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TXT Members Profile 2019: TXT Facts, TXT Ideal Type

TXT (투모로우바이투게더)
is a 5-member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. The group consists of: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai. TXT stands for Tomorrow X Together. They debuted on March 4th, 2019 with their first mini album ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’. There are no set positions within the group, it changes each comeback/song.

TXT Fandom Name:
TXT Official Colors:

TXT Official Sites:
Instagram: @txt_bighit
Twitter (official): TXT_bighit
Twitter (personal): @TXT_members
Twitter (Japan): @TXT_bighit_jp
Official Fan Community: TXT
Official Website: txt.ibighit.com
Facebook: TXT

TXT Member Profile:

Stage Name: Soobin (수빈)
Birth Name: Choi Soo Bin (최수빈)
Possible Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: December 5th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Height: 185 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Spotify Playlist: TXT: SOOBIN

Soobin Facts:
– Soobin is from Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– Soobin was the 2nd member to be revealed on January 13th, 2019.
– His representative animal is a Praying Mantis (Questioning Flim).
– His representative flower is a Anemone (Questioning Flower).
– At the end of his Questioning Film, the morse code translates to “Tomorrow”.
– Family: Dad, mom, 2 older brothers, and an older sister.
– Hobbies: Reading and listening to music.
– Soobin cried after they debuted (TXT Epsiode 160319).
– His nickname is ‘Cucumber’ because he is tall.
– He is also called ‘sloth’.
– Soobin has dimples.
– Soobin’s nicknames from Kmedia are: ‘Shy Flower Boy/Flower Boy’, ‘Pure and Clear visual’, ‘Flower-Shaped Sunshine’, ‘Flower Prince’.
– Soobin likes mint chocolate chip ice cream (Fanmeeting 030619).
– Soobin’s cheeks and neck are very stretchy (Debut Showcase: TMI).
– Soobin was shaking and feeling nervous when TXT was filming their debut MV (Community Site).
– Soobin likes snow but hates the rain (Community Site).
– Soobin likes fizzy drinks (Community Site).
– Soobin can endure anything but dieting, he loves bread (Community Site).
– Soobin isn’t a picky eater, but he can’t take spicy food well as he sweats and pants when he does (Community Site).
– Soobin is as tall as the holds on the train.
– Soobin winks whenever one of his members and his eyes meet (Debut Showcase).
– Soobin’s Introdution Film shooting site was the same as “My Strange Hero”.
– When Soobin sleeps, his face gets easily swollen and pudgy, he’d like the fans to know that he came from a cute sleep when they look over him when they see his face swollen like that (Community Site).
– He has a dog named Sean.
– Soobin is shy to people he first meets (Community Site).
– He really likes bread and BTS’ Jin.
– He is the tallest known idol/trainee under BigHit.
– Fans say he looks like ASTRO’s Sanha and BTOB‘s Minhyuk.
– Soobin says one of the rules in the dorm was that if the whole dorm is a mess, all 5 members must clean it (Debut Showcase).
– He can’t live without almond milk and has said he’d be happy to receive it for his birthday any time.
– He is the “spelling police” as he’s always correcting his friends spelling errors.
– He never makes any spelling mistakes.
– Soobin’s posture is quite unique when he sleeps according to the members (V-LIVE).
– Soobin loves tteokbokki (rice cakes) (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Soobin doesn’t eat fish cakes (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Soobin reads a lot of life-helping books (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– According to Yeonjun,  soobin is very trusting, cute and has fair skin (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjung thinks Soobin’s charming point is his cheeks (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun says Soobin is very powerful when dancing (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun says Soobin is in charge of power in the group (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Soobin loves dogs (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun and Soobin will eat anything (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Hs shoe size is 275mm.
– Soobin says everyone in the dorm shares one room.
– His favorite fruit is mangostine.
Soobin’s audition story: I had arrived at the audition place but I was so nervous that the microphone was trembling. I was trembling while singing too. The lyrics were all wrong & I was thinking “ahh what should I do?”. With an upset heart, on my way home I had bought 5 ice creams and had eaten them all. After that, I felt happier as I ate something sweet (Debut Showcase).
– A long time back, Soobin used to dance with 14U‘s Gyeongtae.
– His favorite animal is raccoon (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– Soobin says he’s a mixture of wolf and rabbit (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin remembers all the fan letters (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin sees himself as a rabbit (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite colors are sky blue and yellow (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin’s favorite movie is Avengers: Infinity War (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin wanted to hear the words in the future “congratulations on your Rookie Award” (Fansign 150319).
– A fan said that Soobin wanted to be called ‘Binnie Oppa’ (Fansign 150319).
– His sister is 10 years older than him and his brother is 6 years older than him (Fansign 150319).
– At his home, his family calls him ‘turtle’ (Fansign 150319).
– Soobin has Taehyun named as “The Most Handsome Member Taehyun”, but Taehyun wrote it (After School Club).
– Soobin and Yeonjun have the bottom bunks (After School Club).
– Soobin likes plain bread, bread with jam or cream inside, simple cream puffs and pies (After School Club).
– Soobin and Kai sleep the latest (After School Club).
– He likes all kinds of chocolate ice cream (TXT, ㅋㅋ DANCE ( KK DANCE)).
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Stage Name: Yeonjun (연준)
Birth Name: Choi Yeon Jun (최연준)
English Name: Daniel Choi
Possible Position: Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: September 13th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac: Hare/Rabbit
Height: 181.5 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Spotify Playlist: TXT: YEONJUN

Yeonjun Facts:
– Yeonjun is from Bundang-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– Yeonjun was the 1st member to be revealed on January 10th, 2019.
– His representative animal is a pupae (Questioning Film).
– His representative flower is a Tulip (Questioning Film).
– At the end of his Question Fim, the morse code translates to “Promise”.
– Yeonjun is from Bundang-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– Family: Dad, mom.
– His uniqueness is his monolids (Debut showcase).
– Hobbies: Dancing, skating, eating (Debut showcase).
– Yeonjun cried after they debuted too (TXT Episode 160319).
– His introduction video surpassed 1 million views within the first 24 hours.
– He trended worldwide within the first 10 minutes of him being revealed.
– He did a commercial for a ramen brand.
– Yeojun ranked 1st on dance, rap and vocals when he was a trainee.
– Yeonjun speaks English.
– Yeonjun’s friends call him ‘Yeonjun-ah”.
– His favorite fruits are apples and bananas.
– His favorite charactes is Doraemon.
– Yeonjun is the fake maknae.
– Yeonjun said that the fans are TXT’s energizer, endorphin and vitamin (Community Site).
– Yeonjun created the TXT hand logo/gesture (Soompi).
– Yeonjun said he has been a trainee for 5 years.
– Yeonjun started dieting because he feels that his cheeks have gotten chubbier. He mentioned he used to eat the other members food too but he will control himself (Community Site).
– Yeonjun regretted not doing the “bang bang” more in the teaser so he did it on Twitter instead (Community Site).
– Yeonjun was a backup dancer for BTS’ V’s ‘Singularity’ live stages and MV.
– He also appeared on San E and Rainia’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’ back in MMA 2014.
– He is the oldest member in the group.
– Yeonjun once ate kimbap, spicy rice cakes, cold noodles, and pork with rice all by himself (Community Site).
– Yeonjun cried while reading a poem (Debut Celebration Show: TMI Profile)
– He has an ear piercing.
– Yeonjun said one of the rules of the dorm was tidying up their clothes (Debut Showcase).
– He has a billboard article written about him.
– Yeonjun’s upper body is out of the bed and his lower body is still in bed every morning he wakes up (V-LIVE).
– He is a former CUBE Entertainment trainee.
– According to Withbill Dance Studio (Yeonjun’s former dance school), Yeonjun also passed the first auditions to WH Entertainment.
– Yeonjun says the groups favorite BTS songs are ‘Spring Day’, ‘Run’, and ‘Butterfly’ (V-LIVE 03.10.19).
– His favorite animals are Welsh Corgi dogs and panda’s (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– Soobin thinks Yeonjun is the cutest member (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun is a fashionista (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjung is good at games (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun is broad-shouldered (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Beomgyu says Yeonjun is beautful when he smiles (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun and Soobin will eat anything (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun went to elementary school in America (TALK X TODAY Ep.2.).
– Yeonjun can S-board (TALK X TODAY Ep.2.).
– Yeonjun has a nickname along with Beomgyu from the members. Yeonjun’s is “Yeonttomeok” (meaning he continues to eat again) (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Yeonjun likes J Cole (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Yeonjun loves the movie ‘The Intern’ (Fansign 150319).
– Yeonjun lived in the U.S for 2 years since he was 9 years old (Fansign 150319).
– Yeonjun plays Overwatch an his character s Reaper (Fansign 150319).
– Yeonjun likes soju, beer and a mixture of both (Fansign 150319).
– He sees himself as a puppy (Fansign 150319).
– He likes welsh corgi dogs (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite colors are purple (Fansign  150319) and blue (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– He likes Chopper from One Piece (Fansign 150319).
– He likes the best and unique clothes (Fansign 150319).
– His alcohol tolerance is 2 to 2 1/2 bottles (Fansign 150319).
– Yeonjun has Taehyun named as “TXT’s Taehyun” in his phone (After School Club).
– Yeonjun and Soobin have the bottom bunks (After School Club).
– One of his favorite songs is ‘Eternal Sunshine’ (After School Club).
– The first thing Yeonjun bought at a convience store is Ramen (TXT, ㅋㅋ DANCE ( KK DANCE)).
Yeonjun’s Ideal Type: He says his ideal type is the fans lol (Fansign 150319).
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Stage Name: Beomgyu (범규)
Birth Name: Choi Beom Gyu (최범규)
Possible Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Center, Visual
Birthday: March 13th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinse Zodiac: Snake
Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean
Spotify Playlist: TXT: BEOMGYU

Beomgyu Facts:
– He is from Daegu, South Korea.
– Beomgyu was the 5th and last member to be revealed on January 20th, 2019.
– His representative animal is a butterfly (Questioning Film).
– His representative flower is Poppy (Questoning Film).
– At the end of his Questioning Film, the morse code translates to “Hope”.
– Family: Dad, mom, 2 older brothers.
– Hobbies: Playing guitar (Debut showcase).
– His nicknames are ‘Bamgyu’ and ‘Cookie’ (Debut showcase).
– Beomgyu has the Daegu Satoori accent (Debut showcase).
– He can play the guitar (Debut showcase).
– He hates the texture of octopuses and gets grossed out and showed this when they played the guess what’s in the box game (Debut Showcase).
– Kai confirmed that Beomgyu is the center and a visual at a fansign.
– Beomgyu calls himself a Tiger because ‘Beom’ means ‘Tiger’.
– Beomgyu’s nickname is ‘BAMgyu. He uses the chestnut emoji which in Korean is called ‘Bamnamu’.
– According to the students at Hanlim, Beomgyu and Taehyun never revealed the fact they were debuting soon and found out through TXT’s teaser.
– Beomgyu said his heart beats really fast whenever he runs into a BTS member at the company.
– He is shy and quiet to people at first but when he warms up, he can’t stop talking (Debut showcase).
– He is an ARMY (BTS fan).
– Beomgyu has dimples.
– His favorite season is spring (Fansign 140319).
– Beomgyu likes steamed chestnuts over roasted ones (Fansign 140319).
– Beomgyu would like to go to Cebu, Phillipines if he ever had an overseas holiday with his members (Fansign 140319).
– The current song Beomgyu has been listening to a lot nowadays is ‘Beautiful’ by Bazzi.
– He is a student and Hanlim Multi-Arts School.
– Beomgyu revealed he doesn’t sleep much these days due to overthinking and tiredness but the fans give him courage and strength.
– Beomgyu mentioned that Huening Kai and himself are practicing songwriting (Community Site).
– He has been a trainee for BigHit for 3 years.
– He can play the electric guitar.
– His favorite fruit is strawberries.
– He had a parrot, it is unknown if he still has it.
– Beomgyu recently found a new hobby of taking pictures with polaroids (Community Site).
– A classmate of Beomgyu said that it’s quiet in class if he is absent because he is the mood maker of the class.
– He is the mood maker of the group.
– According to one of Beomgyu’s friends, Beomgyu is energetic till the point that the whole school tried to be friends with him. He’s also very charming.
– Beomgyu fell asleep when he dyed his hair for TXT’s debut (Community Site).
– Beomgyu said one of the rules in the dorm is tidying up their shoes.
– He is good at English.
– Beomgyu talks in his sleep to the members.
– Beomgyu is friends with Euiwoong and Hyugseob from Produce 101 and they both go to Hanlim.
– He went to the same English academy/private institute that BTS’ Yoongi attended.
– He is very good at school and had the best marks among his classmates.
– His favorite fruit is mango.
– His favorite animals are bears and parrots (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– Yeonjun says Beomgyu’s charming point is his profile and his sharp jawline (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun says Beomgyu has beautiful eyes (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Beomgyu has a nickname along with Yeonjun from the members. Beomgyu’s is “Beomttomeok” (meaning he continues to eat again) (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Beomgyu likes garlic bread (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Beomgyu’s favorite colors are pink and white (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– Beomgyu and Yeonjun likes clothes (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– He has a lot of pink clothes (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Beomgyu has his own studio (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Beomgyu’s first time abroad was in Manila, Philippines when he was around 10 (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– He always burns a candle in his studio (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– He learned guitar from YouTube (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Beomgyu used to stay up all night writing songs for his members (TALK X TODAY Ep.3).
– Beomgyu and Taehyun are in the same school year even though Beomgyu is a year older. The reason for this is because Beomgyu started school late due to debut preperations (TALK X TODAY Ep.4).
– Beomgyu is good at claw games (TALK X TODAY Ep.4).
– Beomgyu wants to hear words like “Thank you for debuting” (Fansign 150319).
– He wants to be calld ‘Kkyu’ by noona’s because it shows cuteness and it sounds similar to the second syllable of his name (Gyu) (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite movie is ‘August Rush’ (Fansign 150319).
– He likes all colors (Fansisn 150319).
– He doesn’t eat tomatoes (Fansign 150319).
– Beomgyu also sees himself as a puppy (Fansign 150319).
– When asked if could take one member to outer space who would he take, he responded “If all my members can’t go, then I won’t go” (Fansign 150319).
– Beomgyu has Taehyun named as “BigHit’s Lovable Member” on his phone (After School Club).
– Beomgyu, Taehyun and Kai have the top bunks (After School Club).
– Beomgyu and Taehyun are the early birds (After School Club).
– Soobin thinks Beomgyu has the most aegyo (TXT, ㅋㅋ DANCE ( KK DANCE)).
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Stage Name: Taehyun (태현)
Birth Name: Kang Tae Hyun (강태현)
Possible Position: Vocalist
Birthday: February 5th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Spotify Playlist: TXT: TAEHYUN

Taehyun Facts:
– Taehyun is from Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– Taehyun was the 4th member to be revealed on January 17th, 2019.
– His representative animal is a caique parrot (Questioning film)
– His representative flower is a Daffodil (Questioning Film).
– At the end of his Questioning Film, the morse code translates to “Clue”.
– Tehyun is from Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– Family: Dad, mom, older sister, older brother.
– Hobbies: Swimming and football (Debut showcase).
– He is a student at Hanlim Arts School.
– Taehyun revealed he use to act confident before [meaning he’s weak but he pretends to be strong] to an extent until his personality had changed (Community Site).
– Taehyun likes sweet things including Caramel Frappuccino (Community Site).
– Taehyun is someone who focuses on the present more than worrying about the future (Community Site).
– PD-Nim helped Taehyun with his expression by telling him that he should think of himself as a handsome guy (Community Site).
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream (Fanmeeting 030619).
– He is left-handed.
– Taehyun sleeps with his eyes open and they don’t close all the way. Soobin even said that when Taehyun goes to sleep you have to check to see if he’s really sleeping once in a while (V-LIVE).
– Taehyun has a really angled nose (60°) (Debut showcase).
– He is mature and passionate (Debut showcase).
– He speaks English.
– Taehyun said one of the rules in the dorm is come out of the shower within 3 songs (Debut Showcase).
– Taehyun used to do educational videos teaching kids how to speak english when he was a little kid.
– He has a sister who also speaks English.
– He likes photography.
– According to Korean netizens, he was in one or more local advertisements.
– According to Yeonjun, Taehyun is passionate (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Yeonjun says Taehyun is in charge of passion and fashion in the group (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Taehyun can’t eat spicy food (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Taehyun is very strong (TALK X TODAY Ep.4).
– Taehyun likes the smell of nature (TALK X TODAY Ep.5)
– He is planning on posting a cover video soon (Fansign 150319).
– He sees himself as a cat (Fansign 150319).
– He has been a trainee for 3 years (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite movie is ‘Inception’ (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite color is yellow (Fansign 150319).
– Taehyun often sings in karaoke ‘The Snowman’ by Jung Seunghwan (Fansign 150319).
– His kindergarten class was ‘Sun’ (Fansign 150319).
– Taehyun likes caramel flavored popcorn. (140419)
– Taehyun has the members saved as “The Cutest BigHit Member”, “BigHit’s Handsome Member”, “BigHit’s Precous Member”, etc (After School Club).
– Taehyun, Beomgyu and Kai have the top bunks (After School Club).
– Taehyun and Beomgyu are the early birds (After School Club).
– The first think he orders at a cheap snack restauraunt is peach flavored juice (TXT, ㅋㅋ DANCE ( KK DANCE)).
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Huening Kai

Stage Name: Huening Kai (휴닝카이)
Birth Name: Kai Kamal Huening
Korean Name: Jung Kai (정카이)
Possible Position: Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Birthday: August 14th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Height: 181.5 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean-American
Spotify Playlist: TXT HUENING KAI

Huening Kai Facts:
– He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
– Kai was the 3rd member to be revealed on January 15th, 2019.
– His representative animal is a leopard gecko (Questioning Film).
– His representative flower is an Icelandic Poppy (Questioning Film).
– At the end of his Questioning Film, the morse code translates to “Secret”.
– Family: Dad, mom, older sister (Lea), younger sister.
– His nicknames are ‘Hyuka’ and ‘NingNing’.
– Kai is nicknamed the ‘diamond maknae’.
– Hobbies: Playing instruments.
– His favorite fruit is pineapple.
– He describes himself as random and cool (Debut showcase).
– He is very stiff (tense) (Debut showcase).
– Kai’s father was born in Brazil and raised in the US. He has a family in Korea and lived in China for 12 years (Community Site).
– His father is also a musician and released an album in 2007 which you can find on Spotify, it’s called ‘Virtues In Us’ in both English and Chinese.
– His parents are divorced and his father re-married in 2016 to someone named Anne Caroline.
– He can play the piano and was interested in music since a young age and wanted to inspire people from it (Debut showcase).
– He is half Korean (mother) and half German (father).
– He is also Polish and Scottish from his father’s side.
– He likes mint chocolate chip icea cream (Fanmeeting 030619).
– He can play drums, guitar, piano and the flute.
– He can speak in Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, and English
– When Huening Kai and Taehyun listened to their title track, he felt similar to what the fans felt [when they released their tracklist].
– Kai says there is nothing for him to really look after when it comes to rules so he lives pleasantly (lol).
– He studied at Yongmun Middle School and Lila Art Highschool
– He is the first foreigner to debut under BigHit.
– His favorite foods are seafood and pizza (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– Kai’s favorite global artist is Bruno Mars (V-LIVE).
– His older sister is a former member of K-Pop group VIVA who’s stage name was Ria.
– Beomgyu says that Kai looks like a cartoon character when he sleeps (V-LIVE 03.10.19).
– Kai has long legs and arms (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– According to Yeonjun, Kai is the cutest member (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Kai loves bread (TALK X TODAY Ep.1).
– Kai had never S-boarded before until TALK X TODAY (TALK X TODAY Ep.2.).
– Kai likes penguins and otters (TALK X TODAY Ep.5).
– He sees himself as a unicorn (Fansign 150319).
– He is a scaredy cat but watches horror movies (Fansign 150319).
– He was in South Korea for kindergarten for a short time (Fansign 150319)
– His favorite movie is ‘Begin Again’ (Fansign 150319).
– His favorite colors are green (Fansign 150319) and black (Spotify K-Pop Quiz).
– He really likes seafood (Fansign 150319).
– Kai has Taehyun named as “The Most Handsome Taehyun”, but Taehyung wrote it (After School Club).
– Kai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu have the top bunks (After School Club).
– Kai and Soobin in sleep the latest (After School Club).
– Yeonjun thinks he has the most aegyo (TXT, ㅋㅋ DANCE ( KK DANCE)).
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•He’s the oldest in TXT
•He Has a ear piercing
•He has a billboard article written about him

Soobin & Gyeongtae (14U) used to dance with each other (loong time back)

I have the first one in the facts already, but thank you for the rest! 🙂

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Taehyun used to do educational videos teaching kids how to speak english when he was a little kid.

Can you edit Beomgyu’s first fact, please? It says “Yeonjun was the 5th member to be revealed on January 20th, 2019″

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Unofficial Birthdays
Choi Beomgyu: March 13, 2001
Huening Kai: August 24, 2002

Unofficial Height and Weight
Choi Soobin: 184cm, 65kg*
Choi Yeonjun: 178cm*, 60kg*
Choi Beomgyu: 178cm*, —-
Kang Taehyun: 179cm*, —-
Huening Kai: —-, —-

Unofficial Blood Types
Soobin: O
Yeonjun: O

Soobin’s zodiac sign is capricorn

I agree people will get the wrong idea

Taehyun likes photography

SooBin look like minhyuk from btob

Look James Charles is in this group

Soobin is my bias for now. His teaser really got me emotionally and the backtrack to his teaser was simply amazing.

yeah it sounds… bad

Soobin & gyeongtae used to dance each other ? Are they back dancer or friend or? It’s nice to know this ><

facts abt HUENING KAI
• He can speak in Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, and English
• He’s only ️16 years old and he was born on August 24, 2002
• He has a German-Korean Blood and he’s a Brazilian
• He’s the ️Maknae, Visual and the Main Vocal of the group
• He studied at Yongmun Middle School ~> Lila Art Highschool

Heads up; at the beginning you say ‘TXT Stands for Tomorrow X Together’ , you used a needless capital for the letter “S” =)

I’m feeling like I can relate to Huening Kai the most💜

Apparently, he (huening kai) was born on August, 14 2002 which makes him a leo

His middle name is supposed to be kamal

He also has a little sister who was born in 2004

there are only gonna be 5 members?

no, bighit ent. just hasn’t revealed the other members yet.

oh. i was just confused cause the first statement said “Txt is a 5 member boygroup under bighit”.

wait i thought there’s 5 of them????

Hey in Soobin’s info the part about him and grammar, I’d take out the Nazi thing because that is 1 not something that need to be affiliated with his name. And 2 offensive to those with either a Jewish background or someone who’s against it. Basically that just wasn’t a good word choice.

KAI was born on August 14th, 2002 and NOT on August 24th, 2002. His father stated it himself in his social media. And he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

His full name is Kai Kamal Huening.

Thank you! 🙂

Thank you so much for the info!

BigHit said there would be 5, idk why people are speculating their to be
more…I mean if there does end up being more members, that’s great,
but I’m going by what BigHit said

Thank you for the info!

My bad, didn’t even notice I did that lol

Thank you for the info! Is he Brazilina because his dad is? Cause he wasn’t born in Brazil, he was born in Hawaii.

Thank you for the info!!

Thank you! I will put these for now and I will add in the true heights, birthdays etc later 🙂

It may seem bad, but it’s ACTUALLY what people who correct spelling a lot are called. Grammar Natzi, Spelling Natzi…but if you want me to change it, I will.

That’s what the actual term is though. Someone who corrects someone’s spelling is called a Spelling Natzi…I didn’t put it on purpose, it’s just an actual term.

Guys, Stan TXT For their Hardwork, not because it is a group of Bighit. They haven’t even debuted you guys already started staning them… I also like them , but I don’t stan them yet. If you stan them before debut, then what is the fault of other kpop groups that are not popular?? Please Stan them but for their hardwork.

I understand that you weren’t doing it on purpose and that might be the actual term. I’m only saying that there will be people who will look at that word and only associate it with the history of it, not its original meaning. There are other ways to state that without having to use that term.

I’m only saying this because I know I’m not the only in the comments that saw it that way. So I’m sure there will be more.

Well it’s been fixed, so no one will be commenting about it anymore 🙂

2002?? with most other groups i’m like “damn my bias is too old for me”
and now I feel so old.
but these boys are gorgeous honestly. waiting for their music which hopefully comes out soon. will most likely be a stan but let’s see…

Taehyun was popular in school

They’re all great and all visuals to me. Surprisingly, Soobin has then same birthday as me just different year..😀

i feel like beomgyu is a visual though

they look like a cute concept boy group which makes me hurl but im feeling the amount of rapper whoop!

Beomgyu and Taehyun more visual looking imo

I think Soobin’s birthday is December 5

OMG Soobin looks like Santa

Everywhere I’ve read it was January 14th 🙂


I think Kai is Korean-Brazilian? I say, he was just born in Hawaii, but his father is Brazilian (descendant of Germans) and his mother is korean

How do you know

Are the first three members brothers? Choi? I can’t wait to listen to their music ❤️

Isn’t Huening Kai half Brazilian and half Chinese???

I saw this on Twitter bout their birthdays 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ae19a1173c8bbd0e13d28a6d234ed383fc73a9f4499f2c34ff0090a75faba2cc.jpg

Me and kai birthday with a same date , month and year 💜💜💜
I am born in 14 August , 2002 as same as kai 😂😂😂😂😂

Huening Kai is Korean-Brazilian and not American, he was only born in Hawaii, but his family is not American

There’s 2,340,582 people in Korea with the surname Choi

Santa or Sanha????

Beomgyu looks more like a visual than Huenning Kai (Kai is handsome too)


wait did u really count it ?

Is the positions the confirmed positions?

I’m deeaddd

I swear it was said that Soobin is a vocalist? Actually tbh, none of the positions except leader have been confirmed…

A friend of mine was born on the same day and year as Huening Kai, I think xD

You can look these things up on Wikipedia. Over ten million people have the surname Kim.

Really, where?

Nope. Half Korean and Half Brazilian with some German too

I think they mean Sanha lol

Oof that’s exciting! He must being revealed tomorrow then. I will add him if he is revealed.

