUAL” meaning she should be a visual too because damn, she SERVES. A group can have more than 1 visual

Sis thats literally your opinion 💀 i didnt bring down any member and simply asked how Ryujin aint “A VISUAL”, not “THE visual” 💀

Yuna is gorgeous.

Unpopular Opinion: Ryujin deserves to be a visual aswell. Her visuals are what pulled me into stanning this group and Im pretty sure that goes for a lot of people

sis as if Sana knows about yours. stfu. Just because someone said “she looks like her” etc doesnt degrade anyone.

I didn’t say Sana knows me personally lmao. I’m just a casual Twice and Itzy stan not an avid fan. But any Twice member shouldn’t be compared in any form (whether visually or performace wise) to a rookie group. They’ve already proven themselves whereas the latter has still more years to prove themselves. Itzy just debuted duh. Both of them are impressive so no need for comparison or whatsoever. It’s still an insult to Sana nonetheless. Y’all are just pressed and overreacting.

Nah. Just accept and respect JYP’s decision. Most groups have 1 official visual. You can have more than 1 visual if there are a lot of members (e.g. EXO, iz*one) There’s no point in complaining lmao

@AnimuWoman Stop replying to my comments lmao.

All of them is visual.

I thought at 1st yeji is the maknae and yuna is the oldest

Yeji looks like hoshi ㅋㅋㅋ

chaeryeong was never confirm as a leader. it just fans’ guessing since she was the longest trainee. you should watch their debut showcase. yeji introduced herself as itzy’s leader.
what i know, lia is not a former sm trainee. she just passed the audition, but never being a sm trainee bc her father/grandfather didnt allowed her to train under sm.

I think itzy fandom name is itzyble😇

I love Lia so much!!!!

Yuna looks like dahyun from twice when smiling

Yuna’s smile is terrifying.

Yeji is the most confident in urban dance and her favorite character is ryan from kakao friends. she also said that when she heard the name ‘itzy’ she was very confused, but now she thinks its unique ♡(source : star tmi

Yeji’s favorite color is black and she has a dog named hongsam. (Source : ITZY? ITZY! episode 8

among the trainees Yeji was called “popular skilled dancer”. She was kind of the heartthrob when it came to dancing. She went to alot of competitions and recieved many awards (source :

Yeji from Jeonju, South Korea
Lia from Incheon, South Korea
Ryujin from Seoul, South Korea
Chaeryeong from Yongin, South Korea

a visual is determined on the korean ideal type, and as this is only a legit five member group, having two visuals would be weird and is uncommon. yuna is the visual genuinely bc she’s the ideal korean type, ryujin may be beautiful as well, but by korean standards yuna is the “it-girl” lol. the most popular member in korea right now period, is yuna, she’s gained a lot of attention from her “glamorous”, lol their words not mine, visuals. she’s constantly being written about, and is currently one of the most, if not the most, popular member(s) within the group. in fact to add she’s second in terms of girl group INDIVIDUAL RANKING, after just debuting and is only second to jennie. she won first place, over all actresses and female idols to add, in a college as someone they would want to give sweets on white day aka something like Valentine’s Day bc her visuals and charm. she’s becoming a korea it-girl and has gotten a lot of attention for i-fans as well. she’s the epitome of the korean ideal type which is where a “visual” is derived from. if ryujin were to be considered a visual, then lia would have to be as well. and two why do mf titles matter so much, it doesn’t mean ryujin is ugly if she ain’t the visual, but the group is small and wouldn’t make sense to have legit multiple.

Ryujin Is do beautyful, why Is She not visual??

What about Yuna?

I didn’t find about Yuna

Yeji & Ryujin ❤️

She’s from Suwon, South Korea

So the most popular member is Yuna currently? Maknae, as always… No shade to Yuna, she’s gorgeous and talented. i just can’t understand why maknaes/maknae line are more popular. No shade to Yuna, again!

