THE T-BIRD Members Profile

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THE T-BIRD Members Profile
The T-Bird (티버드) is a five-member project boy group under OD Entertainment. They debuted on March 14, 2019 with the single “Rock Star”.

THE T-BIRD Official Fandom Name:
THE T-BIRD Official Fan Colors:

THE T-BIRD Official Accounts:
Instagram: @ondent_thetbird
Twitter: @ondent_thetbird
YouTube: The T-Bird – 티버드
Facebook: @oficalodent
Official Website: OD Entertainment

THE T-BIRD Members Profile:

Stage Name: Younghan (영한)
Birth Name: Kim Young Han (김영한)

Younghan Facts:


Stage Name: Donguk (동욱)
Birth Name: Lee Dong Uk (이동욱)
Birthday: November 13, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Donguk Facts:


Stage Name: Taeoh (태오)
Birth Name: Kim Tae Oh (김태오)

Taeoh Facts:


Stage Name: Seokjune (석준)
Birth Name: Lee Seok Jun (이석준)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: December 30, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Seokjune Facts:


Stage Name: Nara (나라)
Birth Name: Bae Na Ra (배나라)

Nara Facts:

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Latest Korean comeback:

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Write please any facts about them if you know~~

I couldn’t find anything about them
so help me please…

* Official Instagram :
* Official Twitter:
* Official Facebook :
* Official Youtube:

FB; the company
(they do covers on their YT eg Fiance-Mino and Universe-EXO etc)
can wait to see more of them! 🙂

Thank You!

Thank You~

Here is Seokjune’s pic!

Fun facts: they’re such an disrespectful attention whore during Mamamoo wins today on Music Bank.

idk how correct this is but Younghan has done a lot of Musicals in the past. I translated this roughly form his profile on OD’s official company page

EDIT: It seems like he has acted before in two movies.
(Link: )

EDIT 2: They have all done at least one Musical. Some also acted in movies and Donguk has own an awatd ( I think he starred somewhere and then that thing he starred in won an award, not him solo)

Younghan’s ig:
Donguk’s ig:
Taeoh’s ig:
Nara’s ig:

woah! calm down there. so unneeded to call them ‘whore’.
they’re just rookies give them a break, they’ll learn from their mistakes.

Just know this grup today after theyre ruined mamamoo’s winning celebration on mubank.

They’re just rookies? So being a rookie means that you don’t know the word respect? Oh come on.

eew disrespectful hoes


Give them a fucking break! At least they apologized on Twitter

Give them a fucking break! At least they apologized on Twitter. You’re the one that’s being disrespectful by calling them attention whore

My babies😍💪🏽💪🏽

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