I cannot wait, I’m so excited 🙂

Bighit confirmed it

Am I the only one who thinks Huening looks like Wang Jyunhao?

dammmm i did not expect all of them to be younger than me except Yeonjun…OMG

Did BigHit confirm that Hueningkai is the visual? cuz i think Taehyun and Beomgyu are more like “Koreans ideal type/fits Korean standards”

ofc no lol

I don’t think Kai is visual even tho he is handsome knets reacted worst to his visuals

I must’ve heard wrong then


it must be vocalist since they have 3 rappers (if the positions here are real)

If he was born in America, that makes him American.

where tho

idk a kfan posted all their birthdays that they got from the members’ friends. idk where january 14 came from but we’ll see

I believe he was raised in China for a little bit, but they might be just rumors.

I heard somewhere that they confirmed is was a 6 members, but I’m not sure if I got it from a reliable source.

Some said Bighit confirmed on twitter but they deleted the tweet and some people saw before they deleted it

the korean fans ( which were the first people who revealed the list of the member’s names ) stated that Kai was visual and main vocal. But Big Hit hasn’t confirmed anything themselves yet

Hey probably a dumb question but could the 3 Chois be related? Don’t attack me but they have very similar appearances and the same family name.

knets reacted the worst because he is mixed not because he has the worst visuals!! but his features are arguably the best imo. the other guys even tho they’re handsome look like every other kpop idol out there, whereas Kai looks unique and his face looks like a british high fashion model. maybe that’s why big hit put him as the visual.

Brazil is part of south america, which of course is one of the two subcontinents of the whole america, so he IS american, so even with the other reply, he IS american. And does possess citizenship to the USA.

but Kai’s features are more refined and unique ( looks like a doll ). so maybe that’s why big hit put him as the visual

Guys chill, just because Kai isn’t your typical korean face doesn’t mean he can’t be the visual. Everyone in TXT are visuals and that’s a known FACT!! but… even tho they are all handsome the other 4 guys look just like any other typical handsome kpop idol out there, whereas HueningKai’s face is unique and delicate like a porcelain doll, as I’ve said before he legit has the face of a British high fashion model ( something we don’t see in kpop very often ). so because his face is very unique and pretty in a sense maybe that’s why Big Hit chose him as the visual of the group, because he stands out from the rest.

he is still korean. I agree though*.

I thought that too- I miss him

also if you go on the page https://txt.ibighit.com/#
the timer is currently 11 hours. Surely they wouldn’t release a teaser so soon :’)

Positions arent confirmed lol this is a guess

No, he’s half Brazilian and half Korean, he was just born in the United States, and well, I think you know, when it comes to one’s nationality, that he’s American, that means he’s from the United States, following his logic he should be American-Asian lol

Rosé was born in New Zealand, and is still Korean, the same thing with Day6’s Jae, he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but he is still a Korean. Kai is the son of a Brazilian (with German descent) and a Korean, where exactly is the American part of him? and besides, if you count the nationality as Korean (for having a Korean mother) why not the Brazilian part of the father?

Technically he’s not korean, german, and brazilian. Just saying he’s korean is disregarding his german and brazilian descent.

But his mother is Korean, therefore making him Korean as well. You’d be disregarding him too by not acknowledging the fact that he’s also Korean. But I do get what you mean, trust me.

It’s possible. But it’s also possible that they just have the same last name (as Choi is a popular last name in Korea) and that it’s simply a coincidence that they look similar. It happens lol

umm… where did they “confirm” that? i didn’t see anything about it when looking for it

They’re not related, they just have the same last name 🙂

Thats why it says “Possible Position” 🙂

No, only 2, that’s why I have it as Possible Position. Soobin has been confirmed leader and Kai is obviously the maknae.

Taehyun is a Pisces.

No he’s not. He’s an Aries. My brother is born April 4th and is an Aries. March 21st – April 19th is Aries 🙂

Before anyone attacks me, I based their heights off of the group photo…I’ll replace the heights when the real ones are revealed…these are more of the ideal heights…Soobin is definitely 6’0″ and Yeonjun seems pretty close to his height but a few cm shorter, so I stuck him at 6’0″ as well. Beomgyu seems to be 5’10” and so does Huening Kai since he’s the same height and then Taehyun seems shorter, so I stuck I’m at the lowest cm you can go for 5’9″

I was just going by what popped up when I looked up signs. Pisces: March 11 – April 18.

I just looked further into it on google. Top thing was from cosmopolitan, don’t mind me.

That’s the wrong website then. I go by this https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91b6f5222f869225ee707663abb3b4c100604c2beedd08ff0957cc6b09b52398.jpg

lol it’s all good

I wish lol but I’m only 5 days older than Kai

I’m older than everyone…Yeonjun is the same age as me, but I’m turning 20 before him.

Do you think the last timer is their debut? Also i dont think ill be able to pick a bias, im usually never able to pick one

Usually guys nothing wrong if u are not korean for that to help to your family

TXT members now have a “personal” Twitter Account (TXT_members)

And Taehyun is actually the youngest, he introduced himself on their Twitter and said he’s the maknae


Didn’t Taehyun say on twitter that he’s the maknae????

Soonbin like seems minhyuk BTOB.. 귀엽다😍😍😍

I think he referred to himself as the “second youngest”, not the Maknae. A lot of translation accounts are translating it like that

No they didn’t. I have their Twitter notifications activated and not once they tweeted and deleted anything

taehyun has the same birthday as me but he is 3 years older

He’s not Korean. He is a 혼혈.

I understand that he’s mixed. But if his birth mother is Korean, it also makes him Korean. However, if I’m being honest, I don’t really want to be arguing about his ethnicity when it’s not confirmed anyhow. I’d rather we wait until BigHit/Kai himself confirms what we’ve heard so we can properly discuss this lol

Taehyun’s birthday as well as the others were not confirmed from the company, also in his first twitter post Taehyun called himself “the youngest of TXT” with meaning that he is the maknae ,but still it’s not confirmed


Soobin;Leader, rapper
Yeonjun;Rapper, dancer
Beomgyu;Main vocalist, dancer
Taehyun;Rapper, dancer
Hueningkai;Vocalist, maknae

So that means that Kai isn’t main vocalist or visual

I love how they go by their real names, especially Beomgyu sounds cute.. And not some nicknames they are gonna regret later (sorry I look at you BTS 😂)

i think the reason he referred to himself as “ the youngest “ is because technically he is a maknae since him and huening kai were born in the same year 🙂

ayeee, i was also born Honolulu, Hawaii but he’s two years older than me and one year younger than my brother WAIT

Wowie me and Kai share a birthday

I’m 12 days younger than Kai

Hueningkai’s little sister is my age…. wow..

Where did you get all of this info?

Yeonjun is 6’0 and weighs 132 lbs? That’s really unhealthy. Soobin is also underweight.

Beomgyu is friends with Lee Euiwoong (Yuehua, Hyeongseop X Euiwoong) from Produce 101. They go to the same school.

GUYS! WRONG INFO POSTED!!!!!YOU SHOULD CHANGE IT ASAP. The maknae of the group is acc not Huening Kai, it’s TAEHYUN!!! It says in his new twitter post.


Okay I am surprised, Kai is the only one who’s visuals didn’t seem that good to me, and he’s a visual?

Well American isn’t a race but a amalgamation of many things. Its the fact he was born in the U.S.. He is technically a natural born citizen of the U.S. making him Korean-American since his mother is most likely a citizen of South Korea. Also, we don’t know the exact specifics of his father, he may be Brazilian/German but is a U.S. citizen. Although it technically doesn’t matter he probably has dual citizenship between America and South Korea. More information will probably be released with time.

Actually they’re both maknaes, since they were both born in 2002. Although Kai is technically younger, as he was born a few months later, in Korea they’re considered to be the same age since they were born in the same year.

all k-idols are unhealthily under weight

Ele nasceu no Hawaii, então a nacionalidade dele é americana independente de onde os pais dele nasceram. O próprio pai dele dele se tiver nascido no Brasil vai ter nacionalidade brasileira independente de ser de família alemã. E ele deve ter conseguido uma dupla cidadania na Coreia do Sul, por isso que ficou Americano e Coreano.

considering they’re also still rookies it sadly makes sense and it’s probably not even their choice…

possible-rumored personal instagram accounts:
01) Soobin –> @choisoobin9
02) Yeonjun –> @choiyeonjun9
03) Beomgyu –> @choibeomgyu0
04) Taehyun –> @kangtaehyun1
05) HueningKai –> @hueningkai0

Kai and Taehyun would both be pretty much the maknae since they’re the same age. Kai is the ACTUAL maknae though.

Thank you for the info!

As I said before, lower in the comments, his height is guessed mostly because he looks the same height as Soobin who is 6’0″ and the the weight is just what someone gave me. NOTHING is accurate at the moment. These are temporary until the real weights, positions, heights are revealed.

The comments lol plus there are people who knew of the before they were revealed who have some info on Twitter and stuff.

Those aren’t confirmed though and neither are the ones I’m using.

No it’s not confirmed you’re right, and him and Kai are both technically the maknae’s because they’re the same age only a few months apart.

Him and Kai would be technically both be considered maknae’s since they’re a few months apart, but because Kai is actually the youngest of all 5, he’s the real maknae.

I already got the Twitter and techinically him and Kai are both maknae’s because they are both born in 2002, but Kai is the actual maknae of the group.

He is Korean (mom) and Brazilian/German (dad) and born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

If his mother is Korean, then Kai IS in fact Korean. Yes he is mixed, but he is STILL Korean from his mom’s side.

GUYS lol,
NOTHING is confirmed on their heights, weights, OR positions. These are just guesses by me and a few other people. Taehyun and Kai are both considered maknae’s because they’re the same age, but because Kai is still the youngest he is the group’s maknae. When the REAL heights, weights and positions are revealed, I will change them. There is a reason why the position part says “Possible Position” because it’s unconfirmed lol

taehyun said it on twitter that he is the maknae

That’s really sad and gross.

Choi Yeonjun..you are so perfect..that a true truth

i like beomgyu

On TXT’s official YouTube the positions were confirmed..most of these positions are right but Kai isn’t visual or main vocalist, he’s just vocalist and maknae, main vocalist is Beomgyu and Taehyun is also a dancer

They are, it was confirmed on TXT’s official YouTube

He and Kai are both the maknae’s since they are the same age, but because Kai is younger than Taehyun he’s the maknae. Also, don’t go by Google Translate, they’re terrible lol

I was just on the official YouTube and it says nowhere about any positions.

He may not be, the positions haven’t been confirmed. It’s rumored that he’s a visual because his face is so unique

I was just on TXT’s official YouTube and there is nothing uploaded or in the description and I went to the verified Twitter and clicked the YouTube from there. Be REALLY careful where you click for channels, some people are just fan accounts on YouTube for them.

Ohh okaii I’m dumb lol😂😂

So this isn’t their official YouTube..I’m confused


Nope. https://www.youtube.com/txt_bighit This is their official and it’s also linked on their official Twitter that’s verified.

Oof my bad, I’ll fix it

I clicked on yeonjun, soobin and beomgyu. But i also want to vote for heuningkai and taehyun..
연준오빠, 범규오빠랑 수빈이 오빠를 투표했는데 태현이 오빠랑 휴닝카이 오빠도 투표하고 싶어~~~~~~!!
티엑스티 데뷔 기대할께요!!!!!!

Soobin kinda looks like Lee Minhyuk from Btob

You must be kidding right? His visuals are literally the most delicate pretty and unique looking out of all of them. Of course he is the visual.! Did you even watch their latest intro video? His face is the prettiest!!!

Kai is gonna be the most talented member. Mark my words. Diamond Maknae in the making!

My bia is *Drumroll*

I can read Korean he really said he’s the maknae , we get that they were born the same year but for the official maknae position in Kpop groups they go by the real youngest memeber considering months gap ,which Taehyun mentioned he is.. that’s why we are confused maybe these birth dates are wrong

Oh okay thanks!💜☺️

lead? don’t you mean “main” ??

well but when we first saw the posts about the members name reveals and stuff ( which were revealed by kfans first btw ) they said Kai was the visual maknae and main vocalist, of course no one really believed in the list at first, but when big hit started releasing the members intros and the names were exactly the same as kfans told us that must mean something right, that the kfans were right all along, so if they say Kai is the maknae I guess I’m going to believe them unless big hit says something about it. let’s just wait for the members personal introductions and stuff, let’s see who the actual maknae is., because right now I’m so confused, but I’m getting huge maknae vibes from Kai so idk

where can I find the confirmation??

Since their name is Tomorrow x(by) Together their first mv should be called together by tomorrow! If it is then everybody owes me a dollar!!

no he don’t

but I don’t understand how they can look alike
what features look alike?

SooBin doesn’t look like Sanha at all but he look like minhyuk from btob????? Anyone agree with me??!!!!!

Please be kind, it’s okay for her to have an opinion. Not everyone will think Yeonjun looks like Taehyung and that’s okay 🙂

He could look like either. Everyone sees him differently 🙂

Oh sorry about that! I didn’t properly look at the months. lollll yes, then your right. My bad 😂

Am I the only one who thinks Beomgyu has the best visual? Also I cant choose my bias between Kai and Beomgyu. I will choose according to their personality.

Kai is so cute!

actually i think he looks like V too

haven’t seen people talking abt taehyun n I think he’s the asbolute cutest so i’m here to say YES TAEHYUN U BEAUTY

true he dont even look like V

its her opinion! be kind



Sigh…Taehyun is taller than Jimin with 1cm😭
I bragged on twitter that Jimin will b taller than Taehyun

Nothing on their heights are confirmed. For all we know, Jimin COULD be taller than Taehyun. These heights are just guesses 🙂

wth, wow like no respect to the other hard-working members honestly how rude, you don’t even know them. smh

Yes ikr! When he was revealed I instantly thought of Minhyuk and was ready to fight with whoever says he looks like v and jk.

I don’t think Yeonjun looks like V at all! Their features are so different. I’ve no problem with people having an opinion but sometimes they go too far like I saw many comments stating that he looks like vkook’s kid and I was “WTF?” He doesn’t look even ONE bit like jk.


how can you have a bias based on looks, honestly sad,,,smh

I was thinking the exact same thing

I kinda think he looks like Jisung from Wanna one

Bruh he’s like Minhyuk’s son

I think I’m the only one who thinks none of them look like other idols ! Of course, this maybe solely based on my opinion but I don’t see their resemblance and I am also confused because I saw a post that HueningKai’s birthday is on August 24th but this one it says it’s on August 14th, which one is it really?

Taehyun is the real maknae

Am i wrong? Or what? I see on their twitter if Taehyun is the maknae. But… I don’t know, I just didn’t want to be a nuna right now 😂😂

Kang Taehyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we should all sit down and relax until BigHit confirms their actual birth dates, heights/weights etc, because until now all this info is pretty much spread by fans and anything could be wrong without it being anyone’s fault of course 🙂 Let’s just be patient ^_^

I’ve seen so many people on twitter and Instagram talking about Kai,soobin,beomgyu and specially yeonjun but there’s very few ones talking about taehyun. So lemme say this that taehyun you r an absolute cutie. Your eyes r pretty.😊

From first yeonjun…and until end still YEONJUNN,,ohh god this is so LEGENDD,,😚😚

I’m wating for their debut! I’m excited! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

can someone tell me the order of their names in the picture of them together?

I don’t know why, but I feel Soobin is my bias (it’s not official, I may change bias after their debut)

That is not nice to say! What about the others?! I bet it wasn’t easy to get into BigHit as a trainee and I guess they really wanted to become idols. They weren’t waiting to become idols just for you to say this. Everybody is going to be talented, not only Kai

You are joking? He looks like a really cute angel that was given as a gift to his parents and world from God himself

its a pity

Him and Kai are both the maknae’s in a way since their both born in 2002, but Kai is younger by 4 months making him the maknae of the group.

No he’s not. Google Translator isn’t something to go by, Taehyun says he’s the maknae because he’s one of the youngest and is only 4 months older than Kai, but Kai is actually the youngest. The same thing happened with Wanna One’s Daehwi and Guanlin, they both said they were the maknae.

His fathe supposedly confirmed it’s the 14th, but I guess we’ll find out what BigHit says.

Well the first one on left is Huening Kai then the second one is probably Yeonjun then the middle one is probably Beomgyu then Soobin and the last one is Taehyun :3

Second from the left is Yeonjun, that’s all I can tell.
I think the far right is Taehyun. If so, then they might be arranged according to group order, with Soobin on the far left and the second to the right being Kai.

He reminds me of ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, tbh.

From left to right it is Huening Kai, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Soobin, and Taehyun

yeah I know right?!

I’m not mean! ^^
I just don’t think they look alike at all

Yeah ^^

but I never said the others were not going to be talented, simply that Kai is going to be the MOST talented, he’s a musical genius. I didn’t offend nor said anything bad about the others, simply that Kai was gonna be the most talented member like in every group there is that one that is more talented than the others, doesn’t mean the others aren’t talented

why ya’ll get triggered over the tiniest things, I said Kai was going to be the MOST talented and that’s just facts, giving everything that he can do, I never said the others were not talented nor hard working like wtf. ya’ll need to chill with the defending bullshit.

Oh my god, I still can’t believe that Soobin is taller than RM lmao😂 Wait…YEONJUN IS TALLER THAN HIM ALSO?!?

Kai, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Soobin, and Taehyun. 💛

Who knows? Lmao, it might. But, they’re all good looking no matter what💛

No he’s not. Kai is. He’s only younger by 4 months though.

You’re right.💛


Finally a visually pleasing group!! Good job BigHit! Beomgyu 😍

Lmao it be like that sometimes, chief

Lmao, no. Kai is the Maknae of the group. Yes, Taehyun and Kai are both ‘02 liners, but Kai is younger by 4 months.💛

I can’t wait for them to debut ! TXT, FIGHTING !

Yeonjun the most handsome and popular here👀💣💥👍

Well, arent they all? Lmao💛

I honestly feel so bad that BigHit won’t debut girl trainees anymore. But, it’s understandable after what has happened in the past. But, BigHit should see that some girl trainees who would probably want to train/debut under them aren’t like that. But, I still understand as to why BigHit has trust issues with girl trainees. But, that’s just my opinion.


Taehyun is so slept on by the fandom smh, He deserves more



For me,they handsome too but like im new say,yeonjun the most popular and handsome

You can’t say that a member is the MOST talented. That’s just ridiculous


Nah, watch this. Everyone’s going to be sleeping on him, but once he actually grows into his looks….damn

True. And he was the first member to be released, so he did get the most attention

Are their positions confirmed?

No, BigHit hasn’t confirmed them yet.

For truth,im keep comeback to yeonjun film even i see other member film,become no1 released or last released,yeonjun always the most wow,he vmin kid😆


As please vote to yerin as she always 3 or 4 place this this link let shift her 1 or 2 asmh

Love him~💕

Teahyun will remain no matter what my forever #1bias 😍😍 사랑해요 오빠❤️

Taehyun was a child model. He’s so cute since when he was a kid.uwuwu😍 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/17e16f90413f88413952133307c71509da6f7edbb83cef4f905a2e899e5326dd.jpg

oh okay (:

Beomgyu & soobin😍


same :”( hahaha



I think hyung line got me snatch, Yeonjun, Soobin and Beomgyu are so cute!

But especially Yeonjun I keep coming back to that kid theres something about him, a certain charism and energy, plus that little dance he did in their group video has me super impressed!

Really wanna hear the boys sing and rap tho!

positions have not been confirmed, its just rumours but Kai is actually quiet handsome. I think he’s the visual because his looks stand out, he has a unique face because he’s biracial.

Namjoon told them stage names aint it hgjdksgd

On Kai’s nationality/ethnicity because people below don’t seem to understand…

Kai is Korean on his mothers side, and his father is rumoured to be German/Brazilian (thats not been 100% confirmed tho). But Kai is ALSO American because he was BORN in the United States, effectively giving him American citizenship. So he is Korean-American (nationality wise as well as he grew up there meaning he has a cultural resonance with the US), ethnically he is Korean-Brazilian-German. Nationality and ethnicity are different, nationality is where you were born/have citizenship in (he probably has duel citizenship due to his mom being Korea born) and ethnicity is what you are by blood.

For example, I’m Spanish-Peruvian ethnically, but both my parents were raised in Peru and feel more culturally connected to it, and I was born and raised in Canada, so I simply say I’m Peruvian-Canadian (despite not having ethnic ties to Canada, its my culture and place of birth) and if people ask for specifics then I mention my Spanish heritage on my moms side.

im usually a hyung line stan but huening kai,,,,

My self-proclaim BIAS is CHOI YEONJUN, the oldest. He is 3 years older then me… I’m a 2002 liner.

Same lmao

None of these facts have been confirmed. The only thing that has been confirmed so far are the members names and the fact that Soobin is the leader.

It’s not that they don’t trust them, it’s that they know that any girl group to come from them will now be compared to GLAM and the scandal that happened, so it’s more of them protecting female trainees



I’m not deleting them just because you want me to. K-Profiles doesn’t have a problem with it, and neither does anyone else, only you dear.

I think in his tweet Taehyun said he’s the maknae, but I’m not 100% sure.

First of all, my original comment did not include the word false in it, it just said the facts have not been confirmed, which they haven’t. Second of all, I have this little thing called autism which includes impulse control issues, which means when something bugs me or makes me uncomfortable, I literally cannot hold back from commenting on it. Me posting that original comment was to calm my brain down, I did not have the intention of anyone replying to me or it becoming a big ordeal. And along with impulse control issues, when someone replies, I have to reply back. I literally cannot help it. Especially when people started accusing me of doing it for attention and saying I was attacking someone when I was simply trying to bring awareness that a lot of the stuff floating around about them has indeed been gathered by people who stalked the boys.

People don’t see it at the bottom, that’s why I said top. Also, I literally said that I knew you weren’t doing it intentionally, so I was not assuming you were trying to encourage them. You are doing exactly what you accused me of doing, assuming I am a certain way.

Alright let’s just end this now please. I have a headache and I’m sick with a cold. The info is not being removed, instead a disclaimer will be put at the bottom temporarily until the info is confirmed.

I never accused you of anything though. You literally said “you are encouraging sasaengs to stalk them” did you not?

Yes, to inform you of what your actions would lead to. I did not explicitly state that you were trying to or intentionally doing it, did I?

I share the same birthday as Soobin and 5 years younger than him. I guess I’ll be crying for a while T_T

I’m sharing the same birthday with Soobin. And he is 5 years older and REALLY taller than me. I guess I’ll be crying for a while T_T

I share the same birthday as Hwang Hyungjin from Stray Kids, and he’s 5 years older then me too. We can cry together haha

Lmao he’s only 2 years older than me and 5 inches taller😭

No. It was confirmed that Kai is the Maknae. He’s younger than Taehyun by 4 months.


Is it only me who does not know what is the truth because in a lot of sites said something different I don’t know who has the right info😭😭😭… BTW thankfully all of them are less than five years older than me I’m from January 2004

Lmao, well, some members of the band had confirmed their ages. So, I’m guessing their right. And I’m October 2002 lmaoo

yeonjun is not in singularity mv?? sorry if i sound rude but i just checked and he’s not in music video at all. sorry if english is bad, i still studying ^^;;

xD I’m older than him. A friend of mine has her birthday on the same day AND year as him, it’s crazy.

me and yeonjun have da same b day but a few yrs older than me :))))

Bro she lucky.

Ahhh lucky.

Well, at least he isn’t more than 3 inches taller than me lmaooo

But hey. At least he isn’t more than 3 inches taller than me lmaoo

he is in the live’s :3


BeomGyu’s morse code in the questioning introduction film was *HOPE*,while HeuningKai’s was *SECRET*

You have it switched. Kai’s was “Secret” and Beomgyu’s is “Hope”, I know because I translated Beomgyu’s when it was released this morning.

There is a mask covering the back up dancers faces, so you can’t see Yeonjun’s face.

People in Korea age on Lunar New Year, rather than their birthdates. Because of that, people born in the same lunar year are considered the same age, so both Taehyun and Kai are maknaes

For proof, if you watch when SinB was revealed on King of Masked Singer, after her performance, the host asked if she was the maknae of Gfriend and she said yes, even though Umji is physically the youngest. They’re both born in 1998, so they’re the same age and, therefore, both maknaes

Yeonjun is my bias, bc he’s so cute and very much look like Taehyung

he’s not in the mv, he’s one of the live stage backup dancers


Bih seems like you and me also share birthdays and that’s why hyunjin is my bias 😔 team march 20th

All of them are younger than me.
I’ve been waiting for so long to be a noona fan.

your english is really good!

And yeonjun “PROMISE”:)

I can’t choose. . . Not that that’s a bad thing, it only means I’ll have twice as hard a time learning the members because I don’t have anywhere to start.

Scary realization after stanning BTS? I’m older than all of them except for Yeonjun. And they’re all like 7″ taller than me. 6′ Soobin? WHY?!

Is it just me, or does Taehyun look a little like Joshua from Seventeen?

Lmao for real though😂😂💛💛

No, he was a backup dancer. And your English is really good!!!

Soobin: 184 cm
Yeonjun: 183cm
Beomgyu: 178cm
Kai: 179cm
Taehyun: 174cm

Finally. A group that isn’t a bazillion years older than me😂 Huening Kai is older than me by a little less than a month

ik i just realised after watching it again

Taehyun’s birthday is in 5 days [050202]!!! Namuwiki updated the information regarding Taehyun’s birthdate. I say it is safe to believe them as they’re an accurate source.
He is the first member to celebrate his birthday with all of us. We have to do something 😭 🛬Let’s plan!

No need for bias’ guys, just love them all equally. And if you happen to have a favorite along the way then that’s also fine <3

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that Taehyun’s actually the maknae, not Huening Kai. Unfortunately, I don’t know his actual birthdate- Only that he’s younger than Huening Kai.

Isn’t yeonjun’s height 183 cm?

how is yeonjun 175cm tall? doesn’t he look tall in the group photo? or did he release his official height?

Do you have a source for these?

He could just be wearing insoles, but these aren’t the confirmed heights. I’ll update them when the heights are confirmed. I’m sorry if I caused any confusion lol

I heard their fandom name is “Navy”

oh ok thanks!

It has been confirmed that they will be debuting some time in March

No…. cops

Same. But, who knows?



His 183..

So Hueningkai, Beomgyu, and Taehyun all have the same height? i thought Taehyun would be the shortest lol

who said huening kai is the visual theres no such position as “visual”

yeonjun is the second tallest after soobin it doesn’t make sense that he’s only 175cm

Well, these aren’t their official heights. They aren’t officially introduced to us yet, so we don’t really know much about their basic information such as height, weight, ideal type, etc.

Well, honestly to me, they’re all visuals.