Ryujin’s role model is Lee Hyori (Fin.K.L)

Ryujin has 2 Kitties “Byullie & Dallie”


Chaeryeong’s hometown is Yongin, south-korea since on the IZ*ONE profile it says that Chaeyeon’s hometown is Yongin

Caeryeong is from Yongin, South-Korea

terrifyingly cute and beautiful, unlike antis the “bitzy” also known as bitchy ugly ass attitude.:D #RealColdHardTruth

yeji has the most votes you dolt. (not being rude)… tf r u blabbin’ bout? (again not being rude)

Ryujin has 2 Kitties “Byullie & Dallie”


and i also dont understand why maknae is even a position in a girl/boy group? what does maknae do in a group?

youngest lol….

But on the poll as you can see it’s Yeji and Ryujin is second so why are you saying that Yuna is the most popular?
And when it comes to fancams it’s Yeji and Yuna.

The each have their own Instagram accounts
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]_91
[email protected]
[email protected]

I think the most popular member is yeji, yeji popular both international and korea, in korea yuna and yeji, but in international I think its yeji and ryujin.

Theye are just fan accounts, I was looking up all of them. They don’t have their own Instagram accounts nor a group account

Ryujin’s idol is Lee Hyo Ri

Chaeryeong is reportedly the only SIXTEEN contestant who hasn’t left the agency after she failed to make the final lineup in TWICE.

Chaeryeong wondered about the group name and thought it was a foreign name and after she found out its meaning, she said ‘it was clever.’

hwang ye ji
i love you so much <3

I see everywhere that Yeji was eliminated on the 5th episode of The Fan but I just watched the show and she was actually eliminated on the 3rd round which was during the 6th/7th episode with the final results being at the beginning of the 8th episode.

Basically her results during the show were :
1st round (Individual performance) [Episodes 1 to 3, Yeji’s performance was aired on episode 2] : she needed to get 200 votes in order to pass but she got only 197. However, she was only at risk of elimination and ended up getting to the 2nd round (I think it was thanks to online votes but I’m not totally sure).
2nd round (1vs1vs1 Battle : Performance team) [Episodes 4 and 5, Yeji’s performance was on episode 5] : She got the lowest score out of the three contestants in the battle so she was at risk of elimination but because she got 6th place out of 12 in the overall rank she passed to the 3rd round (The other 2 contestants in her battle got very high scores, so she got last place out of 3 even though her score was good too).
3rd round (1vs1 Battle) [Episode 6 and 7, Yeji performed on episode 7] : she lost her battle and was at risk of elimination. She didn’t get to be in the Top 3 in online votes out of the 5 people at risk of elimination so she got eliminated. The results of the online voting were announced on the 8th episode.

So the information about her getting eliminated on the 5th episode should be changed to the 8th or at least 7th (it’s kinda confusing since she lost her battle in the 7th but the online votes results were announced in the 8th).

Yes she is pretty but she doesn’t fit with the korean standard. (I think)

Ryujin was born on the same day as Mamamoo’s Wheein

Ryujin has 2 Kitties Byullie & Dallie

when the official positions were given ChaeRyeong was introduced as a sub vocalist, not Lead Vocalist

but ChaeRyeong has a great voice and talent

Actually, they are kitties ^^

Apparently, Ryujin’s favorite movie is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.
Source: ITZY?ITZY! EP12

Chaeryeong’s hometown is Yongin, South Korea.
And, she also is a friend of Stray Kids’ Changbin same-like her sister, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon.

omf usually yeji looks like shes towering over the others but apparently yuna is the tallest??? i am kunfusion

Fans have also compared Yuna’s looks to WJSN Bona

On google Yuna is born in 2002 not 2003

All of them appeared in stray kids except for Lia.

yeji Face of the Group

They do have a group account.

Where did you see that they have a group account? I didn’t saw anything until now, and JYP himself isn’t following any group account. I really wish they would have a group account

Ryujin is also main dancer

Are you new to kpop? I think you probably are (?)

Where were the official positions given?

That’s a fan account, it’s not official

Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@primasetyaaramadhan:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@disqus_EY4FMFDxGI:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

@yejinssi:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

Tbh Ryujin is too good of a dancer to be just a lead. I wouldn’t mind itzy having 3 main dancers since Yeji, Chaeryeong, and Ryujin are all amazing dancers

Depends on shoes, who’s standing closest to the camera and is anyone bending

No she’s not don’t start.

Ryujin somtimes look like Twice Tzuyu

Ryujin could be the lead dancer because Yeji and Chaeryoung are better dancers, which is why both of them are the main dancers. Ryujin being a lead dancer is not that much of a big deal actually, because she is a good dancer.