How is he the maknae when he’s born April 11th 2002 and Kai is born August 14th, 2002? Kai is younger and has been rumored to be the maknae for a while. Him and Taehyun are technically both maknae’s since they are only 4 months apart.

I just fixed it 🙂

Heights have been updated 🙂

I wanna let everyone know once again, the heights, weights, positions, birthdays, and blood types aren’t confirmed yet. I will update them when they are said by BigHit.

Taehyun’s birthday is February 5th, 2002.

In Kpop there is such position as Visual
They even introduce themselves as Visual when they introduce the positions…. I’m talking about the Kpop groups

EX: RM introduced himself and Leader and Main Rapper and JIn introduced himself as Vocalist and Visual



I do not know when he was born, but he HIMSELF introduced himself as the maknae.

No, I know what you meant. But, I’ve been hearing that it’s Navy. Not cops. Lmaooo

“theres no such position as “visual” ”

you got into kpop this week right? sigh

nope since 2007 but no one uses that position anymore not “officially” theres only main vocal/rapper/dancer, lead vocal/rapper/dancer, sub vocal and center (but it could change through the eras) some group has composer position too
pls name a company that still has visual position on their official profile its all fan made

its still not an official position like in the past nowadays companys debut an all visual group in order to debut you have to have visuals so whats the point in having such position?
if its about the self introduction then lets wait for their debut im pretty sure its going to be beomgyu that will introduce himself as the visual


the visual hasn’t been confirmed yet and if the visual were to be confirmed, according to korean beauty standards either beomgyu or taehyun would get that position

the visual hasn’t been confirmed yet and if the visual was to be confirmed, according to korean beauty standards either beomgyu or taehyun would get that position

No idea why visual is even considered an actual position. I get it if you mean sort of the “poster member” of the group but isn’t visual insinuating the most attractive or something? If it is, I’m pre sure looks are based on personal preference so doesn’t make too much sense lmao

I think taehyun will be the visual and beomgyu will be the face of the group and center

Taehyun is also a student of Hanlim. Beomgyu posted a video with taehyun earlier.

Beomgyu’s flower is more likely a red anemone (??) and his animal is yellow moth ,but butterfly is also correct

OK ok… But probably not navy

Taehyun introduced himself as the maknae on Twitter, so doesn’t that confirm it?

you’re wrong!
even in recent shows during 2018-19 the members are asked (aside from who the Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Main Vocal is), who the Visual of the band is
look at 주간 아이 (Weekly Idol), 아이돌룸 (Idol Room) etc
all the bands have official Visual because in Kpop (and in Korea in general) the Visual culture is very important
many times the profiles on official stites don’t list all the positions, you’ll often see just Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper but when the members go to shows they often tell their full positions like who’s the Main dancer, who’s the Lead Vocalist, who’s the Visual etc
so don’t spread false rumors please
even groups with a lot of handsome looking guys still have official Visuals

the positions are not confirmed yet, that’s a different story
but in Kpop there is such thing as Visual (official position in a band)

not necessarily…
a quick example… in D-CRUNCH both Dylan and Jeongseung introduced themselves as Maknae in their introduction video but Jeongseung is older than Dylan by 2 months
(they are the Maknae line but the actual Maknae is Dylan)

Oh. I’m sorry if I sounded defensive! I wasn’t trying to be. But, I don’t know. That’s what I’ve been hearing lately. But, who knows? But, why would it be Cops? I’m confused?

Honestly thoo! They are all so pretty

I looked up Beomgyu’s animal and it’s definitely a butterfly, it’s a Common Yellow Grass Butterfly. For the flower, I also looked that up and it matches the Poppy perfectly.

Thank you for the info!

Rumor is that it’s Kai, when the visual gets confirmed, then it will be changed. Right now the positions are unconfirmed, that’s why it says “possible position”.

Do you have a source?

How so? Did BigHit say so? If so, please link it to me.

Exactly. Taehyun and Kai are both in the maknae line, but Kai is the actual maknae.

No you did not sound defensive. I was jusst with you agreeing wiith you

Okay. Just wanted to make sure lmaoo

I have watched the fortune teller reaction to txt and it is stated there that taehyun’s birthday is on Aprill 11.

i cant believe that some armys are hating on them!! TXT FIGTHING!

Are you seriously a kpop fan since 2007 coz even tho it just have been 2 yrs since I’ve been in kpop, every group have an official position “visual”. Even in BTS’s case Tae is announced as a “visual” little after their debut and Jin was introduced as a visual when they debut. If this position is not “official” then why entertainment companies take it seriously?

They say they’re BTS fakes or something, and that’s all a load of bs. I mean, look at labels like SM, YG or JYP, they all have loads of idol groups and NCT doesn’t get hate for being “Super Junior fakes”. It’s stupid

wait i dont understand, sorry!

For real! This pisses me off so much. Like, first of all, it was bound to happen that Big Hit would come out with a new boy band, so they can’t get mad. And obviously TXT is blowing up right now, since they are a new group in one of the biggest companies right now, so Big Hit is obviously going to put more time into TXT for their debut. But, how is BTS being neglected?

Basically new rookie groups are being called “fake” idol groups. For example, TXT is being called the “fake BTS”. It doesn’t make any sense. Because, BTS’s and TXT’s type of style is different.

Wait. You just said that there is no such thing as visuals. Lmaoo, So is there or is there not a position called “Visual”? Cause last time I checked, there is a position called “visual”. So are you changing your story? Or like…?

It’s different, BigHit does not have a reputation for having multiple groups. SM, JYP and YG have had multiple artists and groups for a long time. So stans of those labels are accustomed to new groups debuting, because it’s only natural for such a large company.
Plus, BTS is a lot bigger internationally than any other group, so there are bound to be more toxic fans in general who can’t accept change. In fact, it’s hardly “change” just another addition really.

Well there’s this thing called “Korean beauty standards”. I think a visual is kind of dumb for boy groups, because there are always multiple visuals honestly. For girl groups I understand, since it’s much more distinctive. I think the purpose of a visual is just meaningless acknowledgment of how good-looking a member is, otherwise I would assume that the visual member would get more screentime in MVs, but that is not the case really.



Yeah, which makes me so mad

I’m an ARMY and I support TxT and my unlimited bias in txt is YeonJun… anyone else is an ARMY but support TXT???

I’ll support TXT. TXT fighting!! ❤


Taehyun’s birthday is on February 5, 2002 (2 hours and 37 minutes from now). He confirmed it in TXT’S official fansite.

Taehyun’s birthday is on the 5th February he confirmed it today~

Happy birthday taehyun ahhh



please change taes birthday to 5 Feb Like…………..diid u just guess their birthdays?

I just changed it. Please don’t have an attitude, I didn’t guess the birthdays, those are the birthday’s someone gave me.

His birthday is fixed 🙂

One of the members (Yeonjun) said in his wishing birthday post for Taehyun that Taehyun is also the maknae of their group on their twt *I’ve seen translations in the comments*
You can change this too, if you want, thank you! 🙂

Except Big Hit has had other groups. 2AM? GLAM? Homme? ARMYs are overreacting, and need to get over it. BTS won’t last forever, Big Hit needs to debut more idols for security purposes.

Taehyun is a maknae, and Kai is THE maknae. Taehyun is IN the maknae line, but Kai is the real maknae since he is 6 months younger than Taehyun. So KAI is the maknae!

Oh, okay! Thank u for the information

In order for Taehyun to be the maknae, Huening Kai’s birthday must be on January and none of the members said anything about celebrating Kai’s birthday this year. Also on their fan cafe they posted each other’s drawings in the order of kprofiles, leader to youngest like every kpop group: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai ^^

Ah, I should have noticed that. Sorry for my comment! I made a mistake. Thank you for informing me ^^

dudeeeee kais birthday is a day before mine

true as in they are all visuals aka they are all good looking not that its their position lol the visual position used to exist in group that all the members are average and so the company debut a pretty kid for his/her visuals ONLY they may not be good in singing or dancing but they have above average visuals they stand in the center in group photos and cfs but in the performances the dont have much lines they usually go for acting later in their career bc of their good looks but nowadays company debuts all rounders so that all idols have visuals so the position became irrelevant and you don’t see it anymore in official profiles companies only reveal the rapper, vocal, leader and sometime producer position if they produced and thats it

Ahh I see. Well, the visual position is actually still known. Some people may think that it isn’t, but it is. But, yeah, they are all good-looking lmaoo😂😂💛💛

My birthday is 3 days before Taehyun so im 3 days older😍😍😍😍

No 🤔 I think Taehyun is the maknae because the members called him the maknae for his bday in their tweets and he called himself that too. If Huening Kai was the maknae wouldn’t he have addressed himself as the maknae already? His birthday was probably before they released the teasers and created the twitter accounts, so early January, probably before the 10th. We really can’t confirm that any of their bdays, for example, people said Taehyun’s was in April but it’s actually in February…These are just my thoughts.

Yeonjun is the main dancer


Taehyun is the maknae and he’s full name is “Lee Taehyun”. One of the members said in his diary post, “Last but not least, our youngest Tae Hyun Lee’s birthday!”

Doubt many ARMYs care about past groups. They’re just concerned about the fact that BigHit only had BTS until now, so they’re bitter that BigHit is debuting more groups, because casual ARMY think BTS will be abandoned.

Where did you get this??

They actually said “Taehyunnie” as a cute nickname. If it was his last name, it would be “이태현” [the name Lee Taehyun] instead of 태현이 [his nickname]. Taehyun is also not the maknae because Huening Kai was born in August of 2002, making Taehyun older. Taehyun is in the maknae line.

Oh okay. The translator translated it to “Tae Hyun Lee”, but I get what you mean.

Woooww uri yeonjunn

I have no idea where so much of this information comes from but I’m hoping a lot of it can be confirmed! I wanna hear their voices already T^T and I’m interested to know how many of them speak English, considering the multi-lingual efforts they put in with their txtuniverse site

Soobin said on their community site that he has an older brother and an older sister and he posted pictures and videos of his dog Sean on Twitter : )

Thank you! 🙂 I’ll give credits on the profile!

If you go their fancafe and check their very first tweets on their personal account (TXT_members) you can see they tweet/post in the order that Kpop groups and Kprofiles uses, from leader to youngest: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and lastly, Huening Kai. If Taehyun was the maknae he would be the last

maybe they just speak in morse code

They will debut on 4th of march with the album dream chapter: star pls update it

Txt japan official (twitter): txt_bighit_jp

Admins kindly add it please ^_^

Soobin has a dog named Sean

Beomgyu is the centre

seems like beomgyu is the center tho

3 out of 5 members are rapper.
2 out of 5 members are vocalists & dancer.
That was rare!

Taehyun confirmed himself he’s a vocal in the group he said in TXT fan community

Kang Taehyun not lee

TXT debut in March fighting

Yeonjun uri “main dancer”

Source please? I can’t just add personal opinions…

Thank you!

It’s been revealed Taehyun is a vocalist, so 2 rappers and 3 vocals

Me and Spin on have the same birthday woohoo he’s the only idol that has the same birthday as me I think I’m so happy ☺

It’s been revealed Kai can also play the drums and the flute!! There’s pics on twitter! Just search #hueningkai and you shall find them

I’m exactly 10 years older from Yeonjun (^.~)

I don’t think this confirmed but I found this it’s says that taehyun is a rapper and a dancer


I’m born on August 22nd, 2002 so close to Huening Kai!!❤️😂 He’s the only Foreigner. I’m Danish, he’s part german!😂😱 He has a little sister. Me too, just from 2008 and i also have a mole on left side of the mouth, if he’s not my bias? Who else😂😂 He gotta be, but i’m waiting till i Can see their personality and their voices, and i light Fall for a rapper😕😂 #bias #Wrecking

Taehyun confirmed he’s a vocalist on their community site.


ok someone agree with me in this
taehyun is like taehyung without the g

I noticed as well xD in Korean, it’s also a one litter difference.
Taehyung is 태형, while Taehyun is 태현. The only difference is the ㅇ (the character for ng) and the ㄴ (an n). They have different surnames, though. Taehyung is Kim, while Taehyun is Kang.

I have a friend who’s born on the same day, month and year as Kai, lol.

Not even debuted and already being rebellious af xD He’ll success Jin if he continues

Beomgyu is the Visual, and Yeonjun is the Main Dancer.

Kai is the visual. kfans said it so I believe it

This is the Yeonjun that I found:https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsf0WgVBZBO/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=pgoi8w3evthp (I know the teacher cuz we used to be “friends”.

Taehyun is the maknae believe it or not

Kai’s bday is 4 days away from mine! But he’s 3 years older than me

I thought Taehyun is the maknae. Isn’t that what they said on a video on twitter?

The fact that only the oldest member of this group is older than me creeps me out cjdjdjd when did I get old

It is worst when the oldest is 4 years younger than you 🙁

Some facts are incorrect. For example when i click show more facts about Soobin, it shows the different birth dates.

I think you mean Taehyun because the birthdates are the same on Soobin’s. Taehyun’s solo profile hasn’t been updated while mine has…Taehyun’s official birthday is Feb 5th because the members did birthday posts for him on their Twitter.

Taehyun and Kai are both the maknae’s because they’re born the same year
but are 6 months apart. Kai is the actual maknae because he’s born in
August. If Kai were older than Taehyun, they would have done birthday
posts for Kai too.

Taehyun & Kai are both the maknae’s because they’re born the same year but are 6 months apart. Kai is the actual maknae because he’s born in August. If Kai were older than Taehyun, they would have done birthday posts for Kai too.

I won’t update anything about positions unless BigHit says so that way I know it’s true.

Guys I will explain this one LAST time because some of you are still confused about how this works…Taehyun is NOT the maknae, Kai IS. Taehyun and Kai are both considered maknae’s because they are both in the maknae line and are only 6 months apart. This sort of thing happened with WANNA ONE’s Daehwi and Kuanlin. Everyone freaked because Daehwi said he was the maknae but Kuanlin also said that HE was the maknae. It’s because they were only a few months apart. The same thing applies here with Taehyun and Kai. Kai is the actual maknae, Taehyun is just in the maknae line, thank you have a good day 🙂

You can check it in the interducing video, when Yeonjun teach them how to dance with their legs and when he dances so fast in front of Beomgyu.
and for the visual because they show Beomgyu’ face a lot more more than the others, and indeed he’s the cutest!
that still my view

Wah, I wonder what their actual positions are like; main dancer, main vocalist, face of the group, visual…beomgyu and kai are totally my type lmao

I won’t trust any other sources until they debut and their positions are confirmed. Thanks anyways!

Same. But tbh so far all the rumors that came from the kfans like the “names of the boys” and even the order they were going to be revealed ended up being true, at first no one believed it, but it all ended up being true so like, idk, but to be honest I trust the kfans lol

Thank youuu.

I appreciate your opinion, but I won’t update anything reguarding positions until BigHit says something.

Why people complain about TaeHyun and kai being the maknae!!!!! Don’t u guy learn math???? They are 6 months apart!!! And yes they both can be maknae but the REAL maknae is Kai!!!! TaeHyun is born in February and kai born in August so which one is older?? Ofc TaeHyun!!!! And which one is younger?? And ofc kai !!!! The younger one is the maknae so KAI IS THE REAL REAL REAL MAKNAE!!!!!!!!! If you a true fan of TXT y’all should know who the real maknae

IKRRR. it’s the same with Jimin and Tae, they both were born the same year but Jimin was born a couple months before Tae SO he is obviously OLDER than Tae that’s why in the fanchants Jimin’s name goes before Taehyung’s. Like.. is it really that damn difficult to understand!!!!!!!!!!


KAI IS THE MAKNAE. Taehyun was born in February 2002 and KAI was born in AUGUST 2002.. who’s the maknae? obviously it is KAI

fans were actually confused on who the maknae was. I dont think anyone ever complained but they were for a fact confused. Taehyun had once mentioned in a tweet (or it was probably in one of his diaries- i honestly dont remember) that he was a maknae. It made some fans confused if the maknae was Taehyun or if it was Kai. What Taehyun really meant was that he was a maknae (or part of the maknae LINE). Pretty much, fans were confused about Taehyun being maknae or Kai being maknae because of Taehyun’s post

ok- people, please calm down about the maknae thing. What Taehyun meant about being the “maknae”- he didn’t really mean that he was the eldest. He meant that he is in the maknae LINE. Kai is the actual maknae and is the youngest. This has made some people confused, so there it is

TXT aka visual group, dancer, vocal, beautiful personalities ,talented and etc ..

Alright so recently in a diary post in TxT Universe Beomgyu wrote Soobin Lee (at least in the translations) I want to still check if that’s true or not so don’t count my word on it. So there is a chance it’s Lee Soobin not Choi Soobin

We only know they’re a visual group so far. You can’t tell if they’re talented yet.

HueningKai IS TALENTED af and that’s facts not rumors. Now the others Idk, we’ll have to wait and see.

Where did you find a full song sung by him? Or rapped by him? If you actually did find something, I will gladly watch it.

Lmao no need to have a “full song” rapped or sung, the boy can play piano, guitar, drums and the flute!! And there’s actually pictures and videos of him playing it, there’s also videos of him singing when he was like 11 or 12 and it sounds pretty good for a kid that age and there’s rumors he might be the main vocalist so imagine how good he must be now that he has actually been trained by an agency, just search it on twitter or ig the videos/pictures are all over the internet! Now tell me Is that not talent?? How many idols can you mention that can play more than 1 instrument or that can play an instrument at all? Not many right? THAT is talent!! Or is singing and rapping a full song the ONLY talent that you know of and acknowledge? lol

I’m not trying to be offensive but most instruments are pretty easy to play and it doesn’t mean you have a special talent if you can play different instruments. A lot of idols can play instruments (for some groups, almost a half of the members can play at least one). For example, I can play the trumpet but that doesn’t make me a very talented trumpet player. I know several people who are way better than me. And also, BigHit and vocal training don’t go that well together. The only example we have is BTS and their tecniques aren’t exactly magnificent.

And I’m not trying to be offensive either but you’re such a liar lol, most idols out there can’t play instruments ( name me all the ones you say they can so i can search for myself and see if it’s true what you claim ), although yes some of them do play like 1 or 2 but none of them play 4 or more I can count them with one hand, and yes being able to play different instruments does mean you have a special talent ( just look at Henry from Suju, people call him a musical genius for how many instruments he can play ) because instruments ARE difficult to learn especially the piano and drums, YOU might not be a skillful trompet player but Kai is indeed a skillful player ( mind you Kai has been playing those instruments since he was very little so yes he is very good at it, did you even saw that video of him playing the piano at his school? Boy has real SKILLS he’s not your average do re mi fa sol piano idol honey ) , and..not to sound mean but don’t compare yourself to an idol that has been training hard under pressure non stop for idk how many years every day of his life for a chance to debut. Also just because BTS doesn’t have a strong vocal line what makes you think this group won’t have one? Maybe BigHit learned from their mistakes and they actually gave this new group a proper vocal training! Excuse me, but you just sound like someone who doesn’t want to admit these boys WILL be talented, I just showed you facts of how damn talented HueningKai is and you say being able to play various instruments is not a talent? Lmao sorry but your arguments are ridiculous! With all due respect 🙂

interesting i like em now :3

I didn’t say he wasn’t gonna be talented. I just said you shouldn’t assume he is just because it’s confirmed he can play different instruments. You said in your comment that I shouldn’t compare myself to an idol who practiced for a long time. However, I was comparing the skill of playing an instrument, something that isn’t really included in the schedule of trainees. They only practice dance/rap/vocal. And to respond to your statement that not a lot of idols play an instrument, here are the instruments members of NCT can play (I’m an NCTzen as well as an Army): Mark (guitar), Taeil (guitar, basic piano), Haechan (piano), Kun (piano), Johnny (piano), Doyoung (flute), Chenle (piano), Jeno (guitar, violin), Jaehyun (piano), Jaemin (piano), Ten (piano) and Xiaojun (ukulele, drums, guitar, piano). That’s 12 out of 21 members and they’re all really good at playing those instruments.

Can you send me a screenshot? I can read a little bit of Korean and I know what Lee looks like in Korean hangul.

Again, you just further proved my statement, they all can only play ONE instrument only one of them can play more than two which makes him VERY talented! just like HueningKai! Plus most of them as I said before are the typical DoReMiFaSol piano players only a very few ( like Johnny ) have ACTUAL piano skills like HueningKai. Plus that’s only NCT, wich we know is a very talented group! Most groups out there can’t play anything and if some of them do it’s only like one instrument, never more than two and most of the time they’re the typicial doremifasol players, again proving that for you to be able to play that amount of instruments you have to have a huge amount of talent! Which HUENINGKAI does have 🙂

Hueningkai is probably very talented since he’s the only BigHit to debut from a global audition (I think he did global audition, not sure though). But the clips I found weren’t excactly, how should I say this,… spectacular. I only found some of him playing these instruments as a 10 y/o or something like that so I probably shouldn’t base my opinion off of that. So far, he didn’t really prove to me that he actually has talent but it’s a logical thing to say that he should be at least an average main vocalist (which requires a lot of talent already) since he will be debuting in a group of one of the biggest companies at the moment. I guess we’ll just wait and see what they can serve us.

P.S.: I don’t want to shove it in your face but here’s some proof that NCT can actually play their instruments really well (if you’re interested of course): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-GHhcc-nXs

In Taehyun‘s first-ever Twitter greeting, he referred to himself as “lovely maknae Taehyun”, shocking fans everywhere.

“Hello! I am TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s lovely maknae Taehyun. Did you watch all of our introduction films? haha Although we didn’t debut yet, we opened up this account because we wanted to communicate with everyone! Please love TOMORROW X TOGETHER.”

— Taehyun

Up until now, many fans believed that HueningKai, the first of TXT’s two 02 liners, was the group’s youngest member, so Taehyun’s reveal came as a surprise. HueningKai’s birthday was believed to be August 14, while Taehyun’s was thought to be April 11. Not only that, fans are having a difficult time matching Taehyun’s striking visuals to his actual age, 16.
According to them, Taehyun’s “mature” looks make it hard to believe that he’s really the group’s youngest member.

Ctto. Koreaboo

Hueningkai can play the guitar i believe after watching a video of him playing

Huening kai is the maknae, but Taehyun introduced himself like the maknae because he’s in the maknae line

honolulu gang sksks

Yeonjun oppa~~

Kai is not a visual, he is ugly. Mixed blood with crackers. Beomgyu is cuter anyway

Kai is not gonna be the most talented though. From what I’ve seen is either Soobin or Taehyun.

Kai is the ugliest in this group, Boogyum is more delicate pretty, Kai has more typical sharp features. Taehyun and Soobin is more good looking than Kai.

There is no visual yet


Here are other ones that for the English translation it shows names so you might wanna look at these https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ec4deef92f28cbee556b15c2e3b39776714091a45b54f8c64bf7fc14f0a3928.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26c4442a54dc91d5778bd44e0078d629b579efc484a950587ca35a3f3e45fa13.jpg

Ahhh, it translates to “Soobin-ie hyung” not Lee Soobin 🙂

Wow racist much. Anyway Kai is the visual he is the cutest one! Facts!

Well that’s your opinion. Because for me Kai and Soobin are cuter than Beumgyu. Kai is the visual!

I completely understand your point of you. But what? He did global audition? I didn’t know about that

The Dream Chapter: STAR – Concept Photo 1

Group Photos
https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a934bd345a8b4f717b401384116b6370b7b08cd654c76365f0119f54bba28648.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be1d16f69dd8dc031c3d21d97dcdcb40a65a019d8bc7df43c647fe7cd75ea7e2.jpg


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1290516e1243e2591753d3968f721bdd4f6a641c36b4eb16c326eb35caa1e8ca.jpg 2




you can update the profile photos into these 🙂

That’s why it says “possible position”…it’s rumoured that he’s the visual. Positions will be updated when BigHit announces them.

Thank you! They’ve been updated 🙂

Ahh thank you!! Did you have a chance to look at the two other pictures I sent you??

Sorry no, I can read a little bit of Korean but I’m not fluent 🙁 I can only understand certain words. I could probably translate it through my phone or something

Fans say Soobin looks like BTS’s Jungkook

No..fans denying that comment, they did not support such statements including me,soobin never look like jungkook..

No he don’t look like Jungkook

Two of the members are 183 & 184 cm oh my-

according to korean beauty standards beomgyu or taehyun will be the possible visual since their face structures are favored by koreans

Here are more concept photos! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a52b84c839c364d9bcddafe99590b36f8ea4a07ac199560338933c26357c9945.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f57379b7206c4c134dc004e2c9ed40b464ed675084d97f78e1b00aeffe6e96e4.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a97ab522f7501507131b153d1932a5c4d5c8f9564e51d027e505e43a62c70a89.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ebc4950a498d7c9174a1c8f980d46939e69eacc83e7425fac5504d4c463fa82.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/12aae372cacce66b73a9b97dbeea0cb4cf27befa8221f261759134672c9f6038.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce22a3a6f130866d24ae500239de29327b01ebc1a653b0c86c46598751c8f140.png

in korean, they never write the family name/surname after the actual name! though in english we switch it around sometimes, in korean it would always be choi-soo-bin, not soobin choi. hope this helped x

HueningKai IS THE VISUAL! That’s it! FACTS! Just look at this face https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1517b98eacd2967614cd9fb35c010f7302337aa0bd1bd8885b030a80de01099.jpg

Soobin is from Ansan,South Korea.

My bias is the least popular. Why does that make me sad lol?

Finally idols taller than me!!

Yeonjun also was #1 every month for the monthly assessments of rap, dance, and singing amongst the trainees of Bighit according to his voice teaser today 😆

Wow some ppl are getting really aggressive here. What’s the whole fight about the maknae? I really dont think it’s something to be debated about: taehyun and kai’s Korean age is the same (18) so I think we can just call them both maknaes.

yeah the other person is right, beomgyu or taehyun are most likely to get the main visual role since they fit the korean standards more than kai does

The ranking in these pages doesn’t determine the “least popular” lol. Look at Itzy’s page, the moat voted is Ryujin but the most popular ao far are Yeyi and Yuna! So this poll doesn’t really matter! Don’t be sad. I believe when they debut Taehyun and Kai will become the most popular

hell yeah

Lol, true. Taehyun is my bias 🙂

But uh in Itzy Lia’s face fits the “korean standards” the most yet Yuna is the main visual so try again. Plus Kai’s face is the most ‘perfect face’ ( just to put it that way ) than the others so.. Plus!! K-fans themselves were the ones who said Kai was the visual, remember? When they revealed the names of the members and stuff, and so far everything they said has been true, so i’d rather believe that than the opinion of some international fans! Besides have you seen their recent photo concepts? Lol ot’s a fact Kai looks the best! Put everything else together, yeah KAI IS THE MAIN VISUAL!

Do you have a source?

Thank you!

Ahh Its fine, thank you though!

nah, lia’s face isn’t the most fit for the korean standards. i have a korean friend and he said that yuna and yeji fit their standard and that is why yuna’s the visual
as for kai, he has an international look (i’m just saying what my korean friend has said to me) and taehyun has more features that fit the standards (his big anime eyes, the lips and his nose fits the standard completely) so does beomgyu but he has smaller eyes. since kai has very small eyes and his nose is quite pointed it isn’t fit for korean standards.
as stated before, this is all from my korean friend’s point of view. i’d rather trust my KOREAN FRIEND who actually knows better than some knetz. but we’ll have to wait for the official positions

Well yeah you do have a point there! But still I’d rather believe the k fans which have been right about everything so far. But yeah let’s wait and see


but knetz ARE korean… that’s why they’re called knetz- KOREAN netizens. you don’t really have a point. your friend may have some bias and if you live outside of korea (which i’m assuming u do) he may not be fully knowledgable on the standards. stop taking one person’s word over the words of many korean netizens just because you know them personally.


Why does it look like you guys are fighting for who has the right to be visual in the group? Shouldn’t we just believe what BigHit says? And don’t they all have the potential to be visuals?

Yeonjun Yeonjun😊 😊

Kais uncle confirmed his background. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/87d55f382ec8b95d3b43e27c962eb369534c613b48e78c506843fde576c88b8b.png

Thank you! 🙂

no one’s fighting- it’s just about who fits the standards more. people who don’t fit the korean beauty standards as much (for example jhope, hes very attractive but not according to the korean beauty standard) as others don’t have the potential to be visuals because it wouldnt make any sense.

It’s rumored that Beomgyu is the center

TXT will debut with the song ‘CROWN’.
They released their first official teaser of the song 2 hours ago.

exactly its just facts and i find it stupid that most people are fighting over who the visuals should be like they are all amazing but its BigHits choice not ours and i think BigHit know what theyre doing

I thought the visual is just the pretiest memebre of the group!! i didn’t know about fitting any standards, but for me i think the visual should be Taehyun or Beomgyu, Beomgyu more good looking than the other, his face is more pretty and handsome than the other!!

the visual is the member that fits the korean beauty standards the most. this isn’t about personal opinion.

This group is full of visuals…like the heckkkk

Am I the only one who thinks that visual could be taehyun or yeonjun?

Why are you guys fighting over who should be the visual? Shouldn’t the group themselves or BigHit decide who they think fits best? And even if Beomgyu, Taehyun, Yeonjun or even Kai gets the visual title, who are you to get upset? It’s BigHit’s/TXT’s choice and when they debut, if I see favoritism (not saying you can’t have a bias or anything), meaning if you’re saying Yeonjun deserves the visual title because he is better looking than everyone else…or something along the lines of that…I won’t take it lightly and I will say something to you. BigHit knows what is best for their idols, so we should accept their decisions and NOT argue over who should have what position. And I’ll say this ahead of time…but I will not take anyone’s opinions on what their positions should be based on the MV. I will change it if someone turns out to be a rapper instead of a vocalist, but I will not put main, lead or sub or even FOTG or center until BigHit/TXT says otherwise. Thank you – Author Suga.Topia

Taehyun keeps trying to introduce himself as the maknae. So he’s the “Fake” maknae of the group. His first introduction on twitter was him telling everyone he’s the maknae XD

omg they are basically nct dream age wise

He’s not the fake maknae. They both are maknaes. Intl fans usually just dub the absolute youngest member as the maknae, but the title can go to more than one member. Since in Korea you age on Lunar New Year, people born in the same lunar year are the same age. For example, if you watch when Gfriend’s SinB was on King of Masked Singer, the host asked her if she was the maknae and she said yes. Umji is known as the maknae to intl fans, but Koreans will consider both to be the youngest because they’re born in the same year

And because they’re the same age, making them both maknaes. Remember that Korean age works differently and that they age on Lunar New Year, not their birthdays, making people born in the same birth lunar year the same age

They’re both maknaes because they’re the same age. Who was born first doesn’t matter much in Korea because everyone turns a year older on Lunar New Year, not their birthdays, so people born in the same year as you are the same age as you, therefore both are maknaes

They are both considered the maknae in Korea because they are the same age. Koreans age on Lunar New Year, so people born in the same year as you are the same age as you.

Actually they are both the maknaes in Korea. They’re both born in 2002, making them the same age. Koreans do not “age” on their birthdays. Everyone ages together on Lunar New Year. Because of that, people born in the same year are considered to be the same age, no matter how many months they have in between, which is why both Kai and Taehyun are regarded as the maknae. It doesn’t really have anything to do with being in the maknae line. Intl fans are probably more used to one maknae because it means youngest or maybe because a lot of companies kinda… assign it as a role to the physically youngest member (and thus put them in charge of being cute and all), this does make sense, but there can in fact be more than one in a group. Koreans would consider them both to be the youngest

Korean lesson: BOTH Taehyun and Kai are maknaes. Taehyun is not lying when he says he’s the maknae, nor is it meant to mean that he’s part of the maknae line. They are both born in 2002, which makes them the same age in Korea, neither being older than the other. Some of you may know that in Korea, people don’t “age” on their birthdays, but instead age collectively on Lunar New Year. Because of that, both of them would be 18 in Korea because 2019-2002=17+1(the 1 year in the womb)=18. The month and date of birth don’t matter. So, they aren’t trying to be confusing. Koreans would consider both of them as the youngest. Kai is physically the youngest and would be the one intl fans deem the “true” maknae, but technically, there are in fact two maknaes in this group

yeah this shouldn’t be a fan thing unless it is completely obvious. i agree with all the main, lead, and sub points but i do think either yeonjun or beomgyu are going to be center. yeonjun seems to be in the middle for the dance points and has that unique look that blows me away even though im a dude lol, while beomgyu is in the middle in almost all of their teaser photos. tbh i want this debut to come sooner ughhhh

he does have three tails and is in most of the pictures in the middle. i really hope its yeonjun tho 🙁

Taehyun is my bias but yall all are cuties

mines is taehyun too lol but its cool they all are lil cuties


Omg am I wrong or is Taehyun born on the same day as nct dreams jisung!!!? O.O <3

The visual group

TXT officially post their teaser 1 and 2 and it’s hella bop

Rookie kings

I’m curious. If people in Korea do not age one their birthdays, then why did Jungkook get a cake with “22” on the top of it on his last birthday?

Kinda just… like a nice gesture? People have parties and give presents and stuff, but birthdays in Korea are really just for fun. It’s kinda just a western culture thing they adopt because it was fun, but they still follow the whole Korean age tradition. Idrk. In the video, the members say happy birthday and such, but I don’t remember them saying things like “You’re 22 now” since he’d been 22 since January or February. Like right now, he would be 23, Korean age, but 21, physically.

in Kai’s profile where you put he played the drums and flute you forgot to put he also plays guitar and piano!! so please edit it

Thank you for telling me!

Everyone, if you’re curious, this is Huening Kai’s sister Ria who was apart of the K-Pop group VIVA. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9f3d015e88cb80ac06a4fb60dff498ef1929d6216fc316ad6918941c7cd60fa4.jpg

lol, an actual global prince.. 😂😂😂

Yeonjun said in his mnet video that he was number 1 in dancing, rapping and singing at the company. He’s a triple threat.

Okay, please help me somebody. I’m trying to find the official TXT YouTube channel. Is the one on the profile the confirmed one? I’m just so confused with all of these fan accounts.
Greek!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Huening kai looks like my youngest brother but I’m sorry Yeonjun get me but not how V bury my grave on him. I will both support TXT and love BTS.

Yeonjun does not really look as tall as Soobin. Rather Kai looks a lot taller in the second teaser. Is his height really correct?

We dont care height,we want a hendsome cute and yeah talented,and yeonjun “catch” us from his first video😊

Yes it is the confirmed one. I got it from the verified Twitter 🙂

The heights are not confirmed, these are just guesses. I will update them when they are officially announced.

taehyun is my bias but look at hueningkai he looks like a gorgeous doll https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4545c4faf27bed3124a27749dcb5693f13315679c727d07e4862a3bc5ba1735b.png


TXT FAN CHAINT WHERE U AT (i can say the bts fan chaint extremealy fast)

taehyun is 7 years from me >.<

you’re ten wow,you’re v young



whats a fan chaint fam

whAT mY fRiEnD ALreAdY tOLd yOu To LeAVe bUt YoUrE sTiLL hEre

I’m older than huening kai. What a time to be alive. 😂

im 11 so it must be 6 years

what friend?

I find it hard to believe that Taehyun and Kai are only a year older than me…


Anemone flower symbolized as the protection against evil and ill wishes so with soobin. he will protect TXT <3… love lotsss

anemone flower symbolized as a protection against evil and ill wishes so with soobin. he will protect them <3 love lotsss

Huening kai can’t speak portuguese, his uncle confirmed it. He speaks only Korean, English and Chinese!
Source: https://twitter.com/TXTsincedayone/status/1099736364524978178

For Yeonjun it says he is 183 m 😂 I think you meant 183 CM?😂

I find it hard to believe that Taehyun and Kai are a year younger than me

Finally a boy group where I’m older than them except for yeonjun. 😂😂


Yes, I meant cm lmao just haven’t gotten around to fixing it. Thank you for reminding me 🙂

Oh that’s interesting.

She’s gorgeous!

apparently some korean fans have already confirmed that Kai is actually taller than Yeunjun, making him the second tallest in group. but idk if its true

Man only one of them is older than me -.- I FEEL OLD WAAAA D:

Honestly as a Korean (who lives in Korea), Kai has high chances of becoming visual (not saying it’s 100% since I’m not bighit lmao)
In Korea, half/mixed Koreans have the stereotype of usually being super attractive and good looking. <With all the crap they have to go through in society, there’s one positive for them lmao)
Korean beauty standards are basically “Western” looking features such as double eyelids, bigger, eyes, high nose bridge, etc and you said yourself that Kai has an international look; which he does. Any Korean can tell right off the bat from his face that the kid is not a pure or what we consider to be a 100% full Korean person.
Koreans like international looking features but on a Korean (or in this case, half Korean) face
So I would not be surprised at all if Kai is listed as a visual; in fact, I’m kind of expecting it.
To me, I think they are all visuals. But I know that one of the members will hold the official title.

if Jungkook is the golden Maknae what does that make Kai cause he also seems to be good at everything big hit must love their talented Maknae

The hanguel of the full name of Huening Kai is 카이 카말 호닝

And second, my classmate said that her bias is Taehyun. Why? Bcs they have the same birthday but my classmate is 2007 though hahaha

I think it said at the end of their teaser video for “Crown” that they will debut on 03/04/19 at 18PM KST .

Me neither….


TXT members are so cute. i chose my bias to be BoemGyu. He is the one who inspired me the most. And also he was in the same english academy with my BTS bias YOONGI

im still younger than all of them but im close lol. 2003!!

Yeonjun’s chinese zodiac is a tiger, not a rabbit, pls fix it

Taehyun has the exact same birthday as Jisung from nct….

Anyone born in 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 and 2023 will have Rabbit as their chinese sign. Yeonjun was born in 1999. The ones with Tiger as their signs are the people born in 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 and 2022. Every chinese zodiac sign chart says that 1999 is the year of the rabbit which is Yeonjun’s year

Yeonjun really looks like V in my opinion….

4 April or 4 March?

4 march

the teaser actually said 2019.03.04 at 18:00 (KST) which is the 4th of March so tomorrow.

Omg 2007????? I feel so old you all are so young

your opinion sucks

Why’s this reply so amusing to me

Neither does ur lame ass comment does. Stop spreading toxicity hoe no one wants u here.

I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Yeonjun likes chocolate milk, called ‘master of dance’ and is good at dad jokes.

Taehyun is from Gangnam. Soobin’s friend said ‘he is really silly & a good friend. His skills are good too. He takes care of everything important & looks after everyone from the bottom of his lovely heart.’

we cant choose because they are all my bias

i understand how you feel now
i am 03

The diamond maknae? 😂🤷‍♀️


Bruh i swear he wont let us breath a second

1 more hour, is everyone ready?




so technically soobin is the maknae
and he’s the leader… wow

No soobin is 00′ liner

love them

According to the official TXT website by BigHit themselves, Soobin was born in 2002. This is why it’s important to wait until a group debuts instead of posting a profile full of false information.

Kai’s not the maknae. This profile is wrong

He’s 181.5 cm according to their official website

Ahhhh they debuted! I’m so excited!

Beomgyu is probably their center?

ohhh please change the intro from “they will be debuting” to “debuted”

So does many other ppl in the world. Your point?

Soobin is an 00′ liner.

Why do ppl get so mad it comments
‘no he is this age, no they said this’ how about you wait for official information on the group.

Maybe then they will update the profiles. There’s literally no point of them spreading false information if they are uncertain.
Also who really cares about their position? Literally kpop has made you think official positions of a rapper, singer and dancer is important but it really isnt. You guys don’t care about that in western groups do you?

You can determine that on your own if you want but the minute official information comes out you might be disappointed and say that’s so wrong.
I see nothing wrong in just labelling them as vocal, dancer, rapper for now.

It was just guesses. They’ll be fixed, so please don’t be rude.

Congrats on debuting TXT!!! ahh im so excited for you guys!! 💜💜💜

it’s just something they noticed lol calm down

Making a statement that you should have waited until you knew the information was 100% correct is rude?

It’s the way it was said. It’s a simple and easy fix. I made a mistake, it’s not a big deal.

Their heights according to the Mnet debut show:
Soobin 185cm
Yeonjun 181.5cm
Beomgyu 179cm
Taehyun 177cm
Huening Kai 181.5

Kai’s blood type is A. I saw it on the debut celebration

TXT Members Profile
from [txt.ibighit.com],
Debut Celebration Show

Date of Birth: December 5, 2000
Height: 185cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: September 13, 1999
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: March 13, 2001
Height: 179cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: AB

Date of Birth: February 5, 2002
Height: 177cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: August 14, 2002
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: A

Soobin is shy to people at first

Beomgyu has the Daegu Satoori
He can play the guitar
He is shy and quiet to people at first but when he warms up, he can’t stop talking

Taehyun has a really angled(?) nose which is 60°
He is mature and passionate

Heuningkai describes himself as random and cool
He is very stiff
He can play the piano and was interested in music since a young age and wanted to inspire people from it

From the Mnet debut show


It was confirmed and he is 00′ liner so be more nice when you talk to people in the present

TXT Members Profile
from [txt.ibighit.com],
Debut Celebration Show

Date of Birth: December 5, 2000
Height: 185cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: September 13, 1999
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: March 13, 2001
Height: 179cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: AB

Date of Birth: February 5, 2002
Height: 177cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: August 14, 2002
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: A

Kai : Main vocalist, Makane.
Taehyun : Lead vocalist.
Beomgyu : Lead rapper, Lead dancer, Vocalist, Centre, Visual.
Soobin : Leader, Main rapper, Lead dancer, Vocalist.
Yeonjun : Main dancer, Lead rapper.

Yeonjun looks like Chan of A.C.E

We can get bunches of official information about them at Mnet Debut Show.

Here are the pictures I took, you may want to translate them, and I sadly didn’t get Soobin because he was there and gone before I knew it anyways here are the others

Yeonjun https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/81e72c2fdfcf624f076f5bff5652b6d14293262517a927fb56e25da1b242c1d0.png

Beomgyu https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/83950ddfbcb8c005599cfb89db615354da0ef2114751f9bfc64c095a86b72729.png

Taehyun https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6c46eb19b4f7cfdadc75c9855a83c749f93c5699a727899d001ba15c51fbacb7.png

Huening Kai

TXT Members Profile
from [txt.ibighit.com],
Debut Celebration Show

Date of Birth: December 5, 2000
Height: 185cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: September 13, 1999
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: March 13, 2001
Height: 179cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: AB

Date of Birth: February 5, 2002
Height: 177cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: A

Date of Birth: August 14, 2002
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: A

kai’s height is 181.5

i think taehyun is the visual

I think taehyun is visual

Some facts from the Mnet Show

He has two older brothers and one sister
His nickname is sloth
His hobbies are reading, listening to music, daydreaming

He doesn’t have any siblings
He has double eyelids
His Hobbies are dancing, skateboarding and eating

He has two older brothers
His nicknames are Bamgyu & Cookie
His hobby is playing the guitar
He also succeeded in auditioning because of his guitar skills

He has one older brother & one older sister
His hobbies are playing football & swimming

Huening Kai:
He has two brothers and one sister
His nicknames are Hyuka and NingNing
His hobby is playing instruments

They are so tall 😱😱😱

I guess :
Yeonjun : main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Soobin : leader, lead rapper, vocalist
Bomgyu : main dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual, center
Taehyun : lead vocalist
Kai : main vocalist, visual, maknae

TXT Fighting!

Huening Kai is the Visual

Yeonjun is a main dancer

My opinion for the positions

Soobin: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Teonjun: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Beomgyu: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
Taehyun: Lead Vocalist
Huening Kai: Main Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Their TMI profiles from their debut celebration show:


Birthday: December 5, 2000
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Blood type: A
Family: 2 boys, 1 girl. Youngest
Nickname: Sloth
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music


Birthday: September 13, 1999
Height: 181.5 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood type: A
Family: Only son
Uniqueness: His Monolid
Hobbies: Dancing, Skating, Eating


Birthday: March 13, 2001
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood type: AB
Family: Youngest of 2 boys
Nicknames: Bamgyu, Bbamgyu, Cookie
Hobbies: Playing guitar


Birthday: February 5, 2002
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Blood type: A
Family: Youngest of 1 brother and 1 sister
Nickname: Loveable/adorable
Hobbies: Football, Swimming


Birthday: August 14, 2002
Height: 181.5 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Blood type: A
Family: 2 sisters
Nickname: Hyuka, NingNing
Hobbies: Playing instruments

I need to know more about them before I can choose a bias. I think I’ll safely wait for a few more songs to come out before I choose. That way I can get to know them better.

Where does it say he was born in 2002? Because on the Mnet show it says he’s a ’00 liner

Thank you!

No Soobin is actually 2000 in mnet TXT live too muct information

No soobi is actually 2000 in Mnet txt debut too much information part.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fa4e07a13ce9d2ad595028d7bd164ff0fed435726dd81bf7ea6b3f2f108c2d1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9833b94afadf22659dce8b916d5807b13dd199aa1befce4aeaa8f23dea19c4af.png
Either of the two has incorrect information regarding birth year.

The first one is wrong. It was either Beomgyu or Kai, but one of the two called him ‘Soobinnie hyung’.


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98114d4b8eab527fc813ef9d5cea241daf7957d3deb80a600c3265c21b9effba.png BIG OOF <3

beomgyu is center + visual

I think :
1. Soobin : Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
2. Yeonjun : Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
3. Beomgyu : Center, Vocalist, Rapper (Maybe), Lead Dancer
4. Taehyun : Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer (Maybe)
5. Kai : Main Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

me too.. hahaXD but in MV i think beomgyu ….idk

Omg same!


Kai has 2 sisters and 0 brothers and Beomgyu only has 1 brother

They already debut!!!
This is their MV:

SooBin YeonJun beomgyu and kai can speak English idk about taehyun

These are the official birthdays, height and weight, it’s on txt’s official page:

Date of Birth: 5th December, 2002
Height: 185cm
Weight: 69kg​

Date of Birth: 13th September, 1999
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 65kg

Date of Birth: 13th March, 2001
Height: 179cm
Weight: 55kg

Date of Birth: 5th February, 2002
Height: 177cm
Weight: 53kg

Date of Birth: 14th August, 2002
Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 61kg

Taehyun can speak English, there’s a video of him on YouTube speaking English when he was a kid

Yeonjun’s blood type is A

Kai’s height is 181.5 cm

Soobin is the maknae. He was born in 2002.

I think:
Soobin: Leader, Lead rapper, vocalist
Yeonjun: Main dancer, main rapper, vocalist
Beomgyu: Lead dancer, Lead vocalist
Taehyun: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Kai: Main Vocalist, Centre, Visual, Maknae

Soobin is born December 5, 2002…

Isn’t Soobin supposed to be the maknae?He was born December 5, 2002.

Kai 181.5 official profile

No. Kai maknae. Soobin born 2000 official profile

Soobin born 2000 official prodile

Beomgyu speak English

I’m not 100% sure

txt.bighit.com on the official profile page. I was actually confused by mnet too, so i’m not sure if it was a typo on their part or bighit’s part. We’ll have to wait and see

Sorry, txt.ibighit.com. Forgot a letter there

sorry but the official center is beomgyu and he is also rapper too and for soobin is lead vocalist too

This is soobin’s official weight birthday and height https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/94ef847b6f479d4b1a053e15fe79e1464d2ed5a1e43fd16504647381ba46eaa9.png

Yeonjun’s official weight birthday and height https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f819a5cf05678890e0616d93b8c069fdb865d3af4839f85e93ce03c58cff100c.png

Beomgyu’s official weight birthday and height https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d050e3629edcfb668a3d0bb100ab5eb7d13118c94514de20df72fe6e6c49ced.png

Taehyun’s official weight birthday and height https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0248bc02f276fdf6e96decca5d740b94039bda04670d9c87b93bbe3b129579f5.png

And this is HueningKai’s official weight birthday and height https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b72fc00028766726263234f38886110d0d72f7bd0acdb41bf53677a32263bfb4.png

soobin: leader.lead rapper,lead vocalist,dancer
yeonjun;main dancer,main rapper,sub vocalist
beomgyu;lead vocalist,lead rapper,lead dancer,center
taehyun;main vocalist,dancer ,visual
hueningkai;main vocalist,dancer,visual.

It says “He is Stiff” in the title right before the words “TXT” idk if it’s a typo but I just wanted to point it out

This is what I think their roles are:

Soobin: leader, lead rapper, vocalist

Yeonjun: main rapper, main dancer, lead vocalist (maybe??)

Beomgyu: lead dancer, vocalist, sub-rapper, visual, center

Taehyun: lead vocalist

Huening Kai: main vocalist, visual, maknae

Kai is everything lol😂😂

Omg “Hyuka” I love that nickname woww. It sounds like a japanese name

Well people seem to be calling him the Diamond maknae! So yeah

soobin my boy i already love you

my friend and i thought that when we first saw Taehyun he looked like Got7 Jackson, i still think he looks a bit like jackson but he looks like a mix of Jackson and Jonghyun. its our opinion. but i want to know if people agree!!💕😁

Soobin raps in Crown doesn’t that mean he’s a rapper too(?)

Kai’d Dad is not American. He’s German, was born in Brazil and raised in America.
(There’s a video on YouTube where his mom(?) sings about it)

i’ve never met a k-idol that is related to my country

Kai’s Dad is German and was born in Brazil (and raised in America)

SERIO?? :O ❤️

As a Jackson stan….I say no. The is nothing that reminds me of Jackson when I look at Taehyun.


Oh my! Soobin’s Dog is named Sean!!! I’m going crazy

I knew Hueningkai is the visual

Yeonjun: Bundang-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Soobin: Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Taehyun: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

From the K-Pop Wiki

he probably has like 1% of polish in him so its near to nothing. nothing to be happy about xd

I’m so with you, except Yeonjun is just a vocalist.

damn just let people be

Yeonjun surely is the visual here. why is Kai selected as the visual?

soobin says he really likes bread and bts’s seokjin.

I’m ’03 liner too

He’s not.

I think Taehyun is the Main Vocalist not Kai! (go see ‘Nap of Star’s live)

I think Soobin might be a rapper as well.

Ikrrr…I AGREE his vocals are 🔥🔥🔥

Also and the MV ‘Crown’ , he’s the one who did the ‘woaa’ in the beginning, it’s incredible!!!!!

Lol yeonjun turned out to be a maim dancer & main rapper & a vocalist

On the official website is says that he is from 2002

Taehyun or Soobin as Lead Vocal

In the title of the page (on top of the group picture), “-He is stiff” is beside the title.

Is he ur bias?

Beomgyu is from Daegu

he looks like a mix of Wonpil (Day6) and Jonghyun to me

TXT Review-
Now, are ya’ll ready for my honest truth about TXT and their debut song? Too bad you’re getting it anyway. Firstly I would like to say the diversity in BTS members (visual wise) are pretty good, but with TXT I feel like they all look extremely similar and the only two I can really tell apart is Taehyuh & Kai.
But that doesn’t really matter to me and don’t get me wrong we got an handsome & beautiful guy group just wanted to share that, now moving on to names 😑. What’s with this generation of K-Pop?? Using real names for the members of an group I don’t get it. Isn’t a company supposed to have an Ideal, look and style like JYP, SM and YG have gained over the years. If the members name was like Jungkook (BTS), Jin (BTS), Yang Yang (WAV) then sure if you make an small name, the members of BTS have stage names that are actually STAGE NAMES aka SUGA, J-hope, RM, V and so on and so forth. I suck at saying names and it would be helpful to actually not butcher their names, moving on to the M/V…The music video was cool and all but some of the outfits were like TVXQ and Stray Kids dressed them 🙄 what I mean by that is they tried to style them old fashioned hip hop and then new style it just doesn’t work…At all some of the outfits were fire but some were just not okay. The M/V and song was actually surprisingly very good and I enjoy Crown and Nap Of A Star the most and I enjoy the voices it also seems like all of them sing and they seem more like an vocal group so thats new because when BTS debuted they were a Hip-Hop group and I enjoy golden vocals (TXT). It may seem I don’t like what TXT is doing but I really do and I thought I wasn’t going to like them because of the teasers just really turned me off. But otherwise I ended up enjoying the debut 😄


Kai is def the Main Vocalist… He has better technique and your reasons are not valid enough… Main Vocalist usually finishes the bridge and sings the highnotes and ad-lib which in the case of Taehyun and Kai… Kai did the highnotes and ad-libs… and judging by the parts they got Kai is def the Main Vocalist

First Impressions:
They’re all super cute
Soobin looks kind of like Haruto from YGTB
Yeonjun looks kind of like Sanha from ASTRO
Beomgyu is CUTEEE
Huening Kai is so hard to say but omg hes so cute
Taehyun’s eyes are literally looking into my soul

In ‘Crown’ Taehyun is the one who’s finishing the bridge as i heard,
Compare 1.20 (Kai) and 1.28-1.32 (Taehyun)!!