No problem 👍

Isnt Lia height suppose to be 168?

Not really reportedly when it’s true

I thought Chaeryeong was the leader?

I don’t want to sound any kind of rude, but there stands clearly that it’s a fan account

Everyone thought that because usually the ones who trained for the longest are leaders, in Got7’s und Twice’s case the leaders were chosed by the members. Yeji is the official leader, which was also confirmed on their debut show case, also Yeji is the leader because she has the best leadership out of all the itzy members, just watch stray kids ep. 1

I’ll check later. But, they do have a group account. It was verified by Instagram. Who knows? I could just be a crackhead and be imagining things.

Yes. My Queen.

Again I was looking if jyp himself would be following an itzy group account, but he’s not. Also jypentertainment account isn’t following an itzy group account 🙁

Yeji official leader, confirm showcase vlive.

According to fact in star Chaeryeong is a sub rapper and Yuna is just a lead dancer and a vocalist (no rap)

they share a birthdate but they weren’t born on the same day

I don’t know from where you got their heights but that’s what I found on 나무위키
Yeji: 168cm
Lia: 162cm
Ryujin: 163cm
Chaeryeong: 166cm
Yuna: 170cm

– She was born in Songdo, Incheon, Yeonsu, South Korea.
– She has a younger brother.
– She attended Shinsong Middle School.
– She attended NLCS (North London Collegiate School), Jeju.
– She attended/attending School of Performing Arts Seoul.

– She was born in Seocheon-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– Her sister Chaemin was born in 2004.
– She attended Daeseon Elementary School then transferred to Seocheon Middle School.
– She attended Seocheon Middle School.
– She attended Seocheon High Schoo.
– She’s attending Hanlim Multi Art School.


I’m not sure who did the positions, but Yeji’s and Chaeryeong’s are wrong. Here are the correct positions:

Yeji: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Chaeryeong: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Chaeryeong said she’s in charge of dance in ITZY, meaning that she is the main dancer. Yeji did not call herself in charge of dance, making her a lead dancer. Also, in terms of talent, Chaeryeong’s talent is hard to compare to anyone else’s. Chaeryeong is Lead Vocalist because she has a lot of singing lines in Dalla Dalla, and she has a very sweet and clear voice.

OH, Yes, they said
Yeji – Leader of ITZY
Lia – In Charge of Vocal
Ryujin – In charge of Rap
Chaeryeong -In charge of Dance
Yuna – Youngest of ITZY

but, yeji and chaeryeong are both in charge of dancing. Can Yeji say, i’m yeji, im the leader of itzy, maind ancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper of itzy? Can Chaeryeong say, Im chaeryeong im main dancer lead rapper, lead vocalist. lol NO. that was their introduction only and JYP gives an equal treatment to his artists.


Lmao dont be trigered chaeryeong stand, yeji is main dance for sure even she said in eps stray kids that she is charge in dance.

Lmao dont be trigered, yeji is main dance for sure even she said in eps stray kids that she is charge of dance.

The current positions were announced by JYP through Fact Instar and their debut showcase, so they’re correct. Chaeryeong is just a Vocalist and Yeji is the Main Dancer 🙂

Yeji 170

Itzy has now an official ig account, it’s!
Here’s the link to the account:

If Yeji is the lead dancer, idk what dancing means

Ryujin <3

That’s true, Chaeryeong is the only eliminated Sixteen contestant that didn’t left JYP. Jiwon is in Fromis 9 under Off The Record, Chaeyeon is under WM and currently in Izone, Jeon Somi is now under The Black Label as solo artist, Natty is currently trainee in Stone Music with Sian, Eunyoung, Haein, etc.. As for Minyoung and Eunsuh, we don’t have any news about them as of this point.


Itzy has an official Instagram account

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Yeji and chaeryeong are main danver


Actually, I believe they’ve decided to name their fandom ” Bitzy “. Kind of like to match the song ” Itsy Bitsy Spider “.



happy birthday ryujin…🎂🎉🎉 deilchukahae🎂🎂🎉

Happy birthday baby ❤️

Ryujin is shortest member of Itzy and Yuna is the tallest member… ^^

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