Beomgyu (^_^)

Also watch the live of ‘Nap of Star’ and then you’ll feel it.

he IS. you’re just hating on him. in your other comment you also said he’s not the main vocalist. lol he IS

yo Kai is also a rapper, in Cat & DOg Yeonjun and Kai are the only ones rapping

KissOnTheLip do you hate Huening Kai or do you have anything against him…I see you on the upper section of the comment arguing about Taehyun’s and HueningKai position..and here you’re arguing with someone that Huening’s not the visual…Come on girl,you don’t know anything.We are well aware that their positions are not accurate and they can change within time but you don’t have to go there and say Huening’s not the visual or that he is not the main vocalist.I am not sure about his visual position but he got a really exotic face so he might actually be the visual… Secondly he is definitely the Main vocalist because of his vocal performance in their title and b-side songs… I’ve read that your bias is Beomgyu qnd I think that’s the reason why you don’t accept HueningKai as the visual… But wait, if you are a true fan and if I am really a true fan of TXT, we should be getting along well so I hope you don’t, get salty about my comment

Yes I fixed it lol.

BigHit made a typo on the profile. Soobin is born in 2000 because everyone but Yeonjun was calling him hyung.

BigHit made a typo on the profile. Soobin is born in 2000 because everyone but Yeonjun was calling him “Soobinnie hyung”.

2 things…

1, I will not update anything regaurding main vocal, main rapper, etc until the members or BigHit announces it.

2, Soobin isn’t the maknae and isn’t born in 2002. BigHit made a typo. In the showcase, Beomgyu or Kai (whoever was behind the camera) called Soobin “Soobinnie hyung”.

huening kai also looks like jyun hao from YGTB but i guess thats just me haha

Some of them aren’t comfortable with having stage names.. it’s kind of rude to say they need a stage name. Lots of artist don’t use their stage names. Also you can look up how to pronounce names. Groups don’t need to have a certain style. Look at Stray Kids! Look at NCT! There’s nothing wrong with having an old fashioned hip hop style and new style. It makes it diverse.

TXT calls Taehyun their youngest so im confused how Kai is the maknae? are you sure that is accurate because their tweets say otherwise

So I dont understand how Kai is the said maknae here if in one of txt’s tweets calls taehyun their youngest. are you sure that part is accurate??

Together they look so small, but individually, they are so tall.


HueningKai has the same birthday as me but a year older! plus he’s adorable and so cute!

Soobin – Leader, Lead Vocalist and Rapper
Yeonjun – Main Dancer, Main Rapper and Vocalist
Beomgyu – Lead Dancer and Vocalist
Taehyun – Lead Vocalist
Huening Kai – Main Vocalist, Visual and Makne

Yeah I was thinking he’s just a vocalist too, but his voice makes me MEELLLTT


What’s the main vocal ??? Taehyun or Kai

Soobin’s height should be 6’1” for 185 cm & HueningKai is actually 181.5 cm tall ^^

I totally agree! Like you just could be a respectful person and LEARN their names???? It’s really not that hard? As for the outfits, I really liked them and found them quite cute. They were quite boyish and reminded me of GoGo stages (not to compare). I think that’s the aesthetic they’re trying to portray – young, playful and hopeful.

Huening Kai’s father is Brazilian!
For this reason he also speaks Portuguese

Ayyyyy taehyun got the same born day like me 5th February but I’m older 2 years ’cause I was born on 2000 😂💜

I agreed 😂

Yeah I know it‘s written on his profile ^^
There are only the birthplaces of Beomgyu and Huening Kai, the others are missing that‘s why I didn‘t include the two

I think both are gonna be main vocal since they both have almost the same amount of lines ( although I like Kai’s voice more ).. but Kai is also a rapper

I think Taehyun is the Main Vocalist and Kai is the main vocalist, and i don’t think kai is a rapper, cat and dog is just a rap song and they all just have the same flow. But nothings confirmed so oop

I also think Yeonjun is the Visual, kai is BEAUTIFUL but he doesnt have much screen time. And Yeonjun is very aesthetic and pleasing to look at especially in the MV. His 👏 pink 👏 jacket 👏 is 👏 so 👏 cute 👏 its gonna be so hard picking a bias

Kai is the LEAD vocalist*


ok so i think yeonjun is the main rapper and under him comes soobin (???) who is probably a lead and kai is probably a lead too or just a rapper.

Yeonjun has some angle that he looks like Teahyung (V). I don’t know if it’s just me or what. Kekeke Anyway, let me know what you guys think.


I noticed too!😊

I really thought Yeonjun is V (BTS) 😄

Wow, they’re so high, tho! even the shortest is 177!

Yeonjun was a trainee for 4 years.
Beomgyu was a trainee for only 2 years.

hes not really arguing he did make a valid point for taehyun, and no one confirmed who the visual was this was all speculation. i personally think my visual ranking is yeonjun, kai, than beomgyu but its up to bighit to decide whos what.

LMAO better technique? based off of what? only one performance was live and taehyun was amazing too. taehyun got a large amount of main vocal parts (2nd half of chorus, 2nd half of bridge) so we’ll have to see.

i was hoping yeonjun was going to be the center but i think beomgyu was assigned it 🙁

And i thought i was the only thinking yeonjun kinda looks like v in their mv crown

my predictions so far on the roles from what i’ve seen from the album and live shows:

Soobin: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Yeonjun: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual (maybe), Face of the Group
Beomgyu: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center
Taehyun: Main Vocalist
Kai: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Visual (more likely), Maknae

bts has their main center, visual and face as different people so kai will probably be the main visual

For my opinion:

Yeonjun – Main rapper, vocal, main dancer
Soobin – Leader, Lead Vocalist, lead rapper, lead dancer, Visual( I think)
Beomgyu – Vocalist, lead dancer
Taehyun – Lead Vocalist
Huening Kai – Main vocalist, Visual, maknae

It doesn’t mean that if you have most lines, you have considered as a main vocal…….. like nayeon she have most lines in Twice but she is only Lead Vocalist…………

Secondo me yeonjun assomiglia a Kang Daniel dei Wanna One e Chan degli A.C.E.

Hello, its confirmed from their VLive that Soobin has a 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Yeonjun’s blood type is A and he is an only child. While Beomgyu has a 1 older brother.

Hope you noticed this 😊

No, I also thought that when I saw him. I can’t decide whos gonna be my bias between Yeonjun and Beomgyu

Isn’t kai’s father brazilian?

According to Soompi’s article on TXT’s debut showcase at Yes24 Live Hall, Beomgyu mentioned that Hueningkai and himself are practicing songwriting. Beomgyu also mentioned that Yeonjun created the TXT hand logo/gesture.

Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1307885wpp/exclusive-txt-talks-about-btss-advice-group-goals-and-personal-charms-at-debut-showcase

I have the same birthday as you except me and taehyun is actually the same age! 😂

Then why is Kai and Yeonjun the only ones rapping in Cat & Dog. Doesn’t make it sense that it would be Soobin then? I think Kai is the lead rapper and Soobin is just a rapper!

Oh ok the who’s the main vocal in your opinion? For me it’s Kai aince his voice sounds nicer imo!

For me he looks like bap’s youngjae(? I don’t really remember his name). But really, from few angles.


👆👆👆This will give a little update💜💜💜

Soobin’s cheeks and neck are very stretchy, Soobin winks whenever one of his members and his eyes meet. Soobin also likes Jin of BTS

Yeonjuns Blood Type is A, not O. Everyone has got A except Beomgyu (AB)

kai is also born on the same day as my best friend!!

My Bias is yeonjun but bias wrecked by beomgyu..

I think it’s both

what do you mean by saying child? bc they said the same that taehyun has one child. They have kids?

Kai’s father is not American, he’s Brazilian/German

Lol are you sure tho firstly I would say Kai is not very likely to be visual (because of Korean standards) secondly isn’t V the visual and face of group?

No – being an “only child” means that you don’t have any siblings. They most certainly do not have kids

His father is German born in Brazil, but raised in the U.S. But since Kai was born in America and his dad was raised, I just put him as half American.

Brazilian, German and a bit Polish

Wow Taehyun and I share the same birthday

If I’m not worng Taehyun is a left handed

so does Jisung from nct! Damn, y’all are bday triplets

It doesn’t make sense to put half-American since it’s just a nationality. Unless he has dual citizneship, then he is American and his ethnicity is half Korean and half German.

I don’t think it is possible to be “half-American” … American is a nationality not an ethnicity

I love you Kai! He speak Portuguese and i speak too… I am Brazilian and my great grandfather is Italian

I STAN these rookie KINGS

Omo, Taehyun is so daebak!!! Total Oppa!!

I think it should be said that he is also German and Brazilian , because his dad is German-Brazilian. Even if he was born in the USA and raised there, he stays also German and Brazilian. Maybe his nationalities are coréen and American, but he is Corean, American, German and Brazilian.
Nationality and origin is not the same.

Soobin- Leader, Vocalist, Rapper

Yeonjun- Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist

Beomgyu- Vocalist, Dancer

Taehyun- Vocalist, Maknae

Huening Kai- Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

*these are the positions someone on twitter translated from the members showcase

So does me ^_^

That’s funny
It’s my birthday too

i really don’t know why Huening is the Visual. It should be Soobin or Beomgyu Tbh.

yeah. and also taehyun, he is considered really handsome in korea. even yeonjun could be the visual, too. omg, they all can be visuals.

i’m pretty sure beomgyu is center and he’s a lead vocalist? it’s probably incorrect, but if beomgyu was in a normal kpop group, he would definitely be lead, or even main, but this is txt and all of them can sing really well, so it’s really confusing.

That’s not exactly how it works, but yeah I guess Yeonjun is a rabbit because I just saw the official profile and his birthday is in september. If his birthday was in january like some of the rumors I heard before their debut, he would’ve been a tiger though

Aren’t there any main or lead?

not that they mentioned

i mean if you feel the need to assign main in lead, looking at lines and dancing in the entirety of the album, yeonjun seems to be both the main rapper and the main dancer and a sub vocal. soobin i think is a lead vocal and a sub rapper, beomgyu is a lead vocal and centre, taehyun is a lead vocal and kai is the main vocal. but a lot of this is still up for interpretation since no one has stated they are the “main” in anything specific which they might not need to since they all seem to be multitalented and share an equal amount of lines.

Yeonjun said he has been a trainee for 5 years, and Soobin said lol he loves Kim Seokjin (don’t we all tho) and Beomgyu said his heart beats really fast whenever he runs into a BTS member at the company. So sweet 🙁

lol they don’t need stage names its not like they have hard to pronounce names, besides a lot of people now a days tend to make fun of cheesy stage names used in the past (cough cough Namjoon can’t stand being called Rap Monster and everyone refers to him by his real name) its better to use regular names.

I am considered Korean-American akjsdflasdkf
I’m ethnically full Korean but because I was born in America I am counted as Korean American. It says nationality so he would be Korean-American as he was born in America but is Korean.

I didn’t mean any thing really i was just askin

Cuz their favs have same birthday it’s suppose to mean something

A fact about Yeonjun: He cried while reading a poem (Debut Celebration Show: TMI Profile)


Yep! someone gets how it works. at least that’s how I figured they were both maknaes

Majority agrees tbh many have questioned why they made Kai visual. Don’t get me wrong he looks quite good in certain angles. But like some have said Soobin should have been labelled visual. If not him than Taehyun

Actually, it’s more common in Twice for Jihyo to have the most lines. The only title tracks where Nayeon has the most lines is Heart Shaker and What is Love.
Even if what you said is true, Twice and TXT are under different companies, so the way Twice defines their main vocalist could be different from how TXT would define them.

Kai could pull a Hyolyn on us and be a Main Vocalist and Lead Rapper at the same time

I know everyone thinks Kai is the main vocalist but like, Taehyun has gotten more main vocal parts in the album overall and it seems they’re pushing him for that role. He got the adlibs in Crown (you can see him singing them in the MV, it’s just that no one counted them as his for some reason) and he seems to get a ton of harder lines in their songs so far. Kai’s obviously good too; I just think that based on how they’re getting treated it’s more likely that Taehyun is the main vocalist.

Yeonjun cried while reading a poem (Debut Celebration Show: TMI Profile)

Yeonjun said he had been a trainee for 5 years, and Soobin said he loves Jin from BTS and beomgyu said his heart beats really fast whenever he runs into a BTS member in the company building 🥺



where did you hear that from!???

I wish i could see how the react with each other

Kai is a rapper, in music cat & dog is he who sings a good part of the rapper.
Soobin so far does not seem to be a rapper.

Hey Taehyun and NCTs’ maknae Jisung were born on the same day in the same year.OMGGGGG I’m cryin

Is it just me or do they all kind of sing the same? Like I can’t tell whose singing each part without reading the lyrics

You get used to it like how I did with other groups eventually lmao

Everyone should be visuals

Lmao why is Taehyun so unappreciated? He was my bias from the moment I set my eyes on him and the moment I heard his voice in CROWN.

watch their debut celebration show

their debut showcase

There’s only one rapper???!!!!

IK I NOTICED THAT TOO I WAS GONNA COMMENT SOMETHING ON IT!! UWU the funny thing is i love them both a lot! jisung is my bias in nct dream and i really like taehyun (not gonna say bias bc i dont know enough yet)

i’m kinda confused because in the profiles it says only yeonjun is a rapper i dont get why they only have one so is soobin also a rapper?

Park Jisung from NCT does too! (Jisung and Taehyun were legit born on the same day same month same year)

I totally agree with you

I think some people are fetishizing the fact that Kai is half white, but I guess that’s just me

god can you shut up. It’s not about damn looks thats LITERALLY THE MORAL OF THE STORY HERE. JESUS CHRIST

Holy Cow! Yeonjun is the only rapper!

IKR Me too!

Anyone else struggling with the fact that most of the members are younger than you. My birthday is on the 5th of December and I’m an 00 liner. Soobin shares my birthday and Yeonjun is older than me.

Yeah you’re right

She’s just saying her opinion and I agree with her whats the problem?

Taehyun reminds me of Jonghyun…………. I might be the only one and maybe that’s why he made me soft ; ;

they’re a group of visuals UwU

Actually, he reminds me of Jonghyun too, you’re not alone.

I’m older than all of them, but Yeonjun and I are born in the same year.

Their could be other rappers, but BigHit hasn’t confirmed any positions. Yeonjun might be main rapper though

Their could be other rappers, but BigHit hasn’t confirmed any positions. Yeonjun might be main rapper

That is how it works. If I’m wrong please correct me and explain. As far as I know Chinese zodiac is based of the year you were born, but people born in January-February usually have the animal of the previous year since the Chinese New Year doesn’t start on January 1st but between those two months. For example: Kai and Taehyun are born in 2002, and even though it is the year of the Horse, Kai is the only one with it since Taehyun was born in February, 6 days before Chinese New Year, making him a Snake. But to be honest, I didn’t hear the rumors of him being born in January, I’ve always heard people say he was born in September 13 so, I apologize. I didn’t know where you were coming from ^^

He doesn’t speak Portuguese, it was a rumor that he did

Alright alright, I’ll fix it…

Did they mention the positions on th Showcase?

These men are so adorable.. Yeonjun said that he had been a trainee for 5 years, Soobin said that he LOVES Kim Seokjin from BTS (we do too my boi we do too) and Beomkyu said his heart beats REALLY fast everytime he runs into a BTS member in the agency/company (My boi, if we were you.. we’d faint..) on their Debut Celebration Show

Soobin is also a rapper

it’s probably just me but soobin kind of looks like a mix of nct jaehyun and nu’est/w1 minhyun idk

it’s probably jus m

it’s probably just me but soobin looks like the mix of nct jaehyun and w1/nu’est minhyun

Both yeonjun and kai are 181.5 cm tall (tmi profile)

soobin has been confirmed as the leader if i recall correctly? (in their debut celebration part 1 vlive) it said “leader’s struggle with bare feet to become a king” in his cam during their challenge.

OMG finally!!!😃

my option:
Soobin: Leader,Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer
YeonJun: Main Rapper,Lead Dancer,Vocalist
Beomgyu: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper,Center,Visual
Hueningkai: Main Vocalist,Visual,Maknae
Taehyun: Lead Vocalist

me were born on the same day in the same year with hueningkai

The new fandom name is called “NAVY” bighit released this inforamtion


“half German (father)” no, his father is a white Brazilian of German descent, that’s why he knows how to speak portuguese (and not german).

Beomgyu’s training period is not 3 years. It is 2 years. (debut showcase)

I think beomgyu is the center

Beomgyu has the shortest training period. That is 2 years. Not 3 years. (debut celebration show)

Is it me or Yeonjun smile is just so cute and perfect?. I try watching the video again and again coz the smile is just 😢, i dont like k-pop but i love k-drama. I think this is the first k-pop group that got my attention. 😊

Same tbh, maybe this is our lil gift tho (?)

have you seen their showcase debut? Kai is literally the most gorgeous one, plus everyone says so

I love how everyone ignores the fact that in Cat and Dog Yeonjun and KAI where the only ones rapping, not soobin not beomgyu but KAI.. Kai is the the lead rapper in my opinion, we haven’t seen Soobin or Beomgyu rapping yet.

Sorry but that is not true, the fandom name will be realesed 20th March, and Navy is Rihanna’s fandom name so it can’t be. I don’t know who gave you this information but its not right.

At the recent fansign some members stated their opinions on mint chocolate ice cream!

Taehyun: doesn’t like it
Kai Huening: Likes it
Soobin: Likes it

Beomgyu is also close friends with Stray Kids’ Jeongin! 🙂

According to his uncle though, Kai can’t speak Portuguese but people on his dad’s side (including his dad) can unless it was proven otherwise and I just didn’t hear about it 😂

Kai isn’t Brazilian, and his father is Brazilian by nationality, but he is German by ethnicity. So therefor, Kai is half German since he’s not from Brazil. And Kai can’t speak Portuguese, his uncle said so. Geez, I get yelled at for putting him as half American (white) and now I’m getting yelled at for putting him as half German…jeez can I get a break?

The fandom name is NOT Navy. BigHit didn’t released this anywhere.

Kai isn’t Brazilian though, it’s not even in his ethnicity. Brazilian is his dad’s Nationality, but not his ethnicity. His dad’s ethnicity is German.

Do you have a source for this?

Guys, I have no idea how you want me to do this. I got yelled at for having him as half American and now I’m getting yelled at for having him as half German. And people are telling me to put him as German-Brazilian when Kai wasn’t even BORN in Brazil, he as BORN in the Hawaii, USA. Kai’s dad is Brazilian by nationality…not ethnicity. Kai was NOT born in Brazil and is NOT Brazilian, his uncle confirmed this already. He is half Korean and half German.

Youre good. Being born in America makes you American. He is Korean-American…

Good god guys Taehyun reminds me of Jonghyun and Soobin sort of reminds me of Lee Minho

My Picks:
Soobin: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Yeonjun: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Center?
Beomgyu: Lead Vocalist, Center?
Taehyun: Main Vocalist
Hueningkai: Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

-Yeonjun is the inarguable Main Rapper and Main Dancer
-Taehyun is the obvious Main Vocalist for me. Hueningkai is #2, and could be considered a Main Vocalist too, but I think that in a 5 man group like them where everybody sings there should only be 1 official Main Vocalist.
-Hard to tell who the true Center is, but from what I’ve seen it’s between Yeonjun and Beomgyu.
-Also hard to decide who else will get the “Lead Dancer” title since they’re all really solid. You could pretty much call them all Lead Dancers, but someone’s gonna have to get left out.

Im older than Kai and Taehyun. Gyu and I are born in the same year but he’s 8 days older than me.

They both seem to share this position !!! Ja that in Crow Kai and Taehyun they make adlibs and they are with refrão !!
Just look at the tracks on the album.
In Blue Orange, Kai dominates the whole song (along with Yeonjun)
In Cat dog he dominates the music again along with Yeonjun
In Our summer Taehyun took the whole chorus dominating the song
In Nap of star the song went to Soobin and Taehyun.
And in Crow Kai and Taehyun they divide the chorus and make adlibs in the song

But I’m almost 100% sure that kai tbm and main vocal !! Because there is no reason for him to RECEIVE ALL the highlight of Blue orangeade, getting the WHOLE song with the chorus, still singing several verses before the chorus.
Still in the slow part of the song sings along with mini note. It still does adlibs at the end (along with Taehyun)
Let’s not forget his mini note “YEAHH” at the end of crow !!
If he has received all this prominence in the songs, and not being main vocal, I do not know what it is.

But nobody can officialize anything until Big Hit post something !!

It is impossible for me to pick a bias in this group! They’re all really handsome, and I loved all of their personalities. Someone send help :/

They look so incredibly similar facially! Not a bad thing — I think they will do very well to be honest. Yeonjun’s slight facial similarity a little to V, and Beomgyu’s slight facial similar to Jin, help a lot.

same but i’m not sure why

Only by nationality

Kai’s uncle confirmed Kai does not spea Portuguese and his father is only Brazilian by nationality

They just revealed the birthdates, Kai is the youngest. Taehyun was born in Feb 2002, while Kai is Aug 2002.

each member has their own instagram account ^^


At first i thought tht soobin will be my bias. But i just realized that i always paying attention to taehyun. And now i’m really sure tht taehyun is my bias. LOVE TAEHYUN ♥♥

The accounts aren’t confirmed to be real. Especially because the uploaded posts are from their official Twitter ^^

Taehyun 😭😭😭
I love all the members sooo much but Taehyun really needs to get more recognition!

True…im sobbingggg

Not 100% sure with this info but I believe all of them at least has a good ability to speak/understand English. From their VLIVE TalkxTXT they all were in charge of putting english subtitles for their video and in their Spotify Introduction vids and Audios they all pitched in to speak English. It sounded like Yeonjun especially sounds REALLY!!! fluent too hehe

yes.. lets show Taehyun a lot of love!!!

Yeonjun IS the main dancer



ven his fancams always has less views than the other members…

personally I think I’ll have a hard time memorizing their names and faces because they look pretty similar (this is not an attack or an offense, really. its not) I can only remember kai as of now haha

i love their song veryyyy much…. and i’m also happy they are with BTS i’m very happy very much….. the have brothers now … it’s make me feel so happy …. also ther are very beautiful i can’t believe my eyes … how can they be soooo beautiful like this

I hope they’re on the Ellen Show someday, that would be AMAZING


The YeonJun position is The Main Dancer

With all due respect, I never said anything about Kai being Brazilian. I said what you just did: he can’t speak Portuguese because his uncle said so. I’m honestly sorry that you have to deal with this mess as the author of the page though, it’s frustrating.

In my opinion it was really easy for me to differentiate the members because I think they look really unique compared to other groups who have members that do look similar:)

It really is…it’s exhausting, but I have to suck it up because I wanted to do this page, so I have to deal with the concequences, like some of the toxic members who come here, the yelling, the critisism, etc.

And I meant my comment towards the other person, I must have clicked reply on the wrong comment lol my bad. My apologies.

It hasn’t been confirmed, so I won’t update until BigHit or TXT confirms

Hmmm…I could put that they at least speak basic English

It’s all good 😂

And about the toxicity, please don’t give them even a second’s thought if you’ve already explained yourself once. Some people are determined to be nasty and you should just ignore them, block them, etc. Good luck, author-nim ✊

Hello! Author Suga.Topia coming by to say thank you for all of you who are helping out with the profile <3 I keep forgetting to add names to the special thanks part and I’m sorry. I have SO many different projects going on, chores, life, etc. Please understand that I don’t do it on purpose. IF I gave you info and IF I did use it and you don’t see your name, please let me know.

It really would be!

I don’t think BigHit allows members to have their own social media accounts, only group accounts. If TXT had them, it wouldn’t be fair to BTS.

I know EXCATLY how you feel. I think my bias is Beomgyu…but they’re all so adorable that I’m undecisive.

I agree that Taehyun reminds me of Jonghyun too. I think Soobin looks more like ASTRO’s Sanha and BTOB’s Minhyuk though

The source didn’t exactly say that they are close, but they both share a close friend (Lim Jimin from The Fans) so I think that people are assuming that they might be close as well


I got mixed up Beomgyu and Taehyun but now I know! Look up TXT TV on Youtube (a fansub channel) and watch the member’s introductions, you’ll be able to tell them apart

If im going to pick their fandom name im gonna say YXT means you x together i wish they do it

I love Soobin’s smile, it’s so cute!


I have so much similarities with Soobin 😍😍 Both of us love mint chocolate

He has big eye 😍😍

TXT have signed with Republic Records.

Ok but Beomgyu’s birthday is soon!

Heuning Kai is soo cute! I love his voice too!! Taehyun needs some more love T^T

i like how most of their representative animals and flowers means reincarnation/rebirth/new beginnings

ew wait no beomgyu has a face like jimin not jin

Why is everyone here are younger than me except Yeonjun Oppa

if they say kai’s sister is kim sohee (kpop star) i would believe, they look like siblings

Nah I think Kai is a main vocalist too!

Yeonjun can speak English and have a good understanding

Huening Kai’s position should be Vocal, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

So what? He was born in Brazil, raised in Brazil, with our costumes and culture, so he’s brazilian. We brazilians are all mixed, there’s no “brazilian ethnicity” (just native brazilians, of course) so we basically descent from a lot of people from all over the world. I’m brazilian of german descent but again, that doesn’t mean I’m german.
If he does not speak portuguese they should correct his info.

Beomgyu and Soobin has dimples

YeonJun Is a Visual too tho

LOL…I am still a lot younger than them….

there the new group i like the most in all kpop boys group the way look and how cute they are i feel like i’m about to die
soobin ,beomgyu, hueningkai and yeonjun they are my bias


Yeonjun is a true visual here🙂

Also taehyun

After some revision, this is what the roles should be IMO.

Soobin: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Yeonjun: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
Beomgyu: Lead Vocalist, Center
Taehyun: Main Vocalist
HueningKai: Main Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

stan Taehyun stan talent

Namjoon ready to fight Soobin over mint chocolate ice cream



Huening Kai is main vocal^^

Beomgyu is their center. You can easily recognize it through the mv, their position when making an interview, and the thumbnail on many award shows.

Agree, but Beomgyu is also a dancer

I think that Soobin is the visual because he caught so much attention of their fans with his visual and even make nicknames for him such as pure and clear visual, but… all of them are visuals also O_o

Whoa hueningkai is so multinational

Soobin: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Yeonjun: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist
Beomgyu: Main/Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Center
Taehyun: Main Vocalist, Visual
Hueningkai: Lead/Main Vocalist, Maknae

Based on their performances, the positions below seem accurate.

• Soobin: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Center
• Yeonjun: Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist
• Beomgyu: Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist (possible center)
• Taehyun: Main Vocalist
• Hueningkai: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

Soobin should be the visual oh my goodness…😩

That’s kind of true but then when you watch their performances, Soobin is primarily in the center.

Can you include yeojun ranked 1st on dance, rap and vocals when he was a trainee. From their tmi

Thank you so much <3

I won’t update anything reguarding positions unless TXT or BigHit confirms.

I won’t update anything reguarding positions unless TXT or BigHit confirms it.

I won’t update anything reguarding positions until TXT or BigHit confirms them. I’ve gotten cussed at for having false info, so I’m waiting to find out before I update. If it’s been a month and they haven’t said anything, I’ll think about updating the positions.

I think Taehyun should be the visual, I mean just look at him! At least based on Korean standards


I agree

Ikr he’s my bias but he’s so underrated 🙁

kai is main vocal, rapper and visual
btw how did you conclude soobin as lead rapper when he hasn’t even rapped on line int he entire album lol. Yeinjun and KAI have been the only ones that have rapped

korean standards don’t really matter that much anymore. Kai has the most perfect face so he is the visual. Look at seventeen, Vernon doesn’t fit the korean standards yet he is one of the visuals in the group so

My bias is Beomgyu and my other friend who is into TXT and kpop’s bday is the same day as him!

Not sure what you mean by Korean standards don’t matter since all of them obviously follow Asian beauty standards… As an American, I think Kai is the least charming.

Sure thing 🙂

Because of his lines. Soobin has many lines that’s why he took most of the centres. But you need to focus on their interviews position and the member with the most thumbnail on music shows. That’s Beomgyu.

My bias is Yeonjun and guess what? His birthdate/birthday is the same as me!

I gave the info about the birthplaces (except Beomgyu and Hueningkai as they were already there) but it‘s totally understandable if my name isn‘t on the special thanks part yet!

That’s so cool!

Soobin rapped for the second verse of CROWN

vernon is not the visual uhm lol seventeen’s visual tree are joshua mingyu and jeonghan

Ahh the Maknae’s. I honestly couldn’t choose between the two, combine their personalities and you have mee xDDD If I knew them personally I would be the youngest by like 12 days from Kai and the same height as Taehyun and same weight as Kai. Thus those two are my biases in TXT. I love the rest of them though <3. Beomgyu has that outgoing personality which I really would love in my life, I’m surprised how long Yeonjun is so calm and relaxed, though not gonna lie he doesn’t really seem like the hyung type xDDD. Soobin one thing we would love would be food, i can definitely see us just eating together and shoving our faces xDD.

And as an asian/american I think Kai has the most perfect face out of the 5.. and what I meant by korean standards was exactly what I said! Just because his face is not the usual “korean type” doesn’t mean he can’t be the visual, look at Vernon from seventeen, look at Yuna from itzy, look at Mark from got7.. none of them have the typical korean looks yet they are the visuals of their respective groups so why is it so hard for ya’ll to believe that Kai is the vosual of txt when he in fact has the most perfect looking face out the 5, high pointy nose, small face, almost perfect face structure etc.. he looks like a literal doll. Not be mean but I feel like ya’ll just want your biases to be the visuals but they’re not, whether ya’ll like it or not.

beomgyu and suga(bts) went to the same english academy

They all share one room (First vlive)

I suggest that their fandom name should be TXTz but it is clearly up to them.

I read that Kai is not half German (sadly😔) but half American, half Korean

Omg he is also Polish…. I’m from Poland 😳😍

Kai is American by nationality, but 1/2 German by heritage.

Daily reminder that these should be the updated positions:
Soobin – Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Yeonjun – Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist
Beomgyu – Lead Vocalist, Center
Taehyun – Main Vocalist
HeuningKai – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

Visually Beomgyu and Taehyun seem more appealing. To me Taehyun and Beomgyu should be the visuals.

I swear, Yeonjun looks like Eric Nam!

Guys please support Taehyun

Beomgyu and Kai are so sweet. If I had to only pick 1, would have to be Beomgyu, but I can’t just 1. I also enjoy Yeonjun tons. Hard, very hard, all of them have warm smiles.

Okay let me rephrase this so you understand better. Kai’s dad is not Brazilian by ethnicity, he is only Brazilian by nationality since he was born in Brazil, but by ethnicty he is German. Kai’s dad was also raised in the U.S from a young age. Kai was born in Hawaii, United States making him American, but since he also has citizenship in Korea, making Kai’s nationlity Korean-American. He is not Brazilian just cause his dad was born in Brazil. And for Kai’s ethnicity, I can’t say he’s American because that’s not an ethnicity, it’s a nationality. Kai is 1/2 Korean from his mom’s side and 1/2 German from his dad’s side.

Also, Kai’s uncle has confirmed he doesn’t speak Portuguese and that Kai is in fact, NOT Brazilian.

I’ve said this many times, I’ll say it again. I will NOT update positions UNLESS BigHit or TXT has revealed them. If you have a link from BigHit ONLY saying those positions, I will update them. Thank you, have a nice day 🙂

it was hard but i finally decided
bias? soobin.
bias wrecker? heuning kai
honestly choosing one member of txt to be my bias and the other to be my bias wrecker was almost impossible. but i finally picked one after thinking about it for maybe a day. and usually, i never do change my bias so i guess soobin it is! 🙂

soobinnnnn and heuningkaiiiii omg 🤪🤪

Yeonjun is the main dancer. That all I know. The members say he was the best dancer pre debut and now

This is my opinion in their roles…

Soobin: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Yeonjun: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual
Beomgyu: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Taehyun: Main Vocalist
Hueningkai: Vocalist, Visual, Lead Dancer

P.S: Sorry Yeonjun is everything haha. Here are reasons for Yeonjun’s. Yeonjun gets more rap lines than Soobin and Soobin hasn’t really shown much rapping skills as well… So that’s why I chose Yeonjun as the main Rapper. Main Dancer, we all know haha. He might be the lead dancer though. But all the members say that he is the best so that’s why I went with main dancer. Lead vocalist, his singing skills is amazing and on point. Visual, he looks a bit like V from BTS, that is why he is a visual to me. Beomgyu is also the main dancer (IMO). There can be more than 1 main dancers

beomgyu has 3 piercings on his right ear. 1 helix, 1 upper lobe then 1 standard lobe.

I smell shit here! 🤢

he also has one standard lobe piercing on his left ear

But its true truth😎yeonjun so perfect


“ya’ll just want your biases to be the visuals” Not sure what you mean by that. It’s not like being a visual is a highly esteemed role or something. Visuals are subjective, and I don’t think Vernon or Kai are the #1’s of their groups. They’re good looking sure, but not the best.

I know Vernon is pretty much a nobody in SK, and even domestic fans of 17 struggled to accept him as part of the group because of his face. Faces that are popular in Asia overall are faces like Cha Eun Woo, Luhan, Yamazaki Kento, etc. Seems like you just have a penchant for the hapa look, which is fine, but don’t expect everyone to have the same taste.

“ya’ll just want your biases to be the visuals” Not sure what you mean by that. It’s not like being a visual is a highly esteemed role or something. Visuals are subjective, and I don’t think Vernon or Kai are the #1’s of their groups. They’re good looking sure, but not the best.

I know Vernon is pretty much a nobody in SK, and even domestic fans of 17 struggled to accept him as part of the group because of his face. Faces that are popular in Asia overall are faces like Cha Eun Woo, Luhan, Yamazaki Kento, etc. Seems like you just have a penchant for the hapa look (seems like most Asian American girls do), which is fine, but don’t expect everyone to have the same taste.

I bet Taehyun is the main vocalist, if you see the dance practice video, the last Chorus Taehyun is the one who’s doing the behind voice as the main vocalist in other groups, and you will see!

My opinion:
Soobin: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual
Yeonjun: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Beomgyu: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center, Visual
Taehyun: Main Vocalist, Visual
Hueningkai: Main/Lead Vocalist, Visual

(All of them are Visuals so)

My opinion:
Soobin: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual
Yeonjun: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Beomgyu: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual, Center
Taehyun: Main Vocalist, Visual
Hueningkai: Main/Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

(All of them are Visuals!)

So in other words beomgyu is literally perfect ( I mean…smart, beautiful, talented, popular … how is this fair 😂 )

Yeah, I can see the resemblance

Soobin: Leader, Lead rapper, lead vocalist
Yeonjun: Main dancer, Main rapper, vocalist
Beomgyu: Main/lead dancer, vocalist, center (idk)
Taehyun: Main vocalist, visual (yes visual)
Hueningkai: Lead vocalist, visual, maknae
my opinion

I agree but I think it should be Hueningkai and Taehyun

Who do you think should be the visual? Also they are all beautiful quit calling people unattractive

kai also actually has two sisters @leanavvab and @bahiyyih_727

Are u jealous at yeonjun🤣🤣,all your comments look like u dont like him,btw yeonjun the most popular even at usa😉😉

Yeonjun so handsome right,he is uri bias😉😉

I think on Kai’s profile you should add “Ethnicity” so that people wouldn’t be confused. His Nationality should only be American since he can’t be Korean-American, unless he gets a dual citizenship, which I doubt since America doesn’t formally recognize dual citizenship. He was born on America, so he’s 100% American. On his Ethnicity, he should be Korean-German.

This is just a suggestion, though. I would appreciate it if you would consider it. 🙂

Please don’t sleep on Taehyun! He is a cutie, sleep on a bed instead of him.. Don’t sleep on any member, they don’t deserve it!!!

Kai’s Korean name is Jung Kai (정카이) since on his sister’s Instagram (@leanavvab), the name on her profile is 정리아 which can be translated to Jung Lea.

Soobin has lisp

Beomgyu said on their VLive that Ningning still looks like a Cartoon character when he sleeps

i can feel in my left tiddy that the underrated members are gonna be fucking hot in 3 years. MARK.MY.WORD

Yeonjun went to America for Elementary school, Talk x Today Episode 2, 1:10 in

On his profile from Mnet of his debut showcase, it says he only has one sister

No it actually said “2 남 1녀 둘째” which meant, he has two older brothers, an older sister and a younger sister.

Soobin said Taehyun looks like a chipmunk

The first foreign country Beomgyu went to was the Philippines. (TALK X TODAY ep 4 13:55)

Ah alright, it’s been fixed. Thank you 🙂

Beomgyu Fact:

Beomgyu and Taehyun are in the same year since he entered school a year late for their debut preparations. (TALK X TODAY EP 4 1:00)

WTF they are so young omg

Beomgyu and soonbin said that Taehyun doesn’t eat that much in TALK X TODAY ep.1

Beomgyu loves fish cake (TALK X TODAY ep.1)

Beomgyu went to Manila, Philippines and it was his first time to go abroad.

Soonbin and Taehyun can’t eat spicy food

Beomgyu doesn’t like seafood (Source: TALK X TODAY EP 1)

Oh shit I was going to comment that…. The two eldest visual are too overrated. Yes I keep praying.. When bts debuted namjoom and Jin were the most popular look were they at now. Well they are still popular but not as popular has the youngest.

wow good job! that was very detailed!

But underrated

He lacks confidence

Kai is the visual period

Yeojun and his fans are similar, they are aggressive with spotlight…

there are no underrated members.

i’m convinced heuning kai has some indian genes haha
even the if it’s smallest amount i would be happy

Txt positions

Soobin: Leader, Lead rapper, Vocalist

Yeonjun: Main Dancer, Main rapper, Vocalist

Beomgyu: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Taehyun: Main Vocalist

Huening Kai: Main Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

I didn’t call anyone unattractive. Please read. I said, “They’re good looking sure, but not the best.”

I’m beautiful. lemme be the visual instead

Choi Beomgyu is lead or main Vocalist


The first foreign country he went to was the Philippines. That is where he also got his first guitar that was given by his father.

I don’t get why Bighit revealed that Kai also has two older brothers when on his pre-debut videos, you can only see him with Lea and Bahiyyih. Even on their mom’s Instagram, her bio has the letters LKB, which stands for Lea, Kai, Bahiyyih. Maybe it was a mistranslation of fans????

TaeHyun and SooBin can’t eat spicy food, If they eat spicy food they sweat a lot ( Txt Talk X Today)

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb661e72ade3cc97d01c88d568d81220d5e35ee7ba97e7f2f009c51e36e917c0.jpg Kai only has one older sister and a younger sister. His father posted this on Facebook back in 2016!

Sadly, Kai’s parents are not together anymore. His father remarried someone at 2016 named Anne Caroline

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/185c672460bca9127d9c5260385e656cfe649c9afb9d1c88bac5c85532a17983.jpg Kai only has two siblings. This is an article posted in 2009 about Kai’s father.

Kai’s sister’s name is Lea, not Riya.

Beomgyu is my bias

Please let these babies have a good 2019 ~ I love you guys

His sister’s stage name when under the K-Pop group VIVA was Riya though

He might have 2 brothers from his step-mom’s side though…

Can you guys STOP bugging her about positions? She has already said that she won’t update them until BigHit reveals them!

Her stage name was Riya when she was still in VIVA. But the real spelling of her name is Lea. You should check out her Instagram. (@leanavvab)

But that doesn’t count as his real sibling though.

it is due to the attention that seek yeonjun to see its perfection, and the proof in amarica yeonjun is very famous,u have a problem?

Just wait and see ok,y u look like?..something?..are u jealous at yeonjun or what😂,dont be funny girl,your comments always like u dont like him..its ok girl..yeonjun will make u crazy with him someday,truts me😚😊

Shut up. Many people talks about him though. And he’s not lacking confidence(my opinion), but if so..that’s natural because he’s a new artist.

Big Hit hires only the leaders with dimples!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e04f6cbab627ee83dd8336c2af73ef1f21c8fa3a4130dfb88135bc057028c1a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c4c7e0afb5f2dd9cdeea0852842b267b99870012cb32c6604f02dfe40ffbec47.jpg

Beomgyu said that He went to the manila philippines (which the first abroad that he went) and he bought the guitar. Sorry I dont have any links but everyone says that beomgyu went to the philippines and they have a proof.

Ps. Sorry if my english is bad.
edit: I have a proof, here is the link :https://youtu.be/t9CsagpeXoU

Soobin confirmed position- Main Vocalist, Sub-rapper, Leader, Lead dancer
Yeonjun confirmed position- Main rapper, Sub-vocalist, Main dancer
Beomgyu confirmed position- Vocalist, Sub-rapper, Dancer
Taehyun confirmed position- Main vocalist
Hueningkai confirmed position- Main vocalist, Dancer, Maknae

*BigHit hasn’t confirmed the Visual. Either it’s Soobin or Hueningkai*

It understandable that you pick immature people as your bias because jungkook was once popular too but Taehyung took over… No, you have to be smart and sexy for you to be my bias. Yeojun can never drive me crazy and trust me in three years yeojun will not be this popular. When bts debuted Jin and namjoom were the most popular look at them now. So enjoy your fame.

Lol….. Where is the proof that he is most popular in America. Give me statistic.. Talk smart and use evidence don’t just be emotional. I feel like talking to you is like talking to the wall. But I am happy that you agreed that yeojun fans are aggressive.

Kai is bias he became it right when his introduction vid came out I just knew😂💗

no i know exactly how the chinese calendar works, i just thought he was born early january, sorry for the confusion lol

If u want a proof just find it by yourself,but this the best proof that u are jealous at him😉..reason?,tell us😉btw how old are u

Y u look so haters here😂😂relax2😂😂just wait n see ok😉😉

Soobin is the main vocal,no txt will distroy,big hit need to change that positions,taehyun is the main vocals not that kid

Are you a solo stan? Why are you being rude

Hey who your bias..y u say something bad to other people bias..meybe your bias not famous as hell so that y u like this..sorry to say,she keep say bad at yeonjun,n now beomgyu..next who..soobin,just shut up..😉😉

Cuz the best positions that he can be just a leader,too overrated to say he be “main” here,its too hard to be main compare leader

At least hes capable to be both. Dont you know what multi-talented means?

no, I’M NOT A SOLO STAN. if i was, i would’ve put every position for him.. did you even listen to thier songs?

Hahaha,it’s impossible for him

yeah you are right, there are ppl who just think something different. why should i bias him so much?

i think you need to read the dictionary again.. :(( thats just sad, why dont you accept it?

What’s your source?

Congratulations to TXT for their first win today! <3

How sad txt have soobin as their main vocals,taehyun beomgyu are more good at vocal compare to him,im not say im not accept that,but i just disappointed at bighit

I guess I am a star or a celebrity to be jealous of him… I know the truth is bitter that is why you are hurt. But don’t you think your being too forward to call your bias the most popular….

Oh by the way my bias is Lisa and jennie the most popular women you can ever have in the kpop industry. I always pick intelligent people, hidden gem, beautiful not overhyped people. I have not picked a bias in txt because I wait for at least three years. I can predict who will become the most popular on the group I am confident of soobin he is very charming but he is not my kind of visual. Boemgyu is a perfect person. Is like a golden person. He can compose song,he plays drum and guitar and he is very good looking but he is too underrated. Kai is definitely going to be popular.

‘sleepy’ eyes and yeonjun lip reminds me about taehyung. idk. just kinda little

Fact –
TXT goes to the same dermatologist as BTS
Source – Edward Avila “going to this super famous dermatologist in korea” on youtube


Girl just dont disturd uri bias,shuhh shuhhh😂😂,btw i dont like to say this thing anymore..yeah..just wait n see😉😉

Then y u say something bad to them,girl u just make yourself stupid here,and im not hurt,u always say that..so second proof is you are the one who hurt here😂😉😊

Btw u are so sad,how u can hold to pick bias just because want to see them be the most popular,u are so funny😂😂

I will pick the right bias…. All my bias always end up successful…. I will pick the right one.

Yeah pick up when they “successful”,not from “first”,how people like u can be kpop fans😂😂

Then y u say something bad to other bias,u have your own bias just go ahead,im hurt?,dude this the second proof that u are the one “hurt” here😂😂

No,, I some times can tell when a member will be successful. I was confident that jennie will be successful but Lisa was my first bias even when she was underrated when I saw her dancing video I knew she will make it. I supported bts during their debut. When they came back with dope song I told my friend they will be bigger than bigbang. I don’t Stan bts anymore. But txt is new. None of the members are lacking so I cannot pick a bias just from talent like I usually do. I have seen what yeojun is capable of doing. But I need see the rest of the members they don’t show anything except from acting cute.

Just because you put emoticon does not prove you are not hurt… Seeing that you are taking me seriously and trying prove me wrong means that you are seriously pressed but I don’t mind… Keep the comments flowing. Ok, thank you for your attention

for real bro, I don’t hate them or anything but why are they so overrated when a whole talented ass HueningKai and a whole main vocalist Taehyun exist!!!! but what op said it’s true, look at jungkook when BTS debuted he looked like a smol cute baby and now look at him he looks like a whole snack!! just wait till puberty hits the maknae line they’re gonna be hot af.

You are right.

At first we all know that u are hurt,she so funny

Im laugh hard read her comments,especially at her first comments,im agree with u btsxtxt

U like on your on world,u are so funny

Don’t be served by someone like that,im agree with u

Also Taehyun shares the same birthday with nct’s Park Jisung

We have GOLDEN MAKNAE(BTS) ESPECIALLY JUNGKOOK cuz him 1997 and V but older one years)
We have GOLDEN HYUNG(TXT) ESPECIALLY YEONJUN cuz him 1999 and SOOBIN but younger one years)

but in bts jhope is our golden hyung too.,but in txt i thing taehyun and kai just normal..not golden,sorry for saying that,im not haters but yeah just like that,btw im BEOMGYU BIG FANS,please please and please vote for him too okk

He’s half east asian, half white my dude.

It’d be better for his ethnicity to say Korean-Caucasian since his dad has German, Polish, AND Scottish blood.

Mark my words, Kai is gonna turn out to be the main vocalist (or one of the main vocalists). And Taehyun is definitely main or lead.

personally I think the positions should be

Soobin: leader, lead vocalist, lead rapper
Yeonjun: main rapper, main dancer, vocalist
Beomgyu: lead vocalist, lead dancer
Taehyun: main vocalist
Huening Kai: main vocalist, maknae

Kai is not the visual, Beomgyu is.

Beomgyu , Soobin, and Yeonjun is more gorgeous than Kai, everyone said so.

U funny dude😂😂


– PD-Nim helped Taehyun with his expression by telling him that he should thinkg of himself as a handsome guy

Poor our baby 😭😭

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEOMGYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He turned 18 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this should be their positions(not being biased okay)It’s only from listening and watch crown mv,dance practice and their other album songs.
Soobin:Leader,Lead rapper,Main/Lead dancer,sub/Vocalist,maybe center
Yeonjun:Main rapper,Main/Leaad dancer, sub/vocalist
Beomgyu:Lead vocalist,Lead rapper,Lead dancer,maybe center
Taehyun:Main/lead vocalist,dancer(he’s a pretty good dancer after watching crown dance practice)
Hueningkai:Main/Lead vocalist,lead dancer,visual,maybe center
And I just realized their all tall!
Yeonhun and Hueningkai are the same height as RM
Beomgyu is the same as JIN
And Soobin is taller than all the BTS members

Is this actually confirmed can you please give us the source

Not true bish. Everyone said Kai is a model face! More gorgeous than the other three

Today is Beomgyu Birthday!!!

You are funny tooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You said I am hurt but I am being funny lol… Why are you contracdicting yourself or maybe you don’t know the definition of hurt.

And u just embarrassing yourself here

I thinks in txt she like maknae liners(taehyun and kai),so she keep saying look at jin and namjoon bla3..,that why she want to see in this 3 years to pick bias,haha funny

No girl,,, you embarrassed yourself. I have no reason to feel embarrassed. I advice you to coordinate your words cautiously so you don’t contradict yourself and try to act like you feel no shame. It okay you can do it just try again.

Yeah right. Boemgyu fan my ass. By the way what intstrument does yeojun play. I am not a fan of jungkook but he plays the drums he is athletic .. Reason why namjoom called jungkook golden it because he can do everything except compose music. You can call him golden just because he can rap Dance and sing. All of them can do it too. So wait.

Insert yeojun fans(yeojun is the visual)

Sorry kai and boemgyu are better looking than the hyung. Yeojun face is like imperfect face of Taehyung of bts.

Kai is probably main or lead and Taehyun is definitely Main

Definitely the am in vocalist

Are you taehyun?

Beomgyu talks to the members in his sleep
source; TOMORROW X TOMORROW the show: on the way out (@ 16:10) although it’s in korean.

TXT sleeping habits: Hueningkai looks like a cartoon character when he sleeps. The members said that Soobin’s posture is quite unique when he sleeps. Yeonjun’s upper body is out of the bed and his lower body is still in bed every morning he wakes up. Taehyun sleeps with his eyes open and they don’t close all the way. Soobin even said that when Taehyun goes to sleep you have to check to see if he’s really sleeping once in a while. Source: TXT’s first vlive.

Hueningkai’s favourite global artist is Bruno Mars and out of all the songs he likes “Just The Way You Are” and “Grenade” the most. One of Yeonjun’s favourite songs is “Paris In The Rain” by Lauv. Source: TXT’s first vlive.

Soobin,Yeonyun and Beomgyu are Choi?

You guys huening kai and taehyun are hot right now the rating in kprofile doesn’t even matter (It doesn’t justifiy who is the most ‘popular’) the’re thousands of txt maknae line lovers they are pretty loved in my town so please find proof (somewhere not on kprofile) that says huening kai and taehyun aren’t famous everyone is still talking about the half east asain half american guitar piano and vocal god and about the Handsome confident AMAZING DANCER with a stunning voice taehyun (Am not trying to say your wrong to believe they might be underrated here but don’t let one place make you think they are not popular and that they don’t look like snacks)

Omg. Ofc not sksjsks

Omg. Ofc not skjsksk

I also sleep with eyes open. Big eyes problem hahaha

my brother does that it creeps me out we used to have bunk beds he’d sleep bottom and i’d sleep top in the mornings i wake up first and hes there with his eyes opened and still to this day i am haunted by the memory

honestly I think they’re both going to be main vocalists, and either Beumgyu or Soobin will be lead. because there’s a lot of kpop groups out there that have 2 main vocalists, ir doesn’t necessarily have to be only one

well Kai is the Diamond maknae <3. cus Kai really can do everything, he sings, raps, dances, plays 4 instruments, speaks 3 languages AND composes.. Beumgyu said so himself, that him and Kai were the members that can compose in TXT!! Kai is the one that can really do everything, and have you heard Taehyun’s amazing vocals? how can you call him “not golden”? bish please. Yeonjun is only good at dancing and rapping, and singing a bit but not that much, but that’s it it, Kai is more talented than Yeojun, no hate either.. just facts. You’re just a Yeonjun biased fan and it shows.

I’ll sleep beside you tonite. My turn to creep you out ;-;

So true,we have golden hyung here

Okokokokok,just vote your kai first,huhu

He can,u will see that

This girl just can’t accept the truth,u just embarrassed yourself,if u dont feel that,hmm,i dont know how to say,but look around you,people just laugh at u,now just vote your own bias

Why u compare txt and bts,not all maknae in kpop world that be the most popular someday

Yup that right,or maybe she beomgyu fans


Bhahahahaha,indian genes

Soobin is rapper???? Omg

Beomgyu is nothing,his attitude look too overrated,and he is not visual for sure

Then your not the visual frfrfrf

Beomgyu is the cutest, It’s a fact, Kai nose is too bulky.

hey, keep it to yourself, brat.

Beomgyu’s first time abroad was in Manila, Philippines when he was around 10.

What do you know about visuals? How do you know if his attitude is overrated? How do you know he is “nothing”? Sometimes people think they have the decency to judge people based off of looks and attitudes when really they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. 🍵

You say Beomgyu has good vocals yet you were hating on him on a comment above. Either love all 5 equally or keep out oof the fandom.

Are you blinde? Beomgyu IS A VISION.. if you have nothing NICE to say.. MOVE ON we don’t need your toxic comments here… Stop being a a troll.. Have a nice day! GOD Bless your Soul Sweetheart 💜💜💜💜

Can you NOT comment such lies under my profile? I’d appreciate it 🙂

and FYI, Beomgyu is a wonderful human, you can’t just base off of looks. If you really took the time to watch TXT’s stuff, you’d see that Beomgyu is a sweetheart and a literal sunshine.

Do you have a source?

hahah i feel you… i have big eyes too

His attitude just stupid..annoying,what did im say wrong,so u are his bias too..haha,i dont care u

If u dont need my toxic comments then why u reply it,haha

I know his visual when im compare him to another idol in txt,i knoe his attitude overrated when im see him in txt video and his like too overrated like he dont see this world in his life..i know he nothing when he perform at stage,his dance voice just normal but more good him compare soobin voice,that why i dont like if soobin be main vocal,and im not judge him..why u all be angry,haha,im just say what i know and i know what im talking right now,any problems,hahaha

Do i care,haha

Yeah compare to soobin,beomgyu maybe more good at vocal..but still taehyun the best compare to beomgyu,im say his attitude and visual nothing..haha

I am defending.. not attacking.. you attacked with your toxic comment… Your comment is irrelevant..

Defending or attacking or bla3..why u still reply on my comments,if u dont like my comments just go on..why need to defending him bla3..what u can do to protect him..yeah nothing..all u can do just reply..are u think when u reply my toxic comments beomgyu will ok..haha,even beomgyu dont read my comments,im just say what i know,and if u dont like..i mostly dont care you..hahaha


ayo hitman bang introduces second audition

Shitteu 😂

I think you care because you’re replying? Haha

I think Beomgyu can be visual too (korean standards) not biased for me all of them are visual 🙂

your english sucks and your comments are so rude

LOL WHATEVER..You could have simply COMPLIMENTED YOUR BIAS rather than INSULT another member.. That was all I was saying..I don’t really care if you care about me or not… It does not hurt my feelings one bit.. So I will end it here.. Since I don’t care about you either, I will block you and your hateful comments.. I hope you are nicer to your friends than you are to strangers.. Have a good day “friend”

I think the positions should be more like this tbh:
Soobin: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper

Yeonjun: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
Beomgyu: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Center

Taehyun: Main Vocalist
Hueningkai: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Ok first of all, leave my bias alone, they have all worked very hard for this. They ALL are beautiful, talented, sweet, and amazing people. So don’t be jealous cause you probably aren’t any better.

Haha,just go..who tell u to reply bla3 to me,haha


Not all, but you can use your common sense to tell the one that has potential. Bighit will let all of them shine at a certain time.


Bruh . . If u have nothing nice to say pls . . . keep your mouth shut, and get out. Plus who are you to even talk about Beomgyu?
PERIOD. (no hate)

You ask ppl why are they replying . . . why are you even commenting?
There’s a saying, if you have nothing nice to say . . . then don’t say anything at all.

exuse you!! did you watch their live stage ? he is indeed txt’s powerful dancer not the main but he’s one of the best

Nah Kai is the cutest, it’s a fact. Beumgyu’s nose is too wide and big.

Nope Soobin isnt a dancer Yeonjun & Beomgyu r the only dancers ^

dont just say he is a dancer cuz he is ur bias btw

Taehyun will be main vocal, end of discussion…

although i’m not indian myself i would love to see an idol with some indian inheritance

(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) yes.

I’m kind of confused who is the youngest Because Taehyun is born is 2002 too and his month is on February.

kai’s stepmother is brazilian

Beomgyu is the cutest in TXT, Kai nose is too bulky, wide, and big. He has no mouth too like a typical pink/Euro people.

While Taehyun and Kai are born in the same year, 2002, Kai is the youngest because of his birthday being in August as opposed to Taehyun who was born in Feburary 🙂

Do you even know the meaning of a “wide nose”? Lol you dumb bish. Oh wait let me tell you another FACT! Kai is also more popular than Beumgyu!! And cuter! Haha

Soobin is just as good as Beomgyu and Beomgyu is just as good as Taehyun. All of them are talented equally. And you saying Beomgyu’s attitude and visual is nothing is flat out rude and disrespectful.

Kai is the youngest. He’s born 7 months later than Taehyun. Kai was confirmed the youngest and the maknae on episode 1 of TALK X TODAY.

Soobin isn’t my bias first of all, and second of all, Yeonjun says he’s a powerful dancer, meaning that Soobin is also a dancer.

Yeonjun said on episode 1 of TALK X TODAY, that Soobin is a powerful dancer, meaning that Soobin is also a dancer.

Guys I have Soobin written as dancer because in episode 1 of TALK X TODAY, Yeonjun said he was a powerful dancer – which makes Soobin a dancer, even if it’s not lead or main.

soobin- leader, lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
yeonjun- main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, center
beomgyu- lead dancer, rapper, vocalist
taehyun- main vocalist
kai- lead vocalist, visual, maknae

but i think soobin will be qualified as lead vocalist because he has more lines and can sing high notes[not so good actually]

I don’t get why soobin is listed as a rapper. He hasn’t even rapped in any of the five songs. The only one I know who rapped was Yeonjun and Kai. (i’m not hating. just wondering)

Sorry if I’ll offend some of you but can you just love them all equally? Like, why bother saying someone is not a dancer, rapper, vocalist, I thought you’re their fans but you didn’t seem like one. Stop being so toxic. If you can’t support, respect and love all 5 of them, then just don’t be their fan. They don’t deserve this kind of toxicity. Stop this nonsense, stop spreading negativity and hate.

If someone says that this member is considered to be a dancer, vocalist, or rapper, don’t bash them and say that they’re just saying that because it’s their bias. Everyone has their own opinion, and if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then it would be better if you’ll just stay quiet and don’t say a word. Forget about who’s the main, lead our whatever, they’re all such great singers, performers. It’s either you love them or stop calling yourself a fan.

Yeah. Just like Jin, RM, and V are Kim.

Say it louder honey they can’t hear you from all that bashing

If its about yeonjun telling ppl that they’re good dancers then kai & Tae should be dancers too ^
its not offical that he is a dancer

Maybe its time for a change and stop smelling yourself. If you don’t want to smell shit anymore, the shower is open for you

Wow Kai and I actually have something in common- We both play the flute, who would’ve thought? Haha. Only two guys in my band play the flute, and all the rest are girls. Cool that we have something in common!

That’s what I’ve been saying all along. How is Soobin said to be the lead rapper when the ONLY ones we’ve actually heard rap has been Yeonjun and Kai?? If he really is the lead rapper shouldn’t he have rapped at least in one song?? Kai should be the one listed as a rapper together with Yeonjun

I think it’s safe to say that Beomgyu’s the center.

My bias is Taehyun and my Bias Wrecker is Yeonjun <3

REALLY??? We’re both born on 5th February, and I am also left-handed! Taehyun is my bias now!!

I’m literally two years older than them😲

on taehyuns on for the sleeping habits part, you spelt his name wrong. could u correct it please?

Omg Kai’s birthday is a day before my birthday…. why do I feel so proud 😂

I copied and pasted from someone else, but I will fix it 🙂

I’ve been told not to update reguarding positions unless BigHit says something, I’m sorry 🙁

None of the positons are confirmed anyways so why does it matter? If he’s not listed as a dancer when BigHit reveals the positions then I will remove it, but for now it’s staying there. Maybe they’ll all end up being dancers, who knows.

190316 Fansign ©TXTONNEWS





Huening Kai

Soobin hates mint choco. He prefers java chips (talk x today-epilogue)

Their first fansign was march 16, 2019. There was no fansign on march 6. It must be fanmeeting. You should not confused between fanmeeting and fansign

Debu? Is it Cebu Philippines? Please check.

Kai and Taehyun was born on the same year but was born on a different month and day. Like Huening kai is the youngest because he was born after Taehyun 6 months later. Taehyun is older 6 months to Hueningkai, so Hueningkai is 6 months younger than Taehyun so making Hueningkai the maknae/youngest.

Edit: In short Taehyun was born first 6 months before Hueningkai

Don’t be so rude, it was a mistake, jeez

It was said at a previous fanmeeting that he liked mint chocolate chip.

My apologies. I type fast and sometimes misspell things.

Thank you so much for the info!

Why they didn’t confirm their position yet?

The comment’s section is sooooo malignant. It felt like toddlers were fighting whether who has the better candy lmao.

This is why I enjoy being a fan on my own. Never joined ARMY and will never join TXT’s fandom.


Beomgyu doesn’t like clams.

– TALK X TODAY ep. 1

Beomgyu doesn’t like seafood.

– TALK X TODAY ep. 1

Then check out Z-Girls or Z-boys they both have a fully Indian member

Taehyun’s birthday falls on the same date and day as that of Park Jisung of NCT. They are same age buddies

Beomgyu has the smallest feet between all the members (not sure, but at the end of the Blue Orangeade dance practice (3:01) he’s feet is seen to be the smallest, it could also be because of their shoes tho))

Oh sorry i guess you misunderstood, i meant to say to henry yustaqim. Im so so sorry

Are you really a txt fan? You’re being rude to the members. They’re all talented in different ways and they are unique. So why compare them?? You bring shame to our fandom

damn Jassica. im so sorry these people are tryna get at you, good on u for keeping it mature. theres really no point in replying to hardcore angry teenagers.

i was searching and i found that hueningkai is muslim.is it true?

i was searching and i found that hueningkai is muslim. is it true?

Where did you find it?

Haha..beomgyu fans so sad..

Beomgyu maybe ok compare to soobin..cuz i see soobin can dance fast but not clean..beomgyu dance look clean but not at vocal,cuz taehyun the best..for me sobin just be a leader,dont say him as main here cuz he cant be that level..yeonjun his dance perfect,beomgyu good at vocal but not good as taehyun,taehyun yes he is main vocal,and kai visual,anything else

seems a bit rude dont cha think

Yeah,taehyun main vocal

Do you even know the meaning of ‘wide’? You dumb girl. Kai is the cutest. Beumgyu has a big nose and a big head like a coconut lol

Haha really?! I never thought that… Where did you find that??

no, it’s just a rumour

In this house we love all the members equally

Because I reported them genius. It’s my profile and it’s my job to remove comments like yours

Can you actually STOP downgrading Beomgyu & Soobin? Sorry honey, but we don’t tolerate solo stans in this house.

I spoy a fake TXT fan right here maam

I’m pretty sure 181.5 cm isn’t 5’11 it’s 5’10

Then don’t join. Why not joining a fandom looks like you’re about to make a big declaration. Lol.

Sorry but i think you made a typo in Kai’s height which is the same as Yeonjun’s 181.5 not 181.1 and if Soobin is 185 cm then it should be 6’1″ not 6’0″ :-/ Thank you for prodiving us this profile :))

Ok fine..i will make more..

Beomhyu is nothing

Beomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothing

Beomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothing

Beomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothing

Beomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothing

I think you are genius..haha poor..

i love your name

that’s why i noticed tooo, Jisung would be happy to meet hiim

i love your name

I saw a lot of people saying that it would be smart to have the fandom colors as blue and orange in reference to “Blue Oragande.” Also blue and orange are complementary colors of each other, and the lyrics “when I say good morning you say goodnight” is referencing the international fans. The sun comes up for them (the sky is turning blue) and the for international fans the sun is going down (sunset; the sky turns orange and fades into night)

On TXT’s 2nd Fan-meeting, a fan asked Kai to compliment someone on the group. He said: “Beom-hyung, isn’t he our centre visual? Isn’t he cute and talented? He’s the best”
Beomgyu is center

can’t get enough of them, they have many stages, I try to watch all of them. Beomgyu has such a warm smile, he’s my fave but also Kai, I’ve loved Kai’s face and smile since teaser clip. Nooo, it’s hard to say just 1. This is my first time to struggle with bias positions, 1 or 2, I can’t……I think Yeonjun also has tons of charisma on stage. I like them all, but with these 2, Kai and Beomgyu, I’m struggling to pick 1 and stick with 1, it’s just impossible I’m telling you.

lol is this even something to be proud of? by the way they’re not fighting over a stupid thing, you just manage to see one, they’re suggesting on what to post on the boys profile too profile pssh, such a shame to talk to an imma like you, I don’t even know why you here, well thanks for the effort for coming here and posting this shitty comment

hey… since you are the editor here, shouldnt all of them be the centre here.. maybe soobin be the centre or beomgyu (according to crown video mv ) and the lead dancer is obviously everyone becuz everyone dances really well, you cant put taehyun as the only vocalist..btw he should be MAIN VOCALIST! and huenngkai, he should be lead dancer and main vocalist… actually all of them deserves to be main vocalists except fpr yeonjun(srry i didnt mean it that way, coming to that- he’s the main rapper, dancer and sub-voclist)… and soobin – he should be the visual(really he should be :)) BUT , THATS JUST MY OPINION!! SRRY NOT A SOLO STAN!! ) he should be also a rapper or sub-rapper… he should also be a vocalist because he’s gud at it….. andd.. yeah thats it( bighit wont be confirming the positions because (i’m not sure – did they *ACTUALLY CONFIRM POSITIONS FOR BTS? NO? YES? IDK!!! but i’m just sayin’ thats our job to find out through MV’s and stage performances!!! btw i’m not arguing abt this anymore, since u r the editor, you should be knowing!! i dont have a source but that’s all i know!! byeeeeeeeee :))))

Txt gave me nct dream vibes anyway. So I think they’d be happy to meet

So I assume his biological mother was Korean?

I just wanted to say, it’s “Avengers: Infinity War”. Without a “the” 🙂

Namjoon of BTS is 181 cm and is 5’11”. 181.5 cm is half an inch taller than Namjoon making it 5’11”

So according to I think Taehyun there are no set positions and that it changes each song (I saw it in a video).

The owner of the site told me NOT to update the positions unless BigHit says them AND I also saw in a video on Instagram that Taehyun said there are no set postions and that it changes each song.

Oh that will be better just like loona which they can showcase their talent and all of them can be main vocal/dance/rap/visual/center/FOTG…

Isn’t he also visual?? I’m so confused what is he?? Visual and center??

Thank god. I’m so tired of fans guessing each member’s position

Okk so Yeonjun is the most popular but taehyun deserves better

Yeonjun is main dancer and main rapper BTW and vocalist and face of the group.

Taehyun isn’t a horse!!! He’s still a snake. Horse starts from: Feb.12,2002 Jan.31,2003

SO that means, each one of them don’t have their own respective main positions?

i think our fandom color will be blue and orange
“blue orangeade”
and in crown dance practice video the lights are blue and orange

That would be hella weird since there would still be a best dancer, vocalist and rapper. If anything, it would make the debate over who’s the best in each category even worse than it already is because BigHit doesn’t officially say who’s supposed to be the best.

oh okay thanks

Just came to say that Taehyun confirmed that the members don’t have any positions (except Soobin as a leader and Kai-Taehyun as maknae) and that they change it up according to each song.

(via @/applehuening on twitter)

No, it is Lee Sang Hun. He is muslim

Yeonjun’s friends call him ‘Yeonjun-ah”. What does it mean? He allows his friends to talk casually even if they are younger? or what?

I still see people getting confused about Kai’s Nationality & Ethnicity:

He was born in America– US soil therefore he is American by birth. He can’t be Korean-American if he still uses a US passport especially since here in the US, the government doesn’t acknowledge dual citizenship.

His mom is Korean and his dad is of German & Polish descent which makes Kai half-Korean & German.

He said that his father is American because he is probably already a naturalized US citizen born in Brazil. His dad is Brazilian by birth but if he renounced his Brazilian citizenship to be a US citizen, he is now an American.

For Kai’s ethnicity/race:
He is Asian & Caucasian since his mom is Korean & his dad has German & Polish roots.

Hope that clear things up a bit.

how come your opinions is a facts….don’t try to be rude tho

He is not only good in singing, dancing and rapping…he is also good in sports…did you watch their lives where the members talk about he is good at everything and such

It is very rude of you to say yeonjun is aggressive with spotlight…please be more polite

I see you here again talking bad about some members….and they are not overrated( did you even knew the meaning)loves all the members and also have biased but don’t ever try to drag down others members

i see her talking bad about some members first yeonjun and soobin and now beomhyu i think her bias must be taehyun or kai….she does not know how to be have bias and also loves all the members…

Of course taehyun deserves more
but you cant hate yeonjun just because he worked hard for people to like him and he trained longer
i love taehyun tho he is my bias wrecker

she was like i will only like them if they were successful and popular haha

my kpop ultimate bias is taehyung but don’t ever says that taehyung took over jungkook popularity….thats not how its works

Kai is called the Diamond maknae💎 confirmed!

That why he so popular,im 95 liners and i dont know what with this kid,too
cute at same time so handsome

Just straight to point dude..are u same age with him so that why you like this?..say something bad to another bias..you accept that kai is not type in korea,vernon and another white gen in kpop industri not same as him..you say beomgyu has a big nose bla3 what is this..just go home kid..even beomgyu the best for me compare to kai..sorry for say..but your word is to bad..you hurt beomgyu fans..are u happy now

Thid kid dislike yeonjun for sure,dude just be simple..even u want your bias be visual right..your funny dude..

Hahaha,yeah she kai fans,its ok,we dont need haters here,im with my bias,and she with her bias

Dude stop make me laugh please😂,btw im agree with you

Even soobin ignore him and dont like him touch his belly,so how you can say he the diamond maknae,i see you dont like yeonjun,beomgyu at your comments,if your really like him,just make everything positif to him,not make him have more haters here

I don’t think they were being rude. The way I read it, they simply found a small mistake and pointed it out to avoid confusion for people who don’t know. No offense or rudeness intended. An inconvenience with reading text, I guess, you can’t hear the person’s tone of voice

Under “Huening Kai facts”, a word is spelt wrongly, the correct spelling is “scaredy”, but in the profile it is spelt as “scardy”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b52f9c0aeac987b6d3328f5cc67e149d47bf5bdc896a646ad6fa9a152524417.jpg

Under “Taehyun facts” there is a spelling mistake. The correct spelling should be “think” instead of “thinkg”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa79bb42f56398ae544f94c05fd06449a75bcef4bd3055da9d413f6a1d0180e6.jpg

Another mistake in “Taehyun facts” is the word “karaoke”. In the profile it was spelt as “kareoke”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71724bd375f8b6c6c223c711f33e0da67bf0e95857aafaf99218c65d4a0739cf.jpg

Under “Beomgyu facts”, there is a misspelt word. Please change “bes” to “best”. Thanks! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1fd152052507e31b34f72f3429d6933db4df46c5e881e4344696de1020337fda.jpg

I spotted another mistake in Beomgyu’s profile, it’s supposed to be “Beomgyu’s” but it was spelt as “Beomgyu’d” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f930147f7e8c9391c1bea39a1ccfff37b79dbf2e999a3ea68868f52410502949.jpg

Also, under “Beomgyu facts”, “called” is
spelt as “calld”. Please change it, thank you! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93d6add92ab5904a7fd591226c6daf0589ff892fff9ae6498e0a935949b6a49f.jpg

In “Yeojun facts”, please change “other members” to “other members’ “. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f7ab2a587afd6556a6e5781565c595f10fda1742ac7f814cf44fef3c8934c4b8.jpg

In “Yeojun facts”, please change “other membrs” to “other members’ “.

In “Yeonjun facts”, please change “other membrs” to “other members’ “. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f7ab2a587afd6556a6e5781565c595f10fda1742ac7f814cf44fef3c8934c4b8.jpg

And under “Yeonjun facts”, please change “Yeonjun once at” to “Yeonjun once had”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9a75c8db9bf90ea42dc8b1775a479738af7f65c740c9b499a058551ac4d236d6.jpg

Also change “an ear piercing” to “a ear piercing” (in Yeonjun’s profile) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7920ff696878a7f9c2bf807b6cd17d36adeeaf301334888a67592ef4eec158cd.jpg

His duality I m wipped 😭

Please change “his favourite colors” to “his favourite color” under Yeonjun’s profile. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8246c9e5f730cf68aa39c00a0b080922d94cb7ef38040949ca329406a7eb5d30.jpg

Why would I hate on him he is my bias i m feeling happy that my bias is most popular but feeling it sad for taehyun he is my 2nd bias

Under “Soobin facts”, please change “Soobin’ ” to “Soobin’s” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/19214bfafd51fe6ad38edc6ae2642345550aa22e9d1aa63af9d826f364376c65.jpg

Wow is he really the face of the group??😍😍

some of fans says STAR is a fandom name of txt. STAR stands for Stay Together Always Remember. I’m not sure of it.

lowkey already know these facts but still came here anyways

all of them are my biases ybfhuiybgfty

It’s correct though

an ear piercing is right?

I saw it as rude because what if they said something like that to a NEW K-Pop fan that’s only been into it for a year or two and they can’t just assumer that EVERYONE knows the difference because not everyone does. It offended me that she called me a fake K-Pop fan for one little mistake.

Actually, it would be “ate”, not “had”. Simple typo.

Woah there, dude. Where did that come from??? What you said is rude imo.

Uhh.. where did they call you a fake kpop fan??? I don’t see it.

I Understand you uwu
Taehyun is so cute He deserves more but there r people who hate yeonjun cause he is the most popular one 🙁
it makes me feel bad for Yeonjun Too

“An ear piercing” is the correct usage grammar-wise. Please, do your research before posting things like this.

They edited their comment, they did in fact call me a fake K-Pop fan.

For the 100th time, I will NOT update positions UNLESS BigHit says them.

I saw them call suga.topia a “fake kpop fan” they clearly edited their comment to make her look petty…

Alright, thank you for telling me.

You should change Kai’s height 181.5 cm. (source: https://txt.ibighit.com/eng/profile/index.php) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b01dd582c2539516484a3361d850179114e96028c101c94c921815439cd183c4.png

i dont know… my friend said that there’s rumor that huening kai is muslim. my friend is a big fan of big hit.

Its true,just see txt video,sorry but i dont remember which one..im not say rude,im just say the truth,just search and see one by one..

So if u say like that then why u dont believe that hyung line in txt will be more successful,bighit are smart..they have maknae in bts..and of course bighit want difference..like something difference from txt(hyung)I believe that,yeonjun soobin will be shine this and even 10 years latter,but all txt member too..we can see from first bighit have their own step to make something difference,and we all can see,first video txt is yeonjun(film),and then first questioning film is soobin(questioning),its korean dude..they know the best,anything else

According to a quiz Spotify K-Pop added in a tweet they made for us to see what TXT’s spotify playlists are (TXT’s official twitter account retweeted it, you can go check it out if you want), Taehyun’s favorite colors are yellow and orange, his favorite animal is the kangaroo and his favorite food is sashimi. Beomgyu’s favorite colors are white and pink, his favorite animals are bears and parrots and his favorite food is snack food. Soobin’s favorite colors are yellow and sky blue, his favorite animals are raccoons and his favorite food is bread and rice cake. Yeonjun’s favorite colors are blue and purple, his favorite animals are Welsh Corgis and pandas and his favorite food is ramyun and pho. Hueningkai’s favorite colors are green and black, his favorite animals are dolphins and penguins and his favorite food is seafood and pizza.

I believe that the maknae will make it more because they are mysterious. Honestly because it bighit 5 of them will shine. But I am sorry the hyung line after some time the hype will go down.

Shut up….. Go and Stan yeojun your opinion is not needed. I don’t need see your bias has the visual and that does not mean I hate him. You oppressor

Go and stan him?🤔,yeah Of course and how about you,your still here and you always say something bad to yeonjun fans..your comments is the truth proof dude..the true here is..u the one need to stan your bias,and stop say bad to another bias😂😂ok😉

So u dont want your bias be visual..how u can say his/her opinion is not needed..the person who need to stan bias is you

U need to stan your bias not her/him,how sad your are😂

Really,look who start first🤣

You dont know anything about art industri,how old are u dude,if maknae be the most hit one..its normal..but if hyung be the most hit,its too wow,cuz they can do anything to they youngers,hyung right😂

Yeah,bighit have difference now,and that was so cool,in this era,i thing hyung line will be the best

Maknae is not mysterious at all,they just get more attention,so now i understand you..,u thing hyung line will end up cuz maknae is bla3..bhahaha..now i know u just a kid😂thanks make me look stupid cuz reply with you,yeah..kid😂😉

Wtf. And what does that have to do with Kai being the diamond makane? Stop being such a butthurt and go support your underrated bias cus he needs it. Bye

Yeah I know that Kai is not korean’s type, and neither is Vernon. But Kai still has the most perfect face out of everyone in TXT. And Vernon a lot of koreans call him “face genius” that’s facts cus when he appeared in a tv show the hosts said so. Whether ya’ll like it or not those two are the visuals of their respective groups. And those things I said about Beumgyu I said it because that other girl offended Kai first, so it was her fault.

??? Dude Chinese zodiacs are based on year only, not days

For example, I’m born in 1999, which is a year of the hare/rabbit.

How is that sad…. I am their customer I am using my fucking money to buy their product, giving them a bit of my time to stream their work in YouTube.. So I will get a bias whenever I like.

Are you stalking me… You are like an oppressor. You are very dangerous is like you can do something bad. Please go away I have right to my opinion. The person I commented to did not comment to me back. You fucking creep.

The chinese sign about Taehyun it’s wrong, it’s snake like Beomgyu, because who was born until feb 11 2002 it’s this sign and after it’s horse so fix it!

He/she just say the truth,why need to be angry here

Chinese zodiacs is not important anymore,its it depends on themselves

Its ok,as a fans we need to make something positive for him(yeonjun).. I believe yeonjun was so in love us,lets stan him togetherXforever ok🙂

If your think your not that sad,so why u always start and end up with a bad word,u have your own bias why you disturb another bias and fans,if yeonjun fans want to say whatever their want why u need to annoying them,when i say something bad to you ohh then u rolling that topic bla3..but at first you the one start it..so sad your are..and yeah funny to

Hey its he/her bias,of course he/she always with you..the haters one😏

Yeah now i believe that girl jealous at yeonjun,maybe cuz her bias not much “wow” as yeonjun,look what she will say when i say her jealous,believe me,she would rolling that topic(jealous)haha

Yeahh i knowI I saw in comments people get offensive become in their every performance video people talk 50% of yeonjun and sometimess 90%.He has more lovers than haters

If u r army u will know people say BTS r overrated nd some hates them but it doesn’t matters they r just jealous because their fav artist r not like them still the BTS r no.1 boyband in the world today
Yeonjun is the most popular people say he is overrated it doesn’t matter he is so talented and popular so obviously he will have haters too.So don’t worry

Yep people love him 😍

Is there any information regarding who is the Face of the group????

yeahh I second that

Yep she targeted top 3 most popular member 😂😂😂😂😂

Yep BTS- makane line was always most popular since their debut
Txt-hyung line since their debut
People r just jealous chill most popular always have haters so chill🍸🍸

No.. it goes by year not birth date.. 2002 is the year of the horse https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6fa80eb9f68a6cba7ebb8804d3dbf2f31032b0bc3ebe624a7999f7a6cbca0161.png

I don’t know who keeps editing suga.topias profile, but she is going to flip when she sees all these spelling and grammatical errors….

Yeonjun has TWO favorite colors.. not just one

“an ear piercing” is the correct use of grammar.

Yeah I no I saw in comments people get offensive but people love him lot in their performance videos people talk 50-90%of Yeonjun so he has more lover than haters

Yep chill~

Same as Bts case people use to say that whole makane line is overrated nd all the stuff but Stan’s don’t care for haters…..nd now people r saying Yeonjun is overrated nd all+ haters r even bother why his Twitter uploaded pic get most likes nd retweets😂😂…so it doesn’t matters. PEOPLE LOVE HIM MOST😍
Conclusion- Most popular Always have haters I guess we shouldn’t be bother

nooo it doesn’t go by year. year of the snake starts in jan. 24, 2001 and ends in feb 11, 2002. so technically speaking, taehyun’s Chinese sign is snake


That is for Chinese ELEMENTS… the element is based on the month! there are five elements.. there are 12 zodiac signs and it is based on the YEAR you were born.


I am born in 1999 making me the year of the hare!

We’re not going by the elements anyways. It’s Chinese zodiac by YEAR we’re going by. Every profile goes by the Chinese zodiac sign from the year. SO basically you’re saying EVERY profile on K-Profiles is WRONG.

I was born on 21/1/2004 and my parents said my zodiac sign was ram. And the chinese zodiac sign is depend on the lunar calendar. Pls search for the true information. Your image is only the general ones.


There is no Face of the group but Beomgyu is center.

Yeonjun is nephew of Bigbang’s T.O.P

Which is what we’re going for. We’re going for general not elemental. I’m not changing the zodiac because they way I have it is right. Thanks for the concern though 🙂

Taehyun said in this video that the txt members dont have any official positions (expect for Soobin as the leader which was confirmed by bighit). So maybe you should change the positions part of their profiles 🙂


Nooo TOP has a nephew named Yeonjun but not TXT’s Yeonjun

I never looked at his birthday before, but yeah, they’re right. Chinese zodiacs don’t go by the Gregorian calendar, which is what you’re thinking. I mean, one is western and the other is eastern. What Khang Nguyễn meant by general is that it’s just a simplified picture. Adding dates to it would make it crowded and overwhelming, so the person who made the chart put a general year to it. It still would have been Jan/Feb XXXX to Jan/Feb XXXX. In fact, if you clicked on the website I’m assuming this chart comes from it literally says in the first paragraph “Last FEBRUARY, as families across the Middle Kingdom gathered together to celebrate Spring Festival, they also welcomed the 10th animal in the rotation, marking 2017 the “Year of the Rooster”.” (Year of the Rooster in 2017 started February 13th). So yeah, his Chinese zodiac IS the snake. You can’t say you’re right because other profiles do it “that way” too. If they’re wrong, fine, but you don’t have to be wrong too

Yeonjun is the face of the group ^ i think


Lol Yeonjun fake makane😂

I guees face of the group is never announced official it’s just we predict right like in BTS it was never announced



Just follow the year

Not bad actually

Usually, the fotg is decided after some time has passed after the debut of the group

He worked harder to be loved He deserves His fans PEOPLE ! also its not their opinions its his fans’s opinion wether he is their bias or not so nobody can say he is overrated

i’ll forever stan That yeonjun lil potato he needs to be protected!

Oh…I tought it was him.

Not really

Is beomgyu really the center?? He didn’t get that many parts in crown

They don’t have fixed positions. Beomgyu isn’t an obvious center like Nayeon or SinB. For Crown era, it looks like Soobin is the center but I think different members can get highlighted in different eras. I don’t think there’s a clear or designated center.

2 ears

i dont think soobin is the center too tho the center has to be a main dancer so its rather beomgyu or yeonjun

I Just Found Out Yeonjun went by the name Daniel when he lived in America
sorry i had to give u a jungshook with meh https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af3baaca23a8dff8dff6e5a8367eb4161cf934e37db7bf74b3e22ef8d76b6431.jpg

Also Yeonjun’s favorite fruit is Banana and his fav character is Doraemon https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fafa92297a9e21e1f63cb4d7f7e115bbe290335590bb4d851c2ec065ef8bdf09.jpg

The center doesn’t have to be a main dancer. most of the time, it’s a member of the dance line who’s also a visual

Actually kai said it indirectly that beomgyu is centre and visual nd he is centre I guess in crown beomgyu and Yeonjun got the most centre place so people r confused about beomgyu and Yeonjun

Actually Kai eventually said that beomgyu is centre visual so people r confused between Yeonjun and beomgyu because they get most centre

Actually Kai eventually said that beomgyu is centre visual nd people r confused about Yeonjun and beomgyu because they got most centre
Btw let’s not predict taehyun said there is no positions decided yet so let wait till confirmation is done

Oh thx so much

Okay that Bighit didn’t confirm positions but Yeonjun is for sure the main dancer

Soobin is a good dancer tho. A lot of centers aren’t main dancers. Somi, Wonyoung, Nayeon, and Jungkook aren’t main dancers but they’re centers

I never said Soobin isnt a good dancer but Taehyun and kai are good dancers too so it has to be a visual or a main dancer

They r all visuals to me tbh xD but i think it will be either an official visual (Beomgyu) or a main dancer so yeonjun or beomgyu

In my opinion (ik there aren’t any official positions atm):
Soobin: Leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer?, rapper, center?
Yeonjun: Main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, face of the group?
Beomgyu: Main/lead dancer, lead vocalist, center?
Taehyun: Main vocalist
Huening Kai: Lead rapper, lead vocalist, visual, maknae
I based this off of live performances, current songs, and the info BigHit has provided so far 🙂

Yes for exemple almost all kpop people who born in january and until middle of february is wrong and this need to be fix it, Jisoo and Jennie Blackpink was born in January is wrong too your signs, the chinese year it’s almost always february to february for this help fix it another profiles too please

Yes help fix it another profiles too

Yes for this help fix it another profiles too

Start in february 2001 and finish february 11 2002 help fix it another profiles and search right

For this help fix it another profiles too because this is the right and stop to provocatw future errors

Depend chinese calendar start in 2001 feb and go until feb 11 2002 snake sign so help fix it another profiles

Yes help fix it another profiles too

yes for this help me fix it another profiles too in the page of Taehyun too there is wrong

Guys look the votation Taehyun is so underrated and unpopular help him protect him

No look the dance practice: he beomgyu and soobin did errors and Hueningkai and Taehyun not so he is not the main neither leader dancer and bighit never confirmed some position just soobin leader

Bighit don’t confirmed any positions about the members just soobin leader and nothing more

it’s okk that’s how things work lol jhope=Taehyun

People can make mistakes, it doesn’t mean they’re not good

lmao if you aren’t an East Asian, please do not argue with those who are. we celebrate lunar new year so we know what we’re talking about. the zodiac depends on whether if you were born before or after the lunar new year

In my opinion, we should update the positions because I think bighit wouldn’t confirm it:

Soobin : Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Yeonjun : Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist
Beomgyu : Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Center
Taehyun : Main/Lead Vocalist
Huening Kai : Main/Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

This is based on my opinion. Completely unbiased.

im sorry but srsly u blind? yeonjun & beomgyu r main dancers and it was so clear from everything also about the errors all of them make errors i can get u vids with kai & taehyun making errors too ^

I think i agree with u expect the center part ^ i dont think soobin is center but maybe beomgyu is a center

According to many peoples view and txt members statements
Soobin-leader,lead dancer,lead vocalist,rapper,face of group??
Yeonjun-main rapper,main dancer, vocalist, centre?,face of group(bc of his chairmatic personality on stage)?
Beomgyu-lead vocalist,main/lead dancer, rapper,most probably centre?visual?
Taehyun-main vocalist,visual?
Kai-lead vocalist,lead rapper,maknae,visual?

All can be visual because they all admire their visual so much specially soobin & yeonjun 😂

so it goes by Chinese New Year, NOT by Calendar year? I understand now. that was my confusion. Thank you!

I did not say anything regarding positions though? I know there are no set positions.. Perhaps you meant to reply to the original poster?

[TXT Melon Aztalk Q&A – Inkigayo Interview, 100319]
Taehyun gave himself the nickname “adorable” after his teacher called him adorable when he had his middle school graduation. It was a last goodbye greeting as his teacher was sad. He/she said “Our adorable Taehyunie, wherever you go, you will be greatly loved by many.”
Soobin thinks 5 of his attractive points are nonchalant, prim, cute, cool and sexy.
Beomgyu’s favorite BTS song is ‘Love Myself’.

It doesn’t really make sense that Hueningkai wouldn’t be a rapper while Beomgyu and Soobin are. He’s the only one apart from Yeonjun who has rapped in one of their songs. I know Soobin and Beomgyu might show their rap talent in one of the following comebacks but Hueningkai will definitely have a rap position

no they have no positions bighit never posted nothing just soobin the leader, a lot of people are wrong and just think in theirselves and your bias for this people always do it

taehyun just main vocalist? excuse me fix it this

this is stranger, both maknaes are so unpopular (but Taehyun a lot), in BTS the maknaes are most popular and I don’t understand this, and J hope it’s not maknae so it’s normal he being unpopular but not makes sense about Taehyun but OK, it’s the begin after the things can change it!

Taehyun just main vocalist this is wrong


all of them dancing well you can not have sure about he is better and i think who dance better it’s the taehyun and Beomgyu so now we have a problem

OK this is truth but I think another members dance better than Yeonjun

sorry english is not my language I understand wrong, sorry sorry sorry and really sorry

I think the element is based on year too? and the chinese signs has fixed element or not?

Do not worry 😄 All is forgiven! 💕

Ah OK right and more one time sorry my error

so ugly

Guys this site it’s confiable? who edit this?

the whole ranking is pretty fair up until taehyun

Beomgyu sees himself as a puppy
Taehyun sees himself as a cat
So (y’all know their song Cat & Dog right?)


lol its so obvious that ur bias is taehyun and u just hate yeonjun also if you want prove that yeonjun is a main dancer then here
Also Yeonjun was a backup dancer for V’s Solo stage they wont hire a guy that cant dance to be a backup dancer right? 🙂
also i think all of them are good dancers but yeonjun & beomgyu r the main dancers i didnt see any proof of taehyun being a dancer ^

beomgyu isnt a rapper and kai is a rapper

although they said they have no exact position for each of them, but i’m sure taehyun is the main vocal, kai is the lead vocal and visual(all of them can be visual tbh😂, so this is a lil confusing), yeonjun is the main dancer and main rapper(this is so obvious), soobin is the lead dancer and lead rapper, beomgyu can be the 2nd visual since he’s so beautiful😍 and a rapper maybe..

Some people said that in the member introduction videos Soobin looked like Jungkook

I’ve been told by the owner of the site to not update positions until BigHit says something. There aren’t any set positions anyways, Taehyun has said so. The main vocal/main rapper/lead rapper/lead vocal or whatever, changes every comeback/song

As a dancer, I think he’s the better one but tastes are tastes uwu

Guys! Any info from ASC, reply to my comment here so it’s easier for me to find 🙂

soobin lead rapper really? yeonjun main dancer? beomgyu rapper and second visual? what?


just yeonun is rapper

Yes and I don’t understand this first to last have almost double difference

I agree with this, how can people call Soobin and Beumgyu rappers when literally the ONLY ones that have rapped so far have been Yeonjun and KAI like wtf

Kai is not “unpopular” in fact, he is the third most popular member, he’s more popular than Beumgyu, is just that Soobin and Yeonjun’s popularity is way bigger than the other three right now, maybe in the future it will change who knows. But Taehyun really is so underrated bro, like he is my second fav and he is so talented I don’t understand why he’s so unappreciated

Yeonjun lived in San Jose city in California for 2 years at the age of 9

Lol😂 literally u r 1st one who said this
Don’t be toxic (love ot5)

I saw ur many comments u need to relax 1st

Lol soobin rapped in crown

Lol U should listen their song crown first before commenting u will find out rapper soobin

Exactly everyone’s knows

K fans say he look like minhyuk btob,not jungkook😙

Lets talk about Black Butler guys when do you think the new season coming out

taehyun is left-handed (after school club)

Oof I’m left-handed too. But like why am I older than all the members? This feels weird ㅠ.ㅠ

In the MV, why do I feel Soobin looks like Jungkook? I mean, one time, I see Soobin, and then, I see Jungkook, then, I see Minhyuk. This is so weird.

Taehyun said that he and Beomgyu are the members that usually wake up earlier than the other members, and that Soobin and Hueningkai have the most sleep.

Soobin likes plain bread and bread with jam and cream inside and other fruit jam. He also likes simple cream puffs and pies.

Taehyun said that he, Hueningkai and Beomgyu sleep on top of the bunk beds they share in one room.

One of Yeonjun’s favorite songs is “Eternal Sunshine”.

Taehyun has the other members on his phone saved as “the cutest Bighit’s member”, “Bighit’s handsome member”, “Bighit’s precious member”, etc. Yeonjun has Taehyun on his phone saved as “TXT Taehyun”. Beomgyu has Taehyun on his phone saved as “Bighit’s lovable member”. Soobin has Taehyun on his phone saved as “the most handsome member Taehyun” but Taehyun took his phone and wrote it. Hueningkai has Taehyun on his phone saved as “the most handsome Taehyun” but
Taehyun wrote it.

If Beomgyu didn’t choose to become an idol, he would be a guitarist now.

How do you know?

well that’s just in my own perspective, also i forgot to mention that beomgyu is the center..

from the third episode of TALK X TODAY I’ve noticed Beomgyu has a slight lisp whenever he talks uwuwuwu I don’t know if it’s actually a thing but from what my ears tell me it’s the cutest lisp ever uwu

During the show the members were doing a mission thing, like a game, and they were asked several questions by the MCs and one of them was what the members have each other saved as on their phones 🙂

He said like 4 words in a sligthly lower voice. That’s not rapping. Hueningkai actually had flow in Cat & Dog

Excuse me!!!!!!!! By the way I don’t talk to toxic solo stans

I just can’t get one point why everyone is targeting Choi line because they r popular 🙄??? Bias is different thing love all 5 don’t be rude or toxic

i agree with you ^

do they have a fam name yet? u know like a name for fan group?

Taehyun’s actually a Horse like Huening Kai because he’s part of the ’02 line. Beomgyu would be the only one with the snake zodiac


• The first thing yeonjun pick at the convenience store is Ramen
• The first thing taehyun order at a cheap snack restaurant is peach flavored juiced
• soobin like all kinds of chocolate ice cream
• Huening Kia favorite candy flavor is cola flavor
• yeonjun is the hardest member to wake up
• soobin think beomkyu is the cutie pie with the most aegyo and yeonjun think kai is the cutie pie with the most aegyo

omg, how freaking cute, uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuu

i’m so in love with these babies, uwu

Why is there a “He is very stiff” again on Kai’s profile? That’s very disrespectful.

He is just a vocalist tho? and he has a lot singing parts and appears to be very vocally driven..

yea I wasn’t sure about that one because soobin was center a lot in crown but beomgyu is likely the center 🙂

Kai Said that himself ^ and its not disrespectful i find him very cute that way

Yeah, I got what they meant when they posted ‘stiff’. I guess they should elaborate more about what the ‘stiff’ he meant since I’ve seen a few stans clown him for not being a good dancer. I thought antis were able to edit stuff again so I was ready to throw hands lol! Thanks for clarifying though!

not really.. taehyun is the year of the snake because chinese near year doesnt start till 18th of febuary

I see Joshua from seventeen lol

Does anyone else come to this txt profile just to see if their positions have finally changed? Or is that just me?

Yo honestly me too

Please change the position, they don’t have official positions except Soobin being leader.

Nope not yet

That’s why it says “Possible Position” 🙂 read carefully next time please

They don’t have official positions. It changes depending on song/comeback

ok that actually makes sense, thank you

you’re not alone :’v

In my opinion , here’s what I think the positions are for this comeback. Btw I never really understood the unofficial position thing because, if you sing the best or dance the best out of all the members you should be that ”Main” position, but whatever.
Yeonjun is the Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist
Soobin is the Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Beomgyu is a Lead Dancer (possible Main), and Vocalist
Taehyun is the Main Vocalist
Kai is the Maknae, Visual, Lead Vocalist (even tho I initially thought he was a Main, but Teahyun is clearly more superior.)

during Chinese new year for 2002 was actually on feb 12 so he is still a year of the snake

For Me I Think In Possible Position
Soobin: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Yeonjun: Main Dance, Main Rapper, Vocalist
Beomgyu: Lead Dance, Vocalist, Center
Taehyun: Main Vocalist
Huening kai: Lead Vocalist, Maknae, Visual

Edit: Visual For Sure Yeonjun or Soobin But Everyone Say Hueningkai’s Visual I Don’t Think He’s Visual
Also Edit: Visual’s Mean Look Good and Natura Beautiful

same ^

lmao same

Everyone, the txt members don’t have official positions. Taehyun said that himself during Show Champion: Behind that their roles “change by the song’s theme or vibe”. So it’s not worth asking for their positions to be switched anymore.

I think the positions are:

Yeonjun – Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Soobin – Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer

Beomgyu – Lead Dancer, Vocalist (Could be Center)

Taehyun – Main Vocalist

Kai – Main Vocalist, Visual, Rapper, Maknae

I think Yeonjun likes mint chocolate (from their V-LIVE channel, TALK X TODAY Epilogue)

I’m sure that if there’s an official position for them, it’d be:

Soobin: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Yeonjun: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist

Beomgyu: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper, Center

Taehyun: Main Vocalist

Kai: Lead Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

…these are my opinion only but are based on tHEIR performance. :>

Hello I just wanna updae youguys that the official fandom of txt is STAR it means:


Do you have a source?

Dance Line: Yeonjun and Beomgyu
Rapper Line: Yeonjun and Soobin

actually Kai is more popular than Beom, so no one is targeting him at all. the ones being targeted are Soobin and Yeonjun

Lol u r one of those who is targeting yeonjun I saw ur comments don’t be so hard to him. Yeonjun had work so hard thats why people love him most and call him golden hyung.yeonjun is so chairsmatic how can u not love him follow him u will definitely start loving him Nd u will know why people love him so much
i hope u will start liking yeonjun soon

Vote for yeonjun in idol champ

Everybody speak about your positions and nobody speak how Kang Taehyun is so unpopular and underrated! Sad!

It breaks my heart on how Taehyun (Mah Bias <3) is so underrated.

To me I think these are their positions
Soobin- Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist
Yeonjun- Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Beomgyu- Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center
Taehyun- Main Vocalist
Kai- Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Maknae

wow txt really be built like that

I Need to Know You Soobin’s not Main Dance. Dance Line Already Yeonjun and Beomgyu. Main Dance Yeonjun and Lead Dance Beomgyu

Yes same you’re so true i agree with you and mine’s Yeonjun

Dance line: Yeonjun and Beomgyu

I already know Yeonjun only rapper

He’s cute but i think he’s extra and funny like Jin. For me Beomgyu the most cute member

Visual yeonjun or soobin for sure and center for beomgyu everyone say hueningkai visual but i don’t think he’s visual

Why would there be only one rapper? I don’t even think a group can have a main rapper and no lead rapper. Hueningkai has rapped so he’s gonna get a rapper position, wether he’ll still be rapping in their comebacks or not.

Hueningkai had the only rap except from Yeonjun so he’s a rapper too, even if it’s just sub-rapper. Beomgyu and Soobin didn’t rap yet.

Does no one else think that in the video for Crown that Soobin looks like Kevin from the boyz

-If Someone Look At You Like That-

I know they don’t have set positions but we can’t just do probable ones? Pristin and Loona have said that they don’t have any official positions either but there’s still possible ones listed for them. Plus it’d be way less confusing with at least something to go off of for new fans.

And even if they don’t have set positions most groups still use the same members for “main” positions like how Sungyeon is clearly a main vocalist in Pristin even if not explicitly mentioned to be one, so TXT will probably end up doing the same thing with their members. Can we just write “probable position” with some mains and leads instead of just vague vocalist and rapper positions?



Well Soobin is the best dancer to me so I think he should be main dancer. Yeonjun is 100% 2nd place, then Beomgyu is 3rd. But otherwise Soobin is the best dancer

Yeonjun never be a back dancer for V

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAGvEOxiHXY this link right here is a video where Taehyun said that they decided to have no positions and decides to divide the parts according to who matches the theme or music style

i think Yeonjun is a visual too

Yup Beomgyu is the cutest
Yeonjun is the funniest /hyper
Taehyun is the most mature 1 xD
Soobin is good at leading

He really does remind me of Kevin too, also Taehyun kind of looks like Park Kyung when he smiles…

I think this wasn’t on Kai’s list but he’s the clingiest member. He loves touching/rubbing his hyung’s bellies <3

My opinion:
Soobin – leader, lead dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper
Yeonjun – main rapper, main dancer, vocalist
Beomgyu – lead dancer, vocalist, center
Taehyun – main vocalist
Kai – main/lead vocalist, rapper, visual, maknae

And i Don’t understand people say he look like Jungkook,he even never look like Jungkook,he mostly look like Kevin+minhyuk

I can see it too ngl

and Minhyuk from BTOB too!

no it’s not, Big Hit hasn’t announced TXT’s fandom name. Star would be a cute name for the fans tho but Sistar’s fans are called Star1 I think so I’m pretty sure we can’t have similar fandom name with another fandom.

Huening Kai has the same birthday as me!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ And he is my bias

there’s clip of a backup dancer for one of Taehyung’s singularity performances and the face looked like him

That’s a good idea, I don’t see anything wrong with that

There was a fansigning and a fan ask him if he was a backup dancer for bts (v) he said thst he never dance for them

I think u made a mistake..? U have written that Soobin and Yeonjun sleep on the top bunks but then you wrote Beomgyu,Taehyun and kai sleep on the top bunks…😄

Actually I think because he is not fully Korean that’s why from the start people claim him to be visual and Kai during a fansign said isn’t beomgyu aur centre visual and rumors are also about Yeonjun because his visual is compare to taehyung and taehyung is visual of BTS and most crown and blue orangaede yeonjun and beomgyu were in the thumbnail the most

Yeonjun has a favourite character, Doraemon!


when first i see bighit release soobin pic immediately think btob minhyuk

after i watch the mv thousand times i still don’t know who to pick as my bias
they’re too sweet

I feel so old, I went from too young to date kpop star to being their age to being older then them.

Oof, it’s supposed to be Soobin and Yeonjun sleep on the bottom bunks. Thank you for telling me

Soobin is a lead dancer as well

Kai said himself that Beomgyu is the center and visual in one of their fansigns. Beomgyu is clearly center in their official photos and he always ends their performances at the center. Whenever they describe him, it’s always handsome so he’s most likely the visual as well.

I feel you,that why for me yeonjun is maknae,all of member are maknae😊

On Yeonjun’s informations u wrote: “Yeonjun lived in the U.S for 2 ears since he was 9 years old”

Soobin is the only one who can’t speak English?

Okay i just wait and see bighit answer.

Huening Kai plays the piano

I think he understands, but can’t really speak it. Huening Kai was born in Hawaii so he speaks English, Yeonjun lived in America as well during elementary years so he speaks English. Taehyun has been learning English since he was a child and Beomgyu went to an English teaching school for a while I think and thats how he learned.

Thank you for letting me know!

Thank you for letting me know 🙂


Thank u sm uwu

100% agree!! we have the same thought, but beomgyu can be the visual also, they always said about his visual in their fan meeting..

yes he had..

Thats what I was thinking while reading Yeonjun being the fake maknae😂

huening kai parents are divorced???? seriously? do you have the source?

i don’t know why but in my opinion Soobin looks A LOT like Minhyuk from BTOB, Taehyun lowkey looks like Shinee’s Jonghyun, Beomgyu looks lowkey like Shinee’s Taemin and NCT’s Jungwoo, and Kai looks a bit like Seventeen’s Junhui. Yeonjun is the only one that I didn’t get reminded of someone when I saw his face. He has a cute nose tho lol.

Beomgyu said he has small ears, it’s the same size as Yeonjun & Soobin’s thumb
(TXT T: TIME MIRROR, MIRROR, Who is the fairest?)

I thought Soobin was the visual 😂😂😂

Where did you get the information that there are no set positions within the group?

On Kai’s informations u wrote: “Kai has Taehyun named as “The Most Handsome Taehyun”, but Taehyung wrote it (After School Club).”

I love him, He’s my bias

I love him, he’s my bias https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/11013343faf0cca52f2068b0a1ccd216b31b6d43bf71f8646c3992c7e70d06ae.jpg

Please updated the pink fantasy, wjsn & Saturday profile.

but soobin hasnt rapped yet? didn’t hueningkai rap in cat and dog? or maybe he sang in a rappy style idk but lol soobin is more of a lead vocalist than anything, especially with the amount of singing lines he got in crown and nap of a star

I’m older than one person and that would be their maknae and I’m only 2 day so older that just mean that most of the members are older than me Jesus Christ.

that’s Yeonjun!!! <3

the member’s favorite fruits :

Yeonjun : Apple
Soobin : Mangosteen (this is already in Soobin’s facts but I’ll still list this here lol)
Beomgyu : Strawberry
Taehyun : Mango
Huening Kai : Pineapple

sources : https://twitter.com/soobinous/status/1117768287184515072

huening kai said that beomgyu’s the visual and center

Mmm i have a question. Maybe somebody know, wht is Hueningkai religion? I just want to know.?


Mmm i have a question. Maybe somebody know, wht is Hueningkai religion? I just want to know.?

Soobin doesn’t use iPhone since it cracks easily but he’s willing to change to one next time for fans.

Taehyun likes and respects mathematician Gauss since Gauss is a genius, he admires him for his achievements on academic boundaries and not tied traditional customs of reformative solutions.

When Taehyun said to a fan that he believes in aliens and he was asked if he has seen one, he replied “even though I have never seen one, I believe that the thought of aliens not existing is like pouring the ocean into a cup and then saying ‘eh? there are no fish’ “

If Soobin was a girl, he would date Yeonjun. If Taehyun was a girl, he would date himself. If Beomgyu was a girl, he wouldn’t date any of his members. If Yeonjun was a girl, he would date Beomgyu because he’s handsome and he makes him happy. If Hueningkai was a girl, he would date Soobin.

Taehyun likes caramel flavoured popcorn. (Daejeon Fansign 140419)

Taehyun’s family told him to switch to being right-handed instead of left-handed but he insisted that he didn’t want to.

Above is all information about the TXT Members Profile and Facts that we want to share with you. Through this information, you will get the most complete an overview of your idol group. To make it easy to understand the music style of the group, the individual style of each member. This will also make it easier for you to track your group’s activities. And don’t forget to connect with the fans of this group to cheer your idol!

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